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News :: Human Rights : International
Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
16 Mar 2005
On the second anniversary of the killing of American Human Rights worker Rachel Corrie by an Israeli soldier with a Caterpillar Bulldozer, the BootCat Campaign held a protest at Caterpillar’s Milford MA, offices. A group of about 65 human rights activists, including Jeff Halper, director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD,, gathered to protest the company’s sale of bulldozers to the Israeli military despite concerns that the Israeli military is using the equipment in violation of International and American law to destroy Palestinian homes, uproot orchards, and expand Jewish settlements on Palestinian land.
Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford MA!
What: BootCat campaign Protest at Caterpillar with Jeff Halper.

When: 10:00AM - 12:00 NOON Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Where: Milton-CAT at 100 Quarry Drive, MILFORD, MA.

Who: BOOTCAT (Chapter of the Boston Committee for Palestinian Rights)

On the second anniversary of the killing of American Human Rights worker Rachel Corrie by an Israeli soldier with a CATERILLAR BULLDOZER, the BOOTCAT CAMPAIGN held a protest at Caterpillar’s Milford MA, offices.

A group of about 65 human rights activists, including Jeff Halper, director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD,, gathered to protest the company’s sale of bulldozers to the Israeli military despite concerns that the Israeli military is using the equipment in violation of International and American law to destroy Palestinian homes, uproot orchards, and expand Jewish settlements on Palestinian land.

The protest, which went peacefully, included a vigil to commemorate the death of Rachel Corrie, with readings from her last e-mails to her family. Jeff Halper spoke on the magnitude of the destruction, of both Palestinian infrastructure and livelihood, caused by the use of Caterpillar bulldozers in the Occupied West Bank and Gaza. It was concluded with the delivery of a letter to the Milton CAT administration asking them to put pressure on Caterpillar Corporation to suspend its sales to Israel.

On March 16th, 2003, Rachel Corrie, 23, of Olympia, WA, was killed by the Israeli military with a Caterpillar bulldozer while trying to protect the home of a Palestinian Pharmacist and his family from illegal demolition. She was a member of the International Solidarity Movement which opposes such demolitions and supports the application of International law as a means of creating peace. 60 members of congress have co-sponsored a resolution (hr 111) which calls for an investigation into the killing of Rachel.

The Geneva Conventions, numerous UN resolutions and the expressed opinion of the International Court of Justice make clear that house demolition, settlement expansion, land confiscation and destruction, but particularly construction of the so-called “separation barrier” on Palestinian land, are illegal. Yet Caterpillar designs bulldozers specifically for these purposes.

According to ICAHD, Israel has demolished at least 12,000 Palestinian homes since it occupied the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967. On several occasions people have been in the homes and were killed.

The Middle East director of Human Rights Watch ( said “Caterpillar betrays its stated values when it sells bulldozers to Israel knowing that they are being used to illegally destroy Palestinian homes. Until Israel stops these practices, Caterpillar’s continued sales will make the company complicit in human rights abuses.”

Caterpillar’s own Code of Conduct states: ‘As a company and as individuals we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior.” Allowing the use of its equipment to demolish the homes of innocent families as collective punishment falls far short any standards of ethical behavior. Continuing to do so following the killing of Rachel Corrie and other civilians is criminal.

BootCat and Jewish Voice for Peace the largest grassroots Jewish peace group in the United States, are two of the organizations participating in a national campaign to stop bulldozer sales to the Israeli army.

Sponsoring organizations were:

BootCat (Chapter of the Boston Committee for Palestinian Rights), Boston to Palestine (support-group for the International Solidarity Movement), Jewish Women for Justice in Israel/Palestine, United for Justice and Peace Israel/Palestine Task Force.

Photos by Justin McIntosh
Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford MA!
Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford MA!
Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford MA!
Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford MA!
Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford MA!
Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford MA!
Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford MA!
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This work is in the public domain.
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Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
16 Mar 2005
Nice work.
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
16 Mar 2005
thanks for that article and great pix. i'm so glad to see what went on. really, thanks.
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
17 Mar 2005
You guys are great.
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
17 Mar 2005
Who will stand up for the rights of innocent Jewish citizens who were brutally murdered by the the terrorists whose houses were destroyed? Every year, hundreds of innocent Jewish teens, children and adults are killed in cold blood by arab terrorists. Any person who supports this outrage against humanity is as guilty as the terrorists themselves. But even accepting the fact that the protesters in Milford were supporting the murder of civilians, the hypocricy is that none of the protesters have ever protested Jordan's annexation of the vast majority of the geographical palastine (let's not forget that palastine was never a nation, but a geographical region). The nation of Jordan has heaped the vast majority of abuse on the non-Jewish residents of palastine. Jordan can double the size of the land of the so-called palastinean people by simply ceding back the land that they annexed. They will not do that because, unlike the Jews, they recognize that there is not now, nor was there ever, a nation called palastine. They also realize that there is no right for the Arabs who live in palastine to have an independent state. In contrast, Israel has decided that the Arabs in palastine should have an independent state. They offered this to Arafat, but Arafat rejected an independent nation. I sense an undertone of anti-semitism in those who constantly breate Israel. The destruction of terrorists houses pales in comparison to the murder of innocents.
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
17 Mar 2005
Excellent demo. And there's an article about it in the MetroWest Daily News, too:

