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Announcement :: Race
Oppose Nazi Trash
28 Apr 2005
Confront Neo-nazis coming to Boston
Billy Roper, the national chairman of the neo-nazi White Revolution, will be in Boston from May 7-8 to protest Holocaust Memorial day. FUCK THAT! Join Northeast Antifascists in telling Roper and the nazi trash that follow him around they aren't welcome in Boston.
Bash the Fash!
Sunday, May 8th
Congress Park (near Faneuil Hall,) Boston

for more info: neantifa (at)
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Aren't there more effective things to spend your time on?
28 Apr 2005
Yes, fascists suck but these fascists will have absolutely no consequence on anything. The fascists that do effect our lives are called Republicans and they occupy the House, Senate, Whitehouse and the benches of the courts. Wouldn't it be a better use of everyone's time to go wage war on the powers that be rather than wage war on mentally defective morons with a false view of history?

Look around you. Look at the Black and the Hispanic populations in America. Now look at the Jewish population. Who is really suffering from discrimination and who is not? Hitler's Nazis are a thing of the past. The new danger comes from those who pretend to love their country, wave flags, cheer on oppression against Arabs and Muslims, and who wage war.

Get real or play a video game.
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
28 Apr 2005
Anyone who speaks as you do clearly has not learned the lessons of how fascism comes to pass. It needs advance troops on the ground just as as it needs its proponents in the government. And when it does come to pass, there will be little distinction between Black people, Latin@s,Jewish people, and Muslim people. We will all be in their rifle sights.

Why don't you go play a video game while we fight the fascists in the streets.
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
28 Apr 2005
With anarchists lke these, who needs fascists?
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
28 Apr 2005
not impressed,

don't you think that it's a little presumptous to think that people attending and organizing this protest aren't also working against other fascists, ie. republicans? and what's your plan to wage war against the "powers that be"? although, i agree with you that waging war against the powers that be would be a good use of time, it's also more difficult to come up with actions to do against larger powers. it's not like this protest is going to take up tons of your time. and i think it's good for a visible anti-billy roper presence to be there. if you don't feel like you have time for it, don't go. but idly talking shit about an action with no alternatives presented is a pretty big waste of time for everyone. aren't there more effective things to spend your time on?
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
28 Apr 2005
"With anarchists lke these, who needs fascists?"

NE Antifa is a-okay in my book.
Still not impressed.
28 Apr 2005
I have nothing against protesting Nazis. On the other hand, you could use the same time slice to invade the State House and raise havoc with Romney. The later would have more significant consequences.
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
28 Apr 2005
"And when it does come to pass, there will be little distinction between Black people, Latin@s,Jewish people, and Muslim people. We will all be in their rifle sights."

Paranoid ranting from lunatics aside, no capitalist in their right mind cares about skin colour or religion. Jay-Z, Robert Johnson, Barack Obama, etc., are richer and more powerful than anyone posting on this board will ever be. China and India are the newest capitalist powerhouses, joining South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Profits, wage labour, private property and so on are colour blind.

Americans are racist, and there is a large and growing anti-immigrant feeling in the United States . Thinking that this will lead to ethnic cleansing is just idiocy.
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
28 Apr 2005
in case you don't know anything, which seems to be the case for 'not impressed', neo-nazi groups don't just hate jewish people... they hate all minorities of religion, race, sex, and sexuality. and while you all sit on your ass playing the armchair activist, Antifa is out on the street confronting Nazis... fuck all fascists. solidarity with antifa.
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
28 Apr 2005
Again... while the zionists have their big charade, antifa completely ignores them and focuses on the most marginalized group out there. Is it really that the Nazis are a big threat or that antifas are too scared to go after any accept those even more marginalized them themselves.
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
28 Apr 2005
holocaust remembrance is a "zionist charade"? what the fuck next?
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
28 Apr 2005
As far as we know there is nothing to do with Israel going on (unless Roper and his pals pretend it is). I fully support the Palestinian people's struggle and I fully support people who are making an effort to prevent fascist revolutionary groups from gaining a local foothold.
Typical Antifa = Typical Troll
29 Apr 2005
you're the coolest "Typical Antifa", you pulled out the most cliche antifa troll comment there is. way to go! two points for being a troll and two points for being unoriginal. what's next, are you going to say that everyone in antifa is jewish? get a life and stay off indymedia.
beating up working class protesters?
29 Apr 2005
So let me get this straight. You guys are going to go beat up, or attempt to beat up, a bunch of marginalized, working class kids who have taken up far right beliefs?

