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Messiah "Tootsie"? Messiah Exarchou? Ain't No Difference Between the Two!
01 Sep 2001
Modified: 04 Sep 2001
This is a compilation of reports on the Supreme "Narky" of the U.S., Nicholas Exarchou, who the the film, "Tootsie" is probably based on. If you decide that "all the girls around her say she's got it coming but she gets it while she can"; perhaps the time has come to raise him or her up as the saviour of his or her people. Surely God will be pleased.
My Daddy said that no seems to have gotten the message about the Supreme One of the lawless Jacob, George Herbert Walker Bush, that is Nicholas Exarchou, an alleged doctor, who I have known since 1965; thus I have assembled the following pertinent excerpts from my previous posts on If you wish to access the entire articles, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar and press "Enter".

"Silent Murder Epidemic.." Id=24603 "Nicholas Exarchou, an alleged doctor, probably the "French Connection" with ties to Spain and Greece, who I have revealed in court to be a very respectable narcotic kingpin, appears in my writings as the Supreme One, and he has apparently been covertly running this country for over 35 years via the Secret Service, the CIA, and numerous supporters elsewhere. As I have reported, in order to suppress accounts of the truth behind the Persian Gulf War and the formation of Israel, the Holy Nation, these lawless ones, claimin to be the "federal govt." have staged a "silent murder rampage" with 100,000s missing and presumed murdered with deep complicity of the SS, SSA, CIA, IRS, USPO, corrections, medicine, the media, and many others. In light of the apparent universal support of this alleged doctor, it is probable that the govt. and many other organizations are permeated with narcotic addicts; thus you might want to call for hair sample tests and watch what happens.....Since the lawless ones had me falsely arrested twice, abducted, and unlawfully hospitalized for 15 months, they will claim that I am a criminal even though I have never been convicted. My unlawfully dismissed Albany appeal is still the best way to deal with the alleged doctor. The appeal was dismissed by an unsigned order on 12/28/00 and was probably never seen by the judges. The alleged doctor moved against himself in court when he admitted that he had agreed to pay me approximately a billion dollars. Maybe hair sample tests will reveal the truth behind Albany."

"Supreme "Narky" of the U.S." Id=31749 "My Daddy said that the situation in this country has progressed to the point where we have a scenario similar to "the King has no clothes". If Nicholas Exarchou, a long-time friend of George Herbert Walker Bush is in control of almost everything, why doesn't he make himself King? If "Nicky" says that it's against the law, when has that ever stopped him? In light of the total lawlessness that I have encountered in seeking justice regarding my 15 months of unlawful hospitalization by "Nicky"; I have appealed to Canada on the basis of my 1976 "landed immigrant" status to help address the lawlessness in Albany (see "Justice New York Style" Id=25099) and to maybe take the Postmaster's super computer away from him ( see "Is the Postmaster into Censorship?" Id=30295). On the other hand, I am trying to find out if the Appellate Division's support of "Nicky", who I revealed in court to be a "very respectable narcotic kingpin", is the same thing as their being involved in narcotics themselves for neglecting to seek out the truth of the matter.

The New York Daily News did us a favor when they nationally publicized "Nicky's" name for the first time @ Feb. 16, 1993 when they ran a photograph of George Herbert Walker Bush and his wife boarding "Nicky's" yatch in the Caribbean; but try to find a copy of that issue. As I revealed in "Looking for the Dawn of Peace" 1/5/01; " was probably an inept attempt to murder her, and she probably would have been run over repeatedly if she had hit the water." They said that they were going to do no such thing; they said that they were going to throw her a rope and keelhaul her. I could go on and on about the stuff that these guys do; but "Modus Operandi of Lawlessness.." Id=24988 probably says it all. These guys have been indentified as the Nicolaitans of Chapter 2 of Revelations; and let it suffice to say that God hates the practices of the Nicolaitans.

