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Commentary :: Race
Defend Israel
15 Aug 2005
America is often called a racist, Anti-Semitic,
>nativist and homophobic country. Judging from the
>comments of many people on this board, it is clear to
>me that these accusations are not completely without
>What is a concerned Human Rights activist to do?
>Does he sit back and do nothing while blacks are being
>strapped to the back of pickup trucks and dragged to
>their death by those who envision a "whiter, brighter
>Does the concerned Human Rights activist do and say
>nothing while children are being shot up at Jewish day
>care centers and people are being lynched in Wyoming
>for no other reason than that they because they have
>the "wrong" sexual orientation?
>What about those who use the Internet to deny the
>obvious facts that the Nazis gassed six million Jews
>to death during World War II? What about those who
>persist in this absurd denial while bigots of a
>somewhat less savory status silently lurk within the
>shadows of Internet discussion groups and whisper --
>sometimes in coded words and sometimes out loud and in
>words impossible to misinterpret -- about the "next
>Holocaust" which will be the "ultimate final solution"
>for the Jews and others deemed a threat to Aryan
>What is a man or woman of principle and morals to do?
>While I have no mysterious, supernatural "ZOG" powers
>to bring about a sweeping change to the State of Hate
>of America, I DO have some ideas that I would like to
>implement if I had that power.
>Here is my ten point plan in order to make America a
>more tolerant place where people can have a better
>appreciation of our differences and common
>understanding of our diversity:
>(1) Establish a National Dialog on the State of Hate
>in America. President Clinton did an excellent job of
>opening up the dialog on race and paving the way to
>more meaningiful racial understanding and racial
>reconciliation with his national dialog on race.
>We are in dire need of a National Dialog on the State
>of Hate in America.
>(2) The establishment of a National Hate Patrol Task
>Force. Great Britain has plain clothes police officers
>who enter ethnic restaurants and listen in on
>conversations to see if anyone makes a racist,
>anti-Semitic or anti-foreigner remark.
>I think this is a wonderful idea. For punishment, I
>would suggest a small fine and community service. For
>example, if someone is overheard trying to deny or
>minimize the Holocaust in a conversation, he can be
>fined $106 and forced to do 60 hours of community
>service in a Jewish senior center that caters to
>survivors of the Holocaust.
>If someone says, "all blacks are stupid", he should be
>fined and forced to do community service in a
>predominately African American elementary school
>helping children from deprived backgrounds who face
>learning disorders.
>The "Hate Ticket" could have a series of categories
>for the officer to check. This would include: (A)
>racism, (B) anti-Semitism, (C) Holocaust Denial, (D)
>nativism and xenophobia, (E) homophobia, (F) sexism,
>(G) anti-government extremism, and (H) mild bigotry
>that does not fall into a particular class or category
>(such as someone suggesting that he doesn't
>"understand" why abortion rights are such a big deal).
>For first time offenders who say something mild, such
>as, "there sure are a lot of foreigners here", he
>could be given a written warning.
>I think this idea has a lot of merit. We, for example,
>enforce laws against speeding in order to protect
>lives from people who would recklessly endanger them.
>Why not give a "Hate Ticket" to someone whose remarks
>and blatant bigotry tears at the very fabric of
>society and threatens to pull us all apart?
>Speeders endanger individual lives. Haters threaten
>the entire society.
>(3) Tax breaks for interracial couples. Many persons
>who are involved in mixed race relationships suffer
>from discrimination as well as negative reactions from
>family, friends, co-workers and strangers. This in
>turn leads to negative feelings which may become
>internalized and affect a person's earning potential.
>While tax breaks are by no means a cure all for
>society's prejudice and bigotry, it may provide
>temporarily relief for persons in mixed race
