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News :: Race
National Alliance Active in Boston
29 Dec 2004
Modified: 02:44:29 AM
The neo-nazi group called National Alliance has been increasingly active in Boston in the past few years. This week, stickers were spotted in Boston on Newbury Street. Since the new chapter was started in Boston it has remained mostly unnoticed by the public, but the hate group aims to spread its propaganda through outreach such as stickers and flyers.

The symbol of the group, left, appeared on birght orange stickers with the words "National Alliance". The Boston chapter, led by the "Unit Coordinator" Michael Medeiros (pictured below), is part of the nationwide group National Alliance. NA is a white supremacist group, and among their ridiculous claims is the assertion that it is not the fault of whites that slavery existed in the United States. Other local members who have been active are Clint Esterbrook and James Mahoney. Though the group is very small in numbers,it is still concerning that a neo-nazi group exists. Below is the Boston Unit Coordinator.
michael medeiros.jpg

Please rip down these stickers where ever you see them, and be aware that there are in fact neo-nazis in Boston. National Alliance is only one of the multiple white supremacist groups in the area, along with the group that distributed propaganda throughout Boston and its suburbs.
The stickers were all seen on the back of street signs, and were relatively small, maybe an inch high and an inch wide. We cannot allow such groups to gain any footing.

Note: The author has not used his/her name purposefully to avoid being targetted by such hate groups.

This work is in the public domain
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Re: National Alliance Active in Boston
29 Dec 2004
want to battle neo-nazis and fascists? check out the Northeast Antifascists! Monthly meetings and movie nights. Tshirts on sale, available at the Lucy Parsons Center.
For more information:
There are pently of Nazis in town to oppose.
30 Dec 2004
Drive the National Alliance out! While you're at it, drive Flipside, the Israeli Consul, represenatives of the Likud, and half of Boston IMC out with them. Nazis are Nazis. They should all be ejected, whether they hate Jews or Arabs.
Re: National Alliance Active in Boston
30 Dec 2004
Hypothetical: A sticker for a fascist group is put up infront of a starbucks. Do you:

1) Confront the four or five 20 year-old boneheads (who haven't done anything than print a sticker) who have no life and thus waste time by putting up dumb stickers by reciprocating and printing your own sticker (and thus fighting fascism...).

2) Ignore the boneheads and confront the starbucks, who is actually responsisble for the murder and enslavement of thousands, and the ecological pillaging of south america.
Re: There are pently of Nazis in town to oppose.
30 Dec 2004
What evidence do you have to indicate that anyone at IMC is a nazi!? It's careless, baseless claims like this that show the true colors of 'commenters' like you . and to Keith - How about 3.) Confront both but make sure when confronting Starbucks it's not done in a way that you just making some worker's shift more difficult who's barely scraping by on minimum wage. There's no need for that patronizing liberal b.s.
Re: National Alliance Active in Boston
30 Dec 2004
What's liberal bs?

Organizing to support workers in 3rd world nations or doing silly antifa stickering that would have the ADL proud. Fight the fascists that are a threat.

PS: I'm not suggesting doing anything to piss off the starbucks worker. No need to be this pitiful's group's attack dog.
Re: National Alliance Active in Boston
30 Dec 2004
the article was NOT posted by antifa.
Re: National Alliance Active in Boston
30 Dec 2004
Who said anything about this being in front of a Starbucks? And who's doing "silly antifa stickering"??

I agree with you that fighting capitalism itself (when it's replicating class society by exploiting workers and natural resources it's called "capitalism", not fascism, Keith, honey) is absolutely more important in the long run than fighting fascism. As long as capitalism exists, and the capitalist class is in power, we will be subject to an endless succession of variously fascistic and bourgeois-democratic regimes. But a lot of us who feel this way ALSO feel that ignoring fascism during periods in which it's not directly serving capital has repeatedly been proven a fatal error, because if it's allowed to fester in those periods, then it IS there to be taken up when "democracy" isn't enough to keep the system together.

Antifa action is defensive action, but a necessary investment in the long run. If it's not something you feel passionate about, that's fine--put a greater proportion of your energy into other facets of the struggle. But don't give us this "I'm more revolutionary than you" shit, especially when you apparently aren't even revolutionary enough to recognize that "the murder and enslavement of thousands, and the ecological pillaging of south america" is CAPITALISM, and when have to call it fascism to justify your opposition. What a bizarre inversion.

