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Commentary :: Organizing
11 Sep 2005
problem with most writers (Zerzan, anarchists, EF!, Jensen…)- they mimic the problems of western thinking in general (medicine, education…) – they have a narrow field of view..they tend to hold key (dynamic) variables constant – Like: time, or the increasing power of tech.. the point of no return for population and income growth..loss of bio-diversity
– if you still believe in anything read on –

- examples of useful thinking and failed experiments.


I am trying to write about how to have a revolution in the USA.

I have long claimed that no one ever wrote about this anywhere – anytime – or not anything that would work or made any sense. (See bottom for the two real examples that prove me wrong).

I have asked for examples and the few I have received – anarchists (Spain’s failure?) or say Gandhi – are such antiquated and terrible examples (unusual circumstances and actually marked by abject failure!).
Crimethink and Derrick Jensen – always talk about the REVOLUTION (AND THEY HAVE PROMISED A FEW TIMES TO SHOW US THE WAY) – but they never tell you anything useful other than cultural things AND DREAMY-EYED GROOVY SCENES… And lame magazines (supposedly rad!) like Maximum Rock and Roll, claim that Crimethink pacifists are too violent. (From punk to Pussy to…)

(Green Anarchy just ran a decent review of the silly teenage “Recipes for Disaster.” I love Crimethink writing – I just wish they would say something. The EF! Journal review of Recipes SUCKED!!! )

For several years, Craig Rosebraugh did a great job trying to get the discussion going – but as with most of his efforts no one really helped much.

– If anyone believes that voting, civil Disobedience (CD) or social revolution (Cultural Change) are viable – THEN DO NOT READ THIS – something is wrong with you. (all of these together for over 40 years could not change even one policy! The wars, the WTO, the ESA or Bush’s election (s)!)

There has been a social revolution in the US – its called Reagan and Bush – They won that battle…(60 to 80 percent of the population is strongly influenced by that direction and the religious right!!!)
Mostly writers and theorists avoid the obvious impossibility of writing on the subject by assuming it will happen when the country collapses. This is the same kind of thinking employed by the religious right and all faith based fundamentalists – (New Age, Rainbow and Apocalyptic…etc). Meanwhile the Left practices its own millenarianism: Ex[ecting the the spoiled and drugged out UIS “Working Class” to move out of their comfortable SUV-Urbia and join us in the streets to destroy the system that pampers them so well. Yeah sure… Only a strong and super militant Global coalition of unions all directing their rage at just the USA could even dream of winning anything…


Waiting around for the collapse is like waiting around outside in the cold while a Grizzly Bear destroys your house and the possibility of getting a fire going to survive the night. Even preparing for the collapse in the case of grizzly bear story does not work – You must devise a plan to drive the bear out now or you will freeze to death.

So… If we could all recognize that voting, national unions, CD, social change and waiting for the collapse are nonsensical then we might be able to move on to Middle School subjects.

In rare situations voting might be marginally educative and A Time Will Come when after the revolution/breakdown where more local control may include voting – but nothing like the present phony rubber stamps. CD is a valuable tool if you have a 100,000 people who want to get beat up many times and then incarcerated.. There already has been some large scale social change in the US. It’s more like social cleavage: most of the poor hate the rich and Bush, but with so little meaning iun the world (the left and alternatives look weird or like con artists!) so many (a third) of the poor lean to the right, to the Christians or anywhere but us – the Militant Greens. And then also the Power of Bush and the Right has slightly radicalized a few liberals (Gays, civil libs and ENviros). Neither of these briader groups or the separate factions has a joint plan or even a way to work together.

But there is a pool of desperate and angry people (20-30 million strong!) that radicals with something that makes sense couold mobilize and that is more than enough if we knew what to do (see nextr article for THE ANSWERS).

