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Commentary :: Education
Indymedia Profiled as Moonbats by David Horowitz
07 Oct 2005
* Was founded in 1999 to provide a platform for the Seattle anti-globalization riots
* Justifies Palestinian terrorism
* Supports the open-borders movement

The Independent Media Center (aka Indymedia, or IMC), an internet-based association of more than fifty individual centers scattered around the globe, describes itself as "a network of collectively run media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth." Explaining that it lacks the funds to pay any salaries, Indymedia relies upon the collective input of several hundred volunteer freelance "journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage" for its content.

Indymedia states that it exists to serve those "who continue to work for a better world, despite corporate media's distortions and unwillingness to cover the efforts to free humanity." While the organization claims that "people involved with Indymedia have a wide variety of political and personal viewpoints," in reality Indymedia uniformly represents an extreme leftist, anti-capitalist viewpoint.

Founded in 1999 for the express purpose of providing a publicity platform for the seminal Seattle World Trade Organization (WTO) riots, Indymedia serves as a mouthpiece for the anti-globalization/anti-America/anti-capitalist radical movement. In an explicit attempt to recruit supporters of the worldwide radical protest movement to its ranks, Indymedia candidly states that leftist activists should feel free to use the organization as a publicity vehicle: "What draws many of these activists to Indymedia? Perhaps people who protest the power [that] multinational corporations, faceless international financial institutions, and inaccessible governments have over their lives find encouragement in Indymedia's news wire, which encourages them to present their own account of what is happening in the world. People participating in protests that question the very tenets of corporate domination of their lives understand why their issues are unlikely to receive honest consideration in the corporate-owned media. Activists planning an alternative globalization/anti-corporatization event can assure a safe space for presenting non-corporate news by forming a local IMC to provide coverage of the event, or posting news to the [Web]site of a local IMC that currently exists."

Indymedia frequently blurs the distinction between creating and covering a story. Individuals claiming "journalistic" status in IMC's name are often active participants in disruptive demonstrations or "direct-actions." And while Indymedia's independent centers reportedly "have explicit policies to strongly deter reporters from participating in direct actions while reporting," Indymedia states that "[e]ach Indymedia reporter/organizer must make [the distinction between 'journalist' and 'activist'] for him/herself."

Indymedia press "credentials" are frequently available to all-comers for a nominal fee ranging from $1 to $10. An online solicitation for the purchase of an IMC press card from Indymedia (this time for $1) demonstrates the true purpose of the "credential": "To receive copies of the press card, please send $1 per card to IMCVT c/o TF, POB 468, Burlington, VT 05402. We may also develop a larger, necklace-style card. Meanwhile, with a photo added in the upper left, lamination, and possibly a hole for a chain, the current 2 ¼ [-inch] X 3 ½ [-inch], two-sided card can serve as an access tool that helps you to break through some barricades. If you use the card and meet resistance, have the authorities involved call our office (802-654-8024). We'll be more than willing to verify that you are who you say you are." Clearly, Indymedia press badges are intended to serve two main functions: as entry passes for active protesters to off-limits secure areas, and as "get-out-of-jail-free" cards for protesters who face arrest.

Though the Indymedia Website's homepage restricts the content of its center-column feature articles to material selected by members of a special editorial "collective," the organization's "open publishing" policy permits anyone to post virtually any type of "news" to its online newswire. Many posts on Indymedia's newswire are first-hand accounts of protests, written by protest participants themselves. The IMC editorial collective often upgrades these to feature-article status. Other posts announce upcoming protests or related activities in an attempt to recruit participants. Posted material that is deemed unsuitable - on grounds that it is libelous or false, or that it advocates specific illegal activity - is sometimes "hidden" by Indymedia, which makes it only slightly more difficult for Website visitors to find and read.

An unmistakable thread running through IMC is an extreme animus directed toward the United States and Israel. Comparisons of the U.S. to Nazi Germany, links to Websites supportive of Palestinian terror, and shrill manifestos against American imperialism are commonplace on Indymedia. Equally common are posts referring to Zionism as racism, comparing Jews to pigs, comparing Israelis to Nazis, and advocating boycotts of Israeli products.

With regard to the issue of illegal immigration into the United States, Indymedia's position is strongly supportive of the open-borders movement, as evidenced by this February 28, 2004 feature article quoting the radical leftist organization Organic Collective (OC): "We believe that people who wish to enter this country through legal or extralegal means are still human and deserve the same human rights as anyone else in this country." In a similar spirit, the OC characterizes proposals for the construction of a fence along the border between the U.S. and Mexico (to prevent further illegal entry into the U.S.) as "the most racist and violent face of so-called 'Free Trade,' which allows capital to flow freely across borders, but not the people who create the capital."

Indymedia claims that it "supports its entire technical structure on an incredibly minimal budget - only a couple thousand U.S. dollars so far." It solicits donations through Jam For Justice, an organization that serves as a tax-deductible "pass-through" for IMC. The Tides Foundation provided the Washington D.C. IMC with a grant of $5,000 in the wake of September 11, 2001 for the purpose of "[p]roviding alternative coverage of responses to September 11th events, including the creation of an Arabic/English language live stream to bridge the cultural divide between the U.S. and the global Muslim community." According to New York City's Indymedia center, the Soros Foundation gave a $10,000 grant to the Los Angeles Indymedia center "to help finance the satellite uplink for the IMC's video coverage of the [2000] Democratic National Convention and the protests that swirled around it."

This work is in the public domain


No big deal.
07 Oct 2005
I don't expect any kind of intelligent analysis from Horowitz anyway.
Re: Indymedia Profiled as Moonbats by David Horowitz
07 Oct 2005
i can't believe you would waste space on the imc server by giving it as a platform to a dumbfuck like that. if this isn't trolling its just a plain pathetic waste of space.