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Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
17 Aug 2005
The Somerville Theatre has just informed us-- the Reagan Babies, a local band/performance group ( that our scheduled October 29th event, the final performance of "Jesus Christ Terrorist," a rock opera, has been cancelled despite a contract that was signed over three months ago and thousands of pre-production dollars spent. Theatre representative, Sherri Belski, claims that her decision to pull the contract was a result of the theater's insurance carrier refusing to cover the event. However, upon further discussion with Ms. Belski it has become clear that there was more to it and that, in fact, it is likely that the political content of the performance is at question.
Somerville Theater pulls Contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist.
On May 19th, 2005, after conversations with Ms. Belski, we (Jonathan Leavitt signed as representative of the Reagan Babies) signed a contract with FEI Theatres, which owns the Somerville Theatre. Pre-contract discussions covered the full content of the evening, including the title of the event "Reagan Babies and Co. Present "Jesus Christ Terrorist."and the nature of the event-- musical theatre, dance, 2 bands, and performance poetry. We were mailed back a signed copy of the contract signed by FEI representative, Sherri Belski.

Production for the event began in earnest at this point. Rehearsals,
contracting, ticketing, materials development and advertising were put in place and we heard nothing from the Somerville Theatre. What we did receive were a few angry emails sent to us from self- proclaimed Christians which stated that they would do anything in their power to stop this "clearly blasphemous show" (the text for one of those emails is below).

On August 4th we received a phone message from Ms. Belski indicating that there were some problems with the show. I called her and she informed me that their company's insurer, whom they pay $50,000/year for a policy, refused to cover the event. I asked her if either she or they had done any research on the event. The only thing she could recall was that someone had seen a preview of a previous show in the Boston Phoenix and that the theater manager was worried about "picketers." But as far as she knew no one had contacted any of the venues the show had run at to see if there were any incidents of any kind. She also admitted that neither she nor the insurer knew what the script was about. She did casually mention that she knew the event had something to do with "corporations and militarism." She also indicated that to her knowledge the Somerville Theatre had never pulled a contract in this manner for anything to do with content. We requested a meeting with her and a representative of the insurer, but she said the best she would do was to look at the script and pass it along to the insurer.She also requested a formal letter in writing that was then faxed to her on August 4th.

The following week I attempted to contact Ms. Belski over the phone
without success, and eventually was put on the line with whom I believe is the owner's son, Richard Fraiman. (The Somerville Theatre and the Arlington Theatre are both owned by Fraiman Enterprise's Mel Fraiman. Mr. Fraiman indicated during the conversation that he thought the show was "offensive",but could not give any specifics and also admitted knowing nothing about the
show other then the title. Mr. Fraiman was given more details about both the show and the band and this included a number of venues where the show had run as well as venues that the band had performed at. (Jesus Christ Terrorist has been performed at venues such as the Zeitgeist Gallery in Cambridge, the Milky Way Lounge in Jamaica Plain, Evos Arts in Lowell, and the Berkshire Blues Cafe in Lee).

Mr. Fraiman agreed to a meeting and we agreed to bring along a script for him to look at. The meeting took place on August 11th at the Somerville Theatre, with Ms. Belski (Mr. Fraiman did now show). We brought along the JCT script and went over the whole evening's schedule (that also included dance performances and band sets by both the Reagan Babies and The Foundation, a local hip-hop group), as well as the content and theme of Jesus Christ Terrorist. Ms. Belski said that she would get the script to the insurer and relay to them as well that "we were normal looking". In addition, we presented a list of events and/or performances that we had seen at the Somerville Theatre over the years whose content would be considered "offensive and controversial" to many people. This included movies such as "Last Temptation of Christ" and "What the &*%$#" as well as musicians such as Bruce Cockburn, Michael Franti and Spearhead, and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.

On Tuesday, August 16th we received a certified letter that indicated
that the insurer was still declining coverage on the event and that the event is now officially cancelled in accordance with paragraph 25 of our contract that gave them the right to revoke the contract for "reasonable cause".