>relationships overcoming society's bigotry and the
>subsequent damaged self image that may come from it.
>(4) Abolish the border between the US and Mexico. As
>you know, a hungry, tired and oppressed family fleeing
>Mexico may face fanatical border guards whose
>in-your-face and often violent tactics and approaches
>border on fascism.
>We should give up on maintaining a border between
>these two countries. Americans who should be free to
>visit Mexico and Mexicans should be free to come to
>the United States.
>(5) National registration of all hate sites and hate
>site visitors. This would be modeled on gun
>registration laws and this would help produce a
>national database for law enforcement to help track
>down people who commit hate crimes or who say very
>hateful things about certain groups.
>(6) Start a "Keep the Hate out of the Home" program
>whereby children report to government authorities on
>their parents if their parents are overheard making
>racist, anti-Semitic and extremist remarks. Parents
>who try to teach their children bigotry would be sent
>to Tolerance Reeducation Camps and their children sent
>to foster homes.
>(7) Build Tolerance Reeducation Camps. This is where
>people who say hurtful or offensive things can be sent
>in order to become better informed and educated about
>the values of diversity and multiculturalism.
>(8) Hate Filters to be installed on all computers,
>both public and private in the United States. As you
>know, there are federal regulations that must govern
>the way computer equipment is sold in the United
>States. Adding mandatory software should be no
>problem. A "Hate Filter" would be installed on all new
>computers and required in all older ones so as to
>prevent the spread of poisonous ideas and ideologies.
>(9) Establish and finance with public money various
>Human Rights Councils. These organizations help to
>bring about racial justice to people discriminated
>against or who have been exposed to public contempt
>and ridicule on account of their race, religion,
>national origin, sexual orientation, or HIV-status.
>Canada leads the world in bringing these fine
>organizations to the forefront of the fight against
>hate and intolerance.
>An example: Let's say a columnist asserts in the
>morning paper that Hollywood is controlled by a Jewish
>cabal that is bent on subverting and destroying white
>Christian culture? Due to some holes in the First
>Amendment, that potentially pogrom-inspiring rhetoric
>would be perfectly "legal" by American "free speech"
>The only "response" one could have is to write an
>editorial pointing out the Anti-Semitism of the
>author. But that of course would be playing right into
>the hands of the extremists as extremists just simply
>love to use the "facts." The only other option decent
>people might be left with is to boycott the newspaper
>itself and try to get the writer of the racist
>diatribes fired.
>This would NOT be so with a decent and hard working
>Human Rights Council on our side. If we had such an
>organization, we could stop the hate-mongers dead in
>their tracks with lawsuits, hate crime charges, ethnic
>intimidation charges and other legal means.
>(10) Increase foreign aide to Israel from four billion
>to $400 billion per year. Anti-Semites and Jew haters
>like to whine about the four billion Israel receives
>in aide every year. The fact of the matter is that
>four billion a year is only $16 from every man, woman
>and child in America -- or $1.25 (the price of a candy
>bar) per MONTH.
>I believe we can easily secure a Jewish homeland for
>100 times that amount. And since Israel is such a good
>ally of the US, perhaps we would stand to benefit from
>Israel's technology, strategic location and her many
>allies all over the globe. While $400 billion may
>sound like a lot of money, it is still only a small
>fraction of the entire federal budget.
>The $400 billion could be used by Israel to secure its
>borders and build up its military strength and protect
>itself from slurs, vicious attacks, chemical,
>biological and nuclear weapons.
>Of course, there are those who say there might be some
>opposition from Congress. "The Jews don't need any
>money", these Congressmen might say. Our response
>should simply be to remind them that Hitler would have
>said the exact same thing.