And lay off the ADL-baiting. I can't speak for the person who posted the above article--as far as I know they're not affiliated with Northeast Antifascists--but there are a lot of people around the world who are committed to maintaining an antifascist struggle that remains automomous from, and irrecuperable by, liberalism. If you don't recognize that, it's another good sign that you're clueless about the anticapitalist movement on the ground.
Re: National Alliance Active in Boston
30 Dec 2004
You seem to refuse to label anything fascist other than stupid skinehead kids. So no, totalitarian capitalist governments in south america aren't fascist, but Skrewdriver sure is.

This obscure selective usage of fascism, to refer only to a specific political movement (nazism) reminds me of a public school text books whose agenda was to present fascism as a past ideaology that was crushed by the benevolent allies. Is this the analysis of fascism that you're bringing forth?

And no, beating up skinheads who live in their parents basement isn't anti-capitalist.
Re: National Alliance Active in Boston
31 Dec 2004
Totalitarian capitalist governments aren't Starbucks, though Starbucks is sure profiting off their existence... but that's because capitalism can USE fascism, not because capitalism IS fascism.

Look, you're the one who brought up boneheads, and Skrewdriver, and boneheads living in their basement, and beating up boneheads. Nobody else. You're arguing against a strawman here. This article is talking about the National Alliance, and giving people a heads' up that they have a unit in town. The National Alliance is, or at least aspires to be, a "suit and tie" fascist organization. Since Pierce died and Gliebe has assumed the helm at a national level, a lot of the skin/thug/etc enforcer base has been alienated from the organization (and many of these followed BIlly Roper to the groups welcomed under the White Revolution umbrella, stopped buying their stupid nazi music from Resistance Records and started buying it from Panzerfaust, etc., etc.) The NA is trying to be more of the "respectable Aryan activist" type, making nuisances of themselves at town meetings in towns with existing racial tension, going on local access cable news to "debate" liberals, etc. I would say they're at least something to be aware of, and if you're up for it to help nip in the bud before they strengthen their base again.

Of course, if the struggle for you means "confronting" Starbucks (which you also brought up), more power to you, I guess. It seems like an awfully consumer-centric struggle. Most of us "confront" it every day by just not going there because we can't afford to pay three dollars for a cup of fucking coffee. My own take on things is that you're never going to effectively help those workers in a sustainable, progressive, and ultimately revolutionary way unless you're able to leverage solidarity as a worker (rather than just as a consumer, "culture jammer", window destructor, etc.). If we're going to do this we're going to have to build a worker's movement or circulation of autonomous workers' struggles. And if we're going to do that, and have it be progressive enough to leverage solidarity toward workers elsewhere in the world, some of the things we're going to have to confront in that process are racism, nationalism, sympathy for small property owners and small employers, patriarchy, and pretty much all the elements of the fascist programme. Which is why some of us like to spend some of our time doing antifa work.

This isn't based on "obscure selective usage" of fascism. This is based on an analysis of fascism as a real and ongoing historical movement and internally coherent set of ideologies. I'm sorry, but I just don't see the use of calling anything that's bad or that I don't like or oppose "fascism". It's not useful to those broader struggles, and it destroys our ability to recognize fascism when it actually is gathering. It's also funny that you accuse me of reducing fascism to "nazism", because when I think of classical fascism of that era, I think of Italy and Spain before I think of Germany.

I'd like to hear what you mean by ways in which we can effectively "confront" Starbucks. It is a chain, and not a franchise, so a rash of disciplined property destruction (with publicly circulated communiques) would not only be absorbed by the parent corporation, but would also result in higher insurance premiums for all firms that rely on hyperexploited labor on coffee plantations. We could also support the efforts of Starbucks workers to organize unions and demand higher pay domestically. How else do you propose we "confront" this chain that you brought up? Okay. Now, what do you think we should do about ultra-right groups, networks, and individuals like Operation Save America, the Council of Concerned Citizens, the National Alliance, Free Republic partisans and Protest Warriors, Daughters of the American Revolution, Mel Gibson, Pat Buchanan, Michael Savage, White Revolution, etc., etc.? If your answer is really "ignore them," then whatever, ignore them. Otherwise, you're not ignoring them--you're going on Boston IMC arguing that we shouldn't fight them because you think we should be "confronting Starbucks" instead. Which is, need I point out, not exactly "confronting Starbucks" either.
Re: National Alliance Active in Boston
01 Jan 2005
This is a question for poster MJ:
Above you wrote:
some of the things we're going to have to confront in that process are racism, nationalism, sympathy for small property owners and small employers, patriarchy, and pretty much all the elements of the fascist programme. Which is why some of us like to spend some of our time doing antifa work.