I looked up Billy Roper and his "white revolution" organization. It seems to be mostly about chicken factories, especially Tyson. Tyson used to hire local Arkansas people (of all races), who were legally in this country -- US citizens. Then it kiicked them all out and replaced them with illegal aliens.

I can understand why they are so angry. As far as Jews are concerned, well, I think they see Jews as both big businessmen, and strong and effective proponents of unrestricted immigration (so they can have cheaper labor).

How can you not expect groups like this to come up while America is in such ferment? How come you don't try talking to them, to bring them to the workers' struggle? I fear you are going to be facing more and more and more of groups like this, and if your only answer is violence, that's a game you will definitely lose.

I have dealt with potential "enemy" situations in my life, and I always try to talk to the people first. Usually, that defuses the situation. I understand that there's no talking to Republican politiicans, or even Democrat politicians. But these are poor people who have adopted an extremist ideology as a result of radical changes taking place in America. Attacking them physically from the get go is insane, even from the perspective of someone who opposes them.

Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
29 Apr 2005
While your comment is more thoughtful and well received than the more kneejerk ones, here are a few points of information that add to a perspective calling for a militant response and rejection:

1. this isn't about attacking base. this is about attacking a rich political leader from out of town.

2. many or even most of the WR base present will be from out of town.

3. how they are recieved in Boston will likely directly affect where WR distributes organizing resources in the years to come.

4. people who wish to join a group that will enhance their image of strength and stature (for whatever messed up but also, as you point out, understandable in many cases reasons) will be less likely to want to join a bunch of fools who have to cower behind a line of, you know, ZOG cops when they come to town.

5. a lot of WR kids are middle class kids from Jersey, and while there's a lot of boneheads at the base (because that's who Roper et al are interested in recruiting) other Nazi groups are already calling them "suit and tie" racists. don't assume this is as simple as "working class disenfranchisement"--resurgent fascism is just as much about middle class white men's fear of losing entitlements.

this is a necessary debate to have, but don't assume that we just haven't thought of the issues you're concerned about.
Feed the Braveheart Fantasies, that's it!
29 Apr 2005
I researched this event and found out there will be LOTS of videocameras on it, both mass media and independent journalists, and among the Nazis themselves.

So if you physically attack them, you will casting yourself as villainous "extras" in their movie. It doesn't matter if you beat them up, or they beat you. If you beat them, it will be "look at these Nazis' having their civil rights violated" (physically attacking people engaging in street demonstrations OF ANY KIND is a civil rights violation). If they beat you, it will be "Braveheart on Reality TV" Wow, that will sell like crazy! That will be the best piece of propaganda for their side ever!

Just one man's opinion.

29 Apr 2005
Why is it that the powerless nazis call for a full mobilization, and yet the zionists and their distortion of holocaust history can be safely ignored.

Who cares that the zionists ignore, deny, and purge the memory of 20 million serbs, slavs, queers, socialists, handicapped, and others?

Who cares that zionists have a nuclear-armed, hostile, state at their disposal... let's protect them against the handful of nazis with their swastikas?

Doesn't the word nazi bring out such vile hatred that it's irrelevent if they are the only group more marginalized and meaningless than NE Antifa!!!

For a united front against facism!
good job playing into their hands
29 Apr 2005
[Editor's note: This post is in reply to now hidden posts by Billy Roper and people criticizing him.]

This is horrible! I can't believe the most reasonable sounding person is the Nazi!

Can we find out if he's lying? Has he attacked anyone based on their race? I will be looking him up to see if he's lying about this.

If any Jewish people are foolish enough to attack this nobody from Arkansas or his little band of twenty something gas station attendants, we are in deep trouble.

They may be offensive. But Hollywood has made movie after movie after movie that has been offensive to Americans, and nobody hits Hollywood movie producers with tire irons.

Holocaust monuments and museums that focus on one particular event to the exclusion of others (e.g. Armenian genocide, Soviet genocide, Pol Pot) are open to criticism. Norman Finkelstein wrote an excellent book called "The Holocaust Industry," in which he makes the point that the Jewish people "use the Holocaust to aggrandize the power of their particularist ethnic lobby."

After reading the book, I came to the conclusion that narrow focus on the Nazi Holocaust of the Jewish people is very unhealthy. There is nothing special about the Nazi Holocaust that privileges it above the Armenian or Soviet genocide. In fact, the Soviet genocide was largely committed by Jewish people. If you read Malcolm Muggeridge's seminal book, "Winter in Moscow" he actually describes a Soviet elite speaking, get this, Yiddish, amongst one another and a lot of them can't even speak Russian!

