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We must SHUT DOWN the UMass Debate
30 Sep 2000
Enough protesting. Let's shut 'em down.
As a Nader volunteer in Minneapolis who helped put on the Super Rally here on Sep. 22, I am urging the Boston operation to encourage Stopping the Debate on Oct. 3. Please use the Oct. 1 Super Rally at the Fleet Center as a venue to call for Direct Actions to prevent the debate from occuring. We have been protesting the exclusion of third parties at the debates for months now, and the Powers That Be have not listened. The time for protest is over. Now it is time to just STOP THEM. I strongly believe that it would be IRRESPONSIBLE for the Progressive Left to allow this debate to occur. The Whole World will be watching. Let's give them NOTHING to watch in that hall. No one should be let in. No candidates. No cameras. No audience. This is the moment to Demand Democracy. We CANNOT let this farce go on. If this debate happens, we are allowing the corporate hegemony to continue controlling our lives, and that must stop now. Now! There's more of us than them. Let's block the roads and chain ourselves to the doors. UMass is public property and they have no right to prevent us from being there. We've sent them petitions and they don't care. Let's close down the campus and not let them in. To do less would be a betrayal to ourselves and the next seven generations. SHUT DOWN THE DEBATE !!
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Going All the Way to Revolution
30 Sep 2000
I agree completely. Let's push forward till we break the chains of oppression, topple repression & clear the space for the ReConstructing of just social/economic systems
Shut down the debates?!?!
01 Oct 2000
I agree, but unfortunately the Ralph Nader 2000 campaign has refused all requests by activists to use his sound system access at the FleetNewGarden to announce any protest involving the unDebate, 10/03/2000 at Umass.
Dont shut down the debate
01 Oct 2000
Will I be able to get to work at my community health center on Tuesday and see my patients? Looks like i won't. maybe the direct action group would like to call my elderly and other patients and exlain why this is more important than their access to heathcare on Tuesday afternoon. Your in Boston now, recall that this ain't Phily and relax a little. We're not the enemy, those democrats lurking on every streetcorner all over Massachusetts. many of them even support you, but don't turn our City into a circus, march, but don't get violent. Speak aboutyour causes, but let Al and the Shrub speak also.
direct democracy, and open alternatives
01 Oct 2000
shall we lock down on every ballot box in america come election day? lock down on every seat in congres? and be seem the world over as children, raging impontently, kicking at the shins of established, "respected" organizations.

why not join a growing coalition of people interested in providing a creative, and positive alternative to business as usual. inspire people with democratic and open debate and conversation in the streets. come join the debates, and the parties in the inclusive carnival spirit of our growing movement.

why not check out the boston mobilization call to action?
Your patients are at UMass?
01 Oct 2000
The Secret Service is the first place you need to go with your concerns if your patients are at UMass, or if you are supposed to meet them there. It is my understanding that essential services taking place there (feeding lab animals, etc.) will still be allowed to go on by the Secret Service, who will have provided passes to those folks. Activists would not deny you your ability to do your job if that's where it's taking place.

If you are meeting your patients elsewhere, then you shouldn't have any problem. This is a highly localized action, taking place in a space that has already been closed down by others, namely the federal government.

As for "let Al and the Shrub speak also": they get on the air or in print every time they release a propaganda-filled press release, whether it's news or not. Their access to the media and to the people is pervasive, and completely under their control except when they really screw up. (Like when Shrub called a NYT reporter an obscene name.) Any action in Boston is about the fact that no other voices are let into the public debate, and it is well past time for that to happen.

As for turning Boston into a circus, take a walk along the Freedom Trail, and think about what wouldn't have happened if the original revolutionaries had strategized in those terms. State Street would still be named King Street, and Fleet Financial would probably be the East India Company.

Democrats are the enemy if their individual inaction empowers their corporate party leaders to continue their shenanigans. Your patients are important; so are the 4000 people dying in Iraq every month from the sanctions that Gore supports. So are the farmers in Colombia whose crops are killed by U.S. provided chemicals, a policy Gore supports. So are the 2 million in prison in the U.S., there under a set of policies that Gore wants to expand.

I sincerely hope your work with your patients is not interrupted by actions in Boston, but like I said, if you usually meet up with them at UMass, your work already would have been made difficult by the Secret Service, whether there were activists around or not.
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parallel universes?
01 Oct 2000
In Yugoslavic, the opposition leader Kostunica claims to have won a majority of the popular vote for the presidency, and is calling on mass civil disobedience until Milosevic, who insists on a run-off, leaves office. Students are refusing to go to school, all kinds of professionals are leaving work - it is a mass statement of noncompliance with a system millions understand to be totally corrupt.
A call for mass CD in order to prevent the debates @ UMass from taking place has many parallels to the call coming from Belgrade. We know the debates are owned and run by private corporations, as are the two candidates whose faces alone they want us to see. The national interest in the event is clear - for Nader and others to be denied participation is the ultimate stamping out of these campaigns as alternatives-to-be-taken-seriously. If I were in Boston, I wouldn't hesitate to take out my u-lock and use it. Those who get arrested can make a fair legal argument that they were acting in the greater public interest. We have tolerated the duopology far too long already, even tried to mould and mollify it, while the arrogance on their part has gotten so blatant they don't even pretend to not acknowledge what's going on. Those of you who opt for throwing a tea party, drink up and remember you have the support of thousands who cannot be there in person. Cost-benefit analysis is totally in our favor.
One if by land
Two if by sea
A parallel with Yugoslavia???
01 Oct 2000
The attempts by "Paul Revere" and many other apparently well-intentioned progressives and radicals to compare the growing popular movement in the U.S. to the Yugoslav "independent opposition" are not only groundless, but sadly misinformed. Please read independent media reports detailing how the "independent", "pro-Western" opposition to Milosevic has been provided $77 million over the past 3 years. Immediately after the elections on September 24 -- which a team of international observers from some 50 countries described as "free and fair" -- the State Department and U.K. officials arrogantly demanded that Milosevic leave. Yet Congress then allocated a further $105 million -- a truly staggering sum for such a small and impoverished nation as (remnant) Yugoslavia -- to aid "independent"", "pro-Western" parties, media, and organizations.

Kostunica has promised to implement all IMF and World Bank reforms and impose a draconian "structural adjustment program". The only country to have held out against Western control in Eastern Europe will be firmly in the hands of these wonderful organizations and the military/corporate interests behind them. Ordinary Yugoslavs will suffer TREMENDOUSLY. And none of this will avert the looming war between NATO and Belgrade over the status of Montenegro (and who knows after that...Kosovo again? Vojvodina?)

In contrast to our farcical two-headed single-party "democracy", voters in Yugoslavia really are faced with the lesser of two evils. Please read up on the situation in other countries before you draw parallels between pro-IMF, Western-funded flunkies there and democratic activists in the U.S.

in solidarity,
Drash the "Debates"
01 Oct 2000
Trash the "debates." You all know there is not really going to be a debate but just a show of one. They have stolen what semblence of a democracy we have. It's Tea Party Time!! From Xenia, Ohio sorry I can't be with you make'n history! Success to ya all. Trash em to the ocean.