This work is in the public domain


Re: Defend Israel
15 Aug 2005
Okay, this is twice in as many days I had received an email asking me to verify a post on Boston IMC I did not write. I did not post this, nor would I. General rule: If you don't see it on, we are not about it.
Re: Defend Israel
15 Aug 2005
Defend Israel? But what some call "Israel" is nothing but Zionist occupied Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese lands. How can one defend an offense???

In the current intifada, over 400000 Zionists have bugged out. Many have returned to thier homeland/USA, thus making America less white by some people's definition. And the total liberation of all Palestinian lands would mean even MORE Jews would return to the USA.

The fact that the people destroying our Palestinian neighbor's lives and lifes are Jews is irrelivant to the fact that they are murderous thieves of palestinian (etc.) lands. To appease and support the murderous thieves of Palestinian lands just because they are Jews is to showcase your own prejudice.

While I don't think you should be arrested or fined or even sillenced because you push for supporting the offense of ZIonism, I sure as hell don't think you should be allowed to force other Americans to finance the bloodsoaked crusade with public taxes. By doing so, you force me to treat my Palestinian neighbors as I would not have them treat me AND deny me my right to live as a Christian. That goes against the 1st Amendment. It is a crime to force others finance your god's promise to your god's chosen murderous thieves.

And saying the Zionists have NO birthright of murderous theft ofANY Palestinian lands doesn't make me anti-semetic any more than saying that Nazis had no right of murderous theft of thier enighbor's homelands would make me anti-German.

Did the alleged holocaust really happen? I have never seen any actual evidence of it. I have seen evidence that it didn't happen. But none showing that it did happen.
Re: Defend Israel
16 Aug 2005

these last two posts illustrate my point: anti-semitism is rampant on indymedia.

This is sickening
Re: Defend Israel
16 Aug 2005
Can you pinpoint the alleged anti-semitism in my post??? Or are you just practicing idolotry of alligations?

Failing to appease Zionist offenses is somehow supposed to be anti-semitic. Fine, tell us how.
Re: Defend Israel
16 Aug 2005
Only $16 dollars for every man woman and child in america??? And I have no problem with you comparing that to the price of an expensive candy bar. BUT would you have a problem if I pointed out that Zionists are NOT buying candy? $16 bucks will get you 300 rounds of .223 calibur bullets for your ar15. It will get you 5.5 gallons of diesel fuel for your armorred bullbozers when you flatten your neighbors home. I don't know how many feet of razor wire it will buy you, but since you are such an expert on candy bars, maybe YOU can tell US.

And don't think it is JUST $4 billion. Add the taxes that Democraps and republitrash use to pay the ZIonist's tribute to Egypt and Jordan for appeasing the ZIonist's bloodsoaked occupation of NEITHER Egypt NORE Jordan. Then there is the loan guarentees that pop up from time to time. The last was $8 billion not even 2 years ago. Add to that the fact that Americans who contribut money to the ZIonist's bloodsaoked offensive war of conflict don't pay taxes on those donation. And the rest of the taxpayers have to fill in the hole left by Zionist enablers who WOULD HAVE payed taxes on that cash IF they hadn't donated it for thier favorite crusade.

Then there is the blowback of democraps and republitrash reloading the ZIonist crusader's guns as fast as Zionists unload them into Palestinians. Financing the offense of Zionism has created the hatred that has been finding it's way back at Americans in the form of terrorism for decades. For decades, America's whore politicians have been sacrificing thier feloow American's lives for the Zionist crusade. maybe you don't think it is anti-American to sell out America's peace for a special intrest (and a bloodsoaked crusade would have to be damned special by any reasoning), I do.

What, is it anti-semetic to not want to subsidize the Zionist's offensive war of conquest??? It wouldn't have been anti-German to complain if taxpayers didn't want to finance the Nazi's offensive war of conquest. How could not wanting to finance the ZIonist's offenses make you anti-semetic??? Here is where your definition of hate speech falls apart. WHo gets to decide what is hate speech??? Hopfully not you, since you think that not wanting to be a part of Zionist offenses is anti-semetic.
Re: Defend Israel
16 Aug 2005
And that 300 rounds is at retail prices. ZIonists buy .223 cal, razor wire, etc, at bulk rates from the military industrial complex. $16 of your taxes going from you to military contractors and thier shareholders, so that ZIonists can continue thier offensive occupation of lands that the only claim they have to is that Hebrews were ALSO murderous thieves of the land and that there was a small Jewish minority when ZIonists started invading under the Brittish guns like hungarians invaded Slovakia under Nazi guns.

Isn't that the same bullshit rationalization Nazis used to invade Czechoslovakia? That because germans once ruled Bohemia and moravia, and because there was a German speeking minority in the Sudaten mountains, Nazis had a right to invade??? Tell us, what is it like to share the moral ethics of nazis???