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News :: International
TUES, NOV 9: A REPORT FROM FALLUJA -- one U.S. defeat!
09 Nov 2004
"I have been in contact [via satellite phone] with relatives in the north east quarter of Falluja in Iraq who have given eye-witness accounts of an humiliating defeat inflicted up American forces bested in a fire-zone near the Euphrates."

by Yussef, Tuesday, November 09, 2004 at 04:42 PM (Australia time!):


"Speaking by satellite phone, two cousins gave an account of how Resistance martyrs took out at least 10 or more Americans who were diverted from their main column while trying to enter Falluja.

"The Americans lack local knowledge of the streets around the north east quarter of Falluja which crosses a meander in the Euphrates and Resistance fighters have found that by picking off the leading and trailing ends of advancing columns, they can panic the aggressors into cross streets behind shops and factories and rows of older style homes.

"One in the sideways, the aggressors are easy targets for enfillade fire coming from rooftops.

"By the time the yankees regroup and return fire, the freedom ighters have escaped through the houses, and make their way to new positions simply by moving from one house to another, and taking to the roofs.

"This gives them a huge advantage over the Americans plodding along the streets below.

"My cousin Ibrahaim said one large helicopter - he doesn't know what type - crashed and burned near an orchard beside a school off Assad Street in the neighbourhood of Bis.

"Rumours are flying about an incident at a police station where Americans thought they were joining up with Iraqi National Guard, only to have the Guardsmen change sides, and firing on the unsuspecting Americans, causing many casualties.

"A wounded American prisoner was seen crying as he was escorted along a safe corridor to a holding area.

"At least three bodies, two definitely American, are lying on Haifez street near the post offce (which was destroyed).

"...that's all at this point."


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Re: TUES, NOV 9: A REPORT FROM FALLUJA -- one U.S. defeat!
10 Nov 2004
this is why this site is a joke and not taken seriously by anyone. this posting just diminishes this site to the point it is no better than graffiti on a public bathroom wall!
Re: TUES, NOV 9: A REPORT FROM FALLUJA -- one U.S. defeat!
10 Nov 2004
I think it's disgusting to post this like it's a good thing. The whole war is stupid, but it's wrong to glory in the deaths of anyone. These are "our own", for better or worse, and we should not be glorying in their death. You know, we all complain about the hate spewed by the right - maybe we should stop spewing our own hate at them and try to explain to them why they are wrong instead of just calling them stupid or idiots. That'll stop them from voting for Bushies.
Re: TUES, NOV 9: A REPORT FROM FALLUJA -- one U.S. defeat!
10 Nov 2004
listen guys, it's a war not an armchair leftist discussion. "winning" usually involves casualties on both sides- the Iraqi resistance won't get anywhere yelling "YOU JUST VIOLATED GENEVA CONVENTIONS! I AM CALLING KOFI ANNAN RIGHT NOW! JUST YOU WATCH!"
Good Luck, Fallujah Freedom Fighters!
10 Nov 2004
I support the iraqs right to self-determination. We cannot apply the american model of democracy which fosters civil inequities and racial divide. Community buiding is a bottom's up approach. The republican/democratic approach finances the destruction of cities and communities across the world. We however, maybe streghtening the ties of arab/muslim nationalism, one that overcomes the frictions of tribalism and paternalism. As a result of our continued interfering role we may continue to be the scapegoat for everything that is evil and wrong in this planet, courtesy of fucking assasin and war-criminal Bush. Fallujah, I salute you, you have stood up to the giant, and though you may loose this battle you may deal the forces of corporate and american religous fanatical empire needed setbacks. A little city in the middle of the desert has couragously stood up to industrial and cultural domination. I will not forget your sacrifices. This is America's darkest hour; I have never been more ashamed of my country.
Re: TUES, NOV 9: A REPORT FROM FALLUJA -- one U.S. defeat!
10 Nov 2004
just because the US shouldn't be in falluja or iraq at all doesn't mean we should be celebrating the loss of life. i want the troops out now and for the iraqi people to actually be autonomous; i don't celebrate death regardless of which side.
of course war includes death, but the glorifying of killing is disgusting. war is not glorious at all.
Remember, Eric
10 Nov 2004
The ones being killed by the dozen are defending their own homes. The ones doing most of the killing volunteered for murder duty. As unfortunate as any killing is, the U.S. troops chose their path. Iraqis have had this war thrust upon them (just like their last dictator--now who could be responsible for that?)

Viva Fallujah!
Re: TUES, NOV 9: A REPORT FROM FALLUJA -- one U.S. defeat!
10 Nov 2004
You people who are celebrating this are just psychotic. There are a number of great mental hospitals in the region, please seek help.
We're only reporting, can't you handle the truth?
10 Nov 2004
But I'll celebrate when the Fallujah resistance freedom fighters liberate their city from occupiers once and for all.

As for now, I'm popping open some nice French wine and cheese, cooking up a nice German sausage, and toasting the courageous people of Fallujah.
Re: TUES, NOV 9: A REPORT FROM FALLUJA -- one U.S. defeat!
10 Nov 2004
no, you're not only reporting - you're reveling. War is terrible. I'm against this war. But I refuse to revel in a single "defeat" involving death.
great report
10 Nov 2004
Its great to hear from the other side. I am not happy when Americans die, or anyone dies. But my heart is with the Iraqi resistance. I dont hope that they kill as many americans as possible, but I hope that they drive out the invaders. Thank you for this report and I hope to see more.
Re: TUES, NOV 9: A REPORT FROM FALLUJA -- one U.S. defeat!
10 Nov 2004
"I also saw four crippled US tanks and three abandoned Humvees. In the Hasbiyyah area, I counted the bodies of at least six US soldiers lying on the ground. Some of them were badly mangled with various bits blown off. Others were in better condition, as if they had taken small-arms fire. I noticed two of the US soldiers were still clutching their guns tightly across their chests. But most of their weapons were missing.....I think it is misleading to say the US controls 70% of the city because the fighters are constantly on the move. They go from street to street, attacking the army in some places, letting them through elsewhere so that they can attack them later."
This is from a BBC reporter inside Falluja. It really doesnt sound like the US is just mopping up the rebels. It must be pretty bad for the US troops if they will leave the bodies of their brothers behind. isnt the motto "no man left behind". I feel bad for those soldiers being killed, and I think it is an outrage that the military is hiding the casualties from the people at home. I hope that the rebels will drive out the Americans with as few deaths as possible.