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Weekly Dig endorses Lyndon Larouche!!! wtf?!?!
17 Nov 2004
Have people seen this? How badly do we need an indymedia weekly in this town, huh??? As if endorsing a man with a criminal record widely denounced as a Nazi at the head of a cult of college kiddies (who are often convinced that they should quit college and serve Larouche lest they learn something), in the same issue Tak compares a disgruntled letter-writer to "the blacks" who use their past as an excusse for why they aren't succeeding now. And justifies his own prejudice against asians who don't know the language of their ancestors by saying "discrimination exists, get over it."
Somebody should call Ted Rall or send him a copy of this one. I see on the cover of the new issue "Stinkin: Local man pretends to be homeless and hilarity ensues." What a lovely article to kick off the cold season.

For folks who don't know it yet, Indymedia is desperately trying to find funding to put out a bi-weekly paper that would have a goal of going weekly. We are trying to raise a mere $5,000 to get started and we believe we can bootstrap it from there. We have already produced a pilot, we know what were doing. We have at least 50 writers waiting in the wings to contribute plus name writers who have expressed interest. Please, help us make weeklies readable again!! click make a donation in the top left of this site.

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Larouche is a nut, not a Nazi.
17 Nov 2004
His banker stories are just one of the many conspiracies he believes are going on. I wouldn't call him a Nazi, but I would call him a fascist. In any case, Bush is an even more dangerous fascist than Larouche. Bush has actual power. I find endorsing Bush to be even more absurd.
Larouche IS a wanker and not a Nazi.
17 Nov 2004
Weekly Dig was purchased 3 weeks ago by Metro Communications (unknown if it is affil. with The Metro). Buyers intended to wiggle their advertisements into the already popular Dig, since the buyer was wayyy out of touch.

I don't know why anyone would call Larouche a Nazi, since he is clearly more like David Icke, rolling a bunch of idiot mumbo jumbo together and marketing it to the math an science depts of college universities. I have met a few jews who were larouchians. Therefore Larouche is not a Nazi. He is a scientology style socialist and cult leader.
Re: Weekly Dig endorses Lyndon Larouche!!! wtf?!?!
18 Nov 2004
I want to say something funny about that, but every time I try to formulate it just collapses. Perhaps nothing is funnier than jewish neo nazis.

Tie in: I suspect the Weekly Dig will go out of business within 2 years.
Re: Weekly Dig endorses Lyndon Larouche!!! wtf?!?!
18 Nov 2004
Icke is a big crypto fascist. He just replaces "Jews" with "alien lizards" so he doesn't get in trouble, and then trots out all the anti-sem classics about the cosmopolitan banker cabals. We run across (real) white nationalists who love his stuff or joke knowingly about the "lizards."

"Anti-capitalism" which focuses only on finance capital or foreign capital is proto-fascist, and that's nothing to do with specific racial or ethnic prejudices.

Anti-semitism served Fascism well because it was a way of channeling raw anti-boss-class sentiments into support for "good" national industrial capital and small business owners via an exclusive focus on how finance capital perverts capitalism. Which is ridiculous--capitalism will always eventually develop a financial services sector in order for the owners to better coordinate the allocation of credit, because their normal "healthy" imposition of labor on the workers will eventually face resistance.

This proto-fascism goes beyond nationalism, though; it's a special flavor. You see it pop up on the Left (like that weird documentary The Corporation which refused to name capitalism and interviewed people like Paul Hawkens, as well as Fahrenheit 9/11 where he gets people riled up by how much of America the Saudis "own" by comparing their total investment in the US economy with annual GDP--wtf??), on the Right, and in weird parts of the Center (Larouche), all with or without racism necessarily attached.

I actually got Larouche's 2004 manifesto and read it just to see how he's adapting his vocabulary to current conditions. It's always fun for a chuckle but it scares the shit out of me that he can get cadre--and now young cadre--to turn up in decent numbers at demos. He was always a parasite on the labor movement, but he seems to be trying to leech off the anti-war/anti-globalization nexus these days. Eesh. And the naifs he harvests are possibly even worse than the ones the ISO picks up, because it's clear that they have NO IDEA what they're getting into, as opposed to the students who more or less understand that the ISO are Trots and at make that questionable choice of their own volition.
Re: Weekly Dig endorses Lyndon Larouche!!! wtf?!?!
18 Nov 2004
"widely denounced as a nazi"

I didnt notice the weasel attribution to "some" that you included to protect your communist ass. ANyway, my pleasure. I like forwarding information.
Re: Weekly Dig endorses Lyndon Larouche!!! wtf?!?!
19 Nov 2004
Group hug?
Larouche may not be a Nazi but he has a funny way of showing it.
19 Nov 2004
As for Larouche being a Nazi, I don't know, but I do know that he worked with Willis Carto (the Holocaust Revisionist and right-wing Anti-Semite who ran the Liberty Lobby publishing house) after forays into the fringes of the liberal Left in the 70s. Maybe it was in Kevin Coogan's DREAMER OF THE DAY or perhaps online-- anyway, google Carto and Larouche and you'll see what I mean. Larouche's tactics of exploiting his followers, bilking them, and pushing bizarre, almost quaintly antiquated ideas like the MagLev bridge (a monorail bridge that would span from Russia to the U.S. over the Bering Strait) put him in the same stratum as some of the most hard-right right-wingers out there. I was truly disheartened by the Dig's article (which gave Larouche a complete pass) and its recent slide from best Boston alternative weekly to sorry second behind (yuck) the fucking Boston Phoenix. Dodero of the Phoenix has actually been writing some good pieces... (god, I can't believe I just wrote that, but it's true). Of course, even more disappointing than the Larouche article is the weekly Colin Kingsbury column that's been in the Dig. Finally, we get to hear the Republican side of things from our "alternative" weeklies! And isn't just so terrible the way Republican voices are suppressed in our society? Isn't it heartening that say, Chomsky is too "out there" for the Dig but Jamarhl Crawford and Lyndon Larouche aren't? So long as they're authoritarians, they're welcome at the Dig. The advertisers have spoken, I guess.
Re: Weekly Dig endorses Lyndon Larouche!!! wtf?!?!
20 Nov 2004
I have to admit that this weeks Dig was hysterical, especially the jokes about gays and about bums. Very candid, honest, and amusing. Maybe porno ad revenue exempts you from advertiser censorship.
Having reviewed the Editorial Policy and Principles of Unity,
24 Nov 2004
I saw nothing therein prohibiting using the word "Jackass" to describe a member of the New Black Panther Party.

Now perhaps I fail to understand the nuances of the the Policy, but I don't see where I violated it.

It says nothing in the Policy or the mission statement where one may be deleted for ridiculing any teen idols that are mentioned in a Parent Article.