If you want to get more coverage, write a letter to Rick Holmes, the editor at rholmes (at)
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
17 Mar 2005
Liam repeats two errors which are constantly mentioned whenever Palestinian home demolitions are opposed.
First is the idea that all Palestinian homes demolished are demolished in retaliation for suicide attacks by Palestinian fighters related to the occupants. This is not true. Palestinian homes have been demolished for years by the IDF, mainly to make way for illegal Israeli settlements, but also, as was the case with the home of Dr. Samir in Rafah, which Rachel Corrie died protecting, for military reasons, to expand kill zones and firing lines. Any one who doubts this only has to look at the number and chronology of house demolitions. Many, many more homes have been demolished than there have been attacks on Israel. Also, homes were being demolished long before Palestinians first began suicide operations. The Israelis can justify this to themselves because they do not recognize Palestinian land claims, some of which were not recognized by the British Mandate, some of which are dependent on Ottoman records, which were spotty and inconsistent. The entire village of Silwan, near Jerusalem, was demolished back in the 1980's to make way for settlements. This was long before any suicide attacks.
The other misleading statement is that the Palestinians have no rights because there was never a historical state of Palestine. According to this way of thinking, only those states instituted by European or American colonial powers are recognized as legitimate. There was no state of Jordan until 1948, or state of Israel for that matter. There was no state of Algeria until 1962. There never was a recognized Iroquois or Seminole nation until they signed treaties with the U.S. None of this has any bearing on the ethnic identity of the occupants of these countries, or their struggles for self-determination or basic human rights.
Go to Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, as I have, and see whether it matters to oppressed people there trying to live their lives whether "Palestine" historically existed as a recognized state. Look at American history; there was never a historical entity called the U.S.A. until 1776. Does this mean that all those who asserted their rights to self-determination in the American Revolution were terrorists?
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
17 Mar 2005
Cimarron ignores the fact that so called palastinians have been murdering innocent Jews on a regular basis and that Jordan occupies most of historical Palastine. When describing the history of the region, Cimarron resorts to the worn out arguments that the nations in the region were the result of colonial powers. He ignors the fact that Palastine was once the land of the Jews, not the Arabs. The current myth is that these Arabs were long established in Palestine, until the Jews came and "displaced" them. The fact is, that recent Arab immigration into Palestine "displaced" the Jews. That the massive increase in Arab population was very recent is attested by the ruling of the United Nations: That any Arab who had lived in Palestine for two years and then left in 1948 qualifies as a "Palestinian refugees". Still, one can't ignore that the Jewish connection with Palastine goes back to Abraham, and there has been an Israelite/Jewish community there since Joshua long before it was King David's first capital. In 1929, Arab rioters killed or drove out virtually the entire Jewish community. In 1948, Trans-Jordan seized much of Judea and Samaria (which they called The West Bank) and East Jerusalem and the Old City. They killed or drove out every Jew. By 1948, the Arabs had still not yet discovered their ancient nation of Palastine. When they were offered half of Palestine west of the Jordan River for a state, the offer was violently rejected. Six Arab states launched a war of annihilation against the nascent State of Israel. Their purpose was not to establish an independent Palastine. Their aim was to partition western Palestine amongst themselves. They did not succeed indestroying Israel, but Trans-Jordan succeeded in taking Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and East Jerusalem, killing or driving out all the Jews who had lived in those places, and banning Jews of all nations from Jewish holy places. Egypt succeeded in taking the Gaza Strip. These two Arab states held these lands until 1967. Then they launched another war of annihilation against Israel, and in consequence lost the lands they had taken by war in 1948.
During those 19 years, 1948-1967, Jordan and Egypt never offered to surrendar those lands to make up an independent state of Palastine. The "Palestinians" never sought it. Nobody in the world ever suggested it, much less demanded it.
Finally, in 1964, the Palestine Liberation Movement was founded. Ahmed Shukairy, who less than 10 years earlier had denied the existence of Palestine, was its first chairman. Its charter proclaimed its sole purpose to be the destruction of Israel. To that end it helped to precipitate the Arab attack on Israel in 1967.
The outcome of that attack then inspired an alteration in public rhetoric. As propaganda, it sounds better to speak of the liberation of Palastine than of the destruction of Israel. Much of the world, governments and media and public opinion, accept virtually without question of serious analysis the new-sprung myth of an Arab nation of Palastine, whose territory is unlawfully occupied by the Jews. History does not lie, but spin meisters and anti-semites do.
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
18 Mar 2005
In the current uprising, over 180 Palestinians were murdered by ZIonists before the first suicide bomber struck back. And Zionist enablers would have you believe that they murder Palestinians in responce to terrorism.

Well, you wouldn't learn much about manifest destiny by focusing on how brutal scalpings were. Would you? ZIonists are 4 generations of murderous thieves who have never stopped stealing Palestinian lands (even as you read these words) and have never hesitated to murder the Palestinians who fight back or are just in the wrong place, as defined by ZIonist crusaders. And a tiny fraction of the Palestinian people fight back with violence. Is that really suprising??? How do you think Americans wiould respond if ZIonists were to just move into the US, take over, steal what they can, MURDER the Americans who resist the invasion, route the bereaving widows and orphans of ZIonist invasion into the wilderness, and 20 years later, invade the wilderness as well, to starty up with the ethnic cleansing afresh??? Well, how do you thin Americans would respond? We are not poor peasants unarmed by Britts who aided the ZIonist invasion like Nazis gave Slovakia to thier hungarian allies.