We are calling upon members of the community to act upon what is
essentially "economic censorship". We are not yet clear as to why this event was cancelled, whether it had to do with the post 9-11 fears of companies everywhere of doing anything remotely anti-government, the fear of right-wing backlash on themes related to militarism, corporations, and Christianity, or the insurance company databases that are used to classify risk factors. (that are certain to raise red flags for people or organizations that have history's of dissent) Phone #'s to register your anger:

FEI Theatres Executive Offices: 617-354-4466 (Sherri Belski or
Richard Fraiman)

Somerville Theater 617-625-0261 (Ian Judge General

Mel Fraiman (Home) 617-484-6947 (Car) 617-460-6909 (Work) 617-354-4466
send messages and or make personal visits to Mel at his home at 48 Village Hill Road, Belmont, MA 02478 or to the corporate offices located at:

15 Story St. Cambridge MA 02138.

And if you are uncomfortable about making it difficult for "the little guy" to run an independent theater, think again. Mr. Fraiman owns assets exceeding $20 million dollars with residential and
commercial holdings all over Cambridge, Belmont, Somerville, and
Arlington. He also controls a foundation in his name worth over $1 million dollars.If you are interested in helping to get the word out about this shameless act, please email band (at) or call Jonathan at 978-683-3967

Right Wing Email to Us
(E-mail Sent to us)

Hello. As a Christian, I had to send you this letter to protest the
production of this clearly blasphemous show. I've read the information on it and I find nothing "wacky" about it. I find it offensive and disgusting.You are making a mockery of the entire Christian faith and it's disrespectful. You can bet that I will not be attending this show now or ever. This is disgraceful! I've already sent the information to fellow Christians so you can expect more of these letters. We will do everything in our power to stop this kind of show from ever coming back.


Our Letter to Somerville Theater
Our letter to FEI Theatres, requesting a meeting about the cancellation)

To: Public Service and F.E.I Theatres (Somerville Theatre)
Re: Insurance Coverage for October 29th, 2005 Event at the Somerville Theatre

To whom it May Concern: It is with great sadness and disappointment that I received a call from Sherri Belski on August 4th, 2005 (representative of F.E.I. Theatres) informing me that underlying insurance coverage would not be available for our contracted show on October 29th, 2005. Based on my one
conversation with her, I am under the impression that this decision was made without any real knowledge of the event, other then an old preview of a show done at another venue over a year and a half ago.

Certainly no one from Public Service or the Somerville Theatre ever
contacted me to gather more info. If they had, a few things would have been made clear: a. The preview that Sherri mentioned is just that, a preview piece written ahead of the event by a local writer for an alternative weekly (The Boston Phoenix). If either the insurance company or the representative from the Somerville Theatre followed up and spoken to someone from the Zeitgeist Gallery (the venue for that showing), they would have been informed that there were (0) incidents of any kind, including picketers,protesters, broken windows, police involvement, complaints from neighbors,
complaints from venue operators, etc. b. In fact, from all of the (8)
performances we have done of Jesus Christ Terrorist, in venues across New England, we have yet to have any incidents of any kind.

As I have told Sherri in previous conversations, this is an event that
will involve theatre, live bands, dance performances, and multi-media. I have been to numerous shows at the Somerville Theatre that encompassed these mediums, so clearly this is not an issue. I have also been to a number of shows where the political/cultural/musical content of the evening was
anti-corporate/anti-militaristic, much like our own. So clearly this has
not been an issue before this time. And in my conversation with Sherri, she was not able to give me any examples of other shows that had contracts pulled like this, (with the exception of an issue with a band that was known to use pyrotechnics).

