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Commentary :: Media
Portland won't Publish anti Jesuit materials, conclusion they're run by Jesuits
13 Jul 2005
I've tried to get this story on Portland indymedia, but they won't print it. Why am I so concerned. At least Portland has readers who commenr! Most other indymediads are dead.
New Evidence suggests ex-President George Bush led a coup d’e tat in leading the CIA gang
by researcher Tuesday July 12, 2005 at 03:28 AM

It's big news I think when a President condones Terrorists. I think it's even bigger when this kind of evidence shows a coup de e tat occurred in Dallas. Who was Bush serving? Senator Prescott's protégé Richard Nixon. The same who had financed Hitler's war machine. Nixon elevated Kissinger to high rank, and Kissinger was from a Nazi background. Kissinger brought many ex Nazi's into the CIA and that led to more terrorist activities, and I think to 911. His plan was to use "military dumb animals" to further their plan for a New World order" which translates to support the elite and rich families of the Globe, ie. Bush, Rockefellers, Harriman’s, etc. Their interests are getting richer, and they control foreign policy, and major media.

p1010005.jpg, image/jpeg, 1600x1200
"The Case against Posada Carriles"

It was reported by the New York Times, this week, the fact that “In May, Luis Posada Carriles, a militant anti-Castro fighter from the cold war era, was arrested here on charges of entering the country illegally and was imprisoned in El Paso, where he awaits federal trial. Barely anyone in Miami protested, even though many Cuban-Americans consider Mr. Posada, 77, to be a hero who deserves asylum. "
I did a search on him and found more than the Media dare print.

The above website
has documents that shows Bush was in the CIA at that time. These assassins were in Dallas when Kennedy was murdered. Marita (became a CIA agent after being misstress to Castro) a testifies how she saw Oswald (now known CIA agent) and Ruby together, with two carloads of them at a motel the night before, armed with weapons. She got out. She testified that Frank Sturgis later boasted, "we killed Kennedy.”Other witnesses said they saw Posada in the Square also that terrible day.

The website also has documents that show one of those who knew and encouraged Oswald was a friend of George Bush Senior. He has repeatedly said he never knew him. The website reveals that many of these witnesses were killed before they could testify to the conspiracy. Even Jack Ruby was said he was willing to testify but he claimed he was being given a cancer causing drug that eventually did kill him.

The website provides pictures of George Bush with the CIA agent Felix Rodriquez and George Bush, and Felix Rodriquez’s capture of Che Gueierra, who later had his hands cut off after he was shot. These agents also participated in the removal of democratic leaders in South American countries. Apparently Nixon was a Protégé of Prescott Bush. Nixon brought in Henry Kissinger, ex Nazi, who brought over many Nazis to serve in the CIA.

The author shows the history of this group. Some were hand picked by ex-President George Bush himself from the CIA initially to assainate Castro and invade Cuba in the Bay of Pigs attack... He and other Texas oilmen financed some of their operations. A Dr. Orlando Bosch, convicted of blowing up a Cuban airliner, with the help of Posada was later PARDONED by Bush Senior as President. The author says Bosch was the leader of the group at the motel where this gang was in Dallas the night before the killing of President J.F. Kennedy, Jr.

Video of the hit:

”. There was never a real intent on the part of the Pope's CFR-controlled high command of the CIA to kill Castro. The late CIA assassin George Hickey told my close friend that he had Castro in his sights when he received the order to "abort." The order was blamed on JFK and that essential team was then used to do the distractionary shooting and wounding in Dallas, the kill shot coming from Greer.

. George de Mohrenschildt and George H. W. Bush were not only friends but they both were Papal Knights of Malta. Two high Knights were eliminated in the Kennedy executive action: Clay Shaw and George de Mohrenschildt. Both died as a result of subsequent investigations after the assassination.

With these corrections kept in mind, knowing that the current cover-up leads to the Archbishop of New York City---now Edward Cardinal Egan---, we have more details as to "Who" was involved in the murder of a President who was first an American and secondly a Roman Catholic who refused to enforce the Pope's Temporal Power. That "Who" extends to Watergate and Iran Contra. That "Who" includes Knight of Malta William F. Buckley, Jr., Knight of Malta William J. Casey, Knight of Malta Alexander Haig, Jr., Knight of Malta Pat Buchanan, Knight of Malta Oliver North, and now with the WTC demolition, Knight of Malta George J. Tenet. All of these traitors were or are today under the control of Fordham and Georgetown University Jesuits ruling the Pope's "Holy Roman" Fourteenth Amendment American Empire (1868-Present). “ Eric Von Phelps creator of Vatican Assassins

See: for more on the above three paragraphs.

The website shows how Senator Prescott Bush supported Nixon. He was super friendly with Kissinger .With Bush documented in the above article that he was CIA and associated with the terrorists, and that he later pardoned Dr. Death Bosch who was just as guilty of bombing airlines and hotels, it's clear Terrorism was approved by them. And if terrorism, assai nation of rivals, and if that demolitions of American citizens in the WTC and Pentagon.