Extreme Problems with How Activists Think

What I call Middle Class Privileged Orientation is also a gigantic stumbling block in thinking this through. You need to erase the idea of fixing the USA or changing it at all – We Want to Change it – but that is not relevant. First we have to destroy it – or the structures of power, mind control and economics that sustain and maintain it. – The odds are quite slim that we can do that – and the condition of the world and the country by the time that we are successful will make any discussion of what to do unnecessary – We will have to survive and work with whoever we can to defend what is left. Maybe we can vote on issues after we win to see how people feel… But also most people accept that the way we ought to live is simple, locally oriented and ecological – that’s enough for me!

Another similar problem with most writers (Zerzan, anarchists, EF!, Jensen…) is that they mimic the problems of western thinking in general (medicine, education…) – they have a narrow field of view. Thus they tend to hold many key (dynamic) variables constant – Like: time, or the increasing power of technology and the point of no return for population and income growth and the loss of bio-diversity.
Zerzan ignores time – even though he writes about it! And he ignores the transition stage after a revolution – even though he writes about the lack of that too! – The transition dilemma is another subject (key) that no one ever wrote on…

In fact by advocating Primitivism, Zerzan encourages people to wait for the collapse – since the longer we wait to do anything the more Primitivism will make sense – indeed that is all that will be left…

(Can't help myself - Oh Hell! One more author to hang from the gallows of the End Time's ridiculousness –


al Qaeda has been around for 30 or 40 years – FOOLS – who would listen to Kanminski – bizarre!
The only significant conspiracy I have run into is the elitist cliques that control IMC,, and many alternative magazines.

If we can ever get beyond all these issues and agree with all that has been said above (time, dynamics the faults of most authors…), then we can graduate to High School thinking. But once in High School you need a team (or 20 years) to make a progress because it gets more and more complex and multi-disciplinary.

So, I read 500 books, traveled around skipped high school and went right to college.

Though I wish that people in “high School” would study the sociology of Suburbia and Revolution,. If only to give some insights on effective PR for militant or sabotage groups.

In college ( or the one I went to) the question is “What kind of twisty, Fourth Generation Warfare strategies can bring down the USA without costing much or requiring educated activists or public?”


The way I see it, if you want to claim to be radical or meaningful, then whatever you advocate has to lead to real change in a reasonable amount of time. And even this perspective is rather middle class, since the real problem that we face is How To Stop the USA and other Statist Capitalists - in which case we do not have to create anything we just have to stop the greater evil...

Anyway, I was the top of my class in international studies and second in my class in graduate Development Economics, I have been published in Z magi and Covert Action and many other places. I have read many of the articles on,, EF! Journal and many on IMCs, - And yet i fail to see how anything that most anarchists, alternatives or anyone in the US (?) ever talk about could effect any change - not even in a hundred years...

If you do not advocate self defense - which means fighting - then you must explain what you are doing...

If you do not advocate stopping the US as soon as possible - by whatever means are necessary - then how could I not call you Fascists - or at least lazy middle class do-nothingsss... Blabber - mouth...???

Just wondering - I have asked these questions in a wide variety of forums and groups - and never - in 15 years - received an intelligent response. If people talk long enough then usually they end up agreeing with me, ... WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

Stan Goff says great things - maybe it is easier for him since he is ex-Special Forces and not only has seen atrocities - but certainly - been a part - even if peripherally - of the acts themselves...

But he has no theory - And I do not think he would answer my important questions either... Maybe this is all the fault of poorly trained interviewers who haven’t a clue as to what questions to ask…


Is it just Self-therapy = Angst relief - or is it an even bigger con job???

Love and Thought: Ms. Rachel Guayaba

Not expecting an answer - but since I am trying to write this article on How to Have a Revolution in the USA – and help out the poor, crumbling Earth First! Journal – I hope that you do respond – SOMEBODY HELP !!@!

...I am not sure what value you could ever have ... but please humor me…

neweartharmy (at)

The above was a letter that I recently sent out to a few hundred people. It was like letters that I have sent out for nearly a decade… with few intelligent responses. See Notes for one response from Derrick Jensen…


1. Force all “progressive” groups in the USA to cut their expenditures and send all of the 5 billion dollars a year that they take from the American public under false pretense (that it could ever do anything real!) and give it all in small amounts to a variety of grassroots mostly indigenous groups doing small scale economic development in the Andes. The US is about to loose South America – or most of the Western Hemisphere – and a little help from us could make a big difference. Soon we would have 200 million friends to help us in El Norte!

