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News :: Human Rights
Anti-racists block neo-Nazi march
16 May 2005
Hundreds of anti-racist protesters came out here May 8 to protest a planned march and rally by the neo-Nazi organization “White Revolution.” This vile group of bigots, based in Arkansas, had intended to hold a rally at the New England Holocaust Memorial to coincide with the annual Holo caust commemoration.

The anti-Nazi demonstration was organized on short notice by a number of organizations and community leaders, including Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner; the International Action Center; USWA Local 8751, Boston School Bus Drivers; Bromley Heath workers; Women’s Fightback Network; International Socialist Organization and many others.

Chanting “Gay, straight, Black, white—all unite to fight the right” as well as chants against racism, anti-Semitism, Zionism, sexism and LGBT bigotry, the demonstrators held a militant and loud protest in front of Faneuil Hall, adjacent to the memorial. Protesters were Black, Latin@, Asian, Arab, white, young and old. They included a large number of anarchist youth, as well as supporters of the Pales tinian people who made it clear that their opposition to the Israeli occupation of Palestine has nothing in common with the vicious anti-Semitism of the neo-Nazis.

When a small group of racists tried to enter the protest area, they were quickly surrounded by angry demonstrators and forced to flee in the back seat of a police car.Memorial to coincide with the annual Holo caust commemoration.
In spite of the heavy police presence, the protesters quickly took over Congress Street when police armed with clubs and in riot gear started to provide an escort for 10 to 15 of the racist thugs. Instead of hold ing a rally at the Holocaust Memorial, the members of “White Revolution” were forced to stand a block away, behind a wall of Boston police.

The police showed they were not there to protect the people of Boston from the violence and terror that this neo-Nazi group espouses; they were there to protect the neo-Nazis from the righteous anger of the people. When a young African-Amer ican protester tried to defend himself after being hit in the face by a racist, the police surged in, some on horseback, and arrested both of them.

The crowd quickly took up the chant, “Cops and Nazis are the same—the only difference is the name.” After standing behind their cop defenders for a short time, the neo-Nazis left, again under heavy escort, and were loaded into police wagons.

It should be no surprise that the neo-Nazis chose to come to Boston at a time when racist forces are raising their ugly heads in yet another attempt to re-segregate the Boston public school system. The religious right is also trying to overturn an historic victory by the lesbian, gay, bi and trans community here for equal marriage rights.

Nor should it be a surprise that the fascists chose Boston at a time of increased police brutality—such as a case involving a vicious assault by the Medford police against five youth of color from Som er ville. George W. Bush, the Congress, Massachu setts Gov. Mitt Romney and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino have created a climate of war, racism and hatred that promotes these fascist groups.

White supremacist groups such as the Nazis and the Klan exist in order to try to exploit the frustrations of those who have been impacted during times of economic crisis and high unemployment. They try to pit white workers against African-
Amer ican, Latin@, Asian and immigrant workers; whip up anti-Semitism; and attack the rights of women and the LGBT community, including equal marriage rights.

In short, these white supremacist and anti-Semitic organizations act as the shock troops for the wealthy and big business by trying to create artificial divisions among those who should be natural allies.

Corporate America and the Bush White House take advantage of these divisions in order to drive down wages and benefits, while federal and state politicians go on the offensive by slashing much-needed social programs such as housing, education and health care in order to feed the Pentagon’s insatiable appetite and pay for an increasingly unpopular war.

The hatred and violence that these groups promote are crimes. History has shown that only through organizing and mobilizing to fight back will the workers and oppressed be able to successfully defeat these fascist organizations and their supporters.

