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Commentary :: Globalization
Stupid Myths Show IndyReaders Poor Education
15 Apr 2005
Modified: 03:19:52 PM
Few indymedia writers sound like they make sense - they don't! We can't find writers in the US beyond a few old Marxist professors who ever say anything even remotely educational...the articles at Indymedias (US indys the worst!) are from middle class, nationalistic or liberal (conspiracy, simplistic arguments, etc.) perspective & are of little value to anything(Bush loves Indymedia!)
Stupid Myths Show IndyReaders Poor Education

author: gotcha

Activists in the US are so deluded on so many levels that few of US in the know bother to speak to them anymore -

- Amercian Liberals and surface leftists have been brainwashed by Amy Goodman, NPR, Ralph Nader, and all of the green, eco and almost lefty groups so prevalent in the US ( there are like 200,000 NGOs in the US riaisng 10's of billions of dollars for a vast propaganda network)

Obvious signs of Mental Problems:

1. The focus on Peak- Oil - what a minor and unimportant issue. The US has enough coal to replace most of its energy uses for 100 years - add in solar, uranium, oil, gas, and forests - even without technological improvements the US has enough energy supplies domestically (!) to last for centuries...

The US fights for oil becuase it doesn't want the Islamic fundamentalists to make all that money -

Peak Oil - well yes there will be wars - Wars the US will WIn but Peak Oil huting the US - or the Capitalist Plan _ Hell No!

This myth is typical of the 911, Y2K and other hype that the poorly educated left and other yuppie types in the US swallow like any other apocalyptic and superstitious low lifes.

An Activsts on Portland Indymedia recently published an article saying: "war with Iran will NOT save the US economy it will completely destroy it..."

Another reader responded:

"I have been listening on tape to Bill McKibbon's "End of Nature" and I have to agree with you. If a radical shift isn't made soon, this planet's going to heat up and that will be that for humans. We're pretty good at adapting, but the rate of change is so fast right now that I don't think we'll be able to think our way or technologize our way out of this one... So, yes, Bush & Co. has got to go immediately, for the reasons you suggest and the ones I pile on. "

Here we see the convergence of multiple layers of poor education or abusive upbringing:
The apocalyptic is seen in the "this planet's going to heat up and that will be that for humans..." then we have the narrow political perspective of: " Bush & Co. has got to go immediately..." as if Bush or Kerry or anything - except everything - that US people do has got to go...

Another writer:

"The combined phenomenon of rapidly growing indebtness of surrealistic proportion (presently in the multi trillion dollar field) in combination of massive de-industrialisation and outsourcing left the Nation economicaly defenceless... The havoc this will cause will make The Great Depression look like a minor dip.

Ie. A) The Establishment has supported neo liberal free-trade policies through the past decades converting the American industrial heartland into a waste land.

B)The Estblishment has continued and even accelerated economicaly unrealistic military build up after the end of the Cold War missing a golden opportunity for paying out the so called peace dividend.

C)The Establishment has continued its policy of lowering corporate tax rates and the tax cut for the rich. "

Again - if you know little of international finance, macro-econoimics, how the elite cooperate and play good cop-bad cop - then some of these writers may sound like they make sense - they don't!

We have been unable to find writers in the US beytond a few Marxist professors who ever say anything even remotely educational...

Almost all of the articles posted to any of the Indymedias (though the US indys are the worst!)
are from a middle class, nationalistic or liberal (conspiracy, simplistic arguments, etc.) perspective and are therefore of little value to anything (except Bush loves Indymedia!)

We found one seemingly intelligent writer on Indymedia:
"Sadly, you all have forgotten a few things about POWER. Power is that little thing that is full of potential and often does even have to be used becuase it pre-empts, coerces and dominatesssss...

For one
neither China nor Europe can afford to let the DOllar collapse - the US is where they sell everything or make their money in bankinbg and other investments. This aspect of power is called extortion or trickery...

The other aspect of POWER - any guesses?

Oh yeah - WAR - war is the ultimate trump card - and we are not talking war with IRAN - but war with most of the world at the same time - it is the inevitable card that the US will play and it may only be a few months away...