2. Read the book Wishing at the Edge

See Also: Three Anarchist Statements:

An Example of an Attempt to Debate Real Action and Opportunity:

VIVA Mother Nature - More and Bigger Hurricanes Please


Politicize the gangs, organize the communities and evolve a new strategy and a whole new view of what revolution is and could be ...

Soon there will be 20 Katrina’s a year - Shall we prepare?

Instead of helping the poor people of the Gulf Coast with the after-effects of Katrina (and Bush and capitalism), if there were any revolutionaries or anarchists in the US they would teach the people how to organize, loot and fight! Don’t riot – redistribute – that – and any victory – empowers people.

I just want the poor and the people who lost their things or friends in hurricane to TAKE HEART!

The Rich got hurt more than you might think. Especially because they look so stupid and evil. But also they are worried about the costs and image and What about more storms?

The Rich most fear now that if chaos spreads that the poor will see that they can seize power and run their own lives – redistribute – scavenge – share and fix up what they have and grab what they need ...

Small D disaster areas can help people liberate themselves from the Big D of Capitalism – AMERICANISMMMM --

The women, children and elderly would block and confront the police/guard while the able bodied capture and distribute the goods and goodies. Consumables and low priced goods would just be taken to people’s dorrsteps or left at community centers. The high priced items would be securely warehoused and the profits returned to the community. The more people involved the more security for everyone. Success breeds trust!
Forays on the enclaves of the rich – for fun and profit would also be explored or as a diversion to the cops.

-- "People who adopt "reasonable" tones are often skilled passive-aggressives who could easily make anyone who opposes them look like a bully. I suspect they also often have agendas." [Just like most journalists and so-called progressive politicians!]

"Let me say now with no equivocation, I endorse polarization. Deep, wide, disruptive, knock-down-drag-out polarization. That's what social upheaval looks like, and upheaval is exactly what we need.”
-- Stan Goff goes on to bash Tom Hayden and pretty mush all of the organized lefty groups in the USA…

Bravo... Bravo Stan… but you could say quite bit more of the truth – if you wanted to – Why Not??? Why don't you speak-out for people to organize and to prepare and take advantage of natural and other disasters to seize power, rationalize looting and create new models of resistance ???


Many of us tried to do this before and after the LA riots - Politicize the gangs, organize the communities and evolve a new strategy and a whole new view of what revolution is and could be ...

1. For complete story – and an introduction HOW TO THINK – OUTSIDE OF MIDDLE CLASS Proto – Fascism – see:

A2. lso check out a decent article and the usual moronic comments of educated AAmerikaners –

3. Is it funny that people not only won't fight in the US - They won't debate or read and it even appears that they are afraid to think!!!

Five whale riders could sAVE THE pLANET, by People who Still Think (GAT FUK)

4. Note to above LINK - Amazingly - New Orleans Indy did not censor this as Chicago eventually did - the comments are great - pure old school middle class - There is no such thing as the working class - we live in a globalized world - most union people in the West make more in a week than half the world makes in a year!

An Intro to Real Resistance (Required reading for those who want to learn to think!)

The Impossibility of Debate – Its Too Late Anyway One Supposes

“There are many who will continue to fight against all odds. Because for us, it is personal. If nothing else, we will go down fighting. That's a lot to ask of someone - asking them to fight a losing battle.” - Jeff Leurs serving 22 years for his righteous arsons against Earth-Destroying SUVs…(and thanks for the tree-sitting too!). Jeff knows that almost everyone has just given up and copped out.

But still he implores us:
“If our international movement cannot mount an offensive that is more than just a spectacle, then we deserve our fate. AND ALL OF THE PRISONERS ROTTING IN JAILS FOR THEIR RESISTANCE DESERVE THEIR FATE for being foolish enough to believe we had a chance…. If we are going down, let's go down swinging. Let's make it the toughest, hardest fought battle this system has ever faced. And if we lose, at least we will have made them earn it; at least we won't have just handed them the world. At least we will have made a stand.”