And the fact that Zionists invading America would be Jews would not make the American resistance to ZIonist offenses in the US anti-semetic. And if Palesttinians were to give Zionist invadors of the US weapons of death and destruction, it would not be so suprising if a tiny band of Americans were to use "terrorism" against palestinians. Evven a suicide attack like smasming a plane into a a Palestinian building.

As for the suicide bombers, you are looking at a fraction of a percent of the Palestinian people who's lives and lifes are being destroyed by the Zionist crusaders who's only clame to the land is that hebrews were also murderous thieves of the land.

Most of Historic Palestine is occupied by Jordan. AND? What is historic Palestine and what is Jordan??? Jordan is a political unit created by Britts. And historic Palestine includes lands that Palestinians do not live/Jordan/a political fabrication.

Nazis occupied western poland. Does that mean Soviets were not alsdo murderous thieves of Polish lands in the east. Yes, Jordan's leaders occupied the west bank. And guess what, Zionists are still murderous thieves of other Palestinian lands.

yes, there never was a nation called Palestine. But the Palestinians not having a label doesn't make them subhuman shit. They are still real peoplewith every right that you demand for yourselves (excluding the ZIonist's alleged birthright of murderous theft of thier neighbor's homeland) even if prejudiced idiots try to marginalize the Palestinians right not to be destroyed by Zionist crusaders by pointing out there was never a Palestinian state.
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
18 Mar 2005
Those savages scalped anouther wagon train of white invadors. Men women and children. We better send in the calvary to wipe out those villages.
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
18 Mar 2005
Seems like Prion violated just about every IMC rule in that posting.
Hell Yeah!!!
18 Mar 2005
It is wonderful to see some healthy, if sometimes inflamatory, discussion on the Palestian/Israeli issue. In the United States these issues are never really openly discussed.

In my opinion, the Palestians are certainly an oppressed people but we can never forget the European horror that fueled the creation of Israel.
I support Palestian resistance; but in the long run, non-violent means of resistance would be much more effective.

Of course, non-violent resistance means many more Palestians would have to die because Israel has shown no cumpunction in killing innocent people.

Violence is an obsolete way of dealing with problems.

These issues are very complex and until open and considerate dialogue becomes the norm, long lasting solutions will never manifest.
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
18 Mar 2005
Stop killing Palestinians does not mean keep killing Israelis (nor is the reverse true). This is a fundamentall flaw in both sides of this

Categorizing Jordan as "occupying" Palestine is rather an interesting
phrasing. It was my understanding that Brittan granted independence to
that historical part it's mandate of Palestine prior to the formal end
of the mandate. As I recall Brittan promised Palestine to just about
every on to secure allies against the Ottomans in WWI...

But I don't even believe that is the point. One cannot resolve current
problems simply by looking to history and somehow determining who was
"right" or had a territory first. The reality on the ground today is
what must be dealt with. Knowing the historical reasoning nd
acknowledging them is important but cannot be the sole determinant.

Take the Western Hemisphere for example. By historical right all the
Europeans should pay heavy reparations and cede territory sized by
violence and deceit back to the native populations. Shall I even
begin to discuss why this can't happen after so much time has passed?

Similarly the current situation in Israel/Palestine cannot be solved
by giving it to the Jews or Palestinians, no certainly by redrawing
the untenable national boundaries drawn by the UN.

Geopolitically it virtually impossible for two states to exist in the
small area we're talking about. Think about water rights alone...
The obvious solution is a single secular state with reasonable
guarantees of protection for all. Hardliners on BOTH SIDES are a
perpetual impediment to this process. Come on who really thinks
Sharon (Sabra and Shatilla anyone) is on the peace train? Arafat was
no prize either, Abbas I'm still reserving judgement on...
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
18 Mar 2005
Palestinians, dissenting Israelis, and their international allies have been conducting nonviolent opposition to the occupation for many years. This has taken the form of tax resistance, forming mutual aid societies, rebuilding demolished homes without permits, and marching and demonstrating against closures, checkpoints, and the separation wall. Unfortunately, the press only covers these brave people when a non-Palestinian like Rachel Corrie is wounded or killed by the IDF.

The Palestinian people exist, whether Likud and their allies in the media and the U.S. government want to accept it or not. Did they exist prior to 1948 or 1967? Did the American people exist prior to 1776, or indeed, 1865? Did the Seminole nation exist prior to 1800? The Palestinians exist, and have decided that the only way to ensure their rights is to have their own country. They have the right to this the same as any other people; they certainly are not getting their rights from their Israeli occupiers. Even non-Jewish citizens of Israel do not enjoy the same legal rights as those Israel has determined are Jewish.

Are the Jews the only ones with an aboriginal claim to the land between the Jordan and the Mediterranean, the only descendants of whoever lived there before 70 a.d. or the Byzantine ascendance or the Arab conquest?
There is actually an ongoing debate about this. Some argue that genetic evidence indicates that the Christians, Samaritans, and Muslims who now are the Palestinians are descended from the same people who are the ancestors of modern Jews.
While that's open to debate, the idea of basing modern land claims on a very specific reading of the Old Testament is untenable unless one subscribes to that reading. After all, Arabs also claim Abraham as their ancestor, as one can see at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron/al-Khalil, which both Muslims and Jews hold sacred.