When I typed "Nicky's" name into the computer yesterday, I came up with @ 166 listings. Most of them may be for a woman who may be his daughter, a doctor, specializing in diabetes and neurology. This may explain why I had many visits to a neurologist concerning a 1983 bike accident when I was unlawfully hospitalized in 1998-99. There was what looked like an "Exarchou Family Reunion"; but it was in Greek. There were no names, and they may have been waving bye-bye to "Nicky". "Nicky's" name may have been listed in the heading of a Development Business with numerous holdings in Africa and the Middle East and for a house in Massapequa. What immediately sent me to the Law Library was notice of a case in the Federal Reporter (265 F 2d 504 2d Cir. 1959) "Exarchou v. Murff, Dist. Dir. of Immigration and Naturalization at the Port of New York". This case concerned reports of adultery related to Order for deportation of alien who had been denied permission to depart voluntarily. This alien, Exarchou conceded that "he illegally entered the United States in 1945 without an immigration visa and hence is deportable." The case concerned reports of Exarchou living with a woman while separated from his wife, and her "only adverse comments were contained in her rambling, accusatory letter written when domestic ties between them were strained. Even if we overlook its hearsay quality, we do not believe weight should attach to a letter written under such circumstances." I, for one, would like to see that letter to determine if it has any links to his past. So Exarchou's first name in this case is George, which should give you some idea of who his friend is. Exarchou's attorney's name was Jay Nicholas Long of NYC, and that may explain where the name Nicholas came from.

So George Herbert Walker Bush said that he went and reported smoke in the cockpit and ditched his plane full of buddies in the Pacific, so he could run home and be with his friend "Nicky", who had just arrived from slaughtering Jews and others in Europe. This holocaust keeps getting bigger and bigger all the time for World Book now say 11,000,000 million died, including 3 million Russian. The curious thing is that there is very little written on the Storm Troopers of World War II; thus "Nicky" has apparently been able to set up the same thing over here. In addition to the reported rowdy and boisterous behavior and their focusing on children and turning children agains their parents; the Storm Troopers of WWII were probably also chemical-mongers just as occurs today (see "Modus.."). In WWII they also sought complete control of the government and the media. I suspect that they found that Hitler was too smart to control and that they had resorted to poisoning him towards the end of the war. A favorite refrain of the lawless ones is that Hitler never touched anyone and was never convicted.

In the U.S. "Nicky" was probably behind the formation of the Secret Service. When they assassinated this guy who they called the "Jesus Freak Kid" (JFK), it was a power play for the Secret Service, enabling them to expand to their current 4500 workers. Although points of interest in "Nicky's" life may have been mentioned in the "French Connection"; I can't hear them or find them in print; but he probably is the kingpin described in that movie. The movie "Tootsie" is probably based on "Nicky" visiting George Herbert Walker Bush at the White House in drag. In addition to obtaining "Nicky" what was probably an illegal passport when GHWB was in the White House; they probably also helped make him into a "doctor". It seems like the current attempt of the lawless ones for world domination is focused on using coprophagia to ensure that they won't be ruled by someone smarter than them like Hitler. If you "Wipe That #$%& Look of Your Face" Id=30103; and "Coprophagia Rules?" Id=32589; how can you lose?"

"Deceit, Delusions, and Depraved Dementia" Id=31133 "My Daddy said that when George Herbert Walker Bush, the lawless Jacob revealed his 1946 dream of being in Bethel with words coming from his lifeless head, I was not supposed to tell him that this foretold his destiny as the Great Dead King of Israel. This was the lawless Jacob's game to see if people would tell him the truth about what was to come, then he would move on them if they did. In the same way he comments on his perversities to see if anyone will mention them and attract the attention and wrath of his lawless supporters. He feels safe as long as he has someone else do his dirty work; thus he admits that he can't be responsible for the impaired intelligence of his sons if he had the nanny feeding them feces. This is probably a trick that he picked up from alleged doctor, Nicholas Exarchou, the Supreme One, for the impaired intelligence brought on by coprophagia enables others to manipulate the impaired ones to say or to do just about anything. "Now hear this kid! You won that election! Voters are not the issue! Just go out there and claim your throne!" These brain-damaged coprophagists are so intent on changing the set times and laws that it can be hazardous to question their delusions about what is to come; but it helps to search out where their delusions came from. (see "Coprophagia Rules?" 8:20 AM 3/8/01)

In 1964 when I encountered the lawless Jacob during his reported 27 year stint as a junkie with a group of suited flunkies passing out Green Bibles in Binghamton; they were primarily in town to obtain the goods of the Supreme One, who as I have revealed, is a very respectable narcotic kingpin. The Supreme One apparently had these "boys" of his passing out these Bibles because they had the dreaded number of Rev. 13 written out in prose; i.e. no number.....If you have noticed the inclusion of the tribes of Gar and Gan among the twelve tribes of God's sealed servants in Revelations of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, that is another reason why the Supreme One of the lawless Jacob had the renegades passing out these Green Bibles; and this information along with the massive map of Judah seems to be restricted to one printing of this Bible @ 1963. Since Gar, Gan, and all of the renegades who support them are behind this silent murder epidemic; this brings about the fulfillment of the prophecy of the times when anyone who kills God's people "will think he is offering a service to God"."

