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News :: International
Cindy Sheehan visits Boston, other Northeast cities
20 Sep 2005
In her first stop in the Boston area after her Crawford “Camp Casey” vigil, Cindy Sheehan spoke to a crowd of over 600 Sept. 17 at the Boston University School of Law Auditorium. She received a heroes’ welcome with a standing ovation and thunderous applause. Speakers also included Iraq Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, Gold Star Families For Peace and Veterans for Peace. Dozens of Somerville 5 and Sept. 24 leaflets were distributed to participants.
Earlier in the day Sheehan spoke to over 200 supporters at the Cambridge Common where she received a key to the city from the vice mayor. About the “Bring Them Home Now” tour, Sheehan said, “George Bush wouldn’t meet with me. But I went over his head. I went to the people of America.”

Anti-war activists in the Cambridge Common area set up tents on the grass yesterday and placed a placard reading “Welcome to Camp Alex,” in honor of Alex S. Arredondo, a 20-year-old Marine from Randolph, Massachusetts who died in Iraq in August, 2004. His father, Carlos Arredondo set himself on fire inside his van when the Marines brought the news of his son’s death. He survived but suffered burns on over 25 percent of his body. Arredondo Sr. spoke at the Common and the law school where he received a standing ovation. At least 28 GI’s from Massachusetts have died thus far in Iraq.

Other Northeast tour stops included Albany, NY, Amherst, MA, New Haven, CT, and Providence, RI.

Sheehan will end this leg of the tour with a speech at the Sept. 24 "From New Orleans to Iraq, Palestine and Haiti: Bring the Troops Home Now" anti-war protest in Washington D.C.

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Re: Cindy Sheehan visits Boston, other Northeast cities
20 Sep 2005
Here is my account of the event at Cambridge Common.

The "bring them home now" bus tour pulled up, and about a dozen folks, gold star mothers and vets for peace were with her. Several people spoke first about the loss of their loved ones who were killed in the war. The grief was heartbreaking, you could not stand there and listen to the stories without crying, I know I did.

The spot was set up with tents for the tour and a stage for the speakers. The vets and gold star mothers held photos of their deceased young soldiers. The encampment was named Camp Alex, for the fallen soldier, son of Carlos Arredondo of Roslindale. His military boots sat the stage, next to the speakers and a large portrait of him in military dress, was held by the family members.

Carlos (you may recall from news articles) is the father who, in his grief set the military van on fire, with himself in it, when the marines came to inform him of his sons death (he lived in Florida at the time). He talked about how the family itself were all suffering form post traumatic stress, and that he is just beginning to recover from it all. But his story of how his worry and concern for his son during his two years of enlistment since the age of 18, drove him to desperation and led to his losing it all when the marines came with the bad news. He said that in his family nearly 40 family members are all suffering over the loss of his son. He said imagine then how many people are grieving for each soldier lost, right now.

The Vets for Peace talked about the "missing" National Guard from Mississippi and Louisiana should have been there (instead of in Iraq) with their equipment to help with Katrina, and how as always its the poor and people of color who are fighting the war, not the sons and daughters of congressmen, and how the system is all tied up in racism and poverty.

All I can say is that if you can go to Washington this upcoming weekend please do it. Its important to be there and its a small sacrifice for us, compared to those who are losing their lives as we speak.
Re: Cindy Sheehan visits Boston, other Northeast cities
20 Sep 2005
thank you for the article, and also silver. . . . here's more stuff that i remember:

a woman whose husband is about to deployed to iraq also spoke, tearfully, of the guilt she suffers no matter what choices she makes, and about how camp casey had been a place where she found love and support.

a man who had just come back from iraq talked about how soldiers are trained to feel that if they refuse to fight or don't do well, taht someone else will die "in their place". This was an idea i heard repeated by other speakers at the event. he talked about how he knew, however, that the iraq war was based on "lies".

a marine described going to the world trade center ruins. in his best uniform. when he got there, the firemen wanted to shake his hand, so he took off his white gloves. they then showed him things which had belonged to their friends and collegues who died there and asked him to promise, as a marine, never to allow anythign like that to happen again. this man then said taht by speaking at this protest and others like it, he was keeping his promise to those firemen.

i was grateful to hear the viewpoint, stories, and honest telling of things from these folks. i know almost no-one who has family in iraq right now(because i live in cambridge), i have one distant cousin who has just come home. . .so i was thankful to learn more about what these people are going through and why from their own voices.

