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News :: Gender
Male Activist Smears Female Activist For Not Fucking Him
10 Mar 2005
The other side of Boston activism.
Male Boston Activist Destroys Female Boston Activist’s Reputation Because She Refused to Fuck Him

Back in the late 1980s, when most of the current activists were still small children, there was an even stronger activist community in Boston than there is now. One of the most active of the lot was CISPES, which had set its goals on stopping US support of a totalitarian regime in El Salvador. CISPES had been the target of harassment by the FBI. The FBI staged break-ins, harassed activists at home and at work, and categorized those of us who supported the FMLN as terrorists. In fact, the harassment was so outlandish, it caught the attention of Congress and the FBI was forced to scale back its operations against activists.

This is a story of two persons that were members of CISPES at the end of the 1980s and on into the early 1990s. Stacy was a married woman who decided to oppose US intervention in El Salvador. She was inspired by her Vietnamese husband’s experiences growing up during US intervention in Vietnam. She was determined to make sure that El Salvador did not become another Vietnam. Larry was a member of CISPES too. Immediately after the two met during one of Stacy’s first CISPES meetings, Larry walked with Stacy to the train station in Harvard Square and began hitting on Stacy. Larry asked whether it was true that Stacy was married. Stacy did not believe in things like wearing jewelry and so she wore no wedding ring. Stacy assured Larry that she was really married, but this did not deter Larry. He went on to ask her if her husband opposed letting her date other men, which, of course, Stacy made clear that they did not have an open relationship.

Over the years, Larry and Stacy became friends. Stacy moved away to San Diego and the two continued writing one another. Things didn’t work out between Stacy and her husband and they divorced. Upon hearing that Stacy had divorced, Larry let Stacy know that he would be traveling to San Diego and that he was open to the two getting together and enjoying each other’s company.

Meanwhile, Stacy was dating another man. The two did not have an exclusive relationship and they each dated other people. The day before Larry arrived in San Diego, Stacy’s boyfriend insisted that they move in together and share Stacy’s apartment. He wanted an exclusive relationship with Stacy. Stacy suspected that this was because he knew that Larry was about to visit. She agreed that her boyfriend could move in, but only after Larry left, as Larry would be staying with her in her studio apartment. Stacy did not commit to an exclusive relationship with her boyfriend, but she cared about him and began seriously thinking about this new development.

When Larry arrived, Stacy was very happy to see him. The two had a great time visiting the San Diego Zoo and Stacy took him to Blacks Beach, a nude beach in San Diego, where they both got naked, as one would expect at a nude beach. Stacy and her friends went to this beach frequently. New Englanders make a big deal about nude beaches but the nude beach in San Diego has never been considered a big deal by locals who are much more like Europeans in their attitude towards nudity. Sometimes, Stacy would even go with coworkers during lunch breaks to this beach to surf, such a non event was a nude beach in the local culture. Over time, Stacy had become more like the locals in her attitude towards sex. Indeed, San Diego is probably one of the most sexually open cities in the United States. This, of course, was a much bigger deal to Larry than to Stacy.

That night, upon returning to the apartment which had only one bed, Stacy and Larry began to fool around. Being naked together through the day had its effect. There was only one bed and one thing led to another. Stacy was not exactly comfortable about all of this. Yes, she enjoyed the prospect of having sex with Larry but she was also concerned about being honest with her boyfriend who would surely ask her what happened between Stacy and Larry. She didn’t want to lie and she didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but she also wanted to get laid. This did not create the best emotional condition for Stacy that night. Having sex with Larry was not prohibited by her relationship, but it might lead to unwanted complications. Larry would go back to Boston, but Stacy would have to live with whatever happened in her own home.

Stacy had some questions about Larry. When they were both in CISPES, Stacy was openly interested in other men. Clearly, he wasn’t just gay because he had hit on Stacy many times. Stacy asked him about this, wanting to know if he was gay. Larry explained that he liked men but that he liked pussy even more and enjoyed a good fuck with a female more than with a man and so had, for the most part, decided to date primarily females.

Larry had a nice body, but he wasn’t exactly handsome. His face was not what you would call good looking and Stacy’s primary attraction to him was intellectual. Had Larry been drop dead gorgeous, biology would have taken over and Larry would have gotten laid. But, this was not to be. Stacy, though sexually exited about being in bed with this guy with a nice body, wasn’t out of control.