So I am at a loss to understand this unwarranted action, especially so late in the process, after an outlay of thousands of dollars on this event, (I have hired professional lighting, sound, and multi-media contractors) not to mention countless hours of production time, and rehearsal hours. If this was an issue, it should have been brought up before the contract was signed,not at this late date, when advertising and ticket sales have already begun.
It leads me to believe that either the insurance company or FEI Theatres is getting cold feet as the result of organized opposition from people who are uncomfortable with the controversial nature of popular theatre and political parody especially when it deals with the issue of Christianity and the "War on Terror".

What a shame that in a time when being outspoken is more important than ever, we are now faced with censorship here in Somerville. (Whether that is economic censorship coming from an insurance carrier and/or a Theatre Owner, or from local/national right-wing organizations) We are humbly requesting an
opportunity to sit down with Public Service and FEI Theatres to have an open dialogue about this event to see if reasonable people can find a way to make this happen.

I look forward to your reply! Jonathan Leavitt , Reagan Babies & Co. "Jesus Christ Terrorist" 978-683-3967

----- The breakdown of the evening follows below

Doors open at 7:30pm Show at 8:30pm

8:30- 8:35 (RESISTDANCE A Choreographed dance piece to Bob Marley's "Redemption Song"

8:35 8:55 (The Collective Performance Poetry)

9:00 10:05 (Jesus Christ Terrorist Musical Theatre)

10:10 10:55 (The Reagan Babies Band)

11:00 11:05 (RESISTDANCE A Choreographed dance piece to Bob Marley's "War"

11:10 Midnight (The Foundation Band) Show ends
See also:

This work is in the public domain.
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Re: Somerville Theater pulls Contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist.
17 Aug 2005
This does not really seem to be news. Come talk to me when you have something real to say.
Re: Somerville Theater pulls Contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist.
17 Aug 2005
So let me try to understand the standpoint of Indymedia; People like Theo Van Gogh who criticize Islamic fanaticism are racist, fascist Europhiles but people who try to equate Christianity with murder and imperialism are progressive? And anyone whose faith is deeply offended by this, like this Heather, is a rightwinger?
Re: Somerville Theater pulls Contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist.
17 Aug 2005
They theatre has a union, mabye contact them for support?
Deja Vu
17 Aug 2005
Click on image for a larger version

Deja Vu
Re: Somerville Theater pulls Contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist.
18 Aug 2005
they broke a contract?

sounds like you've got a case here.

don't worry about the trolls (obviously)
Re: Somerville Theater pulls Contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist.
18 Aug 2005
Indymedia just centers what seems like good stuff. We don't pick sides in most debates. If people want to criticize islamic fundamentalists have at it- we only hide that stuff when it contains racial slurs and we won't center it unless it has some real content to it. simple.

I personally think ciriticizing fundamaentalists of any kind is cathartic, and christianity defintiely can be tied to imperialism. I mean, c'mon man, the crusades?!?! The spanish conquistador's in the name of god and king?!?!?
Re: Somerville Theater pulls Contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist.
18 Aug 2005
What about having the show accross the street, right on Davis Square? now, that would be more fun! some real political street theatre for a change!
Re: Somerville Theater pulls Contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist.
18 Aug 2005
um silent87, who ever said he was racist? he was simply criticizing sexist tendencies in fundementalist islam.
Re: Somerville Theater pulls Contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist.
18 Aug 2005
somehow, you can't help avoiding the sneaking suspicion that some "arts organizations" and bands deliberately try and engineer controversy for the sole purpose of free publicity and enhanced commercial gain...
Re: Somerville Theater pulls Contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist.
18 Aug 2005
I think the show is actually badly named. At first, I was offended by it, and I'm not even Christian. I'm fine with people criticizing fundamentalism, but I don't like it when people bash religion in general. Narrow, fanatical interpretations of religion have done a lot of harm in the world, but open-minded interpretations of religion have done a lot of good--think the civil rights movement and liberation theology. Anyway, I did a web search on this show and discovered this review in the Boston Pheonix. It sounds like what I would consider a positive interpretation of Jesus--he comes back, only to be treated as a national security threat by the Bush administration for preaching universal love. Sounds like what would happen to me. I suppose fundamentalists would find this offensive, but it sounds like something progressive Christian should be OK with. I would suggest that the folks who wrote the show give a little more thought to the name next time though.
Re: Somerville Theater pulls Contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist.
18 Aug 2005
The name is what give the show it's strength. Without the idea of "if Jesus Christ came back to day, he could easily be labeled a terrorist by homeland security" what the hell is interesting about the show?