That's what these last 4 years have been about - TRAINING and Preparations for the total war - and 8o percent of the US will support it and we will buy or bully off plenty of other elites and whole countries (CHina?)"

In response a person sent this reply:

"I think, that none of us is debating, that the US is capable to destroy any of its enemies, (and be destroyed by some of them in return [ Who - the US can take out or cower most nations] ), but that is hardly a hallmark of traditional military victory. (Which is to effectively hold enemy territory for economic exploitation, - as you describe it, in order to counter US economic decline.) And there lies the anomaly of US power. The Iraq war amply demonstrated US superiority over inferior conventional forces, but also its vulnerability to hold ground against non conventional armed resistance. The US ground forces are already stretched to the limit. Commanding general of the Reserve Forces was quoted to report to its superiors at the Pentagon that the Reserve is deteriorating into a broken force. The moral of the occupiers are reportedly very low. There has been 5500 desertion up to date, etc, etc. Now, Iraq is only a relatively small and impoverished country weakened by a decade and a half sanction. Just how do you propose, the US be able to project a credible military threat against other major military powers after such a spectacular demonstration of failure?"

MYTHS: Here an obviously impassioned writer doesn't realize that the Iraq war is the last war od media impact - When Uncle Sam moves next time there won't be any UN debates or any news media allowed period - and even if the news media gets to the next war - iot won;t matter for spit - The US no longer has any need to concern itself with media or punlic opinion - Just look at the scenarios these people paint - ecologocal collpase, multiple wars, economic chaos - Do you think in these scenarios (the future) that the US will care anymore about media - do you really th98nk that global or national opiniomn will affect the P{entagon in a major war or major crisis??

Go back to school - in another country!
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Re: Stupid Myths Show IndyReaders Poor Education
15 Apr 2005
North American Activist Denial and Dishonesty Lead to Demobilization and Genocide:

By Everything is a Weapon/Total Resistance is the Road to Sanity

The numbers of anti-Imperialist resisters in North America have gotten smaller, yet the global resistance grows larger. The situation is more stark globally speaking, but more of the half-hearted US activists stay home. We should be supporting the Iraqi resistance, why? Because the US is never going to leave the region until the oil is gone and all the people in the greater region are subdued or dead. This fate is as true for Palestine and Lebanon as it is for Iran and Pakistan.

This is not only a struggle against cultural annihilation, but to elevate the needs of nations and the environment above that of the needs of oil (the lifeblood of imperialism). It is not only anti-war, it is inherently anti-capitalist. The reality of capitalism is that it aims for limitless production in a limited environment. Oil production, currently at an all-time high of 84 million barrels per day, cannot be pushed much higher and neither can it be sustained indefinitely. Declining US production means a more savage neo-liberal ravaging of the third world for oil resources.

The relationship between industrialized and developing or indigenous nations has always been that of predator and prey. The first world nations have cannibalized their own endowment of resources and are now dependent upon external sources to fuel their economies. Through debt, coup, and outright invasion, the interwoven military-industrial-finance complex has deliberately held developing and indigenous populations in check, so that they might not apply their resources to their own development.

This "final-solution" stage of capitalism is a self-perpetuating process in which growth equals survival for the capitalist paradigm. Every imperialist conflict the West has engaged in has this terrible need at the root of it - culminating in the current war in Central Asia (Afghanistan, Iraq, soon to be Iran) Oil is transportation, industrial agriculture, plastics, medicines, asphalt, cosmetics... everything we produce, consume, buy, and throw away - everything that differentiates the first world from it's victims. If we oppose the war, we cannot ignore that our lifestyle demands a constant flow of wealth from the impoverished to the wealthy nations, and war is the means to achieve this.

The level of material wealth that America expropriates from the rest of the planet cannot feasibly be shared by other developing powers. American oil consumption stands at fully a quarter of world use, though it has only 5% of the world's population. Emerging industrial nations seeking to attain the per-capita oil use of the US will inevitably create conflict over diminishing resources. The fastest growing economy on the planet is China, whose oil consumption is growing at a similar rate. For China's one billion people to enjoy the same per-capita oil use would require a doubling of world oil production. That is physically impossible, equivalent to eight additional Saudi Arabias pumping oil at maximum capacity. The capitalist dream of unlimited growth is on a collision course with the ecological limitations of the planet, and competition for those diminishing resources is the catalyst for a new World War.

