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Announcement :: Organizing
Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
21 Aug 2005
Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
Houston, Texas
October 7-9 2005
Following up a successful 2003 Anarchist People of Color conference in Detroit, Michigan, the next Anarchist People of Color conference is tentatively slated for October in Houston, Texas.

Since the 2003 event, there have been APOC regional gatherings new collectives and many projects, and we’re still going strong. Where are we as a unified movement? Come discuss Community Action, Theory, Internal Struggles, External Struggles, with the larger theme of “We are one, we are many, and we are a part of something bigger…”

Where: Houston, Texas
Dates: October 7-9, 2005
And stay to march against 500+ Years of Colonization on October 10th in Houston!

Houston is one of the Southwest's most diverse cities, with a majority Black and Latino population and robust Spanish-language media and resources. It also has a rich oppressed people's history, including the Camp Logan Rebellion (where Black soldiers clashed with police in 1917) and Moody Park Riot (the 1979 uprising in response to the murder of Jose Campos Torres).

As with the 2003 conference, the Houston event is only open to people of color. Those sympathetic to the conference are encouraged to offer political support, solidarity and deep and honest understanding while we hold this conference and build our movement. People of color who are already self-identified as Anarchist POC, members of Anarchist and anti-authoritarian organizations, young people interested in meeting APOC movement veterans, community activists interested in anti-authoritarian methods of organizing, and others in the communities of color who would like to know more about Anarchism and autonomous movements of color are encouraged to attend. People of color interested in what we have to say is welcome, whether they agree with us or not (although, obviously, wishing to disrupt the conference are not welcome).

Anarchism offers a dynamic ideology and methods of struggle against racism, poverty, police brutality, and other issues affecting peoples of color. We add ideals about building movements based on the masses of people rather than charismatic leaders, and building a new kind of radicalism recognizing that the political government is not our friend, nor is electoral activity a way to obtain our freedom. We will get our freedom and justice in the streets when we stand up and take back our communities from the white power structure. Finally, we present a new method of uniting all peoples of color against the common enemy, not just capitalism and the state, but white supremacy/European domination in all its forms.

Your conference fee will cover food, materials, and other expenses to put on the conference. If you do not have any money, but arrive at the door, no one will be turned away because they do not have resources to pay. We only ask that you honestly tell us your situation. At this point, there is a small amount for helping attendees defray costs, but it is limited; if you can donate to it, see below.

We expect to provide housing for attendees in Houston's communities of color. Housing will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Although organizers will do everything possible to provide housing for all attendees, pre-registration for the conference is necessary, and housing for those who don't pre-register is not promised.

This conference will provide childcare. You are also welcome to take your little one along with you to sessions.

Facilities will be equipped for those with different needs. If you have particular needs that go above and beyond things like wheelchairs and visual aids, please note it in your comments on the registration form.

For conference materials, downloadable flyers, or anything else, visit You can also visit the site to donate money. There is a list set up through the APOC site for us to organize on; to participate, just send your name, level of interest, commitment and what skills/committee you would like to contribute to, just write to conference (at)
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For White Folks in Solidarity
21 Aug 2005
For white folks who want to support this conference and the people attending it. You can contribute online at

Or touch the link on the homepage:

Be sure to make a note that you want your contribution to go to the conference.
Re: Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
22 Aug 2005
Why should I contribute money to support a racist conference I am barred from attending?
Re: Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
22 Aug 2005
harry. you're an idiot. i'm white. i don't consider the conference racist. asshole. get a life you fucking troll.
Troll Post
22 Aug 2005
"Why should I contribute money to support a racist conference I am barred from attending? "

This matches the pattern of a known troll. If you look in the links to external media, someone named "Harry" posted a link. The comment above by "Harry" is a troll post intended to discredit the previous "Harry" who posted something useful.

Anyway, some of us just watch the wire to look for these patterns as part of a study on COINTELPRO.
Re: Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
22 Aug 2005
the reason it isn't racist is because racism means that you think you are superior. you can't be racist if you don't have the power, because you can't oppress anyone. you may call it bigotry, but in this case, it isnt even that. this is people of color- oppressed people- organizing autonomously. who are you, a white person, to tell them how to organize? that's exactly the point- oppressed people should decide for themselves how to organize- the oppressors don't get to dictate the terms otherwise it is still oppression.
Re: Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
22 Aug 2005
I agree that APOC's not racist, but the whole line that 'blacks can't be racist' is the biggiest piece of shit ever. You ONLY ever hear guilt plagued white, middle-class kids say that. Racism is racism is racism.