-- 30 --
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Re: Anti-racists block neo-Nazi march
16 May 2005
Whatever, the WWP has been pro-Milosevic and pro-Hussein. Their antifascist cred is a little thin. I'm sure there are nice people in their various front groups, and the front groups of those front groups, but sooner or later those nice people are going to have to think really hard about the consistency of their politics.
What about that chant?
17 May 2005
"Chanting “Gay, straight, Black, white—all unite to fight the right” as well as chants against racism, anti-Semitism, Zionism, sexism and LGBT bigotry"


Since when was racism, anti-Semitism, Zionism, sexism, and LGBT bigotry the platform of the Right? I am a man of color, and gay friendly, and I support Israel and anti-racist views. I am also a Republican, and have conservative values.

When does making a chant rhyme become more important than the message? Also, after researching Sammy's statement about the WWP being pro Milosevic and pro-Hussein, I see that this group was pro-Saddam during the first Gulf War. Here is another chant they had:

"Cops and Nazis are the same—the only difference is the name"

WHAT? Nazis were a political group backed by a military force, with a complete dogma and designs on the entire world. They were implementing a program of genocide which was supposed to become worldwide. On the other hand, cops are law enforcement officers, ultimately responsible to American Citizens and the government of the United States. If they do anything they are not supposed to (breaking the law), then they suffer the same sentences such as prison time, loss of their jobs, and perhaps a large dose of humiliation.

"Cops and Nazis are the same—the only difference is the name"???

How do these ridiculous stories make it as Features?
Re: Anti-racists block neo-Nazi march
18 May 2005
Do you know how insane this sounds?? I should just put this entire article below and in quotes.
"Corporate America and the Bush White House take advantage of these divisions in order to drive down wages and benefits"

Not trying to defend a racist, but don't they have a right to peaceably assemble without being "surrounded by angry demonstrators and forced to flee in the back seat of a police car"? Seems like the "angry protestors" are the true facsists, why don't you just say, "Don't agree with us and we will shout over you, become angry and force you to leave." After all the definition of fascism is forcing your beliefs on others...nice example.
Re: Anti-racists block neo-Nazi march
18 May 2005
Um... no, the "definition of fascism" is not "forcing your beliefs on others"... nice try though...

seriously, this whole "people who don't want to let a fascist movement rise up = the secret real fascists" shit is booooring.
Re: Anti-racists block neo-Nazi march
22 May 2005
Smash racist s !!

Blow up their asses !!
Re: Anti-racists block neo-Nazi march
23 May 2005
Fascism includes an absolute leader (dictator), economic and social regimentation and the forcible suppression of your opposition.

So Ori, you've got 1/3 characteristics of fascism showing up to make their opposition flee. Are you also a liberal and for redistribution of income? Seems like all that's needed is one dictator to push you into the category of fascist. :)
PS: McCarthyites usually point the finger before it gets pointed at them...way to point it firght ;)
Re: Anti-racists block neo-Nazi march
01 Jun 2005
I was also there, but walked away before the action, so it was nice to see pics. I'm no longer sure what to think of it all, but I did comment on the events <a href="">here</a>. And there are more pictures and and comments on <a href="">Dowbrigade News</a>.
Re: Anti-racists block neo-Nazi march
07 Jun 2005
chants are getting a little thin, no?
Re: Anti-racists block neo-Nazi march
15 Jun 2005
i attended the demonstration at faneuil hall just to see what would happen and those pinko commie fuckers went on a shit-trip and decided to typecast me and my friends as nazis soley cause we had white skin, black coats, black boots. i say it over and over again: do not judge a book by its cover
Re: Anti-racists block neo-Nazi march
25 Sep 2005
Cops and Nazis are one and the same. Cops see themselves as a superior class of poeple who should control the sheep. Cops don't give a shit about anyone except themselves or else they wouldn't advocate nation-wide concealed weapons laws for active and retirees. The majority of these pricks need to join the military to fully appreciate our freedoms...maybe then they would be staunch supporters of freedom instead of playing the part of political pawns who mindlessly do the dirty work of the politician nazis. Cops are not Americans since they want a police state, not a free nation.
Cops are the enemy of freedom, wake up!