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News :: International
Constitution soon to be replaced by FEMA. What will you do about it?
23 Jun 2005
President NOT SEE BUSH, refuses to adequately protect our border with Mexico. Does he really want a biochemical, or nuclear attack in this country.? He knows our military failed to secure the WMDs that the US gave Sadamn in the invasion, so why is he not protecting America?
We're a hair's breadth away from Martial law, thanks to the current administration. What will you do about it?
Israel is being used by the Jesuits to defeat the Catholic creation: the Moslems. Without history were bound to repeat... Mohamad's first wife who he loved, was a strong Catholic, and inspired him to form a one God religion among the Arabs, who were worshipping various idols. His own tribe had an idol, and he incorporated it into the formation of Allah. See Chick Publications Comics.

When the Moslems failed to rid the Jews from their lands, the Curch turned against them. The founders of the Inquisition, killed more than 64 millionnon believers, Jews and Arabs, and even there own throughout time. Every pope who tries to abolish their order has been silenced. Do a google search on the Jesuit Oath.

Loyolasts are sworn to smash babies heads againbst the walls. It is a well know fact Mein Kampf was ghost writtrn by a Jesuit priest, and that most of the SS were Jesuit believers.

Jesuits helped form the Zionist movement, knowing that by creating a small state in the heart of Palestine, battles would commence. Israel with it's right of return would need more space for themselves, hence take over more and more Palestinian lands. The Jesuits have succeeded in getting the Jews to fight the Arabs.

Israel, like an octopus has it's connections in the USA. Like an octopus, it camoflogues itself to blend in, and through it's tentacles the ADL, the Israeli Lobby, spies and assainates the reputations of any not favorable to them in politics. Like an Octopus it squirts out ink, then ink is the word anti-semetism. By this ink it gets away, again and again and again.

The Rockerfeller dynasty, along with the Jesuits want one World government. To that end they succeeded in monopolizing the Federal Reserve system,rewriting Encylopedia Britianna, throwing out most references to the Inquisition etc. They needed an event to bring the New World government into reality. That is why 911 was a false flag operation. Pinning the blame on Moslems,corrputed CIA (seeded with ex Nazis) and Mossad pulled off one of history's greatest lies.

We're a hair's breath away from Martial law now. Will the US Constitution be replaced forever with FEMA control? THe other Rockerfeller-Jesuit creation, the UN will enforce their rules while our own National Guard and Military are fighting Israel's wars for oil and expansion in the Middle East.

I wish it weren't so but FEMA has about 150 CONCENTRATION CAMPS already in place with barbed wire pointing in already constructed here in the USA. The plan also closes down military bases. Have you read about the Pentagon's move to close military bases here in the US? I have.

Now why in GOD's name is the sitting President alowing porous borders with Mexico, knowing that in the Iraq invasion, hundreds of WMDS that The US GAve Sadamn went unprotected? Why for "cheap labor" allow illegal immigration WITH THE VERY REAL THREAT OF CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS FROM IRAQ CROSSING THE BORDER, VIA EITHER CONSTRUED OR NREWLY CREATED JIHADISTS BRINGING THEM IN?

THere is only one answer. they want it to happen! THe BUSH DYNASTAY WANTS THE RICH TO RULE OVER THE MIDDLE CLASS AND THE WORKING CLASS OF AMERICA,! A major biological or chemical or nuclear attack will bring in those UN forteign troops to stablize the Country, with resulting Loss of the CONSTitution and your Bill of Rights to speak and Protest.

BUSH and friends want to rule over the world, and they're using American taxpayers' money to do it. THey bow before the Pope, and would gladly see the Vatican Chief sitting in the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

The only recourse is to urge Congress to immediaely write a Bill resotring the Consttution if FEMA takes over, stop all funding to Israel now, (they have Nukes to protect themselves) and let them work out a new Tourist industry to get the monbey they lost from selling drones to China which could disable US radar. The US should throw out all Jesuits, and send them back to Rome. Let Israel say it will not expand another inch, it will build tall towers for it's returning Jews to live in. Britain should compensate the Palestinians for they lands they gave in the creation of Israel, and the Palestinians can cbuild their country in GAZA. JERICHO and Bethlehem. BECAUSE BY HAVING A COMMON INTEREST, HOLY LAND REAL ESTATE, they'd be forced to work together for mutual gain.

WHAT about the Third temple? BUILD it over the DOME of THe Rock!

This is not anti Catholic. This is antiJESUIT! THis is not anti Semetic, this is Anti- Israeli expansion.
This is ANTI- BUSH and treasonous members of his administration!

What will you do about this hair's breadtrh threat to the US Consitution?