The name is freaking perfect.

I saw the show, it's fucking brilliant, entertaining, and it was pulled off by a bunch of people from around here- not some corporate sponsored shit band or movie that would normally play at the somerville.

This is just another shit streak on the face of the owner of the Somerville theatre. First he showed himself to be a union busting prick, now he shows himself to be an intolerant, thumb-up-his-ass censor. May the words community and the phrase Somerville theatre never be used in the same sentence ever ever again. Fuck them.
Re: Somerville Theater pulls Contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist.
18 Aug 2005
I'm new here to Boston, so I'm not sure how it all works. But when I read about the show being cancelled, regardless of the title, I was morally outraged that a theater and people in the artist community would actually void a contract because they are afraid of controversey. A lot of the responses to this posting are mystifying because I am appalled at the lack of outrage over blatant censorship. Regardless of your religious or political beliefs, I think it is safe to say we all agree that the best thing about America is our freedom of expression. I would hope that whenever anyone's right to free speech is violated, everyone (regardless of political beliefs) would stand behind the cause. I am upmost disappointed in Boston (the home of the Boston Tea Party for Christ sake) would back away from a fight against freedom of expression. I am willing to help out in anyway possible.

Re: Somerville Theater pulls Contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist.
18 Aug 2005
In fact, I suggest a boycott- for those that can afford to go there (and afford to live near Davis Square) take a trek to the Brattle or the middle east or all the other many many good community supporting places around your area.

Don't give money to these people that couldn't give a damn for the people that support them.

Send em a letter, call em on the phone, put on your own theatre in front of their doors telling them where to step off. Have some fun with it.
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
18 Aug 2005
dammit, when will boston STOP BEING LIKE THIS!! half the things i really want to go to get canceled and shut down because of rents and inspectors, and now THIS! this is OUTRAGEOUS!
well, i DEINIFTELY think some street theater is in order!!!

and could someone please post the number of the little INSURANCE COMPANY that REFUSED?? They DEFINITELY need somoene to call them- repeatedly!

and whoever said the show is badly named- gee doncha think free speech covers the right to say things taht migth OFFEND poeple everty once in a while?? and doncha think maybe, possibly, INSURANCE companies shouldn't be makign decisions about speech? let alone all the other things insurance companies get teh de facto rigth to decide- liek whether people can afford to be self-employedhealth), have alternate car designs(auto), build new, beautiful, and sustainable structures(dwelling/fire) and so fothr-- oo! this stuff makes me mad!

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! its THEATER TIME!!! damn where's reverend bily when ya need him?
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
19 Aug 2005
Not only is Jesus Christ Terrorist an excellent show, but the Reagan Babies are a great band, and its really a loss to the Somerville Theater that they've decided to cancel it. Oh well, score one for Christofascism. Who needs the first amendment, anyway?
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
19 Aug 2005
Katt, read the constitution. The state has limitations on what speech can be stopped. At theater company does not have to put on some offensive act as this silly show. If we do not want to see it or if an insurance company does not want to insure the theater, that is not a constitutional violation. It is similar to you boycotting some mall or starbucks.

