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Announcement :: Organizing
Boston Anarchist Call for Sept. 24
19 Sep 2005
Calling all anarchists and anti-authoritarians, all lovers, dreamers, radicals, insurgents and revolutionaries. For everyone who believes in globalization from below to combat globalization from above. For everyone who knows that love is stronger than greed, that capitalism cannot be reformed, and for everyone who refuses to fight in the politicians' wars:

Boston Common by the Park Street T Stop. Gather at Noon

please bring banners, flags, drums, etc.

This work is in the public domain
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19 Sep 2005
Finally, another boring rally. My heart goes out to you, but i can't stomach to go to another sit around followed by a useless walk down the street.

It's so cliched and played out now.

We need new tactics and methods because i am afraid this sort of stuff lost its potency a while ago.
I'll Be There...With MANY Peace Loving Friends!
19 Sep 2005
Want to end the Bush loonacy? Be there!
Re: Boston Anarchist Call for Sept. 24
19 Sep 2005
Rallies (and I'm counting rough 'n' tumble ones) are a nice way for a movement to network, show strength, and complement more substantive strategies.

This doesn't seem to be the role rallies are playing in today's "anti-war" movement in the US.

The situation reminds me of a young child trying to throw a tennis ball over a mountain. She gathers up all her strength, takes a running start, hurls the ball up the mountain's foothill, and then argues with herself when it comes bouncing back. It takes time to regain the will and catch her breath, but sure enough, six months later, she gathers up all her strength, takes a running start, flings it upward, and gets pouty when she fails.

In time, hopefully, she will learn to grow the fuck up, study hard, sit down with some blueprints, assemble a tennis ball cannon, and build a nice fortified position around it. That's the only way she's going to send the ball over the mountain--and she'd better be ready for the bombardment she'll receive from the next valley over.
Re: Boston Anarchist Call for Sept. 24
19 Sep 2005
you're right, we do need new methods and tactics, but i argue that they should be used in conjunction with the old ones. at this rally we can bring people together and spread our message. one of the other things being organized is a campaign of counter recruitment, kicked off by shutting down the tremont street recruitment center the following saturday (october 1st) at 1 pm. more information to come. i also urge everyone to take direct action against the war this weekend and beyond.

i think its important that anarchists are out in force at rallies like this (the regular liberals are rallying there too) because we have to show that they arent the only ones against the war. agreed, rallies are not sufficient on their own, but let's use this as a chance to build for other, more direct actions in the future.
Don't take comments like: " Finally, another boring rally" seriously
19 Sep 2005
A lot of cops have nothing better to do than shit on your party pretending to be one of you.
Re: Boston Anarchist Call for Sept. 24
20 Sep 2005
For once, can we get MORE THAN the same ten people to show up. Maybe it's me, but the movement seems to be fizzling out.
A Cop?
20 Sep 2005
Getting called a cop for questioning the effectiveness of marches and boston common gatherings is a new low.

This 'movement' lost a lot of steam. Until we realize that and figure out where we went wrong we are going to continue to run in circles chasing our own tail.

Like i said, my heart goes out to the people organizing this, but i have been to too many boston common rally/marches. We need serious long term organizing and strategy. I don't think this is the right path.

If i get called a cop for saying that maybe the movement isn't lost but totally dead. Whatever.
Re: Boston Anarchist Call for Sept. 24
20 Sep 2005
If I were a cop I would love nothing better than for this "movement" to continue to contain itself to marches and rallies.
(A) the moron
20 Sep 2005
DIscouraging people from attending a protest is stupid. It is a perfect technique for ensuring that the protest is not a success. If (A) were intelligent, he/she would have gone to the protest and talked with protesters about changing their technique rather than discouraging them from showing up.

Pigs use tag-team posting to reaffirm their negativity. Don't assume that anyone posting as a protester is a protester or an activist.
Dubya sez...Mixed messages...Terrorists...Ah..Ah...Duh...
20 Sep 2005
Look...You're either with us?...Or you're with the terrorists...(The criminals in the White House.)
Time to bring the troops home.
1 Annoying Thing About Indymedia
20 Sep 2005
(A) brings up a good point, when someone questions a tactic (whatever happened to diversity of tactics?) or voices a dissenting opinion, they are labelled a "troll" or a "cop', or whatever. Unless it's obvious that someone is "trolling", we should be respectful and receptive to the ideas of others, especially on an open forumn like Indymedia
And the cop tag-team continues...
20 Sep 2005
Keep up the circle-jerk
Police=Mercs 4 the rich...
20 Sep 2005
Cops are corporate sluts. Regardless of what they say? I'll be there.
Re: Boston Anarchist Call for Sept. 24
20 Sep 2005
I think this is a waste of time and will not be there but support your right to.