The Downing Street Memo is the tip pf the iceberg when it comes to this administration's lying to us. Too many were silenced. JFK, JR., Robert Kennedy, Congressman Larry McDonald, and John Jr.

This new evidence should lead to a reopening of the investigation into President Kennedy’s death. I have written to Senators, newspapers and CREW. Will you please take the time to read the above website? Then please help remove this fascist dynasty from American government.

Kennedy was about to change the Federal Reserve System. His dislike of Castro led him to be targeted by the Black Pope. Eric Von Phelps documents the power of the Jesuits on his website, http://www.vatican, and claims most of the intelligence agencies are controlled by them.
These same Jesuits were responsible for ghost writing Mien Camp, creating Zionism, and killing any "white Pope" that tried to disband them. Their ultimate gain: control of Jerusalem.

The elite families that control the CFR have Masonic ties to the Jesuits and Israel. So you have necons who are faced with supporting an expanding Israel.

9/11 was orchestrated by them to get public support to fight to help get Israel the oil it lost from the Iranian revolution. See executive orders of the President that protect American corporate oil profiteers despite a UN security resolution that Iraq's oil should go to a "humanitarian fund" for the reconstruction of Iraq.

Iran is a threat to Israel and I'm afraid it will be their next target, unless the American people get the true version of what has really been happening in America.

Studies show the Falklands have more oil than the Middle East. Why don't the British and Americans go that route? In the meanwhile conservation measures should be put into law!

What's really funny is that internet sources say Bin Laden's mother is Jewish. With that he can move to Israel too. Obviously with Israel's right of any Jew born of a Jewish mother, they have a SPACE PROBLEM. Maybe build tall towers to live in?

I do realize the US created him, funded him, and I think they've succeeded in making him the patsy, for 9/11 just like Oswald, "the lone nut" was made during the coup d etat! The only sleeper cells found in America are the Mossad and the Jesuit training camps. These were in on the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon. Remote control of planes is no secret.
Paper trails leading to alcoholic, women chasing "fanatical Muslims" are impossible.Nine of the so called hijackers were found alive and well, their identity papers were stolen. Even though Bush said over 130 Israelis were killed in the WTC Pentagon attack, only three wwere killed, thanks to the Odigio warnings two hours before. Larry Silverstein admitted to "pulling" building seven, which wasn't even hit by a plane. All visual and scientific evidence points to a controlled demolition of the Twin towers. The CIA and Norad were conducting "training excercises "that day , TO
CONFUSE airport workers who saw too many unidentified aircraft, and they thought it was part of this TRAINING excersise, so no military response shot down the Remote controlled planes. Interesting the Pentagon offices that were hit, most likely a missile, were of Naval intelligence most responsible for uncovering the Pollard spy case, and had top[ officials questioning the loyalty of dual place of birth officers, that is, those with Israeli American citizenship.

Skull and Bones take an oath to the devil, Lucifer himself. Guess who is in Skull and Bones? Guess who go to Bohemian Grove and throw their cares away to the Great Owl, and burn a body in effigy? The very elite family men of our world. The Bush family among others.

Look at how the government has "progressed "under this dynasty. Do a google search on these:
Patriot Act
Imprisonment of reporters
Torture and death to reporters
Torture in Iraq
FEMA: the Shadow government
Concentration Camps in America
International Road signs for UN troops in America
Stalag 17
Agenda 21

Famous Quote of George Bush Senior:” You can fool some of the people all the time, and these are the ones you want to concentrate on”
I also remember he said something like if the people knew what we have done, they’d hang us.


The two public interest organizations charged that President Bush far overreached a May 22, 2003, United Nations resolution that was designed to protect Iraqi oil revenues for humanitarian purposes when he signed an executive order that could place U.S. corporations above the law for any activities "related to" Iraqi oil, either in Iraq or domestically. Bush signed Executive Order 13303 the same day that the UN Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 1483, which sets up a development fund, from Iraqi oil revenues, for "humanitarian purposes."

"This order reveals the true motivation for the present occupation: absolute power for U.S. corporate interests over Iraqi oil," said IPS Senior Researcher Jim Vallette. "This is the smoking gun that proves the Bush administration always intended to free corporate investments, not the Iraqi people."

"In terms of legal liability, the Executive Order cancels the concept of corporate accountability and abandons the rule of law," charged Tom Devine, legal director of the Government Accountability Project. "It is a blank check for corporate anarchy, potentially robbing Iraqis of both their rights and their resources."

Also see excellent evidence at

Also covers new insights into London Bombing

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House of Brick
by researcher Tuesday July 12, 2005 at 03:28 AM

p1010001.jpg, image/jpeg, 1600x1200

The three little pigs, danced happily in their house of bricks.

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Ground Zero, 2003
by researcher Tuesday July 12, 2005 at 03:28 AM

p1010007.jpg, image/jpeg, 1600x1200

The remaining beams, the cross, cries for JUSTICE!

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This work is in the public domain


Re: Portland won't Publish anti Jesuit materials, conclusion they're run by Jesuits
14 Jul 2005
Portland IMC is too busy catering to anti-semites.