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Commentary :: Media
Let me try one more time.
03 Dec 2004
Modified: 04:29:16 PM
My first post was hidden because of "misinformation" Yep I selected "news" when it was "commentary"
This time can you tell me which parts of this are "misinformation" please.

I quoted other posters in context, and I posted links to the full post.

I posted links to the articles I refered to.

I checked the validity of the articles I cited and linked to as best I could.

I wrote an article which I thought was topical given the fact there is a Indymedia/Radical Reference Fact-checking workshop, Sat. 12/4

What more could I do?

I really tried hard to write an article explaining why the Indymedia network is not regarded as a trusted news source and it got canned with no explanation.

My article had references and was factual.

Can one of you re-write it and show me where I went wrong, where did I misinform?

I will not re-post it as it was obviously not correct, but the link is here.

Thanks in advance, and can you feature the salient points of Saturday's workshop so those of us who cannot attend may benefit.

This work is in the public domain


Compulsion can be treated.
03 Dec 2004
See a doctor about your obsession. Antidepressants are helpful in treating OCD.
I agree with the Feds.
03 Dec 2004
If IndyMedia continues to publish material written by authors that are blacklisted by the Bush Administration, IndyMedia's reputation could only be tarnished.
You should have shut up years ago, DeVoy.
03 Dec 2004
Remember this post I made from the Baltimore Office of the FBI?

Date Posted: 00:53:13 04/15/02 Mon
Author: Schooner
Author Host/IP: /
Subject: I have a suggestion for you
In reply to: NSA 's message, "I am an observer. You are in trouble." on 00:53:13 04/15/02 Mon

Shove your documentation up your ass.

If you were so proud of your defunct BBS Soap Jerk Box, why did you not allow the appearance of IP's , afraid you would be revealed.

You may be the target of some documentation my little wiener boy, don't pick a fight with a dog you do not know, you might justbe in for a larger surprise when a knock comes on your door.

Footprints? HAHAHAH The only footprints you see or feel or the ones my boots leave on your ass. As for me, you could not find me from this IP at all. Completely untraceable and a temp account created and deleted each time I log on. Logs are deleted as well.

Not that it matters, you can piss and moan 24/7 for the next 200 years and yet have no legal complaint agains tme.

I'll think up something a little more creative for you in the near future.... be on guard moron.

Oh, and don't forget this one:

Date Posted: 20:27:37 04/28/02 Sun
Author: Schooner
Author Host/IP: /
Subject: Let me clarify something for the administrator of this board

I will close with this - you are an Anti-Semetic, Anti-American subversive litte dickwad. You spread lies, disinformation and untruths that are not backed up with specific facts. You should be rounded up and thrown out of the country you little paranoid freak. On the off chance I should ever meet you, I will personally put my boot up your ass and kick your freaky pathetic little ass out myself

Or this one:

Date Posted: 20:34:25 05/01/02 Wed
Author: Yasser is Pissed hehehehehe
Author Host/IP: /
Subject: This place is deader then Arafat's crotch cticketts

What happeded to your massacre - you terrorist butt licker?
I though Arafat was going to stroke out. You love Arafat don't you? I bet you'd just love to stick your tongue down his throat.

Only 8 posts in two days......... this place has been shot to hell. Mid East Forum is dead as a waked out anarachist.

I guess the U.S. gov't does not appreciate you posting such trash using their systems and ISP. Careful Bud, you might lose your job.

Have a good one

PS: Isn't it quite the coincidence that anarachists brought down an anarch site. You really should have more faith in your gov't you little pathetic dweeb.

No sign of any Feds or any mysterious vans parked on our streets. You have ssen one to many black helicopters Goober. Saw you Pixie Pic on the net today, was quite impressed - you looked so adorable.

Hey? Have you checked your password lately. Better change it frequently - it's so easy to figure out.

We know you're an anti-Semite because he confirmed the information about the Mossad visiting the offices of Cycorp. You should have kept your mouth shut. You shouldn't have spoken out against the Israeli invasion of Jenin. Anyone that defends the Palestinians is a NAZI.
Good ol' Schooner. I remember him.
03 Dec 2004
Before 9-11 he worked searching down online pedophiles. When 9-11 happened, they moved him, without training, to harass dissidents online. It was a major mistake. You see, Schooner is a dry drunk. Too much booze fried his brain. He reads satire and thinks it's real. When he's left alone in his office, he talks to the wall. It's really very interesting, he can have two hour long discussions with the wall. I don't know if he thinks the wall is talking back, but sometimes he gets really angry and starts cursing uncontrollably at the wall.

His wife left him for another man. He used to beat her senseless. He was fired from his job at the NSA because he used their monitoring equipment to listen to little children tinkling in the bathroom of a local elementary school.

The guy is out of his mind. They'd fire him but then he'd be out on the street stalking little girls.
Re: Let me try one more time.
04 Dec 2004
you people are crazy. this is like an episode of nypd blue or something. all of you should be banned from posting on here