The news letter that Craig Rosenbraugh put out:
Resistance, covered the territory well as do many of the statements from the ELF and ALF. In general, people who do sabotage are serious revolutionaries.

Their communiqués may not always sound so direct, but that is usually because: they are trying to recruit; they fear greater criminal charges for revolutionary acts; or they still remotely believe in the efficacy of PR media (swaying the hapless masses). But make no mistake: the stakes are high and severe. Only the complete destruction of every aspect of American culture, values and institutions stands any chance of salvaging this tattered and abused planet.

The USA (Not Bush!) is the model and the source of inspiration for most of the evils across the planet: Greed, trade, global warming, the arms trade, the drug trade, nuclear weapons, the sex industry and slave trade, and the kind of thinking and education that breeds an insidious lack of empathy or even awareness of the impacts of US insanities.

This model (USA) must be pulverized and erased from history: by whatever means are necessary.

Stan Goff says:
“Persuasion doesn’t bring down the beast. Bleeding does. The US withdrawal from Iraq will be one of the biggest victories for genuine people’s movements, here and abroad, since the US was forced out of Vietnam.”

Sorry but the US wasn’t forced out of Vietnam, the war had served its purpose and the Empire had learned new ways of fighting (economics) and had practiced enough on counter-insurgency and trained a huge cadre of blood thirsty mass killers…

The Vietnamese were tough… It was but time for a pause….Empire needed to collect its thoughtssss] ( END RESPONSE )

OR as another commenter said:

“Bring down the beast” ?

The only harm to the beast will be increased international opprobrium, and we already know how much the current beast cares about that, which is not a whit. Nevertheless, I and countless other gray-haired grannies would be happy to put ourselves on the front line, suffer beatings, imprisonment, and all the rest, IF we believed that our sacrifice would result in changing not just the mask but the real face, eyes and heart of the United States for the better. Can you make us believe? Because if you can’t, we will just go on quietly living our lives as liberals, trying politely to help others be happy who otherwise might suffer, and indulging in cafe latte when it suits us.( Comment by m.c. — 8/21/2005 @ 8:55 pm)

[ Response:: At least sixty percent of US people still support the war… or they support staying there until the job is done. If people knew how bad the security situation is for the USA they would be more fascist! (80-90 percent of people) AND THEY ARE SO EASILY MANIPULTED that they do not really believe – or understand – anything.

– THE USA WILL NEVER LEAVE IRAQ unless it is for a much bigger war
– Arabia or Pakistan… ??? ]


A wise commentator left this on Stan’s website:
“I am afraid that you are painting yourself into a marginalized corner in spite of your profound insight and admirable dedication to stopping the empire. (I would say that fewer than one out of ten of those of the center and left of center even comprehend the idea of empire.) …More and more people seem to be tuning into John Kaminsky and some other writers and bloggers. Perhaps meeting with them for a strategy session would make some sense.” (Comment by the burningman — 8/21/2005 @ 12:21 pm) (End Comment)

Perhaps a real debate – the first in western history could come of this – but no one really wants it because a real debate always ends up advocating violence – and nobody has the guts or will to do anything real in the US or Europe – or way too few do anyway.

Another Example:


Read the thoughts of three anarchists who are either in prison or served lengthy sentences… If you can't listen to how bad things are - and how much all of you reading this are to blame - then why don't you just register Republican and stop pretending that you care at all....

Definitive Anarchist Strategy for End Times


This war against the USA and its mandarins of capital is more difficult than people imagine. It is not a hobby or a game to resist the greatest fascist power in history – ask veterans of the French Resistance who fought a puny and confused Nazi machine.

We must have a clear vision of the strategic goal: The complete disintegration of all things related to the USA – its culture, institutions and mindset. The USA is the model for spreading greed globally and so we must focus on it. There are plenty of USA targets all over the world.

As a rallying cry and non-negotiable demand let us call for the elimination of the top ten percent of the richest people in the USA and EU. This is an idea and causa beli that most people can relate to. Besides, the rich are free to give away their money if they chose to.

