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News :: Race
Harvard students for Israel protest- One arrest.
11 Oct 2005
Modified: 04:25:45 AM
The Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) captain told everyone it was going to be an interactive presentation, that we should jump in with questions and comments anytime and he started out by asking if anyone knew where Gaza was.
Sure I said. "It’s in Palestine!"
Click on image for a larger version

At a protest in Lynn today I was handed a flyer for an Israeli army captain turned corporate media mouth speaking to the Harvard students for Israel club. A few folks decided to go check it out so I tagged along and after a stop at cafe Algiers in Harvard square we got to the place. Its Columbus Day so the building was locked up tight but the organizer got let in with a warning "Don’t make a mess."
There were some students there, a notorious local Zionist, a few friendly folks and even a young Arab woman wearing a hijab.
The Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) captain told everyone it was going to be an interactive presentation and he started out by asking if anyone knew where Gaza was.
Sure I said. "It’s in Palestine!"
He tried to keep moving but I sprinkled in some facts. Peer pressure barely contained me until he started to explain how Gaza's Arab population has grown since 1948 because people move close to good jobs and there were good jobs on Israeli settlements.

As instructed I offered my questions like "what about the massacres, what about der Yassin" "what about the refugess Mike"
"isnt Gaza in Palestine, didnt we just say its in Palestine mike?"

The college cops showed up shaking mace cans and ready for combat. They cleared out everybody and detained two other activists and hauled me off because, its alleged, I had declined to join the first officer in a discussion out side or to produce identification durring political free speech.
I was arrested and booked for "Disturbing a public assembly", "disorderly person" and refusing to identify which was dropped by the real police.

PS. The Harvard cops deleted my photos of the Harvard students for Israel but if you were watching Fox News tonight you might have seen us at the demonstration in Lynn.

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Re: Harvard students for Israel protest- One arrest.
11 Oct 2005
Sorry the photos and video were from the protest in Lynn...

Protest at Harvard tonight 7:00 Emerson rm. 305
by Free Palestine
An Israeli occupation assassin turned american media wonk will be speaking at Harvard tonight at 7:00 about how great it is to kill arabs and then trick americans into killing arabs for you.
October 10, 2005
Mike Cohen @ Harvard University
7:00 pm, Emerson 305
Co-Sponsored by Hasbara Fellowships and Harvard Students for Israel

Mikes a killer no doubt about it. As a 22year Israeli occupation forces officer hes slaughtered his share of kids and families in Gaza and the rest of Palestine. Now he is on a US tour to fine tune the lies that enabled Zionists to rob and massacre as many communities as they have.

We will be there to point out the kids brains splattered on his shoes.
Dr. Mike Cohen
Mike Cohen, a senior fellow at the Galilee Institute (, is a veteran political and security analyst, strategist and commentator. A 22-year veteran IDF reserve officer in an elite special-forces unit, Mike has been active in Israeli, American and Israel-Diaspora politics in a wide variety of behind-the-scenes capacities since his teen years and has served in a range of advisory positions under five Israeli Prime Ministers dating back to the late Menachem Begin. During Operation Defensive Shield in April/May 2002, Mike was assigned to the National Emergency Response & Negotiation Team in Bethlehem that was tasked with handling the multifaceted and potentially explosive crisis surrounding the Church of the Nativity's abduction by terrorists. Since then, he has been assisting the IDF and the Israel Police in their efforts to depoliticize the nation's security efforts and concerns, comprehensively briefing visiting diplomats, politicians, dignitaries, security experts and communal missions and trying to help redefine the electronic information distribution systems the official security services use to "get the word out." In this capacity, Mike was invited to testify before and share his analysis and experience with the 9/11 Commission in Washington, DC. Mike has worked with the entire gamut of news networks, electronic and print, including among others CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, UPN, ESPN, the New York Times, NY Newsday, the Associated Press, UPI, Reuters, Israel Radio and Israel's Ma'ariv Daily News, has been called to consult on a range of topics for members of both houses of the United States Congress and in the Israeli Knesset and has addressed the entire alphabet soup of Jewish and Christian organizational life. Dr. Mike Cohen has just completed his stint in Gaza as a member of the IDF disengagement team and will be in the United States and Canada on an extended speaking tour from September 11-November 6. See our Calendar for dates and locations

More info at
Did I hear to cop right?
11 Oct 2005
Was the cop threatening to arrest someone for waving a flag?
Re: Harvard students for Israel protest- One arrest.
11 Oct 2005

I really don't understand your strategy.
Re: Harvard students for Israel protest- One arrest.
11 Oct 2005
The zionist racist student group on Harvard's campus was not authorized to reserve the classroom for this public discussion.Thereore they were acting in violation of university rules.The question is why can't they legally reserve a classroom on Harvard's campus? Does Harvard allow other racist groups on campus like the KKK ,Aryan Brotherhood,etc.?
Re: Harvard students for Israel protest- One arrest.
11 Oct 2005

Root word: Universal. encompasing ALL points of view.

Unless Zionists and thier enablers don't like it when people suggest that Hebrews murdering or enslaving the Palestinain's Canaanite anscestors to steal the land 3000 years ago gives the ZIonist a birthright of murderous theft of palestinian lands. Then the book burner types show up to kick your ass and haul you off to who knows where.

It has been decided by SOMEONE that we are not to form our own opinions, but to serve ..., well,...can't you figure THAT out?
Re: Harvard students for Israel protest- One arrest.
11 Oct 2005
LOOK! A flag.

Like a flag gives Zionists thier alleged birthright of murderous theft of Palestinian lands. A theft that continues, even as you read these words.