Are you saying you are for or against small property owners and small business owners? If against, can you elaborate a little bit? It seems to me like small business owners and small property owners are the way back to freedom and economic justice. Please explain. Thanks.

Re: National Alliance Active in Boston
01 Jan 2005
"Please explain."

You are a liberal capitalist. You want to rescue capital from its own tendencies. Reforms that favor "small" employers will win "freedom and economic justice" is for middle classes only, and leave the rest of the world just as immiserated and exploited. It's a sign of the intellectual poverty of the American left that this petit-bourgeois hippie-entrepreneur crap passes for "progressive". No offense.
Re: National Alliance Active in Boston
02 Jan 2005
this whole thread is really silly. i can't understand why anyone would assume that peepz who do antifa work never do anything else. wack
Re: National Alliance Active in Boston
04 Jan 2005

So you guys are hard core, hammer and sickle, communists? In this day and age? When has communism ever succeeded? China and Russia were both miserable failures. Cuba hasn't been great, but I admire their pluckiness in refusing to be vassals of the US.

Do you guys believe in unlimited resources -- e.g. "cornucopians" and believe that "technology will solve everything." This is what I remember from studying communism in college. Also, the idea that "little people" like peasants, need to have their minds tightly controlled, because their natural state is racism and bigotry, so a tight discipline must be exerted over the minds of the "simple masses." Also, they always went on about "whites are the source of all evil." That seemed to me just plain silly.

Anyway, I'd like to hear more about you guys' worldview. it seems to me the world functions thanks to small businesses, from the Chinese peasant farmer, to the burrito vendors in Mexico, to the small metalworking shops we used to have here in New England. I can't imagine these small businesses being dictated to by some pointy headed communist bureaucrat who's had his nose in "The Communist Manifesto" all his life and never had to earn a real paycheck, much less run a functioning business.

Re: National Alliance Active in Boston
04 Jan 2005
No one's ragging on antifa work Maus. But let's be clear, playing turf wars with stickers isn't antifascism.

Jim: I hardly think anyone here is arguing for authoritarian communism. Your 100% right that no one needs a cold blooded beaurucrat to tell them what to do. You should explore libertarian criticisms of communism. Simply because authoritarian states were brutal failures, doesn't change the idea that people can work together positively in a non-capitalist manner.
Re: National Alliance Active in Boston
04 Jan 2005
"hard core, hammer and sickle, communists?"
"believe that "technology will solve everything." "
""whites are the source of all evil." "
"pointy headed communist bureaucrat"

What is this, some kind of trolling?

"never had to earn a real paycheck, much less run a functioning business."

There you go. "Much less..." You have your idea of who and what is valued, we have ours. Go away now. If you gave any indication that you were actually curious or were actually up for a debate about the worth of the socially constructed institution "property rights," or the potentiallyl liberatory role of small property ownership, I'd be up for it, but clearly you're just out to start shit. It's completely off topic anyway. "Foodnotlawns"--ha. Says who?
Re: National Alliance Active in Boston
10 Feb 2005
First off, I have no comments on the current argument stretching out this thread, I just wanted to note that Clint Esterbrook, not mentioned in the thread, but in the article up top, was active in the Boston nazi skin scene in the early nineties. Some people never get it...
Just updating the roster of the NA. I've seen so many come and go, wising up after their small stint of teenage stupidity. Some never live and learn... Over and out.
Re: National Alliance Active in Boston
22 Feb 2005
Clint and I "DO GET IT" which is why we both name the Jew as the source of woe for Our Race. The NA will continue to spread it's message of White freedom from the Jews throughout New England and I hope the day comes soon when we will meet you and the rest of our enemies in the streets and finally see who has the backbone and fortitude to defend their convictions.
Re: National Alliance Active in Boston
22 Feb 2005
I find it amusing that the author refrained from signing the article out of fear of being "targeted" by hate groups.Unlike antifa.,I believe in free speech,and so I'm not threatened by it.Antifa attacked activists in D.C. recently(Zundel,political prisioner)with feces,urine,and violence,now there's decency if there ever was.The heroic author would do the readership well to educate them about REAL "hate" groups,like the criminal ADL,or AIPAC,who know no bounds when it comes to fabrication and law-breaking in the name of the "chosen".Thanks for the press!