Escalation is inevitable and desirable because unfortunately it is necessary!

Many people are concerned about terrorism on an international level. The reality, for this moment, is the US are the global gendarmerie and terrorists, as the only great world power left. Which means it is the worst thing on earth. And according to our perception—as anarchists—the state, all the states and all the governments are antisocial, terrorist mechanisms, since they have organized armies, police, and hired torturers.

States like Venezuela, Cuba or Iran may prove to be allies of the anarchists, but the likelihood is distant. None can deny that they are the enemy of our enemy.

The people in the western world- including many so-called anarchists - have swallowed a gigantic lie about the arguments used to frame the world situation: two weights and two measures. For example, the US provides weapons, financing and intelligence for nearly every dictatorial regime all over the world for 100 years. In Greece, as well as in, Latin America, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru.... This is terrorism. Terrorism is to arm dictators, to arm death squads in Argentina or in Colombia in order to kill people of the left, citizens, and revolutionaries. Those who equip the death squads to torture, those are the terrorists: like the CIA and the School of Americas; like Dick Cheney and George Bush – but also all of the people who vote for them or acquiesce to their global reign of terror.

Terrorism is when they bombard Yugoslavia for ten days, killing civilians.... the US is the one which pronounces who is terrorist and who isn’t. Its State Department issues official directions, advising Greece about who is a terrorist. In this period of time, it places pressure on the Greek state to make an anti-terrorist law, a model of law which will criminalize those who fight, making laws more draconian than those already existing. This is terrorism.

The revolutionaries and militants are not terrorists. The terrorists are the states themselves. But with this accusation, with this stigmatizing, all the states and governments try to criminalize the social revolutionaries and militants inside their countries—the internal social enemy. In fact, the state, "justice" and the police face democracy also as this kind of terrorist enemy. Anyone who challenges the state or these anti-terror policies becomes an internal social enemy. That’s the way the state sees it.

To oppose what exists we have social revolution: by any means necessary. It is generally proven that never did any changes happen, never did humanity meet any progress—progress as the poor people conceive it—through begging, praying or with mere words.

The social elite, the mandarins of capital, the bureaucrats, all these useless and parasitic people—who should disappear from the proscenium of history—will never quit their privileges through a civilized discussion, through persuasion. You can’t have a discussion with this kind of people... or their supporters. They must all go!

The politicians say that those who go into the streets and cause disturbances when the US or UK invade some defenseless country are tramps and that these tramps do not represent democracy, rather they claim that the elected politicians represent the democratic choices of the people, which means those who lie to get elected, those who are well paid. They are the true democrats.

We must reverse that. Popular sovereignty is when molotovs and stones are thrown at the police, when state cars, banks, shopping centers and luxury stores are burnt down. This is how the people react. History itself has proven that this is the way people react. This is popular sovereignty. When Maziotis goes and places a bomb in the Ministry of Industry and Development in solidarity with the struggle of the people in Strymonikos. This is the real popular sovereignty and not what the Constitution says.

Let us also commemorate all of the militants who have been murdered by the state.

To be anarchist, rebel and individualist: is to act at the point of terror. Make subversive associations, assault public buildings, steal and redistribute property. Live your life so that everything you are is incompatible with any way of life that the modern world offers. Reject the salary work, cooperation with authority and ownership (which always comes from exploitation).

Fight against the Gods of Capitalist Desire; against tourism in the snowfields of Val di Susa. Valle dAosta, Vail, Colorado; as well as the decadent resorts of the Cancun beaches in Mexico or in the CLUB MED villages, wherever they are located. Fight against any use of nuclear power as well as exaggerated use of the car. Be contrary and incompatible to any form of authority, from the judge who discharges or charges with a crime according to his whim, to the policeman doing his job, the head foreman and the schoolteacher.

In your civil, democratic society, founded on a hypocritical peace one cannot see a possible free space for anyone sane to live in. There is no place for dialogue with your majority that has meanly turned his/her back on real change for the sake of that shame which justifies every slaughter: THE PROGRESS !!