The current conflict is being waged with a morbid indifference to public opinion and fiscal sanity. The oil reserves that will sustain American consumption in the coming decades are being contested in nationalist struggles of every character. Resistance to imperialism is flourishing in every corner of the world. However, it is not the resolution of individual injustices but the entire economic order of things that is at stake as sovereign peoples rise up and assert that their land and its wealth exist for their benefit, not their exploitation.

Venezuela has begun to take the notion of a revolution seriously. The measures being taken are among the most inspiring yet performed anywhere in history. The barrios are alight with massive literacy campaigns, health clinics sprouting up everywhere, new universities built for the entire region. The military has started to carry out an actual land reform process, albeit slowly. How to defend all of this? Venezuela has begun training citizens basic military self-defence maneuvers, as the American hostility to the revolution grows deeper every day. Venezuela is more dangerous to the Empire than any other country in the world: democratic, successful, advancing the conditions of the people, this process is providing "the threat of a good example"-and Venezuela is not naïve about the need to defend itself.

Record global oil prices continue to buoy the programs of social housing, hyper-democracy and land redistribution. These prices will never drop again, thus meaning the outright destruction of the revolution will only grow on the priority list for the Pentagon-all the more now that the revolution has declared itself socialist, placing the Bolivarians and Hugo Chavez at the front of global alternatives.

Meanwhile, "our" anti-war movement continues to play body count: We count the American GI's in the morgue, and count the civilians who are in the streets. While the rest of the world, through resistance and revolutionary upsurge, are able to demonstrate an alternative vision, we can't even articulate one. We don't speak here of a need for rigid blueprints, but rather to think about the state of global energy resources so as to allow us to think realistically about a new alternative. If we are in denial about what the conditions are that we organize in, then we are organizing a giant lie. There is no way out for an imperialism fully dependent on oil reserves. Yet our slogans are things like "No blood for oil" and "money for housing, not war". It's as if we want to believe that housing money isn't a direct result of war!

When oil pipelines are attacked in Iraq by resistance fighters, when the Niger Delta-located Ijaw people declare all Shell refinery employees military targets, these people show an understanding of two things: one that they understand what drives the assault on all people throughout the world, from the Arctic to the Equator. Two: that they see no real ally in the first world, what with our entire program a giant basic lie.

There is no return to the life of mass consumption of the American Dream. This war is a Wolfowitzian stalling tactic, and it's working. What's our alternative? When our mass movement declares "money for homes not bombs", the population of both the US and the rest of the world can safely ignore us, knowing as they do we are locked in a massive time warp. Further, this more than anything else is why the numbers of the demonstrators in the streets dwindled to embarrassingly low levels in many cities this "second anniversary". We should not celebrate these dates as if we were engaged to the war!

A few months ago, on the day that George W Bush entered Canadian soil on Nov 30, ironically five years to the day after the Battle of Seattle, a small, shadowy group attempted to blow up Hydro Quebec power lines that supplied energy to New York state, from dams that were built on Indian land in James Bay. The Initiative de Resistance Internationaliste (IRI) declared they did not want the weight of the resistance to imperialism to fall on the shoulders of the "noble Iraqi people, the Colombians and the Palestinians". The action was a failure, garnering little to no attention except from the same people who want to impose smart card national ID's on us all.

Neither did the act inspire anything because the North American anti-war movement is frightfully passive and cowed. So long as our movement continues to leave the struggle to the shoulders of all the rest of the world and the colonies within, this is inevitable. We need to stop lying, start strategizing about what ways might bring down imperialism on a global level-before imperialism brings down us all. And to do that, we must state we don't know what to do, because this situation has never been seen before.