"Justice New York Style" Id=25099 "Since I was seeking the reversal of all judgments against me and the restitution which alleged doctor, Nicholas Exarchou had agreed to pay me in court, I focused on the conduct of my assigned attorney, alleging that he had violated fifteen laws, including first degree assault. Since the alleged doctor presumably is, as I revealed in court, a "very respectable narcotic kingpin"; all of Albany seems to be supporting him, for I had him admit in court that he had agreed to pay me 665 million dollars. Since my fabricated chemical delusional diagnosis can be a "death sentence" because I can say nothing when anyone throws chemicals at me; the promised restitution is probably now over a billion dollars and growing by a million dollars per day. (They threw cyanic gas (blueprint paper and acid produces cyanic gas as revealed in the encyclopedias of 50 years ago) in my room every half hour until I spoke out in order to fabricate this diagnosis.)"

"Foolproof Plans of the "Storm Troopers of America" and Their Supreme "Narky"" Id=26851 ", the "Storm Troopers of America" should be concerned with people who have pictures of them moving suspicious suitcases by the ton, buying paraffin by the ton, or ransacking that Airforce One aircraft in California. Since I've also heard that, in addition to the French Connection being based on their Supreme "Narky", "Tootsie" is also based on their alleged doctor "Narky"; the "Storm Troopers" should also be on the lookout for pictures of their "Narky" entering and leaving the White House, disguised as a woman. Meanwhile alleged doctor "Narky" has apparently been after mi mama, and I can't convince her otherwise without the lawless ones screaming that I have delusions. When she suspiciously ended up in the hospital while she was at a heart doctor's appointment and had a dizzy spell; it became clear that she was alone in the waiting room and they were probably using one of a number of substances that could cause such dizziness on her. No matter what I say "Narky" has a number of people come up and say otherwise, sweet people that noone would suspect to be moving on an old lady. If I tell her that a medicine is a channel blocker that restricts the flow of nutrients to the heart, "Narky" has someone telling her to tell me; "don't diagnose me!" Although they have been keeping her on antibiotics continuously, had zapped her heart repeatedly with a laser to control arrhythmia, and been on medication for five years; she's still going strong and probably would be better off avoiding these doctors like the plague. No matter what I say or do, "Narky" apparently has someone there to tell me that I am paranoid or have delusions. When I demonstrated on the East Lawn of the U.S. Capitol for six years (90-96); I met thousands and thousands of people and was seen by millions; yet "Narky" would continuously have people telling me that I had delusions about it when he had me unlawfully hospitalized....."Narky" thinks that his inflated ego and distorted view of reality makes anything that he says a reality. "Narky" believes that a dumbed-down America puts them on a level where he can convince anyone that his word is law; i.e. a foolproof plan: surely effective even if mismanaged. Since these lawless ones have created a society where people can be trifled with for any of their innumerable frivolous rules, it is not too hard to get them to fall into their own trap. Having their hair tested for the diluted narcotic that is mostly paraffin was one way. Soon it may become clear that their anal preoccupations are clear not only in their impaired intelligence but also in the toxins that collect in their hair; thus will arise another way to collect all of these lawless ones to realize their professed dream of being servants of God."

"Chemical Modus II" Id=58159 "As I revealed in "Justice New York Style" Id=25099, the lawless ones locked me up for 15 months by forcing me to speak out about the cyanic gas that they were throwing into my room every half hour. I revealed that this gas was produced by mixing blueprint paper with acid and that this information was in the encyclopedias of the fifties. I have since discovered that this information may have been limited to the printer's copy of the 1957 Brittanica, which was released to a selected audience only. I found this information at the library of Binghamton Psychiatric Center, "Narky's" stronghold, which apparently had a printer's copy of the 1957 Brittanica, for the copies that I found in the library here were on much thinner paper without any mention of cyanic gas. Furthermore I find that the current books on toxicology have no mention of cyanic gas either. This was apparently the first mention of cyanic gas, which was formerly called prussic acid, and it was probably an issue in the fifties because it was being used for executions. Included in this printer's copy was the formula for making it from the ferricyanide of blueprint paper along with the proportions, and it described how it caused heart pain, chest constriction, and in some cases instant death. I have been subjected to this hundreds of times, and the only solution is to seek out clean air."