But ultimately, this point is moot to those concerned with justice in the Levant. Would anyone out there seriously advocate granting in the U.K. special privileges to those Britons who had predominantly Celtic genes at the expense of those with mainly Latin, Saxon, Norman, or South Asian genes? After all, the Celts were there first!

Just because Transjordan was administered as part of mandatory Palestine does not mean that all those who do not meet the racial criteria of the Israeli state should abandon their ancestral lands in the fertile West Bank for the predominantly desert country across the river. The idea of a new Trail of Tears should be repugnant to anyone interested in justice. The Palestinian majority have accepted the existence of many new Jewish immigrants in land which was mainly ethnically "theirs" only 90 years ago. Shouldn't Israel accept their existence, as well? After all, Jews did live side by side with Christians, Druse, and Muslims until the advent of Zionism, not just in Palestine, but also in Iran, Iraq, and Yemen, among other places. Were there problems? Of course; there were anti-Catholic riots in the U.S. during the 1800's. Does this mean all Protestants should leave North America?

What about my original point, that Caterpillar bulldozers are used routinely to level Palestinian homes and orchards which have no connection to suicide bombers, and why are we led to believe by our media that these demolitions do have a connection to bombings?
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
18 Mar 2005
Non violent resistance hasn't worked yet. While the intifada has worked out beyond belief. Sure, you can say Zionists killed 4 Palestinians for ever Zionist killed. But why leave out the real news. 400000 Zionists decided that they wouldn't sacrifice thier lives or thier children's lives for conquest and they bugged out. Yep, violence has worked for the tiny fraction of a percent of the Palestinians who resort to violence as thier responce to the Zionist's collective efforts of never ending murderous theft of more and more Palestinian lands. Just imagine if democraps and repubklitrash were not reloading Zionist guns as fast as Zionists unload them into the vanquished little people. Imagine if democraps and repulitrash were to stop paying the ZIonist's tribute to Egypt and Jordan for appeasing ZIonist occupation of Palestinian lands. Imagine if Bush hadn't used public taxes to make multi-billion dollar contracts with ZIonist high tech companies while silicon valley was laying off thousands and the rest of our high tech, hundreds of thousands.

400000 ZIonists bugging out also trashes the lie that the destruction of the ZIonist crusader state means the destruction of the Zionists. The destrcution of the allegedly Christian crusader states didn't mean thier destruction if they left the Palestinians lands. If they maintained thier delusional belief in murderous theft as a valid means to profit and faught against the liberation of the lands, then who gives a shit if they died. they were unrepentant murderous thieves. Who gives a shit about murderous thieves?

And I never break IMC rules.

And there were people 130 years ago who suggested that native Americans ( a tiny fraction, anyway) scalping wagon trainns of white invadors, men women and children, meant that the nativers were savages and that General Custer should wipe out native villages. Zionists like claming that a tiny fraction of a percent of the Palestinians fighting against ZIonist offenses gives ZIonists a duty to steal more lands and murder more palestinians resisting Zionism's continuing never ending offenses. Isn't that just sick???
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
18 Mar 2005
The claim that the Palestinians should lay down their arms and adopt "peaceful resistance" efforts ignores the fact that they tried just that for 40 years. When the majority of the Palestinians living in the occupied territories finally actively and violently resisted Israeli occupation during the First Intifada of 1987, the result was the Oslo Peace Process and the creation of the Palestinian Authority. In short, history has proven that the only language the Israeli government understands is that of violence.
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
20 Mar 2005
lets call it what it is. the Israeli's are not any different than the nazi's. they are committing genocide on the Palistinian people only they have the support of one of the most vile and violent countries in the world us. the good old usa!
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
20 Mar 2005
CAT's purpose is to make and sell bulldozers. It's entirely out of their control whether those bulldozers are used for razing civilian's homes or for building low-income housing. If I sell you a hammer, and you use it to bludgeon someone to death, am I responsible?

This is like protesting Ford because one of their cars was used for a car-bombing.
Fords or CATS, its the knowledge that makes the difference
20 Mar 2005
CAT is knows full well their equipment is being used to destroy Palestinian homes and land, yet they KNOWINGLY continue the sale to the IDF, in which THEY KNOW that their product will be armored and weaponized for this purpose. So in deference to profits they continue to ignore international humanitarian law, and their own corporate code of conduct. They have plenty of control but CHOOSE to do nothing. Therefore its up to activists to call them on it.

If FORD were to KNOWINGLY sell cars to bombers or anyone putting their product to repeated violent destructive uses, they should be put out of business. In my view the same applies here.


"CAT's purpose is to make and sell bulldozers. It's entirely out of their control whether those bulldozers are used for razing civilian's homes or for building low-income housing. If I sell you a hammer, and you use it to bludgeon someone to death, am I responsible?