Move to a predominantely black neighborhood and you'll hear anti-hispanic shit, anti-immigrant shit, and flat out lies about white folk (usually about the genetic superiority of blacks), not to mention constant sexism and homophobia. This isn't to say it's any worse than in a white suburb, or white nieghborhood, but simply that anyone can be racist, and it's always wrong.
Calling People On Their Shit
22 Aug 2005
"Why should I contribute money to support a racist conference I am barred from attending?"

This sounds woefully similar to right-wingers complaining when schools have 'african-american studies' programs but no 'white studies'.

I'm really glad folks were quick to respond to this non-sense. Even if he was a troll, there are a handful of people claiming to be anarchist and progressives who spew out similar trash.

As a white american, i can support the EZLN (the Zapatistas). I can send them money. I can even go visit them and learn and teach etc etc. But i can't go down their put on a ski-mask and become a zapatista guerrilla. Does that mean they are racist?

And to respond to what Craig said. Anyone is capable of racist comments and actions. But what we really need to look into, is when those elements because embedded in a power structure. When they become institutionalized. So yeah, black folks can certainly be racists. But i am less concerned about whether black people use the phrase 'craker' or whatever, and more concerned about the conditions of our system which force black workers to make less than white workers, and latino workers to make less than black workers. And so on.

The issue of homophobia and sexism however is a slightly different issue. That shit is usually enforced through the family structures. Which means that just about everyone in this country and most folks in the world are responsible for perpetuating that.

Anyways, i digress.
You guys are responding to a troll. Wake up.
22 Aug 2005
Look, the quoted post was put there by a troll spoofing someone else. Ignore it.
Re: Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
22 Aug 2005
That sounds all good and nice dritz but it's still an incredibly simplistic way of looking at race and power. Even the (guilt-ridden) poster (A) seemed to have a better grasp on the nature of racism. Racism IS power. So whether a country excludes mexican immigrants, or kids in a latino neighborhood beat up on the one white kid living their, it's all racism, and it's all wrong.

Frankly I'm fed up with racists trying to mask themselves in leftist politics who claim that racism perpetuated by people of color is somehow resistance. No. There can be no power without control. It's depressing how many otherwise intelligent middle class white kids, who feel guilty of their privelige, will accept any statement on the nature of racism, as long as its lethargic.
Dream On
22 Aug 2005
Being an African American, these so called "black only" (actually I'm more "brown" than "black", but whatever) make me want to VOMIT. If we want to improve this nation, we have to work together...Black, White, Latino, Asian, gay, straight, whatever.... And as far as Anarchism goes..... Everyone read this carefully... IT WON"T WORK IN THE REAL WORLD !!!!!! Yeah, it sounds good if you're some guilty rich white kid attending university ( I see them all the time here at BU, working on my masters in Poli Sci), or a supposed "community activist" (i.e self -serving people, usualy of color) who is more concerned with lining thier own pockets than actually helping the community. Tell you what,to keep with the racist spirit of the APOC, since we're are talking about a "black only " conference ( yes blacks can be racist, I have a few in my family), no marxist, socialist anrcho-communist white people can reply to my comments.....If you intend on replying, please do it quickly, when you voice a dissenting opinion on Indymedia, you tend to get labeled a Troll.
Those who can see through it are amazed.
22 Aug 2005
I know who all the payers are. You are responding and arguing with a troll.
Re: Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
22 Aug 2005
I bet (A) is white too. White and telling white guys that black guys have no power. Go to Roxbury and tell a black guy to his face that he has no power. Will he agree with you or will he make you bite curb? I wonder.

P.S. No black people I know ask me to make paypal contributions to them. I am cirtainly not going to make paypal contributions to black people that may not exist because a white guy said to.

That's funnier than Kenyan bankers asking me to cash a check thru my email.
uh, oh. a study.
22 Aug 2005
"Anyway, some of us just watch the wire to look for these patterns as part of a study on COINTELPRO."

Hahahaha. In other words you are not going to do anything about it. You are just one of a passing few students who just learned about cointelpro from "eyes on the prize" and various pamphlets and now has a huge paranoid headcase.
look, another pattern!
22 Aug 2005
"Service of anti-COINTELPRO" thought that Harry's belief that stations should be forced to air leftist propaganda was a good idea. This undermines his credibility as a "student" of cointelpro activity.
White People
22 Aug 2005
"Black people in Roxbury..." Go to other parts of Boston and say that stuff to white people who are in the same socio-economic class and they will "make you bite the curb "too. That's what I love about the far left, you what to help us "po' black folks" and nobody else because you know what is best for us.WE can solve our own problems with the right help (not so called social programs that just create re-occuring poverty) It's the same people who have to "dumb down" the politics of the anti-war movement when they preach to those in the military. Some of the NCO's (sergeants) I SERVED WITH who were carreer soldiers had doctorates... You can't say that about alot of the "activists"
"The comment above by "Harry" is a troll post intended to discredit the previous 'Harry' who posted something useful."
23 Aug 2005
In spookspeak, it's called" black propaganda," and it has a very long history:
And another thing
23 Aug 2005
This whole thing really speaks of an anti-homosexual bias. We must remember that anyone who is a troll is also against gays and womyn, and raelians.
Re: Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
23 Aug 2005
I am not a guilty rich white kid attending university, nor am I a "community activist" lining my own pockets; looks like your stereotyping doesn't work in this case.