We need to wrap our collective heads around exactly why it is impossible, completely unthinkable and a total non-starter to imagine street protests "forcing" a dwindling energy imperialist monster into a retreat. You can't simply talk a tiger into vegetarianism; you have to cage it or kill it. And we are doing so basically without arms. Therefore we must be good at learning. Let's be as serious and as humble as we can: We know nothing, that's the first piece of profound knowledge of our movement on our path to freedom.

When we have a strategy that really speaks to the systemic, terminal crisis that late exterminist imperialism is taking us all into, when we articulate this in a way that invites the people of both North America and the rest of the enslaved planet to fight this petroleum hydra and all the heads, by instead going after the heart of the beast, then more than a mere few windows at a Starbucks will quake and shatter; when the people who own this world as a part of it see a way out that actually relates to what they know in their very soul, the piddly explosions of a few hydro towers will be mere amusement.

The explosions you hear will be not of towers, but of a new dawn awakening. In other words, it will not be "money for schools, not bombs!" but an education itself that explodes through our continuing hypocrisy. We need to, in a word, trust; Trust the population to handle the truth. If we can't, then all we have done is for naught.

...threats have forced Shell to close one of its plants. Last week it reduced output by millions of barrels and evacuated 235 of its workers. Other oil companies are keeping a careful eye on developments and preparing to do the same as Shell if necessary. In reality what is happening is that the Nigerian army is stepping up its operations and the oil companies have strengthened their armed guards to make sure production continues as much as possible.

response of the regime has always been - and continues to be - absolutely ruthless. It would send in the troops and butcher hundreds in response to one kidnapping.


After you finish debating impossibles, consider the weaknesses of the Empire and what strategies could exploit and unbalance some of these.

Look for places that energy will leverage and tip the balance. Latin America is a milk cow of the empire and the US Hispanic vote could determine how severe the American right wing dares. Combining these two struggles with a new morality that combines social and personal responsibilities is the course.

Finding reputable new leaders to develop a new strategies and carry it forward is challenging. As you say, telling the truth is the first step along with admitting that our past actions and present direction are failures leading us to nowhere.

El congreso de l@s cocaler@s

Desde el lunes 14 hasta el viernes 18 de marzo se desarrolló en el Mercado de Productores de Santa Anita el III Congreso de la Confederación Nacional de Productores Agropecuarios de las Cuencas Cocaleras del Perú (CONPACCP).

En un evento eminentemente popular, lleno de gente sencilla proveniente de Huanuco, Cusco, Puno, San Martín, Ucayali y otras regiones cocaleras, entre el chaccheo cotidiano y los bailes nocturnos, los campesinos expusieron la problemática de sus respectivas zonas.

El lunes, fue la lenta llegada de delegados, la inauguración a cargo de las dirigentes Nancy Obregón y Elsa Malpartida, y los saludos de líderes de algunos movimientos políticos, como Alberto Moreno, del PC del P Patria Roja.

El martes, además del cumpleaños de Elsa, fue la exposición de la problemática de cada zona. El miércoles hubo trabajo por comisiones en la perspectiva de elaborar un Plan Nacional de Lucha y un proyecto de ley marco de la hoja de coca. El jueves toda la jornada estuvo dedicada al Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) y los peligros que este implica para los campesinos y el país.

El Lunes, por último, se llevó a cabo la movilización al Congreso de la República.
Re: Stupid Myths Show IndyReaders Poor Education
15 Apr 2005
Is this a troll or is it sarchasm?
Re: Stupid Myths Show IndyReaders Poor Education
15 Apr 2005
Here is a bright statement from UK groups - but the do not really say what their strategy is or how what they descibe cold work:

" It is ridiculous to suggest that voting helps to stop fascism, and the sort of insult to working class communities that has allowed the BNP to grow. This is the case whether we are being told to vote for the old Statist parties or opportunist fronts, such as ‘Respect’, which has helped to promote bigotry (sexism and homophobia) in order to further the agenda of its leadership. The problems that allow racism and fascism to flourish will not be solved simply by voting for parties which mask their fascism slightly more cleverly than the BNP, nor for some middle-class tourist standing on a Left-Wing ticket.

Eliminating the threat of fascism will not magically correct all the wrongs of the world; only the overthrow of global capitalism will offer any chance of real lasting change.