This is like protesting Ford because one of their cars was used for a car-bombing."
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
21 Mar 2005
Most people who support the arab claim to Isarel usually hate Jews and don't want to see them have any state. The Arabs are so stuck in revisionist history that they claim there was never a temple on the temple mount. So tell this to some Christians and see what they say. They pick on Jews and their religion all the time. But doing so they deny Christian history as well. The Arabs no they don't belong there and they have plenty of land form Morroco to Iraq but they'll never stop killing Jews. They want to destroy state more than they want their own state. Who is this Abbas character? Just like Arafat but he wears a suit. Jews have the right to the land and to defend themselves on that land. When I see a Christian who supports the terrorist cause I see a person who hates Jews more than he understands the basis of his own religion. I know, the Jews have the blood of the dead Jew on the cross on their hands so they don't deserve anything. Same old, same old. Thanks for justifying why we took our land back.
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
21 Mar 2005
There is no dispute that the brutality of the Palastinians is rivaled only by the terrorism wrought upon the Jews by Nazi Germany. Arafat hated the Jews and wanted nothing more than their demise. He wished for Israel to be driven into the sea. The Palastinian Authority website under Arafat did not even show the Nation of Israel on its map of Palastine. I would hope that the Papastinian peopleas a whole are not as brutal as Arafat, but their embrace of suicide bombers as martyrs belays that hope.
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
21 Mar 2005
Why do people constantly harp on this idea that all Arabs are Muslims, all alike, with no tribal or regional distinctions? Why should a Christian Paestinian from Bethlehem or East Jerusalem with a family tradition of running a liquor store or brewing beer be forced to move to a Wahabbist country like Saudi Arabia which doesn't respect the rights of women just because they're not "Jewish"? Why should Christian and Samaritan and secular Palestinians have to leave their ancestral lands just because they're genetically distinict from those Israel chooses to classify as ethnically pure? Sure, Arabs have all this land, supposedly, from the Maghreb to the Gulf. Anglos have all this land from Australia to Great Britain. Would any Anglos who live in, say, eastern Connecticut, honestly revoke all their rights just to turn their property back to some other ethnic group, and go start a whole new life, in say Iowa, or New South Wales?
Palestine is a historically diverse country, religously, ethnically, and culturally. Expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Jewish supremacy seeks to destroy this, by the most repressive means.
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
22 Mar 2005
First of all, I do not appreciate your use of the derogatory term "harp" as a verb. The term "harping" was used at the turn of the century derogatorily to belittle the Irish workers demands for fair working conditions. It is quite an offensive term akin to the infamous "N" word. Secondly, I agree with you that no person of any entnicity in his right mind would want to live in Iowa. Similarly only a lunatic would choose to live in Connecticut. Third, Palastine has never been a nation. To claim that the Arabs living in Palastine (a name created by the Romans) have some ancient right to the land is historically inaccurate. Whether the Arabs living there should have their own nation is a question open for debate. Israel says that they should. As late as 30 years ago, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Saudi Arabia said that they shouldn't. Finally, the Arabs in Palastine have shown a brutality toward Jews that has only been rivaled by the Nazis. Israel has shown great restraint, largely because the United States has held them back. Had the United States allowed Israel to unleash the fury of its full military might, this discussion would be moot. If the Arabs ever had any claim to that land, they have forfeited it through their tactics of murdering innocents.
Knee Jerk Reactions
22 Mar 2005
It is quite sad the way all of you simply jumped on any band wagon without knowing the full story about this company.
The Caterpillar Foundation has committed $1 million to ongoing relief and recovery efforts in the region. The contribution from the foundation will be divided between The International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, Oxfam, and The Salvation Army. Additionally, the company also announced that donations to relief efforts by Caterpillar employees, retirees, Caterpillar directors and employees of Caterpillar dealers will be matched by the company up to $2,000 per person. So before you defame the good name of a company, you should get your facts straight.
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
23 Mar 2005
Ciamo, the term "to harp on" is short for an older saying, "to harp on one string." It's got nothing to do with the industrial conditions of Irish-American workers at the turn of the twentieth century. In fact, it occurs in Shakespeare, who wrote 300 years earlier.

But, since you bring up Irish history, I wonder how that bears on your point about "giving up claims" due to fighting. I suppose since the IRA sometimes blew up innocents, the Irish people revoked all rights to live in either the Republic or in Ulster? Sure, and Americans killing 100,000 Japanese civilians in the firebombing of Tokyo sixty years ago this month means no Americans have any rights, either. And the Japanese slaughter of Chinese innocents means they have no rights. And the Abenakis killing English civilians in the Seven Years' War means they lost their rights. And the Indonesian military massacring East TImorese means no Indonesians have any land claims. And the Mau Mau killing British colonialist civilians means Kenyans have no rights. And the British killing Kenyan civilians means no Brits have any rights. And the Stern Gang's bombings of civilians in the 1940's extinguished the rights of Jews. And the Germans...

That's called collective punishment, and is not only illegal but patently absurd. If my father or son or cousin or neighbor commits a murder I had nothing to do with, I cannot be tried for it, let alone punished without trial. Which is the justification for house demolitions given by the Israeli government and the U.S. media, which this whole protest was about.

By the way, the word for Palestinian in Arabic is pronounced filistini.
Sound familiar? The Romans it could be argued got the word Palestine from that, not the other way around. It strikes me as ridiculous to argue such things, since they have no bearing on current social relations or land rights there, but the Philistines (Phoenecians) lived in Palestine before the Exodus.