Do not recognize any power or authority to judge the rebel or the anarchist way of living.

What can WE do? Words cannot galvanize the masses. We can't make people fight back. We could write a guerilla manifesto on how to fight a successful revolution in the US. But would anyone act? Would anyone organize? Would any non-militants offer aid; offer to help put society back together? Would anyone open themselves up to the risk?

Would you?

Inaction is the price of privilege. Hypocrisy is the cost of comfort.

Even when WE take into consideration the brave attack cells out there fighting, (we know why they fight; in the depths of spirit we know and understand) still we believe that “We Have Lost.”

Those are the three words no one wants to hear.

The resistance is up to you. You can really organize bringing people together with the truth of this desperation. You can teach - not just your friends, but strangers. You can propagate the resistance with graffiti, stencils, flyers, squatting and guerrilla gardening. You can become a militant - a smart one who learns how to cause the most damage and get away to strike again, and again.

But what you can't do it sit on your ass and flap your gums about how messed up things are. Because if you know how bad it is and you do nothing, you are the reason we lost. And you insult and betray everyone who has fought back. You spit in the face of those who have given their lives or lost their freedom demanding something better.

If our international movement cannot mount an offensive that is more than just a spectacle, then we deserve our fate. AND ALL OF THE PRISONERS ROTTING IN JAILS FOR THEIR RESISTANCE DESERVE THEIR FATE for being foolish enough to believe we had a chance.

There are many who will continue to fight against all odds. Because for us, it is personal. If nothing else, we will go down fighting. That's a lot to ask of someone - asking them to fight a losing battle.

But ask it we must.

If we are going down, let's go down swinging. Let's make it the toughest, hardest fought battle this system has ever faced. And if we lose, at least we will have made them earn it; at least we won't have just handed them the world. At least we will have made a stand.

There is no shame in losing a fight - if you fight. That's the only thing to expect of a decent human being - when they are pushed against a wall, they fight back.

Honor expects that of you. ...........................Off your asses… off the rich!

This war against the USA and its mandarins of capital is more difficult than people imagine. It is not a hobby or a game to resist the greatest fascist power in history – ask veterans of the French Resistance who fought a puny and confused Nazi machine.

If you don't think - You don't exist

Imagine if a community was organized all the time and preparing for a natural, Bush or war disaster: The women and children were trained to block the streets and to block/confront the police/troops while the workers hit key facilities. Food and small appliance would be delivered to many doorsteps and the big $Dollar items warehoused , with profits distributed later.

- Trust through victory! and practice.

Historical and Heuristic Notes:

This statement was produced by Jeff Leurs (USA), Nikos Maziotis (Greece), Silvano Pelisero (Italy) and Ramona Bolivara (at large). The editing was by the Gangs-are-the-Future-Kommune (GAT-FUK)

Caveaty\: To censor this article for any reason other than the torture of your family members is a crime much greater than anything Bush, Blair or Berlusconi could imagine committing.

The timid and false anarchists and media stooges who manipulate and hierarchically control the alternative media will attempt to justify their noble crimes of censorship citing: “the elimination of the top ten percent of the richest people” or “off the rich!” The first can be done non-violently or through taxation, the second is a metaphor, and while metaphors are indeed dangerous they are in no way (or no anarchist way) cause for censorship.

The real reason these mandarins of the movement will censor this article is because it is true and it threatens their cozy little scam.

These are more words, like Jeff’s words “WE HAVE LOST,” that no one (or not the censorship stooges) want to hear, print or accept!


A Note on Derrick Jensen:
(Below is from his website and I hope he finishes the book)

Lives Less Valuable, by Derrick Jensen


What are sane and appropriate responses to outrageously destructive behavior?

This question is at the center of my new novel, Lives Less Valuable. The novel brings together four primary characters: Malia, a longtime environmental activist who has lost faith in the possibility of systemic reform; Dennis, her co-worker, who believes that if enough people just have the right information, they will know what to do; Eddie, a young street thug haunted by the loss of his little sister to leukemia; and Larry Gordon, CEO and primary stockholder of Ranteck, a corporation that manufactures bulk industrial chemicals.