The Ukrainian Archive at has a lot of documentation about Jewish involvement in the Ukrainian genocide, which claimed the lives of between 7 and 10 million Ukrainians.

History isn't so simple as Holocaust memorials that focus exclusively on the Nazi Holocaust would have you believe.

And physically attacking some hick from Arkansas and his little band of gas station attendants is just absolutely retarded and insane. Let them and the Zionists scream at each other. They deserve one another. Anyone who is truly progressive or leftist will leave this thing alone.

Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
29 Apr 2005
People killed by Billy Roper = 0
People killed by zionists = Tens of Thousands

Ya... let's protest the loser Billy Roper...
29 Apr 2005
Modified: 06:47:35 PM
Click on image for a larger version

heres a quarter sheet sized flier for next weekend, print out and distribute as much as you would like.
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
29 Apr 2005
Whatever, it's not like violence is gonna be tactically feasible if these guys are right next ot Government center in a cop heavy part of boston. I'm not so into the antifa stuff (i just have other priorities) but it's funny how every time theres going to be a nazi rally they put out a call insinnuating that they're going to show that they're willing to respond violently to the nazis and everybody FREAKS OUT. Yes, there are worse things going on than white power gangs but there's also ahell of a lot of worse things going on than anitfas. I bet at least some people here put more time and energy into criticizing antifas than they do organizing to prevent fascism by other means, and thats just fucked up. DIversity of tactics, if you don't like it just don't go, seriously, that's probably what I'm going to do anyway.......
People killed by the Roman Catholic Church...
29 Apr 2005
How about showing up to roust the Nazi Pope?
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
30 Apr 2005
why not settle shit with nazis privately, when the media isnt there? i doubt that roper is going to reach out to anyone while at a holocaust memorial, but he may before and after these events. confrontation with this group, especially violence, will give them publicity on tv or in newspapers... which is the last thing we want them to have. stop them before they get in front of the cameras..
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
30 Apr 2005
Don't buy into this bullshit as though it is some "open dialogue" meant to engage and increase our collective awareness. It's all a ruse, and it is all very typical. It is okay to laugh at the lame attempts to justify their (unwelcome) presence by citing legal protections. After all, we all know how much those facsists love law and order. Fascists care a lot about civil rights, sure they do. Just read Mr Ropers post up there [Editor's note: The post referred to was been hidden because of its promotion of white supremacy.] - the marketplace of ideas...ahhh - it's like a big breath of fresh air isnt it? You all know that if those fuckers ever got the chance to influence "civil rights" or society at large that their tune will change on a dime. And you all also know that any sort of organizational base, no matter how small, can NOT be tolerated. All social movements start out small, please dont forget this, and we do ourselves no good by believing that we have the ability to determine what is and is not a threat and by thinking that we can stunt its growth later on. It is a problem now. Dammit this is our community, and our city, and if you are willing to take pride in the notions of human liberty and community control then you are willing to clear out the trash that doesn't belong. These are not fascist tactics - this is thought in action, people power: human creativity. These are exactly the kinds of things (in a very general sense) that fascists aim to control, and kill off when it cannot be controlled. This is not paranoid ranting by some "commie", this is standing up to a threat in the name of ourselves and each other.

Violent tactics aimed at cleansing violent elements out of a community that do not want them is not "violence" the way that everyone here seems to be using it. We should be encouraging those that feel moved to use any means available to them (be it with words, flyers, or tire irons) when the aim is to get rid of racists from our neighborhoods. Don't forget the kids in somerville who had their apartment broken into and who had their heads cracked in with sledgehammers a few years back. These fuckers are opponents of liberty. The only interest fascists like these have in "free speech" or a "marketplace of ideas" is using them to eventually abolish them. This is our lives, and we do not have to tolerate hate.

