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Commentary :: DNC
My Formal Adieu to the Democratic Party
03 Nov 2004
Earlier this year, when I heard that Kerry had gotten the DNC appointment as their candidate, I shuddered.
Earlier this year, when I heard that Kerry had gotten the DNC appointment as their candidate, I shuddered.

I looked at the guy – blue-blooded, marble mouthed, long-winded, and worst of all – of the opinion (or behavior) that politics is some kind of country club debate with his friends in Washington – and I shuddered.

Over the next weeks, I watched him attacked for the best things he did – indict the warmongering fools who dropped hundreds of thousands of bombs on Southeast Asia (because they might have been Communist, if we hadn’t helped them be dead).

And I felt for the man.

And I wondered where his rage was. His indignity. His righteous response to these warmongering cowards.
Was it in a ketchup bottle? Who knows.

I watched the debates, and knew who the smarter man was. I grew to like Kerry by increments. Then I listened to his answers about the ‘terrorists.’ – “We’ll hunt them down, and kill them.”
Over and over, like a mantra, a sell out, a pitch to the Fox-addled, brainwashed, feral, reactive, spoiled, comatose, Nascar Aholes who actually imagine that the United States is the most aggrieved nation in the world – and that any temper tantrum we throw – tomahawk, daisy-cutter or nuclear (excuse me, nucuuler) – is not only forgivable - it’s righteous, justified, and even Holy.

Who was This John Kerry?
The man who indicted the US government for war crimes, or the drone on the boat, behind the gun, following orders, shooting villagers?

But, maybe he had to say that to win the ‘undecideds.’ Maybe.
Maybe not.

Then, down to the day. The day itself. That reminder of what a Democracy might be. That fiction in which we participate.

A vote. Once every four years. Democracy. Democracy? Or the appointment of one corporate spokesperson over another?

Down to the day. The day is here. The day passes. The vote is in dispute.

And the man, the blue-blood, the polite Senator from Massachusetts --- fights the good fight?
Fights it out, lets the votes be counted, reveals the faults in the system, doesn’t give into the bullying pressure to capitulate what’s left of a democracy….????

And then the man, without a word, without consulting the tens of thousands of college kids, moms, students,, and confused idealists,,,, and hopeful cynics,,, and forthcoming soldiers,,, and frightened non-christians, and disgusted honest Christians,,,, who’ve bet their time and energy – and even, horror of horrors, hope – Hope – that this man would fight for the last vestige of Democracy in the system.

And then the man concedes, to the least qualified, most addled, dangerous and profoundly confused person to hold office since Mad King George, Since Caligula, since Claudius, Since….you fill in the historical analogy. I’m sure it’ll fit.

So – a few points.

F*** John Kerry.


F*** the Democratic Party.

If I want to have my opinion ignored, I’ll call my a-hole father’s second wife.

When I want to have my vote counted, I’ll find a candidate who will count it.

And party to whom it will matter.

Let’s be clear - I have no interest in “hunting down and killing” anyone.

I am quite ready to understand that we, the Americans, live Among other people, other nations, and that we can expect that our recent and historical policies in the world - (See “Empire Building 101” at your local college, see “Our way or else,” “Gunboat diplomacy,” “Free Trade Coercion,” “The UN is irrelevant,” “500,000 dead Iraqi children is ‘worth the price’ embargos,” “Cuba represents a threat so we have to drive them into extinction,” “Grow our sugar and coffee and we’ll let you beg for money in infomercials”) – Our policies have enraged already disenfranchised, abused portions of the impoverished world.

I don’t approve of murder.

I don’t approve of bombing, shooting, stabbing, electrocuting, starving or torturing people - or animals for that matter.
Here’s my vote – Stop it, I don’t approve.
You - Kerry, Bush, et al, don’t have my vote to go into the world, killing nations of people, because we’ve been aggrieved.

We are no longer the aggrieved. We are the aggressor (and we have been for a long, long time).

But this is what people say they’re voting for. -- 9/11.
Like anybody in Texas who claims to care about 9/11 has ever been to New York. Like anybody in Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma (or any of the Southern and Western Reds) who votes Republican really gives a damn about any of the Black, Hispanic, Gay, Jewish, Muslim, hippy, punk, agnostic, atheist, neurotic, crazed, intense, intellectual, argumentative, street-wise, critical, opinionated, tough, resilient, brave, abused, misused citizens of that polluted little east coast island of 8 million inhabitants – (who, by the way, voted for Kerry).

9/11 is off the table, off the books, and out of your use. You can’t have it anymore.

The next time anybody but a New Yorker quotes “9/11” as a rationale for a vote, a bombing campaign, or for their own unexamined neurosis – tell them to shut the f** up and live their own goddamn lives.

9/11 isn’t the issue for these people anyway.