And there are quite nice parts of Iowa. Check out the Loess Hills along the western border, a geological formation found only one other place on Earth. But I won't move there or anywhere else at the point of a gun.
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
23 Mar 2005
Icant unterstand the jewish mentality, they criticise Nazis, but they do the same, the victims of yesterday!
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
24 Mar 2005
You have got to be kidding. You have the audacity to compare the Jews to the Nazis? That statement is not only absurd, but it shows you to be devoid of any sense of reality. The reality is that the crimes of the palastinians toward the Jews is nothing less than an attempt at Genocide. Their murders are condoned by the Palastinean Authority and such rogue states as Syria.
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
24 Mar 2005
Hebrews slaughtering or enslaving the locals 3000 years ago doesn't give Zionist any "birthright" of murderous theft of ANY Palestinian lands any more than it gives Italians, Turks, etc, ANY right of murderous theft of Palestinian lands.

Hebrews were just 1 of many foriegn invadors of the land. And the Hebrew's murderous theft of the land in the past is a piss poor pretext for Zionists to ALSO be murderous thieves of the land.

Palestinians are not Arabs. Palestinians speek Arabic and are mostly Muslims. But that doesn't make them Arabs. After the "Arabs" kicked the Byzantine/East Roman empire out of the land, the "Arabs" then left. We know that because they then kicked the Byzantine masters out of Lebanon, Syria, etc. And it took 200 years for the locals of Palestine to adopt Arabic as thier own language. I got news for you brain dead idiots. The only "Arabs" who need to learn how to speek Arabic are babies.

So who are the Palestinians, since they are so obviously NOT Arabs??? Sumaritans still live in the land, so obviously, Romans didn't kick out all of the people, just the Judeans. What about the Canaanites??? Jesus' boy Simon, not Simon called Peter, Simon called Simon the CANAANITE, was a Canaanite. Were there others whom the Romans DIDN"T kick out like they obviously DIDN"T kick out the Sumaritans??? Were there MANY???

Some people would have you think that a right for a Jewish country to exist is the same as the Zionist's alleged "birthright" of murderous theft of Palestinian lands. It isn't, even though ZIonists and thier braindead enablers keep psuhing the obtuse idea.

Wether or not a Jewish country has a right to exist is a philosophical question at best. That philosophical question can be won or lost without mentioning the Palestinians at all. But look at the real world issue. Do ZIonists have thier alleged "birthright" of murderous theft of Palestinian lands??? No, that qestion gets psuhed aside, and replaced by a meaningless philospophical question. Why??? Is it becasue if the braindead enablers of the Zionist's bloodsoaked crusade can't deal with real world issues and are only capable of winning meaningless debates which they and thier braindead enablers choose??? I really would like an answer to that one. But naturaly, I never get one.
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
26 Mar 2005
Nazis rationalizaed thier invasion of Czechoslovakia by saying Germans had a history of ruling Bohemia and moravia AND that there was a german minority in the Sudaten Mountains. Zionists say that because hebrews were once murderous thieving invadors of the land AND that there was a small jewish minority, that they too had a right to invade Palestinian lands. Both used the same BS rationalizations, and both are responcible for the hostilities thier invasions created.

Another comparison: Nazis occupied thier neighbor's lands, a tiny fraction of thier neighbors joined freedom fighter groupss to attack the offending invadors, Nazis used the attacks on thier occupation forces for reprisals against the vanquished. Zionists do the same thing, scapegoating thier victims all the while, just as the Zionists enablers do. "genocide"??? "Palestinian's Crimes against Jews"??? Tell us Jim, was the expulsion of Judeo-christian crusaders also anti-Christian genocide??? Or was it just liberation of Palestinian lands from murderous thieving invadors??? Was driving the Nazis out of France anti-German genocide, or was it the liberation of France???

It isn't the Palestinian's fault that murderous thieving Zionist crusaders are jews. Palestinians seek liberation from 4 generations of murderous thieves who have never stopped stealing Palestinian lands and have never hesitated to murder the Palestinians who resist the continuing Zionist offenses. The fact that the murderous thieving ZIonist crusaders are also Jews is irrelivant and only goes to showcase your prejudices when you suggest that Palestinians liberating thier homeland from 4 generations of murderous thieves equates to genocide. Add substance to your supositions or remain looking as prejudiced as you obviously are.

But maybe you think that appeasment of Zionist offenses by the Judeo-christian power broker nations really doeas make the ZIonists the victims of Palestinian resistance (oxymoronic).
Fine, then lets hear how you think appeasment by interloapers changes the dynamics of the "confict"/Zionist crusade and makes Zionists innocent victims of Palesinians shooting back.

If someone comes into your home and takes your TV set god, then that person would be a thief. If you tried to stop the thief's crime, only for the thief to pull a gun and blow your brains all over your family and friends and still steal your survivor's TV set god, then that THIEF becomes a MURDERER as well. Palestinians fighting back against the ZIonist's never ending theft of Palestinian lands is still as defensive as if you tried to stop the guy stealing your TV set god. And if thier is a shootout between you and the guy stealing your TV set, you will NOT being called a murderer if the thief ends up dead, while HE is a murderer if you end up dead. And if the thief brings his kids along on the hiest, and they end up dead, than you will not be called a murderer, you will still be defending yourself. In many states, the thief would be charged with homicide in his own childs death. "Extenuating Circomstances" that would keep you out of jail if you defend yourself are our right. Why not the Palestinian's right too???