Midway through the novel, after an argument with Dennis over tactics, Malia is mugged by Eddie and his two friends. In her anger at being attacked by the people she works to protect, she compares them to executives at Ranteck, and says, "Why do you think I'm here? Do I look like I belong in this neighborhood? People are dying. And you, you're big enough to beat me up. What are you gonna do, take my money and cure cancer?" In that moment, Eddie is not impressed, but in the weeks that follow, he thinks about what she said. Late one night he comes to her workplace, with something to say: "We talk about Ranteck like it was real, like it's a person, but it's not. It's nothing. It don't exist except we make believe. So I got to thinking there's got to be somebody pulling strings. And the ones pulling strings don't fight face to face. They're punks." And, he says, there is only one way to deal with punks.

He has a plan. In fact he's already begun it: "We drove up there. . . . He's in the trunk." He has kidnapped Larry Gordon.

Malia, torn between her personal code of nonviolence and the revolutionary activity she has convinced herself is necessary, must now choose. Should she help Eddie? Should she help Larry Gordon? To choose the former is to not only cross the line into violence but to possibly destroy her own life. To choose the latter is to make clear where her real loyalty lies. As Eddie says to her: "This is not real to you. You think this is a big fucking video game. Somebody dies and you put another quarter in and you get another person. You don't feel pain. You don't feel loss. What do you care? They're just fucking quarters. Well, I got news for you. People feel pain, and then they die. I saw my sister go through pain, and then I saw her die. My sister. It's not your family that's dying. If it was, you would know what to do right now."

This novel does not pretend to provide any single answer to the question of appropriate resistance, promising instead an unflinching exploration of the complex territory surrounding responsibility, resistance, despair, and ultimately, hope.

WE ARE ALL NAZIS NOW – or until we defeat them that is!

Derrick Jensen says that "The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness," by Erich Fromm, concludes with a powerful and detailed exploration of Hitler, showing how Hitler manifests the essence of the awful civilization that is killing the planet. A powerful book that helped form the foundations of my thinking.” --

Here is Quite a Mouthful:

"No wonder the rabid right goes ballistic when a feeding tube gets pulled. Imagine their horror if the real feeding tubes, those 36-inch, flat-screened beautifully reflective pools of narcissistic machinery got disconnected.)

Dangerous times. The danger lies not so much with them but with our inability to act. We feel immobilized, overwhelmed, impotent. The sheer immensity of it defeats us, makes us turn away and give up. No hope!

Or is there? Perhaps we need a more biblical strategy. When GOD didn't like Pharaoh's response of refusal to let Israel go, he sent plagues that brought Pharaoh to his knees. It was an unprecedented assault on the pagan life forces aligned with sacred creation. Each plague was an attack on a specific god crucial to that belief system. With each "natural disaster" these gods became discredited. The Nile turned to blood, plagues of frogs, gnats, flies, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, and death were persuasive indeed. Old gods crumble.

We need to stop wringing our hands and start calling down plagues on belief systems that have been transcendent for the past two thousand years but which, if left unchecked, will surely result in a massive global catastrophe. We must expose and discredit the old gods. It's the only chance we've got. -- The power lies with us, in our determination to throw off dysfunctional belief systems and undermine old gods. Everything is at stake.

What better time for a plague of flaming grasshoppers?"

-- Margo Baldwin, Publisher; (publishes many of Jensen’s books) --

PS – The only response so far is from D. Jensen:


Before you say all these things about me, you should know about my new book coming out in the spring, which is called Endgame. It's about bringing down civilization. It is what my work has been leading to.”

The Collapse of Civilization and the Rebirth of Community, Volume 1
Derrick Jensen

Derrick Jensen's most ambitious, important, and best book to date.

