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News :: Human Rights
04 Dec 2004
Death Threats to Anyone Who Speaks Up
First, I will state again, as I have on previous postings that I (the author of this post) have been ‘targeted’ by this government for over 3 years. ‘Targeted’ means that you are under secret, bogus investigation 24/7 because you have somehow threatened their own self-serving agenda but they have no legal recourse to get rid of you, however if at all possible they will murder you if it can look like an accident. It also means your telephone conversations are tapped, recorded and listened into by criminals, your email is read by these same criminals–in real time as you write it (like this one), you are stalked and harassed 24/7 – and yes, they have the money to do this from their illegal business pursuits. The local police in the community support them and cover for them and so does the fire department. And for those who don’t believe that they are also doing surveillance of people using remote viewing or using ‘electronic microwaving and other invisible means of murder’ …please spare everyone your comments because this not only IS happening to TENS of thousands of people in the country now -- it is time to confront the fact that we have in the White House a TOTALLY criminal government who has spent billions of dollars on secret defense weapons… which are currently being used to covertly attack designated American citizens. ( or up. This is not only the truth, don’t think for one minute that they don’t intend to use this same technology on YOU and your family if they get the power.

*If anything happens to me – this post and the other I previously made, also citing license plate numbers – is evidence of their complicity.

Today they implemented their ‘heart attack machine’ on me which makes your heart palpitate so intensely, you can easily have an attack (fatal, they hope). If anyone is familiar with the postings of Charles Schlund – he reported of this type of invisible electronic attack which made his blood pressure go through the roof and put him in the hospital. It is not a mistake. You can feel that your heart beat is being manipulated from the outside. Now here’s a little education for all of you. Make note: this devise is EXACTLY how ‘they’ successfully get away with ‘heart attack murders’ so it looks natural. In fact, ‘invisible murder’ is the ONE thing they really know how to do well. I would even go so far as to say… if someone owns an airplane and it crashes, or if someone dies in a car accident, commits suicide or has one of those unfortunate ‘heart attacks’ … to save time on the investigation (if there even is one)… the AUTOMATIC response should be… it’s PROBABLY U.S. Government related. This immediate assumption should be made upon the death of ANYONE who has criticized this administration, even just a little. And only THEN -- with that assumption in mind -- should the investigation to find out what really happened, begin. This is how sinister the shadow government is.

This all came about because upon calling the offices of Jimmy Walter (the ‘eccentric’ millionaire who aired commercials asking for the re-investigation of 9/11), I was told that he was putting together more commercials.

I thought “Well, how great! What a wonderful opportunity to let ‘the American people’ find out about The Patriot Act II -- that their illustrious and well-paid Senators and Congressmen had voted for to protect the American People from …uh …the terrorists.”

Not more than 15 minutes after trying to email the suggestion to Jimmy Walter’s assistant, a rough-looking 'agent' in a silvery-green Jaguar - license plate #04WIR094 drove up and remained parked directly across the street looking into my house. I live on a dead end street in a more rural part of the Palm Desert area of California. Because there is nothing but sand opposite my property… and because everyone is on a minimum of 4-acres, anyone parked across the street is either a visitor of mine or is looking to buy the empty lot. But no one can just sit in their parked car staring into my house from across the street… without being ‘up to no good’.

Sure enough, I walked out of the house to see who was there and the man in the Jaguar looked totally shocked and then sped off. A few minutes later, he came back again very, very slowly …glaring at me, turned around at the next house and drove back past me again in a very threatening way. He did this 4 times until he noticed I was writing his license plate down and he took off like a bullet, for good.

About 4 or 5 other vehicles then also appeared and drove very, very slowly past me . One was a maroon pick-up Truck, license plate# GW97080 who gave me the finger. Another was an older blue Ford (Escort, I believe) license plate# D1SHARK who started to drive straight towards me as if he was going to run into me but I lurched behind my gate. I tried to get the license plate #’s of the other vehicles but they bolted out of sight when they saw me with pencil and paper.

It may be difficult for someone reading this to imagine the intimidation and covert threat inherent in this sudden ‘swarm’ of nasty looking guys in vehicles ‘swarming’ around you and your home, but ask a pro – this is how they do it.

When I called Jimmy Walter to find out where I could send information, he told me that he could only give me his PO Box – not his physical address – as he had been getting ‘death threats’.

I wonder who would threaten Jimmy Walter’s life?
A man who was so moved by the murder of 3,000 fellow Americans and the now-obvious implications of government complicity -- he spent over $100,000 on commercials asking for the 9/11 investigation to be re-opened.
What a great guy! Who would want to hurt him?

I wonder who would NOT want ‘the American people’ to know more about The Patriot Act II laws that are being passed?

Can anyone guess?

This work is in the public domain


It's the FBI, itself and by proxy.
05 Dec 2004
I read the material pointed to by the article and much of it is very, very good. I believe the authors are sincere and that they are on to something. However, what they seem to be avoiding is the most obvious conclusion of all: it is the FBI doing this. Yes, they are using private individuals and organizations to do their dirtywork, but behind it all is the FBI. This is the modern version of COINTELPRO. It has been privatized.

Even if you argue that it is not the FBI, you will fail in your argument because these individuals are engaging in illegal activities and the FBI will not prosecute them. This proves the FBI is behind it.

Point the finger where it belongs: AT THE FBI.