When Zionists are as concern about being comparable to Nazis, as they are about being compared to Nazis, then maybe they will repent of thier offenses, get out of all of the Palestinian's homeland, and never torment the Palestinians again.

It is no great suprize that Zionists don't like being compared to Nazis. what band of murderous thieves would like to be compared to Nazis??? They just scapegoat the victims of Zionist offenses as being anti-Semitic just as offensivly as does Jim. In the curent intifada, over 180 Palestinians were murdered by ZIonist crusaders before the first suicide bomber struck back. Again, who's crimes came first and who is responding under the extream duress of other's offenses???
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
04 Jul 2005
You all miss a couple of points. Modern Westerners generally agree that property rights are a revered institution, and that democracy is another vital force for fairness and social justice. The Jews bought huge tracts of land in Palestine, but are still called "interlopers" for even thinking they should have a right to live in peace and security in democratic communities within which they lawfully live. No other community in the world must constantly battle hordes of pseudo-well-meaning people determined to see them removed, probably all killed, and their property given over to their killers. When a people is so hated that facts no longer obtain, that is called prejudice. When that people is Jewish, such villainous hostility is called "anti-Semitism" by those who are well informed, and is deceptively described as "justice for the poor, helpless, meek, loving oppressed" by those who have been nurtured on the mother's milk of Christian anti-Semitic "civilization". The Palestinians are victims of 300 million of their brethren, who are themselves victims of 26 totalitarian Arab states. The Israelis, outnumbered hundreds to one, are victims of the Arabs, and then outnumbered again, victims of a so-called enlightened, Christian West. Shades of Captain Dreyfus.
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
05 Jul 2005
From Patient to Suicide Bomber
By Martin Fletcher
MSNBC | July 5, 2005

BEERSHEBA, Israel - Wafa al-Biri, a 21-year-old Palestinian woman with a lovely face and a quiet voice, seems an unlikely candidate for a suicide mission.

Yet her greatest wish, she told reporters, was to kill 30 to 50 Jews, including children.

The motives of suicide bombers are many, mysterious and murky. And rarely are they as stated by the bombers on camera.

Wafa's case sheds some light on what is to many an incomprehensible phenomenon. Why do people become suicide bombers? More specifically, if male martyrs reputedly get 72 virgins in paradise, what do women suicide bombers get?

Starting with a thank-you note

Wafa, who is from a Gaza refugee camp, claimed she always wanted to be a martyr. She says the Israelis kill and maim her people and she wants to do the same to them.

Only two months earlier, Wafa's family wrote a thank-you note on her behalf to Soroka hospital in the southern Israeli town of Beersheba.

They thanked doctors and nurses, especially Igor Resnik and nurse Mazal, for their "great efforts and wonderful, warm attitude" in helping Wafa survive burns over 45 percent of her body. A gas cooker had blown up while she was making dinner, burning her everywhere except her face.

Dr. Yuval Krieger, the Israeli doctor who treated Wafa, said she arrived from the Palestinian hospital of Shifa with infected burn wounds. The treatment she had was not good and her burns were dressed incorrectly.

"Did you save her life?" Krieger was asked.

"I believe so, yes," he replied.

But Wafa didn't arrive for Monday's 8 a.m. appointment. "I didn't think much about it. I just marked her as one of the people who didn't show up," Krieger said.

Wafa had begun the journey to her appointment with Krieger, arriving at the Erez border crossing from Gaza into Israel around 5:30 a.m., armed with a letter detailing her appointment and her official permission to cross into Israel for humanitarian reasons.

But that wasn't all the young woman was armed with. She carried a 20-pound bomb inside her underwear. Her target was the outpatient clinic of Soroka hospital and, inevitably, the doctor who saved her life.


But how did the grateful young burn victim become a suicide bomber?

One thing is for sure: It wasn't the religious and nationalist reasons she stated to reporters after soldiers stopped her at the border crossing, made her undress and discard the bomb, which a robot then detonated harmlessly.

It also wasn't her burning desire since childhood to be a martyr, as she claimed. It also wasn't because of the Israeli occupation, which was the motivation of her handlers from the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, the militant group that she said gave her the bomb, drove her to the crossing and gave her instructions.

We know these things because of another young woman, Latifah, whose son shared a ward with Wafa in the Soroka burns unit. Latifah met Wafa in the hospital and they became friends. At her son's bedside, her hands folded, Latifah recounted to NBC News what Wafa told her in the month they spent together, chatting daily.

"Before she was burned her mom told me that Wafa was a very funny girl, very active, laughing a lot," Latifah said. "But after the burning she became very tired and depressed. And often Wafa said to me, ‘I can't live like this, I am so ugly, I want to commit suicide.’ She had a fiance. But after the accident he left her. Then she kept crying, ‘Nobody will want me, I am too ugly, my body is scarred everywhere’."

When Wafa was released from Soroka, she didn't want to leave, Latifah said. "She was screaming, shouting, ‘Please don't let me go. I am better here. I'm going to die.’ But they made her leave, on a stretcher, and they took her home to Gaza."