We should remember that these folks are all from out of town...very far out of town...and people seem to want them to be able to go into any community that is not theirs and spew their hate and attempt to incite racial violence, and for this "free right" to be protected both by the police and by armchair liberals. It is okay to be resistant to hatespeech. A little intolerace could do us all a bit of good.
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
30 Apr 2005
regarding this event being a zionist charade:

check out the site of the folks organizing this event ( and then try and claim it isn't a pro-israel front.

if facism is defined by the following factors:

* exalts nation or race above the individual
* uses violence and modern techniques of propaganda and censorship to forcibly suppress political opposition
* engages in severe economic and social regimentation
* engages in corporatism
* implements totalitarianism

Then why isn't antifa planning ANY sort of opposition (besides internal) to those planning the actual event in conjunction with their "anti-nazi" action?
Are You Kidding Me
30 Apr 2005
this sounds like fascism to you???

from the site (which is only one of the groups organizing this) mentioned above:

More than 500 community members are expected to gather at Boston ’s Faneuil Hall on Sunday, May 8 at 1:00 PM for the annual Yom HaShoah Holocaust Commemoration. Sponsored by JCRC and a host of community organizations, this year’s event will commemorate the 60th anniversary of liberation and the 10th anniversary of the New England Holocaust Memorial.

The commemoration takes place on Mothers’ Day, and event organizers have designed a unique commemoration tailored to families. Local leaders including Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Consul General of Israel to New England Meir Shlomo will participate in the proceedings, as will a special delegation from Boston ’s Israeli sister city, Haifa . Rabbi Moshe Waldoks, JCRC’s Holocaust Chair, will officiate. For the first time, the Consul-General of Germany , Dr. Wolfgang Vorwerk, will address the community about his country’s responsibility for the Holocaust.

The commemoration will feature an original cantata with six aspects of the Holocaust: Liberation, Memory, Mothers, Community, Faith and Courage. To bring each aspect to life, survivors, liberators and community leaders will offer brief remarks followed by musical performances from local school children. An intergeneration chorus composed of children and Holocaust survivors will also participate.

Following the commemoration, B'nai Brith Youth Organization students will create a "Path of Voices" between Faneuil Hall and the New England Holocaust Memorial as attendees prepare to recite Mourner’s Kaddish.
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
30 Apr 2005
Maybe the "ISRAEL NOW AND FOREVER" banner wasn't blatant enough for you to notice?
As well as the "ISRAEL ADVOCACY" sidebar link and
"JCRC To Launch Television Pro-Israel Campaign During Red Sox Games And Celtics Playoffs"
News item

Way to go selective reading!
Not to even mention that this entire event and memorial neglects the millions of serbs, gays, political prisoners, and roma/sinti executed and opts instead for focusing entirely on jews murdered during the holocaust - and, as usual, using that for a "selling point" on why people should feel bad and support the poor, muderous israeli government.,
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
30 Apr 2005
also, "give me a break," did you notice that there are NO speakers of roma(gypsy) origin, or non-jewish or german speakers at this event? talk about racism...
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
30 Apr 2005
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
01 May 2005
My mom's family was kicked out of their homes and killed by Nazis in Germany.

My grandfather's was murdered and kicked out of their homes in Ukraine by the Communists.

And yet, Antifa is inviting Stalinists and Trots to fight the nazis because Nazi's are evil bad. Both authoritarians look the same from my perspective, and I'm offended that an anarchist group would invite such as the ISO and the PLP... who'se affinities are equal responsible for mass murder as the nazis.
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
01 May 2005
"also, "give me a break," did you notice that there are NO speakers of roma(gypsy) origin, or non-jewish or german speakers at this event? talk about racism..."

Don't forget queers... oh, and go fuck yourself.
02 May 2005
We (antifa) aren't inviting Stalinists and the ISO, they are planning their stuff.

Did you mean that because the post says join NE Antifa in opposing nazi that we are 'inviting' stalinists and trots'? Arghgh.

I can't believe there is this much static (from supposedly progressive people) over folks trying to stand up to nazi trash.
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
02 May 2005
My mistake if Antifa didn't invite them, but is NE Antifa going to be protesting the PLP and ISO as well?

I'm not trying to flamebait, simply pointing out that it seems unreasonable that both groups (nazis and commies), which have equally monstrous roles in my family's history, are treated miles differently.
Re: Oppose Nazi Trash
02 May 2005
Keep it in the streets y'all I'm tired of hiding posts.

Please no more comments about hate, face-stabbing, ass-kicking, ZOG, or any other violent or hateful thing.

You can report it if it happens, but you can't threaten to do it here.

We're tryin to run a clean and respec'ful establishment!
To Boston A
02 May 2005
This kind of static happens all the friggin' time. We get more hell from supposedly progressive people everytime we deal with this shit. First it's something about how we should be going after the folks who are really in power, and when we do that they get mad saying we are too agressive. If we were to ease back and let them take the lead. some Right winger gets in. My feeling is I will continue to do what is "wrong" until someone gets up off their ass and does what's right.