Have fun and be careful kiddies.
Thanks for blabbering Benjamin Tucker
20 Sep 2005
Your moral support is valued. Have fun tending to your personal needs and seeking some other way to entertain yourself.
Re: Boston Anarchist Call for Sept. 24
20 Sep 2005
while i completely disagree with what '(A)' said, i do think that we shouldn;t shit so much on anyone who says something different. once again i disagree, but (A) has to have their say.

we don't want to be like communists do we? so fuck this bullshit that is starting to look like a 'party line'
Re: Boston Anarchist Call for Sept. 24
20 Sep 2005
"Have fun tending to your personal needs and seeking some other way to entertain yourself. "

If you think that everyone's either (a) eagerly showing up for every stupid public mass rally that gets called, year in, year out, year after year, or (b) tending to their personal needs... you REALLY have some stuff to learn about the history of radical movements.
The Revolution will not be Televised
20 Sep 2005
The "anarchist" "movement" will always be a scene, and a way for people to feel better about themselves rather than doing important work if people aren't more critical of the things that they're doing without always claiming infiltration. The defensiviness to criticism and inability to develop and grow based on that criticism is a major reason why the dominant anarchist scene hamstrung from moving beyond that scene.

Change doesn't come through protest in front of t.v. cameras, it comes through organizing in our communities. It doesn't come through talking at people, it comes in linking up and dialoguing with people. There was a response to the DNC here in Boston in the slingshot a while ago about some of these things:

Direct action does not equal symbolic protest or one-day spectacles. Direct action is not counting on an intermediary like the media, politicians or other decision-makers to be swayed and instead looking to organize and change things directly from the ground-up. There's so much ego in most protests, so much sense of self-importance, so much alienating of people from the postitions put out there, so much self-rigteousness. So many protests these days serve more as a safety-valve for the system by having a bunch of energy released with no practical effect that could have been way better spent in other ways.

Let's get serious folks and start thinking about strategy and tactics instead of our self image and the means of "resistance" we were socialized to believe are the ways to make change.
Re: Boston Anarchist Call for Sept. 24
20 Sep 2005
I dunno what to say. Rallies were part of how I got involved in rad politics, and as I said before, they have their place, but... there is no reason to keep going to them, in the absence of a dynamic movement. Despite what middle aged liberals and trots try to tell you, rallies won't kickstart a movement, merely reflect one.

When this one is over, people who were there will come on IMC complaining about all the people that didn't go as if they're the only reason the revolution/troop-withdrawal/utopia isn't yet coming about. Whatever, I have better things to do with my time than show up, stand around for several hours wincing at loud, narcissistic people whose mostly middle-class politics mostly don't reflect my experience, and watch angrily as the cops snatch a couple anarchists to justify the city's security expenditures, all in the hopes that I'll be counted as a third to a half a person in the newspaper the next day.
Re: Boston Anarchist Call for Sept. 24
21 Sep 2005
I couldn't agree more with moustache's last comment. I've been to many protests too and from my perspective they keep getting less potent in proportion to the threat that they are trying to protest. In my mind, protests died with the anti-globalization movement, carlo giuliani, and the responses of homeland security to the "war on terror". I don't have any better solutions though, so I don't want to discourage anyone from showing up. Good luck all...
To Free...Or Not To Free?...
21 Sep 2005
Fight for our democracy. That's what protesting is about. Either stand up. Or shut up.
Time isn't on our side.
MSM will ignore us. (As usual.) Show up. Be counted. Before more lying wars...And more bodybags hit home.
I'll be loud and proud!
Re: Boston Anarchist Call for Sept. 24
21 Sep 2005
Protests made sense during the "anti-globalization" cycle, because they fulfilled part of a larger strategy: they were forcing the meetings they were protesting into the public sphere. The WTO, IMF, World Bank, World Economic Forum, biotech conferences, heads of state economic summits, etc., hadn't been directly called out on that scale before. It made a lot of people at least start thinking about power structures ("wow, are so few people really making such important decisions?", etc.).

Protests didn't stop the Vietnam war. They did bring it into public attention. The Iraq invasion was in the limelight from the beginning. When the majority of US residents opposed the Vietnam war, it didn't end--it continued for several more years, culminating in a brutal series of bombing campaigns in the region. At this point, the majority of US residents have a low opinion of the Iraq invasion. What is a protest supposed to accomplish?
Re: Boston Anarchist Call for Sept. 24
22 Sep 2005
I just hope Matt (Morrissey) Carroll bails all of you out and then plays you a soft lullaby on his acoustic guitar.