"Bible-Rubbers Beware!" Id=34722 "When I found a picture of the Judenrat of the town of Checiny on page 763, I thought that the second man from the right might be Nicholas Exarchou, the "Supreme "Narky" of the United States"(9:12 AM 4/3/01); and when I saw a picture of the Krakow Judenrat on page 764, it seemed to be "Narky" in glasses at an earlier age. The Judenrat was a council, usually composed of Jews, chosen to implement the policies of Hitler. The lawless Jacob brags that from this position "Narky" was able to obtain the wealth of those who were perishing; thus this probably explains how he obtained his bankroll to initiate his narcotic operation. Hitler was apparently attracted to this man who would move on his own people the way "Narky" did. Those who would not support Jewish Zionism were disposed of, while those who did support it probably ended up in Israel. This is similar to those claiming Holy status by rubbing up against Bibles in that they say that being Jewish made them worthy of a piece of the Holy Land; thus Jewish Zionism appears to be another example of creative nonviolence (see "Good is "Bad" and Bad is "Good"; Creative NonViolence" Id=33468). What surprised the heck out of me was that when I was perusing the New Encyclopedia of Zionism and Israel, the picture (page 220) of former Supreme Court Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis (1916-39) looked remarkably similar to the way that "Narky" looks today; and Justice Brandeis was very active in the formation of Israel. There are records of Justice Brandeis having two daughters, but no son. Maybe this was concealed, or maybe "Tootsie" was an active pastime of "Narky's" from way back.

When I looked up the immigration trends for the U.S. after WWII when "Narky" apparently illegally entered the U.S. as an illegal alien, I found that 90% of those entering the U.S. after the war were Christians from eastern Europe or thereabouts while 10% were Jews who were given preferential treatment. The lawless Jacob claims that these Christians were Jews assuming the identities of Christians who had perished; and to top that off a lot of them changed their names to further conceal who they were. This probably explains the origination of the "Gar" "Gan" tribes, described in "Deceit, Delusions, and Depraved Dementia" (12:06 PM 3/31/01). Furthermore the lawless Jacob claims that this is where a lot of Jehovah's Witnesses came from. I know that "Narky" is very perfunctory about attending church; thus this may be a sign of all of his followers trying to subjugate Christianity, for it seems like they know that Zionism is destined to be Christianity. In light of all this, I can't imagine what lies in store for these Jewish activists who claim to oppose Jewish Zionism. If this has all been orchestrated by the son of a Supreme Court Justice; I wonder how many in Washington, D.C. know about this."

"The Concealed Holocaust" Id=35206 "My Daddy said that the modus operandi of the brain-damaged coprophagists who rule via the authoritive conviction of their professed "superior intelligence" compels them to direct your attention to the staged atrocities so they can go about eliminating those who oppose the ones who caused it. You have to understand that WWII was probably little more than a "stage" fabricated to promote Jewish Zionism. Since the "Supreme "Narky" of the U.S." 9:12 AM 4/3/01 was probably the concealed son of Supreme Court Justice Brandeis (1916-39), who was more or less the father of Zionism and Israel; you want to get that picture of Justice Brandeis from the Encyclopedia of Zionism and Israel, make a poster of it, post it, and write "Know This Guy?" on it. Since this picture actually looks more like the Supreme "Narky" than a picture of himself, his "Storm Troopers" and all his other followers will be moving to tear these posters down. Keep track of those who tear them down and keep posting them. That is the best way to deal with the whole scenario. (see "Bible-Rubbers Beware" 1:50 PM 4/16/01; "Arsenic and Anal Academics" 8:52 AM Id=34929; "FTAA - Fighting the Truth about Anal Academics" Id=34298; and all articles referenced in "Narky" article above)