Speaking of offensive, you on the left get offended too easy, unless you are offending Christians. Look at the name of teams, like the U. Lowell Chiefs, the Redskins, even the Packers. You think those are offensive and should be changed, but Jesus as a terrorist is just fine and people should not be offended. You lefties need to stop being such hypocrites.
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
19 Aug 2005
I believe, Bob, that if the show is intolerant of religious freedom, then those of us who want to see the show would be offended and complain to the play writers. The problem here is that we cannot judge a show that we are not allowed to see. As for protest ideas, I suggest something in terms of the Infernal Noise Brigade, out of Seattle, WA. If you have not heard of them, go to this website
I believe this is the sort of street theater needed in this sort of situation. If anyone else is interested, please email me and we can begin planning.
dont feign indignation, please
21 Aug 2005
let me say that im a progressive, a member of the green party, a non-christian, and an open minded person in general. i point this out in order to make it clear that i have no allegiance, really, to any particular political or religious ideology. keep this in mind when i say the following:

if you had a contract that was subsequently revoked, you may or may not have some legitimate legal claim; im not a layer, so i cant tell. as for the rest of it...this hardly seems like some sort of overblown, post-9-11 corporate cencorship. the very name of your production is, i can only imagine, ludicrously offensive to a large percentage of the local community. its seem that you would have garnered a similar reaction had you named you performance, "malcom x: murdering nigger," "abraham: feisty kike," "the prohet muhamed: backward camel thief."

it seems a little disingenuous to claim that you dont know why a small local venue would not want to run your show. furthermore, a name that offensive really IS an insurance liability. its is inflammatory and offensive and, frankly, riots have been sparked over far subtler rhetoric.

this is not government censorship, nor does it seem to be any sort of undue, corporate censorship. a smallish local theater (the owners personal assets have nothing to do with anything, by the way), which generally showcases independent films, artists, and musicians to the community, was justifiably uncomfortable with the blatantly offensive title of your production. dont act so indignant, and pretend theyre overreacting.

this is the type of over-reaching, sanctimonious gobbledy-gook that justifies ridicule of the left. not to mention the fact that its a little pathetic...
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
21 Aug 2005
About 20 years ago Mr. Duke was on that stage and what would He think of this? Here’s to Hunter.
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
21 Aug 2005
Choose your causes, Colorclash. To call people pathetic because they believe in free speech sounds a little too much like right-wing horse crap. I'm a homo and if they wanted to put on a play call "kill all homos" I'd let them. I'd picket and protest, because that's my right, but I believe they too would have the right to put on the performance. Maybe you think it is pathetic, colorclash, but I prefer to think that I am trying to save our first amendment right while most people are so apathetic they could care less to the future of this country.
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
21 Aug 2005
I'd also like to add that there are homophobic messages spread everyday in churches, but no one seems to care about stoping them, why is that?
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
21 Aug 2005
kevin - i think the content of the performance is reasonably admirable. i just think its a little over the top to be so idignant about the fact that the title of your play, regardless of the fact that its a play on words, is making the insurers and other people uncomfortable.

the fact of your threshold for tolerating offensive rhetoric being higher than others is irrelvant. the fact is that, on its face, you had to have known the name of the play would be pretty controversial. i dont see that as the issue here. the insurer, im sure, is within its legal rights, or at least thinks it is within its legale rights, to refuse coverage. if it is not, then your case is legitimate. but as to your free speech being curbed...thats just not the case. go out on the sidewalk in front of the somerville theater and say whatever you want - thats free speech. but a privately-held venue has no obligation to provide you with a forum of any sort.

again, if your contract was broken illegally, thats one thing. but this is not a first ammendment issue. as a side note, i really dont think that it pays to be sanctimonious either and, in this case, i think its going to come off as a little off-putting. people who dont agree with you in this case, or who arent willing to be as over the top as you are are now branded as "apathetic?" i may be misinterpreting you here. if i am, let me know.

also, im obviously not calling you pathetic because you believe in free speech and, frankly, i think that sounds like a bit of a knee jerk reaction. while i may have worded my reply a little strongly, what i was reacting to is the fact of your indignance and seeming inability to recognize the fact that that you had brought this on yourself by choosing such an obviously provocative name, which is so over-the-top that it will only, on its face, make a lot of people angry.