Now for the semantics. Anarchism doesn't work in real life because anarchism is a philosophy, an abstract. Anarchy, on the other hand, is very real and practical; it happens in your own life every day. When you make a decision for yourself rather than having others tell you what to do, that's anarchy. When you turn off the TV and choose to do something constructive and productive, that's anarchy. When you dumpster a bunch of bagels and give them to people who are hungry, that's anarchy.

Anywho, a meeting between us is long overdue, I'll be at Food not Bombs tomorrow.
24 Aug 2005
OK, Sholom, you're they exception.... Food Not Bombs today, may be a problem. If I start driving to Boston today from Huntington Beach, Ca., I should be in Boston by Sunday.... Seriuously, I should be back in Boston on September 19th, however if my job prospects work out here, I may stay. Believe it or not, there is actually a "progressive community" in the towns east of palm Springs (like 2 hours from the coast), we'll see what happens.
1 More Thing Sholom...
24 Aug 2005
I'll most likely be back in Boston for O-29. I can't make to DC in September, but the message has to be a strong one, so I'm going to try like hell to be back in Boston that weekend....
Re: Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
24 Aug 2005
Enlightened1, Don't drive, ride a bike! Oh yeah, some of the NCOs with whom I served had doctorates too; most were too stupid to tell their assholes from their elbows. The officers, on the other hand, were <b>all</b> a bunch of dumb fucks. Shall I regale you with anecdotes?

<b>Am</b> I the exception? Or are you stereotyping? Think about it honestly.

Don't look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye when you have a fucking plank in your own eye. -Some Jewish dude
Ride From Cali
24 Aug 2005
I have rode my road bike from Boston to Montreal (train home) before, Cali might be a bit much though.... I found some of the older officers to be OK, especially the ones with prior service as enlisted personell. Wisdom comes with age and experience in some cases. However, alot of the fresh out of college Lt.'s were dicks.
Re: Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
25 Aug 2005
We had an LT, married, who would spend all his time hitting on a female (married) CPT. Stupidest officer I ever met, despite his having spent 3 years as enlisted.
Re: Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
26 Aug 2005
Noted: MaRK Laskey also posted this story to his site on 8/22/05 with his name on it.
Re: Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
27 Aug 2005
Re: Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
28 Aug 2005
So he's a fucking commie. And he syndicates crap here that isn't even written by him. What a pud.
Re: Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
30 Aug 2005
Actually, he's an anarchist.

But what have YOU done to help change the world?
Re: Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
30 Aug 2005
Actually he's a communist high school dropout who has written and published extensively under the name kronstadt advocating black bloc violence and communist trasformismo of various leftist groups.

Your question is pure ass. I don't need to "help change the world." That is for people who have problems with the world. I have the serenity to accept the world as it is, and the wiles to benefit from it's "injustices."
Re: Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
31 Aug 2005
I re-posted this announcement on the NEFAC website. So what? NEFAC supports the efforts of APOC. Why wouldn't we post up their conference announcement?

...and yes, I am a (libertarian) communist high school drop out, and have published writings in the past that have defended black bloc style protest tactics. No big secret there. I don't know what "communist trasformismo" means, but yeah, sure, feel free to tag me with advocating that to. Anything else?
Re: Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
31 Aug 2005
Yeah. Something else. Since you are the idiot responsible for circulating the post, you can add idiotic white boy, white guilt slinging money asker to your lame dipshit credentials.
Re: Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
31 Aug 2005
I just wanted the world to know you are the one responsible for posting half of the communist crap to this website. And that Pete asks you to do it.
Re: Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference
31 Aug 2005
I dunno, I don't feel especially guilty being white. I grew up relatively poor white trash, in a fairly diverse working class suburb. I don't have the same hang ups that many middle class white activists seem to have around issues of racial privilege (that's not to say that racial privilege doesn't exist, just that it is often nuanced by class and gender). However, I do support anarchists of color who choose to organize autonomously from the predominately white anarchist milieu.

Oh yeah, and with the exception of responding to some dumb shit in the comments section now and then I rarely ever post to IMC.