George Herbert Walker Bush, the lawless Jacob revealed today that the Storm Troopers of Germany were among the "Christian" immigrants that arrived here from eastern Europe after WWII and that they were the "backbone" of the Secret Service that "Narky" was to form here. The lawless Jacob also revealed that Secret Service removed the new Federal Regulatory Directories from the shelves not only because it revealed that SS had 4500 member but also because the correct number is closer to 6000 not including their innumerable lawless followers that do their bidding. If SS is really the "Storm Troopers of America" heeding the words of brain-damaged coprophagists and using narcotics and anarchy to conquer the world via this distorted vision of Zionism; our best bet is to expose their game thereby reducing their power over us. The beauty of God's plan is that these lawless ones are destined to become the servants of the ones who they have slain, for as it is written all of the Israelites were destined to fall. The lawless ones created Israel, the Holy Nation by trying to destroy it, and they expressed their desire to become Israelites when they joined the lawless Jacob and the Supreme "Narky" in trying to destroy Israel, the Holy Nation. These lawless ones have been given power to rule until God's words are fulfilled. This is why the 10th Chapter of Hosea calls for the lawless Jacob to be silenced in order to become the Great Dead King of Israel so that they will continue to rule until God's words are fulfilled; and believe me, this plan of God's can't be beat; He wrote the Book. As I wrote in "Good is "Bad" and Bad is "Good"; Creative NonViolence" 1:28 PM 4/11/01; the lawless ones have taken God's plan, which is more or less creative nonviolence, and used it to try to create a kingdom based on evil. When they are exposed, the hunters become the hunted; and according to God's plan, their depraved dementia has put them in the "driver's seat" to make manifest Israel, the Holy Nation of the Lord of Sarah and Jennifer and all of the fallen ones of Israel. They will all "dig it", their shovels have been reserved. So when the misled or impaired ones call on you to pity one persecuted people or another, call on them to show you how much they know about who was after whom, for probably all of it has been staged."

"Messiahs in the Making" Id=43985 "Cousin Joe apparently succumbed to the designs of the Supreme "Narky" (Id=31749) when he died on a respirator on a night that I pedaled to Binghamton a few years ago. "Narky" apparently would sit with Joe telling him that he had to blame his condition on smoking whenever they took him off the respirator even though Joe never smoked. In return for that "Narky" would probably put a little bit less phosgene, i.e. hydrochloric acid, in the respirator each night (see "Modus Operandi of Lawlessness.." Id=24988). Now "Narky" is apparently after Joe's son, Bobby via the VA Hospital. Even though alleged doctor "Narky" is apparently illiterate, all doctors will do his bidding. Bobby had a herniated disc a few years ago. Now after repeatedly being put in traction he has seven of them. Traction is a process that apparently stretches the spinal cord and relieves pressure on the nerves arising from herniated discs; but it also seems to weaken the unaffected discs so that they herniate elsewhere while the patient is doing everyday motions. Thus while Bobby started out with a disc problem in his lower back, he now has numerous problems with the discs in his neck as well. They also apparently have him addicted to shots that alleviate the pain and probably cause him to reinjure his discs repeatedly. When he kept telling me that he really needed these shots, I told him to go see friends in Pennsylvania, tell them the same thing, and don't worry if they ask him what caliber. Now I hear that they have him in the hospital for a spinal fusion operation on his neck. I told him that this was rather drastic and that he should talk to someone who has had a similar operation. I guess that "Narky" had him talking to paraplegics who didn't reveal to him that they were paraplegics, for they are probably the only ones who benefit from such an operation. They also claim that he has tumors in his spine; but they can't say for sure. I imagine that the foolproof plan is to get him hospitalized permanently so that they can kill him slowly like Joe and move on anyone who comes to visit him.
Surely God will be pleased with Messiah "Narky" hanging on the Washington St. Bridge, for saving all his lawless ones from innocent people like Joe and Bobby."

"No Body is Gonna Do Nothing About It" Id=41739 "When they say "nobody's gonna do nothing about it" they are in reality referring to the victims of "The Concealed Holocaust" Id=35206; i.e. innocent people who were not opposing them that have been murdered for talking about Israel, the holy nation; the chemical onslaught; the communication glitches; the Persian Gulf War delusions; what not? The lawless ones are hinting that anybody who tries to do anything about the lawlessness are going to end up dead; i.e. a dead body; furthermore they are going to get rid of the body whenever possible, so in fact there will be "no body".