another thing that always annoys my is people on the left demonizing other people on the left because theyre not willing to throw caution to the wind on every single cause, and are willing have their own stances on issues. as such, people who have other ideas that may or may not seem as radicle, are suddenly branded, falsely, as "right wing." that being said, i think youre the one who needs to choose your battles, i.e., confront people whose ideas are opposed to yours, not people who generally agree with you, but who are made uncomfortable by your tactics, which seems to be the root of the problem here.

but thats just my right-wing horse-crap two cents.
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
22 Aug 2005
Interesting that you should mention that, Kevin. In this morning's Herald, someone wrote a letter to the editor claiming that the protests over Tremont Temple's hosting the ex-gay movement are interfering with their freedom of religion. I guess it's now people's religious right (no pun intended) to recommend that queer youth commit suicide.

And they ask me why I want a revolution...
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
22 Aug 2005
Who did that awesome poster?! This shit is ridiculous, they show movies at that place where zombies decapitate people, not that there's anything wrong with that.
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
22 Aug 2005
zombies decapitating people is par for the movie-house course, and not likely to create an insurance liability by potentially provokinh large protests on and around the property.
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
22 Aug 2005
If they violated your contract, take them to court.

Otherwise, why do we care? They have a right to decide what performers they want in their theater, as long as it's within their contract.

Put it this way: Suppose you owned a theater and realized you had leased it to a bunch of neo-Nazis for a rally. If your insurance company refused to cover them, would it be within your rights to cancel their show as agreed in their contract?

You would go out of your way and spend time and money finding insurance for people you find morally reprehensible? I doubt it.

Incidentally, what were "thousands of pre-production dollars" spent on? If this is legitimate, take 'em to small claims court and get reimbursed.
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
23 Aug 2005
just some quick comments (and thanks to folks who added some thoughts to the ongoing discussion, minus the trolls)

1) please check out our JCT script for the show available at of you who have imagined that we are bashing christianity, should read it before jumping to real bad one writer understood, the point of the title has to do with what Jesus would be labeled if he came back during this war hysteria ready to challenge the elite and powerful...

That being said, in our next production, which will be called "Gay, Drunk, Priest" we do intend to offend Christians (mainly catholic priests and the church hierarchy though)

2) Our band/group has only used the word "economic censorship" to ensure that we and others distinguish this from government censorship...economic censorship is what this country does best...government censorship is best left to former soviet block as well as a number of islamic countries that exist today

3) we understand that we have no legal options, and we want others to know this as well...the contracts u sign give them an out "with cause"...if what they say about the insurer is the truth then we have no standing...even if they are lying to us, we are in no position to spend tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to get at the truth...

4) we do plan on taking creative action against the theatre...ideas floating around right now range from a "Parade of Terrorists" on the night of the scheduled performance, to "Mailing them your feces" (thanks to kevin p. ob for that one)

5) and yes we confirm that we are one of those bands that will do anything for performances artists who hate stages this is all simply an extension of our music and our organizing...all of which address corporations, militarism, religion, etc...

should we only speak our piece when some club gives us a sound system, or it should we use every available mechanism to address these issues, including media that comes when people pull shit like this....

like we're always saying..."resistance is all we got sometimes"
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
24 Aug 2005
One man's (or woman's) "economic censorship" is another's economic freedom.

You seem to ignore the fact that the theater owners, and for that matter, the shareholds in their insurance company can express themselves however they please.

Now, it's in their economic best interest not to be assholes about it. You can take your business eleswhere and enrich their competition. They hurt themselves in the long run.

