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News :: Human Rights
Police Siege in Cambridge
02 May 2005
Last night, at approximately 12pm, Harvard University police, who are deputized police in the city of Cambridge, sieged a handful of people in a local community center.
Their action seemed to be in response to the Reclaim the Streets in Harvard Square and hour earlier. Initially, about a half dozen police cars surrounded the building, knocked on doors and windows, and shined flashlights into the space. If they had gained entry, it was clear that the police would have arrested everyone inside. After a few hours, the police got called away and the occupants were able to leave.

Throughout the incident the occupants declined to open the door to the police or to talk to them. This should serve as a reminder to never, ever, let the police into your house. If they are going to break in and arrest you, they will do it regardless. Your cooperation will only help them. With so few rights, there is never a benefit in forfeiting the ones that you do have.

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Re: Police Siege in Cambridge
02 May 2005
what happened at the reclaim the streets party??
02 May 2005
not to be a jerk, but does that really constitute a seige?
02 May 2005
Well, instead being an jerk, you could have just looked seige up in the dictionary, which woulda taken less time then being a superhero on indymedia.

Besiege (to put to seige)
# To surround with hostile forces.
# To crowd around; hem in.
Re: Police Siege in Cambridge
02 May 2005
You didn't answer your door for the cops. Big fucking deal.

When cops come to my house for noise complaints, I turn down the music and offer them a beer.
Re: Police Siege in Cambridge
02 May 2005
The Harvard police are not Deputized by the City of Cambridge.
Re: Police Siege in Cambridge
02 May 2005
It seems to me that you are a whiner who doesn't like the fact that the cops wanted you to quiet down. What makes it clear to you that they would have arrested everyone inside? If that had been their intent, don't you think that they would have gone to the local on call judge to get a warrant? If they had gained entry, the only way that they could have arrested anyone without a warrant is if htey observed a misdemeanor in progress of had actual knowledge that a potential arestee had committed a felony. It is apparent - nay - obvious, that they merely were trying to quiet a bunch on unruly college kids who were disturbing the neighbors. I also doubt that six cruisers and 12 officers wasted three hours laying siege to your house. It's a good thing that they didn't bring in the siege towers and ladders.
Re: Police Siege in Cambridge
02 May 2005
Dear 'what happened,'

From another article:

"Sources report that the [Reclaim the Streets] was small but lively. In spite of police harassment, several militants apparently barricaded Mass Ave. for a time, played games in the streets, and defaced some of the capitalist institutions in the area."
fact check
02 May 2005
instead of a bunch of anarchist- and youth-baiting by people who weren't even there and don't know what happened, here are some more facts about last night.

the "reclaim the streets" didn't really happen. in fact the street was taken for only about a couple minutes. it just sort of turned into an outdoor hangout session with people riding bikes, playing and listening to music, talking to one another and generally enjoying one of the first warm nights this spring.

participants dispersed and several went to 45 mount auburn street to clean up the space in the aftermath of the concert/party that had happened earlier. there were also a few people on the sidewalk, for maybe a dozen people in and around the building total, all being pretty quiet. it was about half an hour after the outdoor party when three harvard police cruisers suddenly appeared and surrounded the building.

understandably spooked, the people who were inside locked the doors and turned off the lights. police never attempted to enter the building, or said a word to anyone in or near the building. instead they sat and watched all the entrances and exits for about two hours. then they left.

we still don't know what brought the harvard cops to this off-campus building, it may well have had to do with the brief street-taking earlier but there was certainly no need to surround the building and behave in such an intimidating manner, which is what led the people inside to think that cops were just fucking with them and probably up to no good. thanks to everyone who hung around til the pigs left.
Re: Police Siege in Cambridge
03 May 2005
So six cruisers surrounding the building for three hours is now three cruisers for two hours. In a few posts, I'm sure we'll find out that it was one cruiser for 15 minutes responding to a neighbor's complaint about pot smoking or something.
Re: Police Siege in Cambridge
03 May 2005
Actually, they weren't police cruisers at all.

It was really the waaaaaaahmbulance.
03 May 2005
i am pretty sure it was between one and three cruisers for 2 hours (there were 3 then they left one by one). i didn't write the initial account and can't speak for that peson. granted this was a pretty silly incident but repression is nothing to take lightly.

in other news, flipside's zines are getting their own shelf at papercut. there are also plans for a "flipside's (delusional right wing) pick of the week" display.
Re: Police Siege in Cambridge
03 May 2005
Since when does a police car or two parked on a public way constitute repression? If you want real repression, I suggest you talk to someone from Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan or the former Soviet Union.
Re: Police Siege in Cambridge
03 May 2005
There were at least half a dozen police cars at one point. They left one by one. That is all.
03 May 2005
when they're surrounding a bunch of activists whove just been in a demonstration? i mean that does not seem even remotely sketchy to you? "parked on a public way" try parked RIGHT NEXT TO all exits.

what the fuck is up with yall trolls? do you ever do any actual activism or do you just post on imc and rip other people up?
03 May 2005
not all people can afford to risk interacting with cops! and sometimes other people act in solidarity to protect them.
Re: Police Siege in Cambridge
03 May 2005
Maus I ripother people up on this stupid site when they act like idiots. Calling this a siege and repression is idiotic. It is far from repression. Perhaps they were looking for individuals who admittedly defaced private property - a felony.
Re: Police Siege in Cambridge
04 May 2005
defacing private property is not necessarily a felony so stop posting bullshit. the only property that was "defaced" in any official account was chalk on a sidewalk (
Re: Police Siege in Cambridge
04 May 2005
also who "admitted" "defacing" anything? jesus christ who the fuck are you? shut the hell up
Re: Police Siege in Cambridge
05 May 2005
Nice language maus. Your mother must be very proud of you.