“Derrick Jensen is a rare and original voice of sanity in a chaotic world. He has wisdom and ...cont'd

“Derrick Jensen is a gifted and lyrical writer on a wide range of critical issues. He is ...cont'd


The long-awaited companion piece to Derrick Jensen’s immensely popular and highly acclaimed works A Language Older Than Words and The Culture of Make Believe. Accepting the increasingly widespread belief that industrialized culture inevitably erodes the natural world, Endgame sets out to explore how this relationship impels us towards a revolutionary and as-yet undiscovered shift in strategy. Building on a series of simple but increasingly provocative premises, Jensen leaves us hoping for what may be inevitable: a return to agrarian communal life via the disintegration of civilization itself. Incensed and hopeful, impassioned and lucid, Endgame leap-frogs the environmental movement’s deadlock over our willingness to change our conduct, focusing instead on our ability to adapt to the impending ecological revolution.

Derrick Jensen, activist, author, small farmer, bee-keeper, teacher, and philosopher, is the widely acclaimed author of A Language Older Than Words and The Culture of Make Believe, among others. A finalist for the 2003 J. Anthony Lukas Book Prize whose writing has been described as “breaking and mending the reader’s heart,” Jensen’s speaking engagements in recent years have packed university auditoriums, conferences, and bookstores nationwide. He lives in rural California.

“Derrick Jensen is a rare and original voice of sanity in a chaotic world. He has wisdom and wit, grace and style, and is a wonderful guide to a good life beautifully lived.”
—Howard Zinn”

“Derrick Jensen is a gifted and lyrical writer on a wide range of critical issues. He is unrelenting in his commitment to the environment and justice.”
—Winona LaDuke”
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11 Sep 2005
Mahathir calls US, UK terrorist nations
Al Jazeera
(posted on
Friday 09 September 2005 5:46 AM GMT

US and British pilots whose bombs killed Iraqi civilians were murderers, and actions taken by those two countries during the invasion and occupation of Iraq amounted to terrorism, former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has said.

Several British and US diplomats walked out in protest of Mahathir's broadside against their countries in a speech at a national conference in Kuala Lumpur on human rights on Friday.

Mahathir, who ruled Malaysia for 22 years before retiring in 2003, also defended his human-rights record in government. He was often criticised for detaining suspects without trial under a security law and for the imprisonment of former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim.

Mahathir decried the deaths of thousands of Iraqi civilians as a result of the US-led military invasion and occupation. He compared American and British actions in Iraq to rocket attacks by Israel on Palestinians, and referred to those countries as "these terrorist nations".

To kill and maim

"The British and American bomber pilots came, unopposed, safe and cosy in their state of the art aircraft, pressing buttons to drop bombs, to kill and maim," Mahathir said of the Iraq invasion.

Mahathir called British and US
bomber pilots 'murderers'

"And these murderers, for that is what they are, would go back to celebrate Mission Accomplished."

"Who are the terrorists? The people below who were bombed or the bombers? Whose rights have been snatched away?"

He also questioned why there was no tally of Iraqi deaths while every US soldier's killing is documented.

"These are soldiers who must expect to be killed. But the Iraqis who die because of the US action or the civil war in Iraq that the US has precipitated are innocent civilians who under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein would be alive," said Mahathir.

'It was a lie'

Mahathir, who when in power was a US ally in the fight against terrorism although he opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, noted that Washington's reason for invading Iraq was that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

"As we all know it was a lie," he said.

"Who are the terrorists? The people below who were bombed or the bombers? Whose rights have been snatched away"

"Worse still, the powers which are supposed to save the Iraqi people have broken international laws on human rights by detaining Iraqis and others and torturing them at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and elsewhere," he said, referring to US prison camps.

British High Commissioner Bruce Cleghorn and several unidentified US officials attending the conference walked out midway through Mahathir's speech.

British and US diplomats were not immediately available for comment.

Very distasteful

Hamdan Adnan, a senior official with the state-backed National Human Rights Commission, described the diplomats' action as "very distasteful.

"If they claim to subscribe to the democratic process, why can't they listen?" he told The Associated Press.

The US accused Mahathir of rights violations when he fired Anwar as his deputy in 1998.

Anwar was arrested after leading anti-government rallies, and sentenced to 15 years in prison on corruption and sodomy charges. He was freed on appeal last year, after serving the corruption sentence