One unanswered question: What were "thousands of dollars" of pre-production costs spent on? Any such costs aren't sunk, either.
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
25 Aug 2005
It's time for the "Left" and related radicals, artists, and musicians to take a stand against censureship. At the rate that the "Right" is scaring people into canceling entertainment containing social commentary and anti-war statements, soon there will be no more cutting edge art. It seems that all the so called "Activists" and "Radicals" are afraid to speak up for fear of repurcussions from the Feds. The only folks who are unafraid to do and say what they believe and stand up for themselves is the Bush-types, the "Christians", and other "True Patriotic American Patriots" who are walking all over everyone else in the name of "Defense of Decency". If we don't start standing up against the folks who would shut us up, then we might as well hang it up and become mindless drones, doing nothing creative, living our lives as wage slaves 24/7 and doing what we're told. The cancelation of JCT is just the beginnning, soon all entertainment will be "Family Oriented" and rated G.
If we cease speaking out agains the behavior of the U.S. Government, then we are all truly dead.
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
25 Aug 2005
Thank you, Butcha. I concur.

Economic freedom??? WTF???
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
28 Aug 2005
most public spaces- where the letter of the law is supposed to apply- are being privitized. this means thet there are fewer and fewer places where our rights remain intact, as they are bought up by private individuals and corporations. when that goes on, the only solution is to press for the *creation* of free speech in those arenas- until, of course, people take BACK their public spaces from huge megalithic corporations, in the ever more less apparent future. if all the public forums are privately owned, and insurance companies get to decide who speaks and who doesn't, then "free speech" really doesn't mean anything to the vast majority of people, who dont' have enough economic clout or organization to do much about it, sicne most fo the wealth of teh cuntry has been concentrated into a tiny group of hands. . . . .

Individual people and companies or corporations should be beter defined from one another, legally, on a world-wide scale. by the time you've got a corporation that controls the economic destiny of thousands and thousands of people, or an insurance company that decides who gets health insurance and who doesn't for an entire state, or even a local theater that serves thousands of people as a public forum, you should be held to some legal responsibility to repsect basic right, such as freedom fo speech and religious expresion(including critisism). . . . . but in this climate of corporate media conglomeration and trigger happy censorship in the name of terrorism, thats a pipe dream. . . . . . .

i am insulted beyond belief that an insurance company in a different state is trying to control what i do and do not see. and seeing as how "jesus has two mommies" played at the same theater not too long ago without incident,i suspect it more over teh word "terrorist". of course we're always supposed to bethinkign about terrorism every day, so we can feel good about bombing far away countries to smithereens, but we're not supposed to make art about it! Get in line! Don't think too hard! Join a Right Wing Church and pretend Timothy McVeigh never existed!!

oh, and bob, by the way, my sister's an ordained PREIST in the CHRISTIAN church, and she- as well as the priest at my mother's church- finds neo-conservatives, right wing christian fanatics, corporate greed, and "moral" censorship at LEAST as grotesque, harmful, and sick as I do-- so this isn't about Christianity. Wearign Christianity on your sleeve to put forth a political agenda that celebrates corporate greed and endless war is about as hypocritical as it gets-- and i'm afraid I don't knwo enough about sports to know what you're talking about, censoring lowell's sports teams. . . . i really could not care less.

yes yes, i know, dont' feed the trolls. . . .
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
29 Aug 2005
Of course, we don't necessarily have to rely on the "they" to provide a venue for us. We can create our own venues. Start a revolution from within. Theatre won't give you a forum to express yourself? Build your own theatre! Feeling stifled by a GLBT community that whores itself out to corporate AmeriKKKa? Create a queer revolution. Clearchannel won't sell you billboard space to protest the war? Break out the spray paint and sharpies.

Change begins within ourselves.
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
30 Aug 2005

you have no idea how much you brought cheer-up, sparkle, and hopeful la la into my day just now, thank you MUCHOS GRACIAS, oh fellow human creator - you just reminded me of something i forgot a little
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
30 Aug 2005
You're very welcome.
Re: Somerville Theater pulls contract on the Reagan Babies' Jesus Christ Terrorist
30 Aug 2005
Oops. That was my comment. I meant to address it to Katt.
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