Well, a flag, a currency, diplomatic recognition of interloaper power brokers, intel inside, none of these, or any of the other vacant rationalizations zionists and thier enablers have come up with, gived Zionists a birthright of murderous theft of even 1 fucking rock in Palestine, EVEN with the blessings of the Judeo-christian (small c) dominated 1947 UN for Zionists to be murderous thieves.
Re: Harvard students for Israel protest- One arrest.
12 Oct 2005
wow, wait 'til you guys hear about capitalism.
Re: Harvard students for Israel protest- One arrest.
12 Oct 2005
Look! Its dan the bagelman in pic number one.
I love his nose.
Re: Harvard students for Israel protest- One arrest.
15 Oct 2005
Look! Your love for his nose doesn't give Zionists a right to steal 1 single rock in the Palestinian's homeland OR murder palestinians who resist the Zionist's theft of Palestinian lands.

Or does it???
Re: Harvard students for Israel protest- One arrest.
16 Oct 2005
as a Harvard faculty, I can't believe these pictured people have something to do with the school. Just look at these degenerate faces... You don't find such at campus!
Re: Harvard students for Israel protest- One arrest.
16 Oct 2005
...just visit the Harvard students for the jewish supremist aparthied state of Israhell.
Re: Harvard students for Israel protest- One arrest.
17 Oct 2005
Umm, i thought the point here was to have meaningful discourse. Throwing around words like apartheid, and intifada, and saying that zionists stole israel, don't advance meaningful discourse in any way. I don't think that either side (Israelis or Palestinians) has acted in particularly admirable fashion, and its true that as the ones who hold the power, the Israelis should be held accountable for the living conditions in the Gaza.

That said, going to events just to harass people probably hurts more than it helps. I guarantee you that nobody in that room had their eyes opened by your facts or disagreement, in fact they're probably less likely now to consider your point of view.
Re: Harvard students for Israel protest- One arrest.
19 Oct 2005
I am afraid that the zionists are never going to stop hating the Arabs,because zionists believe they are the chosen people of God and they are superior to all others and that Jerusalem is their sacred property.The Bible tells them this. Anyone who gets in their way will be killed.You can't dicuss rationally with religious fanatics.They are dangerous and delusional.
Re: Harvard students for Israel protest- One arrest.
26 Oct 2005
I am a proud Jew who hates zionists and all my Jewish friends and family hate the zionist racists.The tiny minority of zionist Jews in America are crazy religious fanatics who will destroy the middle east inorder to own Jerusalem.As proud compassionate Jews we must expose the zionists deadly plans.We cannot allow our government to support AIPAC or any other zionist groups.
Re: Harvard students for Israel protest- One arrest.
26 Oct 2005
"Expose the zionists' deadly plans...we can't allow our government to support...any...zionist group"?

You mean, like Israel? You're off the wall, Norm. Jewish or not, you drank the lefty anti-semite kool-aid.
Dangerous mass murder.
03 Dec 2005
Click on image for a larger version

heres some photos of the event
See also:
Re: Harvard students for Israel protest- One arrest.
12 Dec 2005
Note to BIMC.
This is an email myself and others have recieved unsolicited. It refers to the above bimc post and thread and to other well known activists and incidents covered on BIMC and is by someone who was there and has already been mentioned on this thread. It is posted here to alert other activists and witnesses that there is some targeting activists for intimidation and arrest and that they are well known to the BIMC community. Please do not make me post this again.

"Seva Brodsky" <seva.brodsky (at)> Add to
Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: In re
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2005 14:50:54 -0500
To: "xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx " states, inter alia,

"Seva Brodsky(**), who works for Charles Jacobs(***), was also in attendence."

Check your sources -- I do not "work" for CJ.

"Seva Brodsky threatened Peter with a beating. 'Meet me outside. I'll beat you up,' Brodsky sneered like an eleven-year-old."

Refresh your memory -- I asked Peter the following: "Would you like to step outside?" The rest is a figment of your inflamed imagination -- have you forgotten to take your "happy pills" that day? There were many witnesses, you know -- it's not a good idea to lie when your claims cannot be corroborated.

"Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA), a
Neoconservative racist ethnic Ashkenazi Jabotinskian think-tank."

I love you, Joachim -- you never cease to amaze me. Thank you!

"[Brodsky] likes to take pictures of anti-Israel
activists, whom he has been known to harass and
threaten as he did at the Jeff Halper and the
Sharanski talks at Harvard"

Oh really? Hmmm, well, as a law student that would be most imprudent, wouldn't it? I mean, threats and such-- ain't it illegal? Why would I do something illegal,
Joachim? As a matter of fact, it was I who was
harassed and physically threatened during the Halper talk in Brookline -- by your buddie Howie.

And it was I who was harassed, threatened and nearly assaulted by your other buddy, Amer Jubran, who is fortunately no longer here. I wish Aimee Smith and his other pals had not stopped him then, as we would have ended up in a
fight, and he would have been arrested, jailed and deported that much sooner.

Oh well, all is well that ends well, I suppose.

One last suggestion for you, Joachim -- try to avoid me when I am at Harvard, as I will have you expelled from the premises as soon as I see you. So, when you see me there -- pack up and run. Unless, of course, you want to get arrested by the Harvard Police -- I'll see to that, I assure you.

Be not well,

P.S. BTW, Pete -- the same warning applies to you, bud.
Re: Harvard students for Israel protest- One arrest.
25 May 2006
I was found not guilty of both charges after a two day trial in which several Harvard police and two officials in harvard students for isntreal testified against me.

A HARVARD ADMINISTRATOR also attended the trial with HSI "for justice"

The harvard police also testified against me at a final surrender hearing because this arrest triggered a warrent against me.