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Commentary :: International
Is israel using the americans to start a civil war in iraq?
13 May 2005
from Xymphora: that AIPAC may be aiding the insurgents in order to provoke civil war in iraq
Is israel using the americans to start a civil war in iraq?
by you
From an article (or here) by James Janega from Knight Ridder (which remains the only honest newspaper chain in the United States; my emphasis in bold):

"The Marines who swept into the Euphrates River town of Ubaydi confronted an enemy they had not expected to find - and one that attacked in surprising ways.

As they pushed from house to house in early fighting, trying to flush out the insurgents who had attacked their column with mortar fire, they ran into sandbagged emplacements behind garden walls. They found a house where insurgents were crouching in the basement, firing upwards through slits hacked at ankle height in the ground-floor walls, aiming at spots that the Marines' body armor did not cover.

The shock was that the enemy was not supposed to be in this town at all. Instead, American intelligence indicated that the insurgency had massed on the other side of the river. Marine commanders expressed surprise Monday not only at the insurgents' presence but also the extent of their preparations, as if they had expected the Marines to come."

How do the insurgents always know when the Americans will show up? How did they know just what hotel room to fire at when Wolfowitz was in Baghdad? How do they know exactly when and where to deploy their improvised explosive devices so they are in place just before the Americans drive by?

Larry Franklin talked to the AIPAC dudes almost two years ago. What's the one thing he could have told them two years ago which would be still grievously affecting the ability of the American army to deal with the insurgency in Iraq? The Israelis are able to assist the insurgents because they know the details of the Saddam-era and post-Saddam-era American counterintelligence operations in Iraq. As the spies for the insurgency are able to avoid the American counterintelligence assets in Iraq (and may have even 'turned' some of them), the Americans have no way to root out those who are gathering information on American plans. The agents of the insurgency are able to consistently spy on the American occupying army, and know what the Americans are going to do before most of the Americans know. This explains why the insurgents are clearly winning.

Why would supposed American ally Israel want to help the insurgency, or at least part of it? Based on the ideas of Oded Yinon, the plan is to break Iraq up into small, unthreatening mini-states. The Israelis are trying to start an Iraqi civil war. To this end, the Israelis are hoping to pin the Americans in Iraq for as long as possible in a vain attempt to prevent this war. The Americans will only pull out when civil war is inevitable, which will be another huge embarrassment for the Pentagon. On top of that, the slow American defeat in Iraq, based on the perfidity of the Israelis in supporting the insurgency and undermining American counterintelligence in Iraq, is gradually destroying the American military (although no one in the Bush Administration will admit it). This effort means the Israelis are effectively currently engaged in war operations against the United States. This undeclared war by the greatest ingrate in the world, Israel - hundreds of billions of dollars in aid from American taxpayers to Israel, and this is the thanks they get! - has made the paleocons furious, and explains why the neocons have been unable to stop the AIPAC investigation.

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Re: Is israel using the americans to start a civil war in iraq?
13 May 2005
Arabs and Kurds, Shia, Sunni, Baathists and Islamists- Insurgents from all over the Islamic world flooding to the killing zone...Yup, clear evidene that it's the Jews causing the disturbnces in Iraq! LMFAO.

(The Isra-ay-leees gave me heartburn at lunch today)
well, whats is face
13 May 2005
you may not be aware that israel has been pllaying behind the scenes. But the kurds know, as do the neocons. I suggest you familiarise yourself with their papers: A Clean Break, and Project for a New American Century.
Re: Is israel using the americans to start a civil war in iraq?
13 May 2005
The Kurds have been OCCUPIED by Arabs since the end of WWI.
Re: Is israel using the americans to start a civil war in iraq?
14 May 2005
Because the Isra-ay-leeys didn't give me heart burn at lunch today, they are not playing thier own hand at the expense of US??? What kind of logic is that???
Iraqi Civil War Has Started. Don't You Read?
14 May 2005
Thank Criminal Bush for the civil war in Iraq. Also, thank Criminal Bush for the World hating us more and more everyday.
Oh...Ignore the lies on television. Watch CBC or BBC for the real news. Read the Guardian. It'll tell you facts you won't get in the NYT or Washington Post.
Are you awake yet?
Pure speculation
14 May 2005
No evidence, just speculation.
In reality the U.S. is the world superpower and Israel the settler-colonial client state. It's the U.S. that pulls the strings, not the other way around. These theories that Israel controls the U.S. (ZOG) remind me of the anti-Jewish conspiracy theories claiming a secret cabal of powerful Jews control the world. Looks like some people's thinking is stuck in the middle ages.
Re: Is israel using the americans to start a civil war in iraq?
14 May 2005
see, if you believe that the american government would lie cheat and steal, you're a bush hating anti-american leftist pinko commie crack whore.

if you believe the israeli governmnet would lie cheat and steal, you're an anti-semitic neo-nazi bigoted neanderthal.

this only makes sense when you play governments' game of turning people against each other to distract attention from their own dubious actions.

To say that the Israeli goernment is as evil and backstabbing as any other government is not to say that "the Jews" are out to get anyone. To acknowledge that there are religious wackos of every flavor is not to say that all muslims are terrorists, all christians apocalyptic dreamers, all jews zionists, or all buddhists, ummm, fat.

just wanted to get that straight. to read about and watch videos of some really cool anti-government israelis (yes, Jews!) check out

Now that said, beware those anarchists with their long colorful hair and many hidden pockets! They are the true menace!!
Re: Is israel using the americans to start a civil war in iraq?
14 May 2005
You jokers will bend over backwards to blame everyone but the Arabs for their own crimes. jews are the traditional scapegoats, there aren't many of them (easy targets), and since the last half of the last century have actually been able to defend anti-semite's worst nightmare is a well armed Jew willing and able to defend himself. It takes all the fun out of it!
To the Comany you keep
15 May 2005
Arabs have become the scape goats now. They are the ones most under attack by anti-semites, and esp by zionist anti-semites.
Israel defend itself? Yes with the of the US taxpayer's largesse. But the IDF is not defending israel so much as attacking the palestinians and provoking the locals arab neighbours. Thats how the 1967 war began, as Mosh Dayan admitted.
Re: Is israel using the americans to start a civil war in iraq?
16 May 2005
In response to the comment by poster "Free Kurdistan", that Kurds have been under Arab occupation since World War I, it should be pointed out that the majority of Kurds and Kurdistan are in Turkey, which is not an Arab country.While Iran, also not Arab, has a slightly larger Kurdish population than Iraq.It was not the Arabs' fault that the WWI allies failed to liberate the Kurdistan from Turkey, or that they failed to create an independent Kurdistan from the rump of Kurdistan in Iran, Iraq and Syria.The post WWI betrayal of the Arab desire for a unifiedArab nation was even more stark than their betrayal of the much less specific and unobtainable promises to the Kurds.

It should also be pointed out that Kurds had greater equality and cultural rights in Iraq than they did in Turkey, yet the US, Iran and Israel supported the Kurdish rebellion in vulnerable Iraq for over 30 years, while they never supported kurdish rebels in the strong US/Israeli allied nation of Turkey.
Re: Is israel using the americans to start a civil war in iraq?
16 May 2005
In regard to the original article, although the Israelis undoubtedly want to see Iraq broken-up in some fashion, they would be much more likely to support separatist groups which are associated with Iran - among either the Shi'ite Arabs or the Kurds - than they are to support the Sunnite Arabs in the West.So the teory is probably way off-base, though there is so much propaganda and so little good reporting from Iraq, it is hard to get a grip on all the ramifications of the "insurgency".