When things began to get hot, Larry insisted upon fucking. Stacy thought about her boyfriend and decided it was better not to hurt him, so she declined and offered to give Larry a hand job instead. She, herself, would have been happy to finish off with nothing more than foreplay from Larry. Larry was offended by this. He was angry to be turned down and insisted upon fucking. Stacy stood her ground and decided that if Larry didn’t want what she was offering, she’d just finish herself off and go to sleep. Larry’s anger ended in silence and the two had a lousy night trying to sleep next to each other.

The next day, Larry had to go home so Stacy drove him to the airport. He refused to talk with Stacy and acted like a real dick.

Stacy went on with her life. Her boyfriend moved in. The two lived together for a long time and then, as happens in many relationships, they broke up. After about a year, Stacy decided to go to El Salvador with CISPES in Los Angeles. It was 1994 and El Salvador was having elections. Stacy went as an observer.

Due to her background in computers, Stacy was assigned to a group in El Salvador working on an independent vote count system for the FMLN. While there, she met a woman who would later become part of the Boston IndyMedia collective. This woman told Stacy that she was a very close friend of Larry and that Larry had told her many things about Stacy, none of them good. Stacy got the distinct impression that Larry was badmouthing her in Boston.

At the end of that year, Stacy returned to Boston to get a second degree from UMASS Boston. While there, she lived in an apartment in Somerville. One day, while crossing Davis Square, Stacy and Larry crossed paths. Larry tried to pretend not to recognize Stacy, so Stacy stopped him and said, “Hi, Larry. How are you?”

Larry looked angry, and turned his head and said, “I’m in hurry!” and stomped off.

That was the last time Stacy and Larry spoke with one another. The years went by, Stacy remarried and moved elsewhere. She and her husband had a child. She took a job doing research which, after 9/11, suddenly became a position of leadership within a set of projects devoted to counter terrorism. This is not what she wanted; she was just assigned the work. She began writing about how the government was using these projects to spy on Americans. Her efforts to expose governmental violations of the Constitution made her a COINTELPRO target. She was fired from her job and harassed online, even stalked in the non-cyber world. To project herself and her new family, she moved back to Boston where she figured she would be safer. After all, she was from Boston.

When Stacy began to do political work in Harvard Square, various articles were posted on Boston IMC attempting to defame her. She was called a lesbian, told that all she was good at was fingering herself, and fake reports were posted assaulting her sexually.

One day when she was in Harvard Square doing her political work, Larry walked by and, once again, pretended not to notice her. Yet, Larry was working in the background, as he had done, for 12 years to harm her reputation and undermine any support she might have received from the Boston community during this period of harassment.

The harassment that Larry helped foster and his failure to speak up in defense of Stacy was joined by online posts by police officers, some of whom have been identified. The police had a field day exploiting the environment that Larry had helped to create. They posted libelous statements about Stacy having a long police record strewn with criminal activity, the implication being that it was sexual. Stacy, in fact, had been charged only once in her life with a “crime” and pled guilty to an infraction, the legal equal to a speeding ticket. Her horrible crime was to not know where the invisible line in the sand divided Blacks Beach between state and country property. Some people like beaches to play volleyball and other social activities. Stacy like the beach for peace and went there to read. In seeking a quiet spot, she put her towel down on the wrong side of the invisible line and received a ticket. While nudity was ignored on one side of the line, it wasn’t on the other side. There was no one on the other side of the line, just a cop with a ticket book. That’s Stacy’s entire criminal record and the atmosphere created by Larry allowed the police to turn it into an imaginary volume of crimes.

Larry had help in his smear tactics. You see, there was another man in the Boston area that Stacy cut off communications with. Stacy’s new husband was unhappy with her friendship another man. When Stacy and her husband moved out of the region, as much as Stacy liked this other man, she decided to put her husband’s happiness first and devote herself to raising their child. This other male friend would join in to smear Stacy as well. Unlike the rumors of Laura, his were even worse. They stemmed from a case of mistaken identity about some event that occurred before the two ever met. He too is connected to Boston IMC. She sent her brother to harass Stacy in Harvard Square. He brother, it turns out, posted back and forth with a cop on Boston IMC, something that is now well documented.

You might be shocked that this could happen in Boston, but it did happen and there is a reason why it happened. You see, Boston is still a backward region when it comes to sex and sexuality. Some might argue that it is very progressive. Women tend to come to the support of other women. However, let me unravel this for you.

You see, I changed a few details in the above story. The details I changed are details that I think should not matter in a city where sexual liberation and equality exists. However, Boston is not such a city and so these differences do matter in Boston.

