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Traitor Joe's action in Boston
10 Sep 2001
Modified: 29 Sep 2001
managers taken by surprise
managers taken by surprise
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White Liberals vs. Black Workers
10 Sep 2001
From white Critical Mass actions blocking traffic in black and latino neighborhoods to white GMO protesters hassling black workers at Trader Joes... The lack of class and race analysis within your actions (and, by extension, your politics) is appalling! If you are serious about radical social change, please include a more critical approach to your political activism in the future!
re:class and race analysis
11 Sep 2001
hang on a mo...

Most of the shoppers and staff and certainly those who run Trader Joes are white middle class and fairly well off. step in their some time and check it out. It sells itself as a gourmet foodie outlet for the middle and aspiring classes - just check the website which is all cartoon pictures of victorian gentelemen and ladies and images of colonial trade - hardly a business tailoring itself to the working class or people of colour.

Nor were we hassling staff - the focus was on talking to customers and sending a very clear message back to the managers of the company who have so far refused to listen to over 100 complaints a day and refused various requests to meet. We did talk with the woman pictured, she was also concerned about GE foods. She also felt unhappy that we had caused disruption in her store - understandably: she obviously likes the company she works for. We emphasised that our protest was not against her or the staff of this trader joes but asked that she send a message to the people who do make decisions.
yes lets discuss ways of carrying out effective direct actions where nobody gets upset... but heck it happens.

That aside are you really implying that if someone is doing something wrong (in this case a national supermarket chain supporting the biotech industry) the only people allowed to visibly oppose their practices must fit the profile of the staff and customers. Of course by that logic the only people allowed to protest against the WTO are fat white businessman, lawyers and financiers....

its nice to see people active for a change.. its not perfect but its a start.
Misguided "racial analysis"
29 Sep 2001
I agree that there are many ways that the various segments of the American environemental movement should include a better race/class analysis into their debate. The environmental justice movement, which works to protect the poor and minoritiy communities in which polluting plants and industries are concentrated.

I personally am opposed to GMO foods not so much because I'm affraid my kids will someday have allergic reactions to GMO corn (although I think that danger HAS been dangerously overlooked by the industry) but because of the damage the spread of GMOs, as well as corporate agobuisness in general, will do to the food supply and way of life of small farmers here and in the third world. Monsanto & crew are conducting a vast science experiment with the food supplies of billions of people, mostly in Asia and Africa, to the benifit of no one but themselves. Golden rice is supposed to supply Vitamin D to malnourished Indian peasents but in reality contains only about 5% of the vitamin D they need. And it is unlikely they will eat it all, because it looks so fucking bizzare.

Your depiction of the Trader Joes action as white liberals vs. black workers is very misguided. You would not have posted it if the manager in the picture had been a white male. Were we supposed to arrive to do the action, see that the store manager was black, and than give it up in the interest of some superficial racial politics? If the mostly white workers were to decide to strike against their black female manager, would you criticize them? When people fight back against police violence, should they feel guilty because so many police officers are black or latino?

A bad day at work is a bad day at work no matter what race you identify yourself a member of.
The west coast Class strugle.
25 Jul 2004
I am an employed by Trader Joes CORP. They have done very illegal things to me. In fact, I work in the FAMOUS SECOND STORE EVER FOUNDED. If you have ever worked for more than a year with THREE DIFFERENT OPERATING SYSTEMS then you will understand why I write this! I joined when I was 18 not very athletic, but I met there less than or equal to fifty pound minimum. I am a man, and do not have a gender bias. However, the managment has called me a "fag" and a homosexual. I shrugged it off, only to note that my gender identity was again insulted by another man again. Due to my in ability to lift quickly, all for seven dollars. My high school GPA dropped has my pain increased. As the California grocery strike happened my left arm Note the black woman holding the item in left arm. NCR cash register damage,btw. I have been illegaly scheduled to work shifts without overtime for fear of being repremanded and degraded on my only four chances for a raise a year. I told other management about my situation, nothing. I was promised more materials to help with my problem in 2003 , it's now 2004 and the company hasn't remoldeld the problem. I'm twenty now my left shoulder ruined.

Part two: I have become so ill from being assigned constant washroom cleanup for two years that I now must take CIPRO . MY MANAGERS STILL REFUSE ME AID.I have only made one dollar and fifty five cents for a raise. I used to make four hundred dollars a pay check. Now I am lucky if my bursitis will allow me a chance to earn three fours of that.SUE them! Let Whole foods take over. CALIFORNIA's Strike will not destroy my life.
Re: Traitor Joe's action in Boston
25 Jul 2004
What is the name of your state?ca

"Hello, my name is Mike. Can someone please help me understand my rights? I have worked for Trader Joes for 11 years. I was a merchant manager (one step away from having my own store). My fiancee and I have been having some problems in our relationship every since our baby Elias died. One night after work I went next door to the bar with some co-workers, had a few drinks, next thing I know, I was kissing a part timer from my store. When I got home I told my fiancee what happened and she went to the girls house(my fiancee was 9 mo preg at the time) Knocked on Karens door, Karen opened the door and Julie told her "Karen I am going to trust you and Mike that this is never going to happen again" Karen stated she was sorry , my fiancee gave her a hug and said thank you.
Karen goes to work the next day and tells the head manager what happened, then she states that Julie is a threat to her at her job. So the head manager says "mike, Julie is not to call or come into the store."
This throws Julie for a loop, Now Julie (my fiancee) felt they were condoning me and Karens relationship. Because Julie could not call me or come in to see me while at work. Mind you I work for 10 hours a day and we have 3 kids. Five days after the incident Julie gives birth to our 4th boy. I got transfered to another store for a fresh start.
The first time Julie came into the new store my manager Mark tells me, "Julie is not allowed to come in the store or call the store" To make a long story short, Trader Joes fired me for to many phone calls, they are also denying me unemployment. They said to many phone calls is misconduct. I went from making $2000.00 every 2 weeks, to having not a dime. I have a family, rent, phone, cable, electric, food, hospital bills. I earned that unemployment money. They took money out of my checks for 11 years. Thats wrong! Please help."

You see regardless of how much money is made, the west coast desperatly need federal aid! We are so caught up with so many problems it's tearing the section of America apart.
Re: Traitor Joe's action in Boston
25 Jul 2004
"Trader Joe's claims to be a great place to work. They are dead wrong. I did more to better sales than anyone that I was working with. I was enough of a sucker to work the checkout line practically all the time. What really gets me is when one of the SEVERAL managers there, Carol, wrote me up for supposedly not doing my job. I was livid. I stopped for about 30 seconds to catch my breath and help the next customer. Then, Misty (doesn't that sound like a porn star's name?) confronted me in her uppety-Bostonian accent stating that there were agreements in the employee handbook, bla bla bla. I also am a diagnosed manic-depressive, which I stupidly told at my job interview. I don't regret it because I went back to a good job that I had quit to work there. They definitely used that against me because they harrassed me on a daily basis about my work performance and how they didn't schedule me for more than 28 hours a week because they didn't think I could handle the stress. Screw Trader Joe's. To Hell with them. They suck to work for. And you know what they also did? They scheduled me for times and days that I had classes. I told them ahead of time that I would be going to school the following fall and they did it anyway. However, revenge is sweet, because I screwed them by not going in those days and subsequently quitting without proper notice. Hah. Just had to let off some steam.


Again I find more information. I am the hammer of justice the sickle of truth. My problem will be taken onto the national level.
West Coast offices don't work weekends.
23 Aug 2004
My bursitis problems haven't gotten any better. I was refused to be seen at the workers compensation medical center that I must go to by law.The Verdugo Hills medical center couldn't let me be seen because the management refused to authorize my being seen by the doctors. Good thing I saved my money and bought independant health care insurance with Kaiser Permanent. They Xrayed me and there will be no dispute. The hands off policy of the Albrecht's has cost me my left shoulder and I'm only twenty.My pain doesn't stop on the weekeneds but the West coast offices at 800 South Shamrock Ave in Monrovia, California 91016 does. (Here for your Bostonian and international information)

"Strike brings boom

The company's fortunes climbed even further this winter, as 75,000 grocery
clerks in Southern California abandoned their cash registers after the state
's largest supermarkets, including Albertson's, Kroger and Safeway, sought
to reduce their health insurance and pensions. Uneager to cross the picket
lines, many consumers poured into their local Trader Joe's instead.

A non-union company, Trader Joe's pays its employees an average of $21 per
hour compared to the $17.90 paid by the union shops. The company also offers
employees health insurance and retirement benefits. Its generous labor
practices and environmentally conscious products offer customers just the
mix it needed to make the jump from larger grocery stores to a smaller shop
with a more refined selection.

Though the company -- owned by the famously reclusive Theo Albrecht, who
with his brother is estimated to be worth $26.5 billion -- is mum when it
comes to discussing finances, Forbes recently estimated that Trader Joe's 74
stores in California have experienced a jump in revenues of 30 percent since
the strike began. "

Without this store the national chain of Trader Joe's wouldn't exist. The Albrechts better realize this. By straping on a register to a vietnam era setup is an incompatable mix of twentith century desgin and twenty first century firmware. The NCR register isn't to blame, it's setup is. In addition just as the OS isn't to blame, the second application revision is.I'm a certified electronics specialist so I can say these things. I want my benefits owed to me that I have been denied. Thank you Albrechts.