The issues that are deciding these elections for the rest of uninformed, Ritalin-brained Americans – Abortion and Gay Marriage – aren’t state issues.

They are personal issues.

I have feelings about them – that’s all anybody has – because they are opinion pieces, not indictable or legally defensible actions.

My opinions go like this.

Abortion is a painful, emotionally scarring, terrible thing to do, and to go through.

No doubt.

Looking around the world at children in danger - There are a quarter of a million – 250,000 – street children in Calcutta, India alone – who have no food, no parents, no love.
There are millions upon millions upon millions of these children around the world – no food, no parents, no love – and in constant danger.

Do we fret, do we worry, do we care about these tiny, defenseless ones? Do we fight to protect them from the predators in the society (abuse, crime, drugs, police violence, military conscription, forced sex-work, isolation, illness)? Or do we pretend that they don’t exist?

Abortion may be a painful, emotionally wrenching and even tragic thing to do, and to go through.
But I am simply not wise enough to say when it should be allowed or forbidden.

And, more to the point, it’s not my body.

It’s a personal, deeply personal issue. But not a state issue.

My deal with the anti-abortion lobby is this --- You care for all the living children, you set up play rooms, nursery schools, reading programs, surrogate parents, communities, lives and livelihoods, for every child who has nothing – and I will talk with you about whether or not abortion should become – not illegal – but the least desirable option offered to a girl in trouble.

Giant cultural issue number two –

Gay marriage.

My response: I don’t care.

I don’t think the state should sanctify or ratify or bless any marriage.

I think the only state-sanctioned union should be, simply, “legal unions.”

Marriage is something else – Personal, specific in its arrangement from person to person, culture to culture, and religion to religion.

Anybody who wants to marry, should, after some consideration, in the manner they choose, under the banner, god, goddess, title, poem, pledge, or idea that suits them.

The state’s only role should be to honor any union with the same accords – legal, tax, family, insurance, etc. And to enact laws to protect any children who emerge from that union from physical, emotional or sexual abuse –
By the way, these three little gifts to childhood have occurred since the birth of the species, under the aegis of sanctified, blessedly heterosexual ‘marriage.’

So, as I said. I don’t care.

“Marriage” is a personal issue.

The way people want to f*** up their own lives, is a personal issue.

When it puts a child in danger – then you can make a law.

Otherwise, shut up and live your own life.

So, this is my relatively short adieu to the two-party system.

Good luck in the future, Blues and Reds.

I’m voting my conscience, my mind, my heart and soul, from now on –

Unlike the Republicans, I won’t try to steal, buy or bury your vote if you disagree with me.

But, unlike John Kerry and unlike the Democratic party, I will fight for my vote, until it hurts.

This work is in the public domain
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Re: My Formal Adieu to the Democratic Party
03 Nov 2004
thanks, this was great to read
Re: My Formal Adieu to the Democratic Party
04 Nov 2004
Bye Dems....

Hello Greens...
Re: My Formal Adieu to the Democratic Party
04 Nov 2004
you've got some good points. i enjoyed reading... might i say, though, that you, like so many of us liberal folk, condemn the folks 'duped' into voting for bush as being ignorant, etc. This is exactly why the repub. party wins and why politics s shifting to the right. we need to MOVE PAST this obstical. people vote for bush, et al. because he pepresents something to them. now, you might say that what he represents is manufactured, but folks believe it. i almost believed it. seriously. i felt sorry for george in those debates when kerry the asshole intelectually was reaming him. you know? i don't know, but it seems like the 'lefts' own illiteism is killing istelf. we have to get over ourselves and relate to 'regular' people, instead of calling them "nascar Aholes"
Re: My Formal Adieu to the Democratic Party
04 Nov 2004
Apropos "Nascar Aholes" --

Sure, reaching out to everyone is great. Great!

But let's look at the sport in the current context.

What is it to participate in a culture that worships cars -- the egregious, unrestricted burning of oil, hours on end, around hot macadam, breathing fumes - --- while your children, brothers, sisters and fellow citizens, are killing and dying - not figuratively, but literaly - shooting, dying, blown up - because they signed up to seize the oil from Iraq for the US?

I don't like watching cars very much - But maybe we can all switch to corn oil-powered diesel (the slowest Nascar races ever....)-- and continue to
enjoy this ridiculous sport...

Perhaps I should switch to "Participants in the ritual viewing of the egregious burning of massive stores of Oil, while eating processed, factory-farmed pork ass - other wise known as Nascar."

Maybe. Or maybe I'll just stick by "Nascar Aholes" - but with this explanation.
Re: My Formal Adieu to the Democratic Party
05 Nov 2004
Right on -- fight til it hurts --
The inaguaration in January in DC --

I want the world media to see 1 million of us, shouting, yelling, not supporting - these criminals in Washinington.