it was good to see people from MANY different walks of life, views, and points on the political spectrum come together peacefully and have dialouge. ot was hopeful to see such a great variety of humans agree about the war, katrina, the government at present, how they are connected, how these thigns affect peoples' daily lives. . . .. its a thing i have not seen too often in boston lately. . . . . so i was grateful for it.
Re: Cindy Sheehan visits Boston, other Northeast cities
24 Sep 2005
Cndy Sheehan is nothing more than an opportunistic professional activist who is exploiting her son's death to advance her own leftist socialist agenda. She had been on the activist lecture circuit long before her son joined the Marine Corps. Her shamefull exploitation of her son is disgusting. Her shrill speeches, reminiscent of Hillary Clinton have duped the great unwashed masses of jobless activists into believeing that she is sincere.
Re: Cindy Sheehan visits Boston, other Northeast cities
24 Sep 2005
Gee, Jamie, did you take that right off of a Republican talking points sheet? Free Republic maybe? At least be creative when you slander someone--boilerplate rhetoric gets old.
Re: Cindy Sheehan visits Boston, other Northeast cities
25 Sep 2005
Perhaps I did Matt and perhaps I did not. The truth is the truth. I notice that you did not dispute any of it. The truth hurts doesn't it?
More Truth
25 Sep 2005
Cindy Sheehan never protested Bill Clintons war in Somalia, Albania, Mascedonia, Bosnia, Iraq, Sudan, or Columbia. More innocent civilians died in Bill Clinton's Kosovo campaign than in Iraq. Where was Cindy then?
Re: Cindy Sheehan visits Boston, other Northeast cities
25 Sep 2005
How much is accomplished by warning people about the horrors and lies of this nation is questionable. We are a nation that is being starved in more ways than one, in particular, the young, who need education, but can not afford one without someone putting on the uniform.

Unfortunately, the regime has factions violating the trust, not only of veterans receiving forced injections and experiments (see and search for veterans administration), but our federal banking regulatory system is now being operated in many positions by a network of criminals springing from the National Treasury Employees Union, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and most likely many other outlets including the 29 agencies and their hundreds of sub agencies, overseen by the the National Treasury Employees Union.

We at Mobile Audit Club will be arranging to meet with agency members of many target agencies horded by the corrupt National Treasury Employees Union. Because they are known to be violent and murderous, we have and will enlist assostance in the event of another attempt on this ex bank examiners life or anyone else.

Do not fear a criminal regime. Press their face into the streets, tag team, just like they do to us daily.

Mobile Audit Club has it all, videos of abuse, free music, defense systems designs and comedy.

I urge that union organizers move to dismantle the grip of the NTEU. I recommend a new internal union for the Customs Department and the banking regulatory agency, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Beware, they have a war chest and patents to go in it. Prepare and anticapate.

Mobile Audit Club
Re: Cindy Sheehan visits Boston, other Northeast cities
27 Sep 2005
Cindy sheehan has been arrested in DC. She will soon be another worthless member of society when she is convicted. I respected her more before her arrest.
Re: Cindy Sheehan visits Boston, other Northeast cities
27 Sep 2005
My goodness!!!

You folks sure are in a tizzy about Cindy. What's so threatening about her?

If she is no big deal then why waste all that wind?
Re: Cindy Sheehan visits Boston, other Northeast cities
28 Sep 2005
The problem with Cincy Sheehan are:

1. The media portrays her as speaking for all gold star mothers. She does not. This is an insult to gold star mothers and causes them unnecessary suffering and sadness.

2. She gives aid and comfort to our enemies. The insurgency in Iraq see herprotests and is bouyed by her antics.
Re: Cindy Sheehan visits Boston, other Northeast cities
29 Sep 2005
Jim, Have you fought in this war?

Are you familiar with the acronym "STFU"?
Re: Cindy Sheehan visits Boston, other Northeast cities
29 Sep 2005
I always think that it is interesting when people such as "shalom" have no argument to make they resort to profanity as the acronym STFU implies.
Re: Cindy Sheehan visits Boston, other Northeast cities
30 Sep 2005
Cindy Sheehan needs to get a job or at least a hobby. Who funds her? Now there is a question that few have asked.
Evil Cop Mourns War Dead
02 Oct 2005
By eating the genes of the protesters.
Ms. Sheehan Is A Hero To Me And Millions!
02 Oct 2005
Get off it!...You people bad mouthing Cindy? Need to be bad mouthing the Republican Congress. Senate. And Republican President.
Those people have engineered 9-11. (The Army knew about Atta one year before the Twin Towers demise.) Lied about Saddam. Preplanning every lie. (Downing Street Memo. And many other documents) Stripping our freedom away. Force feeding the blind in Congress, to pass the (UN-)Patriot Act. So the government can find ANYTHING, that is illegal in your apartment or home. And arrest you. (With no lawyer, or due process.) Then Cindy Sheehan steps forward. What a breath of fresh air. Someone speaking words on the mainstream, that I can relate to...Her son's death. For oil and companies like Halliburton.
And you BB brains shoot you dumb mouths off like you know something.
Think again.
Re: Cindy Sheehan visits Boston, other Northeast cities
02 Oct 2005

George soros funds sheehans protests through shadow organizations.
Re: Cindy Sheehan visits Boston, other Northeast cities
02 Oct 2005
Boston mad man sounds more like boston dumb ass. surely you are not really that stupid. but then again you probably are, what a pity you are.
Bring The Troops Home NOW!
03 Oct 2005
Re: Cindy Sheehan visits Boston, other Northeast cities
25 Oct 2005
Cindy has lost a son and we as a nation have lost a great hero and patriot. We don't condone her or her actions but we know that she needs help to get through her grief. She will find peace within herself and will understand that even though she speaks out against everything her son stood for - she will be forgiven.
Re: Cindy Sheehan visits Boston, other Northeast cities
26 Oct 2005
OK, just did some more reading on Cindy and my earlier opinions have changed. Sounds like she was a "wack job" prior to losing her son. Talking with others, not many people have respect for her or the way she is exploiting her son's death. He was a great soldier and a hero! Rest in peace, brother.
04 Jun 2006
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