This work is in the public domain


Re: Constitution soon to be replaced by FEMA. What will you do about it?
23 Jun 2005 Evidence for the above may be found at Conyers' threads, Facts, figures, and proof.
Re: Constitution soon to be replaced by FEMA. What will you do about it?
24 Jun 2005
Here you have the beginning of it's end: No safe and secure home:

Liberty Beat
FBI Turned Loose
Privacy rights may disappear if a new Senate Intelligence Committee bill passes

by Nat Hentoff
June 23rd, 2005 6:16 PM alert me by e-mail
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[Since 9-11] the Constitution has gone from an objective to be satisfied to an obstacle to national defense. . . . As these changes mount, at what point do we become other than a free and democratic nation? George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, Los Angeles Times, January 2, 2003


Civil liberties had their origin and must find their ultimate guarantee in the faith of the people. If that faith should be lost, five or nine [votes on the Supreme Court] could not long supply its want. Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, Douglas v. City of Jeannette (1943)


On June 6, in a closed-door session, the Senate Intelligence Committee approved a bill that, if Congress and the president agree (and he will), would dramatically expand the FBI's powers under the Patriot Act to issue secret administrative subpoenas for an unprecedented range of personal records—without having to go to a judge.

The FBI will write its own subpoenas—just as British customs officials in the colonies did before the American Revolution—using general search warrants (writs of assistance) to go into homes and offices at will to look for contraband. These raids so inflamed 18th-century Americans that the "general search warrant" was one of the precipitating causes of our revolution.

The ACLU's superb Washington staff bluntly explains the impact of the proposal: "This power would let agents seize personal records [it deems relevant to an intelligence investigation] from medical facilities, libraries, hotels, gun dealers, banks and any other businesses, without having to appear before a judge, and without any evidence that the people whose records are collected are involved in any criminal activity." (Emphasis added.)

If the FBI is targeting you in its dragnet operations for some amorphous connection to terrorism (do you go to a mosque or organize against the war?) you will not know that your personal records have been seized—and put into any number of data banks.

Since these are secret administrative subpoenas, the third-party record holders who get them can't tell you what they've given up to the FBI.

While this unleashing of the FBI was being debated at a May 24 open hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee, several Democrats asked a highly pertinent question of a witness, Valerie Caproni, general counsel for the FBI: Is there any evidence that the delay—caused by having to get a judge's approval for a subpoena—has ever harmed national security?

This was her answer: "Can we show you, because of delays, that a bomb went off? No, but it could happen tomorrow. It could."

The administration's shadow Constitution, made up as Bush goes along, trashes the rule of law on the basis of what might happen.

That's how so many thousands of Japanese Americans were herded into internment camps during the Second World War as the army gave false prospective information to President Franklin Roosevelt and the Supreme Court. If anything like 9-11 happens here again, startled speculation, fueled by fear, could bring back those internment camps—with a multicultural range of inmates.

Listening to the FBI general counsel's testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee was Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein of California, who, until that moment, had been a stalwart defender of the Patriot Act, much to the administration's delight. Hearing Valerie Caproni justify awarding the FBI such overwhelming authority that this administration had previously failed to get through, Senator Feinstein was somewhat shaken.

"This is a very broad power," she said, "with no check on that power. It's carte blanche for a fishing expedition." She got it!

Because that vote was taken at a closed session of the Intelligence Committee, the yeas and nays have not been officially revealed. (And George W. Bush calls this "a transparent democracy"!) But I have learned that four Democrats voted against the bill as a whole, including the FBI's expanded administrative subpoenas. They were Dianne Feinstein, Jon Corzine of New Jersey, Carl Levin of Michigan, and Ron Wyden of Oregon.

Republican Pat Roberts of Kansas, the aggressive chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, moved this bill fast to steal a march on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which also has oversight authority over the Justice Department and its FBI.

Among the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, ranking minority member Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Richard Durbin of Illinois, and Russell Feingold of Wisconsin—the latter being the only senator to vote against the Patriot Act in 2001—should mount strong opposition to the administrative subpoenas and other parts of the bill.

For example, empowering the FBI to get from postal inspectors, The New York Times reports, the "names, addresses and all other material appearing on the outside of letters sent to or from people connected to foreign intelligence investigations."

(These mail covers also fish widely, and with little meaningful judicial supervision. It's the FBI that guesses how you may be "connected.")

Lisa Graves, the admirably knowledgeable senior counsel for legislative strategy at the ACLU, says the Intelligence Committee, fearing this bill would lose in the Judiciary Committee, quickly moved to get it out first as a fait accompli, so those who oppose it can be charged with being "soft on terror."

In the May 18 Counterpunch, Lisa Graves adds: "I guess now we'll have to see whether the people on the Judiciary Committee will have the political courage to stand up on this."

I also wonder how long before New York senators Chuck Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton address themselves to these secret FBI vacuum cleaners of information.

And it would be useful if the so-called Democratic leadership (Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the strutting Howard Dean) would join Bob Barr of the American Conservative Union in saying loud and clear that this bill "would essentially render the Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizure completely meaningless." To be continued. go to next article in news ->