Later Latifah visited her new friend in the small home the family occupies in the Jabalya refugee camp. They're nice people, poor people, simple people, Latifah said.

But with her ugly wounds, Wafa lost her friends. She was lonely.

Then, Latifah continued, "Suddenly she said, ‘I want to commit suicide. If there is anyone who will give me a bomb to blow myself up I will do it.’ Her mom shouted, ‘Shut up — don't say that. We don't need more problems’."

Wafa's mother told Latifah that her daughter was sick, unhappy, and might need a psychiatrist. "But her brothers said, ‘No, people will talk about us, they'll think she's crazy. We should take her for a walk. Maybe she will change her mind’."

Worst of cases

Krieger pointed out to us that patients with severe burns usually become depressed and proper psychological counseling is critical, even in the best of cases.

In the Jabalya refugee camp, jilted by her fiance, surrounded by shamed brothers, scared parents and poverty, Wafa al-Biri was the worst of cases.

She was easy pickings for someone with a bomb and a cause. According to Wafa, the al-Aqsa militants came knocking. Here was a vulnerable young woman, willing to die, and moreover with the golden ticket — a pass for humanitarian reasons to a hospital in Israel.

After all, who would check the underwear of a sick young woman on her way to the hospital?

A hundred patients mill around the outpatient ward in the morning. Wafa could die a hero and a martyr with Jewish blood on her hands and not just her veins, after the dozen blood transfusions she received in the Israeli hospital.

And she would have, if the Israeli secret services hadn't received a tip that a female suicide bomber was on the way and alerted all Gaza border crossings. When Wafa showed up Monday morning, the soldiers were ready.

Time freezes

Wafa found herself alone that dawn, locked between a metal turnstile behind her and a metal gate in front, a soldier shouting instructions through a loudspeaker to drop her pants and the bomb, and two cameras recording her every move. She was caught.

Frustrated, Wafa decided to die anyway. As she flinched to her left, with her deformed right hand she brusquely pulled the detonator string in her right pocket. Time froze in that instant. But instead of exploding in a blast of smoke, flame and burning air and lethal metal, the string came out in her hand. Wafa lived.

Thrusting her hand into her pocket and fiddling with the detonator, Wafa tried again and again. Then, in a primeval scream of rage and frustration and smacking her neck again and again, Wafa burst into tears, condemned to live.

As for Krieger, he's alive too and so are all the nurses and patients that would have died if Wafa had succeeded in her plan.

"That evening I came back home and one of my friends called me and asked if I'm going to the synagogue to pray. I said why?" he said.

"Don't you know? Your life has probably been saved by the soldiers. You should send them flowers and say thanks to God. And that's what I'm going to do."

Asked if he would think twice the next time a patient arrives from Gaza, he said no, the hospital treats Palestinians from Gaza every day.

But then Krieger paused and the pause stretched. "Let's say that we treat everyone with no questions, and we always will, wherever they are from," he said finally. "But I never imagined that a patient would try to hurt me. We will have to look more carefully at our security."

For the medical staff of Soroka hospital, a sick person is a patient. But for the Palestinian militants of al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, someone sick like Wafa is just a vulnerable person waiting to be manipulated, a potential suicide bomber.
The ISM Lied and Rachel Died
08 Jan 2006
<p> "Recently, the Director of the Solidarity Movement, George Rishmawi, explained to the San Francisco Chronicle that the recruitment of American student volunteers is useful to the Palestinian Movement because "if some of these foreign
volunteers get shot or even killed, then the international media will sit up and take notice.""<p>
"'Her death serves me more than it served her,' said one activist at a Hamas funeral yesterday. '...Her death will bring more attention than the other 2,000 martyrs.'"
The ISM photos of Rachel confronting an Israeli bulldozers are photomanipulated fakes. One wonders why the ISM posted fake photographs about an incident that ended with an innocent person's death. See for yourself:
(1) The man next to Rachel has no feet. His picture was cut and pasted into the picture.<br>
(2) Rachel casts a shadow to her left but the much-larger bulldozer casts no shadow whatsoever in that direction. If you look at the back of the bulldozer blade, the hydraulic piston's shadow shows that the sun is coming from behind the bulldozer. Rachel and the man in the white T-shirt should also be casting shadows in the same direction but they are not.
IN A CASE WHERE A HUMAN BEING HAS BEEN KILLED, I WOULD HAVE (to use Han Solo's expression) A VERY BAD FEELING ABOUT SOMEONE WHO LIED ABOUT THE EVENTS- which the ISM did by posting photomanipulated fake pictures like this one. <b>And speaking of photographs, one wonders why Rachel's ISM "friends" found it far more important to stand around taking pictures than to pull her out of the path of the slowly-moving bulldozer whose armored view slits provided the driver with very limited visibility. </b>
Re: Palestinian Rights Protest at Caterpillar's offices in Milford, Mass.
08 Jan 2006
Saint Rachel died of stupidity, and her Arab handlers are among the only people happy about it.
Fast forward to 2006. The palestinians are now using Caterpillars to destroy illegally built homes and businesses. The palestinians hijacked bulldozers just last week to destroy the Apartheid WALL that other palestinians were improving at the Egyptian border. Then the peace activists killed two egyptian soldiers. Wait until they see what the Egyotians have in store for them.
03 Jun 2006
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