Now it has been revealed that the "Supreme "Narky" of the U.S." Id=31749 was probably going to be heralded as the second coming of Justice Brandeis, the father of Zionism and Israel (see "Their Own Tongues Against Them" Id=36936). Since "Narky" apparently also had roles in the Judenrats that slaughtered those who would not support Zionism and in the rebirth of the Storm Troopers of Germany here in the U.S. as the "Storm Troopers of America"; it is plausible to say that he is the Messiah, for he saved his people, the lawless ones, the coprophagists, the Turko-Mongols, etc.. Furthermore you might call him Jesus Christ, for that name is really a title that means: "the Messiah who saves his people"(Matthew 1:21 & John 1:41). That is why the gospels say that many will come in His name; but "Narky" is special in that he is the Supreme One (Amos 6:8) of the lawless ones of the lawless Jacob, who is George Herbert Walker Bush (Micah 1:5), ie. the uncrowned king of Babylon (Isaiah 14), who is to be the Great Dead King of Israel (Hosea 10:3,15). When I met "Narky" for the first time in 35 years in the fall of 1998, I promptly revealed in "Cuckoos Nest Two" that "Narky" like my dog Nicky (female!) was destined to die behind a car and be hung on the Washington St. bridge in Binghamton. I pray that they haven't torn that bridge down yet."

"Granada Corporation: Benign Monster?" Id=51259 (see also Ids=50914 & 51602) "My Daddy said that I should have copied the directory of Granada's members when I accessed it on Friday, for today I discovered that it was accessible to "members only". It was the most unreal list of several hundred corporations that you have ever seen with many major broadcast corporations, media organizations, entertainment industries, food service organizations, and tourism businesses. I suspect that this is the "facade" that the lawless ones have chosen to establish their bases of operation worldwide. This is "avenue of attack" is delineated in the Plans of the Synagogue of Satan and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, available via The "Storm Troopers" and other lawless ones can use any of these corporate locations as "steppingstones" to monitor, target, and/or eliminate anyone who they feel may threaten their game plan. The industries that they have chosen are noncontroversial by nature or they have been above reproach like the mainstream media via entrenched communication glithces that prevent anyone from opposing them.

I question whether or not this behemoth corporation is based to a large extent on the narco-dollars of the "Supreme "Narky".." Id31749, who I had admit in court that he had agreed to pay me a billion dollars. Although it is clear that their "Folly is Plain to Everyone" Id=48513, it seems like "Coprophagic Rule.." Id=32589 and "Morons America Style" Id=46750 have ensured that their "Silent Murder Epidemic" Id=24603 and "Concealed Holocaust" Id=35206 have continued unabated, for "No Body is Going to do Nothing about It" Id=41739."

So now when someone asks you, "What do you know? When did you know it? Have things changed since this morning?"; you can safely say that it's all too big to talk about. Meanwhile Granada Corporation seems to have retreated into the "shadows". Depending on whether they find "Narky" in drag or in his usual Judge Brandeis demeanor, that is probably how he will be "raised and lifted up and highly exalted..., so will he sprinkle many nations and kings will shut their mouths because of him" (Is. 52:13,15). "After two days He will revive "him", on the third day He will restore "him" that "he" may live in His presence"(Hosea 6:2). Then instead of people saying, "Jesus Christ! That's Nicky Exarchou!", they will say, "That's Jesus Christ Nicky Exarchou." And if he is in drag, surely the feminists will be pleased. Don't forget that "with the Lord, a day is like a thousand years" (Ps. 90:4).

Sound the horns! Full moon! The "Love Festivals of Hooterville" Id=29190 are the places where "Narky's" loyal ones can honor their Messiah. Manasseh or Benjamin might even drive them there. "Love Makes the World Go Round!" Surely God will be pleased.

Respectfully submitted, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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04 Sep 2001
PS: Here with my later postings of this article, I wish to include an excerpt from "A Charlie Tribute,
"1965"" 8/7/2000, part of which was posted in "1965! Solid Gold, History of the Hit that Wasn't"
Id=29650: "In an attempt to keep this lawlessness afloat, the lawless Jacob (GHWB) has warned
President Bill Clinton to lay off his boy, the Supreme One (N. Exarchou) who is probably behind this
flood of free psychotropics." This is a reference to a front page New York Daily News issue at that
time with the headline, "Lay Off My Boy!", not "W", but Nicky, for they call each other "boy".
"Need a hit, boy?"
See also:
04 Sep 2001
PS: Here with my later postings of this article, I wish to include an excerpt from "A Charlie Tribute,
"1965"" 8/7/2000, part of which was posted in "1965! Solid Gold, History of the Hit that Wasn't"
Id=29650: "In an attempt to keep this lawlessness afloat, the lawless Jacob (GHWB) has warned
President Bill Clinton to lay off his boy, the Supreme One (N. Exarchou) who is probably behind this
flood of free psychotropics." This is a reference to a front page New York Daily News issue at that
time with the headline, "Lay Off My Boy!", not "W", but Nicky, for they call each other "boy".
"Need a hit, boy?"
See also: