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Announcement :: Race
Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
10 Dec 2004
Screening of "Skinheads" the ultimate antifascist B movie. (sorry for the double post, forgot to check the local interest box.)
What: Northeast Antifascist monthly film night
Where: Lucy Parsons Center, Columbus Ave near the Mass Ave. stop on the orange line.
When: Saturday December 11 at 7pm
Why: Cause Antifas like movies as much as the next person
Who: Anyone as long as your not a fascist

Northeast Antifascist invites you to the next installment in our monthly film series. This month we will be showing "Skinheads." After commiting a murder, a violent gang of nazis chases two witnesses into the woods where they encounter a WWII veteran with no fondness of nazis, traditional or neo.
Come for the film and meet some cool people dedicated to ridding this city of fascism.

Shameless plug: we also now have beautiful Northeast Antifascist T-shirts. The shirts themselves come from a completely worker owned sewing cooperative in Nicaragua. < > so buy one and support us and support them. While your at it buy them at the Lucy Parsons Center and support them too.
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Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
10 Dec 2004
Lucy Parsons Center
549 Columbus Avenue
Boston's South End
Telephone: 617.267.6272
Email: lucyparsons (at)

+++ What are we?

The Lucy Parsons Center, Boston's collectively run radical bookstore features an extensive selection of radical books and magazines, internet access, space for talks and meetings, and free movies Wednesday nights. Located at 549 Columbus Avenue in the South End the store is just down from Mass Ave and easily reached from the Mass Ave and Symphony T stations and the #1 bus. Regular store hours Mon-Fri 12-9pm Weekends 12-6.

+++ Volunteer

Volunteering at LPC isn't just about donating your labor. All of the Lucy Parsons Center volunteers contribute to all aspects of running the store and can take part in all decisions in how it's run. If you know anything about grant writing, web design, or any other skills you think would be useful, or if you just want to be part of this great radical project, please email Pete at petestid (at)

+++ Use our space for radical stuff

One of the most important aspects of the Lucy Parsons Center is providing a community meeting place for radical activities. If you want to host an event, please send an email to Rebecca at rebeccabatchelder (at) Make sure to give enough notice so that we can approve the event at our bimonthly meetings.

If you have a group that needs a space to have regular meetings, just come to the bookstore and fill out a space request form. Again, make sure to allow time for approval by the collective.

+++ Donate MONEY!

We need support to help ensure the Lucy Parsons Center continues to grow and be an important resource for the community. Donations can be made in the form of cash, check or credit cards. Please call the store for more info. If you don't have a lot, don't worry, even donating the change of your purchase can make a difference.

Subscribe to the LPC announcement only-list:
lucy_parsons_center-subscribe (at)
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
10 Dec 2004
are you the folks who protested the neo-nazis but not the Zionists at the Israel day this past summer? Even as the Nazis haven't been a world power in more than 5 decades and the Zionists are the racist fascists who have nuclear weapons, are the third largest military on the planet (now that Iraq has been conviently taken out...), and have been continuously waging genocide against the Palestinian people for more than five decades?

Take a look at the 14 points of fascism and see how Israel stacks up...

Please protest the Zionist fascists next time you happen to see them around waving their flags and holding their "stop the Arab infestation" signs, ok? And if you need some movies about how fascism looks in the Zionist project, "Jenin, Jenin!" is pretty amazing (the director was assissinated by the IDF - see points of fascism #2 and #11) And naturally, the US govt would also be a worthy target...
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
11 Dec 2004
I agree with 4indigenism. Israel uses the holocaust as a sympathy tool now. "Look, 6 million of us were killed, you are either with us or you are a Nazi" . I think the zionists are alot more dangerous than the neo-nazis in america. No one speaks against the zionists for fear that they too will be labeled a Nazi. Israel is the closest thing there is to a Facist state (although it is an illegal state), so anti-zionism is anti-facism.
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
11 Dec 2004
Bullwinkle, anti-Israel is anti-Jew is fascism!
Are you a member of the James P. Moran Fan Club, where you blame Jews for all the problems of the world? Do you side with Hamas, Hezbollah, and the PLO? Do you praise Klansmen like Robert Byrd?
If anything, Bullwinkle, you're a fascist!
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
11 Dec 2004
so everyone needs to agree with Israel or they are facists??? Since when is Israel the shining lite of freedom? Nazis and racists hate Israel because they are Jews. I hate Israel because they are criminals and hypocrites, I dont care what religion they are. Heres a record of the shooting of a 13 year old Palestinian girl. After she was killed the Israeli officer walked up to her body and emptied his ammunition clip into her. But you Rocky, will say that her killing was justified because she wasnt Jewish, and since she wasnt Jewish, she was a Nazi which gives the soldiers the right to kill her

Record of a shooting

'It's a little girl. She's running defensively eastward'
Operations room
'Are we talking about a girl under the age of 10?'
'A girl of about 10, she's behind the embankment, scared to death'
Captain R (after killing the girl)
'Anything moving in the zone, even a three-year-old, needs to be killed'
11 Dec 2004
so these children were killed because they didnt like Israel and therefore nazis.
11 Dec 2004
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
11 Dec 2004
Theres a chance that both of you are wrong. It is not so simple. There are multiple sides to the Israel/Palestine issue and there are an even greater number of ways in which fascism can manifest itself. Bulwinkle, being crimilnals and hipocrites is bad, true, but it does not necessarily make someone fascist. killing innocent people, imposing curfews, checkpoints, all things that could exist under fasicsm but also under other oppressive systems (fascisms not the only one). Rocky, its that there are those out there that are fascist who do hate isreal because they hate jews. however this is definetly not everyone who is against israel. there are countless reasons for being against Israel, as with all states, other than just being anti-semetic. calling everyone who is anti-israel a fascist is grossly irresponsible and robs the argument of the possibility for intelligent debate. Bullwinkle, claiming that Israel uses the holocaust as a way of gaining sympathy certainly doesnt help your argument though. in fact that is reasoning that nazi revisionists use to claim that the holocaust never happen. Am I making myself clear? Now that i may have pissed off everyone involved in this thread just one more note:
The fact that Northeast Antifascist decided to show opposition to the neo-nazis coming to the city instead of just joining the other protest that was going on, was mainly a tactical decision as i understand it and one that was explained thoroughly for months after. The fact that this still comes up and leads to bikkering simply because they posted an announcement about showing a movie seems a bit ridiculous.
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
11 Dec 2004
i wasnt around for the earlier discussions about this issue. its good to oppose the neo-nazis and facists. But are you telling me that even if a government is murdering thousands of innocent people based on prejudice and racism, you wont oppose them because they are not facist?? And why does a claim that the Israelis use the holocaust for sympathy make me a nazi revisionist that thinks the holocaust never happened? Israel was born out of the holocaust and with no holocaust, there would be no israel. The American Revolution broke apart an Empire and now they are forming their own. Israel was formed out of the defeat of facism, how long untill they become their own facist state? Rocky's comments are proof that israel uses the holocaust for sympathy. If you are anti-israel, you are an anti-semite, and once you mention anti-semitism the only thing that comes to mind is the holocaust. so people dont object to Israel because they dont want it to seem as if they are supporting the nazis. If you didnt want to protest the zionists, thats fine, and good job for opposing the neo-nazis, but to ignore that Israel is a terrorist state, you are just the same as the neo-nazis for ignoring and fostering the racist war against a defenseless group of people.
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
11 Dec 2004
Bullwinkle, if you really cared about the Palestinians, you should condemn Hamas, Hezbollah, and the PLO! They are the reasons Israel is at war!
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
11 Dec 2004
i support hamas, the PLO, and the Intifata. How else do you fight for your freedom against an enemy that hides behind technology. A freedom fighter is not a coward for blowing up a bus, he is desperate. The more oppression that Israel puts on the palestinians, the more reckless violence there will be. If Israel is so commited to peace, then why is the death toll so one sided? for every Israeli child killed, there are 10 Palestinians children dead.
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
11 Dec 2004
First of all, to make it clear, I am speaking for myself as an antifascist and no one else. I am not speaking on behalf of any group

>But are you telling me that even if a government >is murdering thousands of innocent people based >on prejudice and racism, you wont oppose them >because they are not facist??

I never said that they should not be opposed, in fact i agreed that there are reasons for opposing Israel. What I said was that it doesnt necessarily make them fascist. that doesnt mean that antifas wont act out against them it just means that there is no theoretical hypocracy if they choose to not consider them fascist. to call every government that murders innocent people fascist would ignoring the true extent of fascism, robbing the word of its meaning, and assuming that no other system is capable of such atrocities. That doesnt mean that those other systems shouldnt be opposed.

>And why does a claim that the Israelis use the >holocaust for sympathy make me a nazi >revisionist that thinks the holocaust never >happened?

Again, not what i said. I simply said it wasnt helping your argument since it is the prime argument of nazi revisionists. The zionist movement was around for somewhere around 50 years before the holocaust even happened. true it was the holocaust that gave the jews more global sympathy. to use this argument slights the horrors of the holocaust and assumes that rememberence of those killed during it is nothing more than a zionist ploy.

>If you didnt want to protest the zionists, thats >fine, and good job for opposing the neo-nazis, but >to ignore that Israel is a terrorist state, you are >just the same as the neo-nazis for ignoring and >fostering the racist war against a defenseless >group of people.

First of all, thanks for the credit in opposing the nazis. I dont want to get into all the reasoning for what happened 6 months ago at a 2 hour long demonstration. just want to clarify that no one is ignoring what israel does, just saying they may not be fascist and even if they are opposing them must be done intelligently and tactically as there are many sides to the isue. However, ignoring them does not make people the same as nazis. nazis agree that israel is a terrorist state, they believe this on anti-semetic grounds. part of the importance in opposing nazis at demonstrations concerning this issue is because of their attempts at coopting the anti-israel/pro-palestinian movement to further their anti-semetic agenda.
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
11 Dec 2004
Victory to the Iraqi and Palestinian resistance!
Al Manar is simply the best television on television.
Free Arabia!

Under a Death Sentence
An interview with a Hamas leader
by Walden Bello and Marylou Malig;; December 09, 2004

With the death of Yasser Arafat, the leadership of the Palestinian movement has been thrown wide open. While the central question is who will replace Arafat as the president of the Palestinian Authority, a related question is whether the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), whose principal component is Arafat’s Fatah, will remain the preeminent Palestinian political force. The Islamist group Hamas is acknowledged by many to be the second most influential force among Palestinians. Indeed, according to the Economist (October 2, 2004), Hamas "now matches Fatah in popularity" and "even in traditionally secular towns like Nablus, it is now, says the former mayor, himself a Fatah man, the most popular movement." This is, of course, according to several specialists o­n Palestine, a simplification of the realities of Palestine, given that other currents such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) also represents a major force in Palestine.

In the wake of Arafat’s death, Hamas has declared itself in favor not o­nly of presidential but also parliamentary elections o­n January 9, 2005, though it said it will not put up a candidate for president. The Economist also claims that "some" Hamas people say "that they would declare a truce and even accept a temporary two-state solution, perhaps for 50 years, while continuing to argue peacefully for o­ne state in which Jews could live…"

But what is Hamas? What accounts for its growing popularity? What is its relationship to the PLO? These were among the questions that prompted Focus staffers Walden Bello and Marylou Malig to search out and interview Hamas leader Usamah Hamdan during a recent visit to Beirut.

As we drive frantically o­n Beirut’s hilly streets to make sure we’re o­n time for the interview with Usamah Hamdan, someone in the car remarks, "Well, I hope the Israelis don’t decide to kill him today, while we’re meeting him." The gallows humor is prompted by our knowing that Hamdan is the most wanted man in Lebanon, o­ne who has been marked for assassination by Israel.

Hamdan is the representative of Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, in Lebanon and Syria. Hamas is associated in many people’s minds with "suicide bombings" of Israeli military and civilian targets. Widely condemned as a terrorist tool, the bombings have altered the military situation considerably, leading o­ne Hamas leader to describe suicide bombing as the Palestinians’ "F-16." Israel has retaliated by systematically assassinating leaders of Hamas and other groups in the Palestinian resistance. A member of the Central Committee of an organization that is said to be Israel’s Enemy No. 1, Hamdan has seen many of his comrades fall victim to Israeli operatives, including Hamas’ last two top leaders, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and Abdel Aziz Rantisi, both of whom were killed within a month of each other by helicopter-launched missiles earlier this year.

Following the twin suicide bombings that killed 16 Israelis in Beersheba o­n August 31, the Israeli government reiterated its policy of reserving the right to strike at Hamas leaders living outside Palestine. Hamdan is o­ne of the likely targets, as is the currently top-ranking Hamas figure, Khaled Maashal, who lives in Damascus, where most of Hamas’ strategic planning is done, according to the Israeli government. Indeed, a few weeks after we did this interview, o­n September 26, senior Hamas official Ezzedin al-Sheikh Khalil, was assassinated by Israeli agents in a car bombing in Damascus.

When we enter the interview site in a suburb of Beirut, we are asked to hand over our mobile phones--a wise precaution since the Israelis have been known to locate their prey via signals emitted by the phones. Surprisingly, however, the security seems light, with hardly an armed bodyguard visible in the premises.

We are prepared to see an older man, but Hamdan looks like he is in his late thirties. Hardly looking at all like the stereotype of the terrorist, he is cordial, sharing a number of jokes with our party while treating us to an impromptu breakfast of cheese-filled pita bread and strong coffee. After a few minutes, he tells us he is ready to answer any questions we may have. "You can be as frank as you want," o­ne of our interpreters tells us.

Israel’s Unilateral Withdrawal

Q: Israel says it is withdrawing from the Gaza and much of the West Bank– how does Hamas view this? Do you consider this a victory?

A: I believe any withdrawal from our land, no matter how small it is, is a victory for the Palestinian people. But the Israelis want the Palestinians to pay a political price. They want us to give up the right of return [to Israel]. They want to keep o­ne-fourth of the West Bank. We will not accept these conditions. We will continue our resistance. We have sacrificed for the last 56 years. What difference will another 10 to 15 years make?

The Wall

Q: Israel is continuing to build the wall despite global opposition. How does Hamas plan to deal with this?

A: The World Court of Justice made the right decision. It is most important because Israel really just wants to take the land. They are taking 21per cent of the West Bank bordering Jordan, but there are no security problems there. The international community has to continue pressuring Israel to stop and to destroy what has already been built. They plan to complete the wall by March 2005. They are building o­ne kilometer a day, and they say it will take them 250 days to complete it. And they think of everything, like painting the wall with "artwork’ so that people cannot write o­n it. But this wall will not prevent our resistance or put a stop to our activities.

Suicide Bombing

Q: We’d now like to turn to suicide bombing. As you know, it has been widely condemned. Others have said it is no longer that effective. What do you think?

A: First, we do not call it as such. And it is o­nly o­ne of the many tactics we use. We will use it when it is effective for a specific time and place. We choose the right place and time for this. People should realize that there are many cinemas, buses, coffee shops in Israel, but we choose o­nly a few specific places and at specific times. We do this as a message to the Israeli government that if there is no security for the Palestinian people, there will be no security for the Israeli people. There will be none until there is a complete withdrawal from all occupied land, until there is an end to the occupation. In the last four years this has o­nly been 12per cent of our operations – this is not a major tactic.

Relations with the PA and PLO

Q: How does the Hamas view and relate to the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) and the Palestinian Authority?

A: First the Palestinian Authority – this was a result of the Oslo Agreement. We rejected the Oslo Agreement because it changed the objective from that of securing Palestinian rights to that of providing security for the occupation. Thus, we did not participate in the presidential elections. Now, the peace process is deadlocked. The Israelis occupied 45 per cent of the Gaza. Oslo did not solve the problem.

But we will not fight the Palestinian Authority; Israel is the enemy. In fact, we help the Palestinian Authority by providing services for our people. Throughout the years, we have assisted with millions of dollars for infrastructure and services. We will not participate in the Palestinian Authority but we help out in the political process in our own way.

On the PLO – this was established in 1964 by the Arabs who wanted to turn Palestine from an Arab issue into a Palestinian issue. The PLO has become corrupted. We no longer know its real structures. It no longer has any real political vision.

But we don’t allow ourselves to be used in the struggles within the PLO, for instance, in the recent efforts by some to promote [Palestinian Prime Minister] Ahmed Qureia, at the expense of Arafat.

But if there is reform and there is a Palestinian leadership elected o­n a clear and acceptable basis, we would be open to sharing with the PLO.

Life and Death

Q: Israel has a policy of assassinating leaders of Hamas. How do you personally feel about this since you are o­n their list? Do you feel like you’re living under a death sentence?

A: I am o­n two lists, o­ne with six names and another with 12 names. But I am living my own life normally. I eat breakfast with my children, I always try to do this because this is when I can talk to them and ask them about their day and their plans. I visit my friends and my friends visit me. I just recently went out with my children to swim in the sea. You just die o­nce, and it can be from cancer, in a car accident, or by assassination. Given these choices, I prefer assassination. My friends are more worried for me than I am.

The brief interview ends with Hamdan telling us that he looks forward to inviting us soon to a "liberated Palestine." As we bid goodbye, we have the distinct impression that this young, intelligent leader of o­ne of the Palestinian Resistance’s most feared organizations, knows he is living o­n borrowed tim
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
11 Dec 2004
What does any of this have to do with these people showing some movie about skinheads and selling shirts?
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
11 Dec 2004
I oppose Israel and if you couldn't tell from my name, I am of Jewish decent. At the same time, I find it offensive to liken the state of Israel to Nazis and fascists. The attitude taken above seems to say that since the Holocaust is over and since there is no country run by neo-nazis, that they aren't still a problem. Nazis are still around. In my hometown, the temple was recently graffittied with a swastika, I hear anti-semetic comments often, and there has been at least one swastika found in the bathroom at the local middle school every year for at least 5 years. Also, nazis are racist, homophobic and sexist. To say that we are done dealing with such issues is naive and offensive. In combatting fascism we do not just fight the nazis and the fascists, but also what they stand for and believe in.
once again.
12 Dec 2004
Whatever... we followed the nazis to the rally. If we'd known how right-wing the stances taken by some of the sponsors of the main rally were, more of us might have chosen to join in the main protest. As it was, several of our close comrades were in the main protest, and some folks even went back and forth over the course of the afternoon.

And, by the way, we weren't there to "protest" the boneheads. We were there to confront them if possible. Just because boneheads pick up a cause or two that a lot of us are sympathetic to (albeit for all the wrong reasons) we're not going to let them off the hook. If anything, we did the Palestinian solidarity movement a favor by keeping the nazi boneheads visibly separated from their rally. If they'd mingled in and nobody cared because they were the "lesser (or at least smaller) of two evils" it's all that would have been in the media stories on the protest: neo-Nazis and Palestinian solidarity activists standing shoulder-to-shoulder in protest of Israel.

Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
12 Dec 2004
This was the 4th year running of protesting Israel day and the neo-Nazis have *never* been accepted along with the protest of Israel day. The police (that third set of fascists on the scene) have were told each time that they were not with us and the police have separated them from the Palestine solidarity protest every time they have showed up.

The reason the neo-nazis find no comfort with the Palestinian solidarity protest is that the protest of Israel day is a protest *against* racism. The protest is NOT a protest of Jewish people. That is why many Jewish people are *part* of the protest, because many Jewish people are anti-racist and thus REJECT Zionism. Naturi Karta Rabbis travel for hours to join these protests because they reject Zionists claiming to act in their name and they reject racism, as they believe their faith calls them to do. They do not join these protests because they hate themselves or because they hate Judaism. They are deeply spiritual and religious people who openly and proudly identify as Jewish.