Stacy is not Stacy. Stacy is Stephen and Stephen is a straight male. Larry is not Larry. Larry is Laura and Laura is a bi-sexual female. I’ve reversed all of the genders in the above story (all, without exception). That a male could be subject to such bullshit and receive no support while, as we know, many would have come to the support of a female in such a position, says much about the backwardness of sexual liberation in Boston. What it says is this: “Even those who devote themselves to feminism, at least in Boston, will use old stereotypes and sexual double standards when it is to their advantage.” People like Laura and those who have aided her are willing to exploit archaic double standards when that accomplishes their long term goals, even if that goal is to harass, smear, and aid the government in harassing another activist, his wife and his daughter.

So much for Boston’s reputation as a progressive city! Liberty is welcome in the Boston activist community unless it involved, god forbid, the freedom to sunbath nude. Perhaps its time to start passing out scarlet letters again.

This work is in the public domain


Re: Male Activist Smears Female Activist For Not Fucking Him
10 Mar 2005
First off, virtually nothing was done by Congress and the FBI was able to hide alot of info and smear the reputation of the main agent who defected and exposed what they were doing to journalist Ross Gelbspan. (Congress was so inaffective that they couldn't even obtain solid answers on the FBI's targeting of Congressional members like Sen Christopher Dodd who was actually profiled as a potential supporter of terrorism.) Anyways, I take issue with a point you try to make with this story, and no it's not the flipping of the genders which personally didn't suprise me at all. What I take issue with is your branding of the local activist community and I guess Boston in general as non-progressive by citing this one, sort of obscure example with these two people.
quote-"So much for Boston’s reputation as a progressive city! Liberty is welcome in the Boston activist community unless it involved, god forbid, the freedom to sunbath nude."
I didn't realize the reputation of a city as vast as Boston or even an activist community as vast as Boston's rested upon the actions of one bitter lady. Personally when I'm at some sort of protest or action I feel overwhelmed by annoying activists that I can barely stand to be around yet I would never attempt to pigeonhold the entire activist community as being like that. And I know for a fact there's alot more of those people than the kind of people you described. Nonetheless your overall story is interesting and it's a great example of personal matters getting in the way of larger issues at hand which happens all the time everywhere. I just think it's wrong suggest the crazy, grudging actions of one activist lady means Boston isn't progressive.
regarding Tim Ledwith
10 Mar 2005
Better just let injustices occur and if they do occur, only comment on them after submitting a draft to to Tim Ledwith for sanitation and political correctness advice.

Point noted.
Re: Male Activist Smears Female Activist For Not Fucking Him
10 Mar 2005
Urgh. Will this Stephen DeVoy lunatic bullshit ever end on IMC? Get a life already!
Re: Male Activist Smears Female Activist For Not Fucking Him
10 Mar 2005
this imc should have a rating system like the nyc one...maybe it should require more people to vote something off, but seriously...
Re: Male Activist Smears Female Activist For Not Fucking Him
10 Mar 2005
I didn't realize it was so PC suggest that it's ridiculous to deem an entire city one way based on the actions of 1 crazy activist. The first thing I wrote regarding Congress/FBI... I think may have come off like I was correcting a factual error which I wasn't I was more adding on to what was written. It happens to be a subject that many people have little, wrong, or no info on due to FBI disinfo and an almost media-blockout on the matter outside the Globe. I have personally seen the FBI's documents I alluded to which were secretly obtained by a rogue FBI agent during the 80s. Nonetheless I still don't see where I was seeking "political correctness".
Re: Male Activist Smears Female Activist For Not Fucking Him
10 Mar 2005
it sucks that this happened to stephen, but i too am very sick of hearing about him on this site. i'm not surprised that this happened to a guy... pressuring people to have sex isn't okay no matter who is involved. i've been pressured by females to ahve sex before (i'm a male). and it is ridiculous that someone would be so ridiculous about getting turned down. but still, what's you're point? tim is right, you can hardly say all boston activists are like this.
Re: Male Activist Smears Female Activist For Not Fucking Him
10 Mar 2005
Oh brother. If I had realized this was in anyway related to Devoy like you guys suggest then I woulda never wasted time leaving these responses...
Um, I don't see anything mention DeVoy.
11 Mar 2005
How would anyone come to that conclusion, unless the article is true?
Re: Male Activist Smears Female Activist For Not Fucking Him
11 Mar 2005
why is this still up on imc? everyone knows this guy is totally crazy. stuff like this only discredits the imc project.