If you really want to help the Palestine solidarity movement, oppose ALL forms of racism - the 10 neo-Nazis out that day, sure, but all the racist pro-fascists, and especially those who champion fascists that have nuclear weapons and are CURRENTLY waging genocide as the hundreds gathered in Govt center that day to champion Israel were.

Jewish people yes, Zionism No!
Zionism is Racism!
Sharon and Hitler are the same, the only difference is the name...

These chants don't work for the neo-nazis.

Anyhow, I understand Israel has a lot of good propaganda and that getting through the heap of lies takes time, so I don't mean to be harsh, I just strongly encourage the neantifa's to look more closely at it and hopefully to join us next year and maybe expand their film selection.

I also encourage all anarchists and "leftists" to examine ways in which ideological frameworks which come from Europe may be missing some essential features when it comes to rejecting colonialism and imperialism...

And this discussion came up again because obviously many people still don't get that Israel is a racist and fascist society that is getting away with genocide of the indigenous Palestinians. " Never again" that many said after the Holocaust must mean "never again for anyone" if it is to carry any moral weight.
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
12 Dec 2004
dont be condescending to us, it doesnt help. we know how to sort through the propaganda, but thanks for implying that your sooooo much smarter than us. maybe you could educate us sometime on your wonderful skills of finding truth in media. thanks for the invite to join you next time but i got an idea, you want people to join you maybe you should join them every now and then. NEAntifa has public meetings every 2-3 weeks and a movie night every month. You've never been to one of them so dont get mad if we dont join you.
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
12 Dec 2004
Man, I can't believe people are still arguing about this shit. They're called Northeast ANTIFASCISTS. The purpose of the group is to oppose and confront FASCISTS wherever they are. Not to oppose and confront fascists and people who are like fascists. So when Nazis show up at the city, antifa confronts them. Duh. Many of the people in the organization oppose the state of Israel as well. But because it isn't a FASCIST state, it is not the work of this particular organization to protest Israel.

If you think that it's a waste of time to confront the Nazis, then that's fine. Protest Israel instead. But don't hurl accusation at people for confronting the boneheads. I'm not a member of antifa, but I for one am glad that there's a group of people to specifically confront Nazi scum every time they come around, even if it's somehow politically incorrect.
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
13 Dec 2004
Israel IS a fascist state. Read those 14 points again.

And don't seek the "best" news sources, get to know Palestinians and listen to their stories. There was some opportunity for that at that protest, for example, but oh well.

But meanwhile, there are some good websites:

In solidarity!
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
13 Dec 2004
First of all, I'd like to suggest that people on this website get into the habit of ignoring trolls like Rocky. Responding to them just encourages them.

To 4indigenism: I'm totally down with where you're coming from. I oppose the state of Israel as much as anyone. All I'm trying to say is that antifa is a group with a very specific and worthwhile purpose, and there's no reason to bait them for accomplishing that purpose. And no, Israel isn't a fascist state: it's a deeply racist capitalist "democracy," much like the United States. Which is more than enough reason to fight against it, but it's not the work of antifa as an organization to do that.
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
13 Dec 2004
p.s.- the movie night rocked last night, thanks to all who came. it was quite funny to watch this silly 80's movie and hang out with other antifascists.
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
13 Dec 2004
I love how there's always a drawn out argument once a month when Antifa announces their movie.
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
14 Dec 2004
fuck all fascists.
american, israeli, palestinian, or any other stripe. they're everywhere. and so are we.
Re: Northeast Antifascist Movie Night
14 Dec 2004
well, "equality", since fascism requires a state aparatus, I guess the Palestinians are off the hook for the time being.

This thread may be too far burried, but I would be curious to hear the ne-antifa folks' definitions of fascism are... that might end the confusion once and for all...