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12/8 Philly Cops Ambush Mumia Rally
09 Dec 2001
Modified: 10 Dec 2001
December 8, 2001
As Over 1,000 Turn Out in Philadelphia for Mumia Abu-Jamal
Ten Arrested; One Left Rally In An Ambulance
December 8, 2001 As Over 1,000 Turn Out in Philadelphia for Mumia Abu-Jamal PHILADELPHIA COPS AMBUSH RALLY, BEATING & PEPPER-SPRAYING MUMIA SUPPORTERS Ten Arrested; One Left Rally In An Ambulance
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Imani Henry (347) 432-4242

December 8, 2001

As Over 1,000 Turn Out in Philadelphia for Mumia Abu-Jamal

Ten Arrested; One Left Rally In An Ambulance

The International Action Center (IAC) condemns in the
strongest terms the Philadelphia police's unprovoked and
brutal attack on today's thousand-plus march in support of
death row political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.

According to one eyewitness account, on behalf of a
right-wing heckler of the rally, bicycle cops towards the
back of the march rode into the middle of the crowd,
dismounted their bikes and, wielding guns and batons,
started indiscriminately beating, pepper-spraying and
arresting people. Guns were pointed at peoples' heads;
others were thrown against cars.

The crowd was marching from the corner of 13th and Locust,
where 20 years ago Abu-Jamal was arrested for a crime, the
shooting of police officer Daniel Faulkner, he says he did
not commit. Today at that location protesters viewed the
videotaped confession of Arnold Beverly, who has publicly
admitted to killing Officer Faulkner for the mob.

As police drew their billy clubs and guns, protesters
surrounded the cops to try to protect those being arrested
and/or attacked and chanted, "Let them go! Let them go!"
and "Shame! Shame!" Police attacked some of these

Several IAC members were among those attacked, with some
being maced and others receiving several blows from police
batons. Further eyewitness reports include a woman being
dragged for at least a block, choking and with her skin
exposed. One person was taken off in an ambulance. In one
incident, an African American reporter photographing the
events from on top a car was grabbed and pulled to the
ground; the attack left a dent in the car.

After the attacks, the march proceeded to the final indoor
rally at Philadelphia's Ethical Society, where more spoke
out in favor of Mumia's demand for his release based
primarily on Beverly's confession. Protesters saw the
attacks as further efforts on the part of the
Philadelphia's Fraternal Order of Police to prevent the
truth about Mumia's case from emerging. Those present
also watched fresh video footage of the police attacks.
Currently a number of protesters who traveled to
Philadelphia are staying there to provide legal and
political support to those who have been falsely


[Col. Writ. 12/3/01] Copyright 2001 Mumia Abu-Jamal

People in the United States, drunk on imperial pride,
think of themselves as quintessential Americans, and
think of the rest of the people of the world as something
else; something lesser: the Other.

It would surprise such people to learn that there are
indeed millions of people, in other countries, who see
themselves as Americans, and see residents of the
United States (and Canada) as norteamericanos.
Chileans are Americans. Cubans are Americans.
Argentines are Americans.

And they have their own perspectives on things that
have happened in the U.S., like the planes slamming
into the twin towers of New York and the Pentagon in
Washington, D.C. Although their perspectives may not
merit the attention of the big networks, or of the mega-
corporate media, their perspectives provide valuable
insights into how they think, and how they see the
norteamericanos. Consider how Chileans reacted.
Novelist Ariel Dorfman saw it as a morbid kind of

During the last 28 years, Tuesday September 11
has been a date of mourning, for me and
millions of others, ever since that day in 1973
when Chile lost its democracy in a military
coup, that day when death irrevocably entered
our lives and changed us forever ...

Dorfman wrote of Chile's painful history, of the
U.S.-backed coup that supported the bombing of the
Presidential Palace, which led to the removal and death
of the elected Salvador Allende, and also to the
installation of the military dictator, Augusto Pinochet.

For many Chileans, Sept. 11th marks the day
democracy died. When foreign terrorists (like the
U.S. CIA) supported a reign of dark terror upon the
people of Chile, when thousands were tortured or
killed by the military, a military trained in terror by
the U.S. at the infamous School of the Americas
in Columbus, Georgia. While surely many feel
sympathy for Americans, their feelings must be
somewhat mixed.

Panamian commentator Ricardo Stevens looked
at Sept. 11, and saw mirrors in his country's history:

But how much alike these new victims are to
the boys and girls, to those who were unable
to be born that December 20 [1989] that they
imposed on us in Chorrillo; [a poor ghetto/
barrio in Panama City, where an unknown
number were killed by U.S. forces] how much
alike they seem to the mothers, the
grandfathers and the little old grandmothers,
all of them also innocent and anonymous
deaths, whose terrors were called Just
Cause and the terrorist called liberator.
[fr. Radio La Vo del Tropico (Panama)

Argentine columnist Membo Giardinelli, in his
Sept. 13th Pagina 12 piece wrote of the 30,000
"disappeared" during the Dirty War when the
U.S.-backed military slaughtered unionists,
students and leftists. He damned "the United
States' leading role" in such events that led to
a harvest of hatred, not toward Americans, "but
your arrogant leaders ..."

Regardless of the sweet speech of diplomats,
writers often give voice to the true feelings of
peoples. Americans should know how that
Other America feels. Perhaps they will ask why.

Information can be found in the NACLA: Report on the Americas,
Nov/Dec. 2001;
Website: - ph #212-870-3146.

Copyright '01 MAJ


Police attacked the Mumia demonstration today in Philadelphia called by
International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal. At least 7
people were arrested including youth who work with International Concerned
Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal in Philly, someone who worked
with the October 22nd Coalition in New York, and a member of Refuse &
Resist! from Chicago. Three of those arrested are in the hospital. Charges
include felony assault and felony riot.

More than 600 people demonstrated to mark the 20 years our brother Mumia
has lived, locked down, under threat of death by the government. There was
a rally at City Hall, speeches at 13th and Locust and then a march to The
Ethical Culture Center for an indoor rally. A few blocks from the Center,
people in the middle of the march were attacked by the police. Some were
thrown to the ground. Cops used their batons to beat people. People were
maced. A gun was put to the head of a demonstrator. Another demonstrator
dragged away by the neck.

This is a dangerous time for the people. From death row, Mumia has used his
voice to speak to and for millions around the world who are raising their
voices against racism, war, injustice and the destruction of the earth. We
will not let this voice be silenced. They will not silence our voices.

Call to protest these arrests and the brutality of the police:

-- Deputy Commissioner Sylvester Johnson 215-686-3358; 686-3359

-- The 9th Precinct 215-686-3007

-- Mayor John Street 215-686-2181


Friday December 7, 2001
Mumia's Attorneys File Response to Judge Dembe

On Friday, December 7, amid demonstrations slated to draw thousands of
protestors to the streets of Philadelphia, death row journalist Mumia
Abu-Jamal's attorneys will file their final legal brief with Judge Pamela
Dembe to demand a hearing in state court to present professional hit man
Arnold Beverly's testimony that he ­ and not Mumia ­ shot and killed Police
Officer Daniel Faulkner because the officer was an obstacle to the "pay-off"
racket that corrupt police and organized crime were running in downtown
Philadelphia in the 1980's. Beverly's written and videotaped confessions
have previously been filed in state and federal court with a mass of
corroborating evidence including a lie detector test that Beverly passed.

Quoting the Philadelphia Inquirer's dramatic November 12 editorial demanding
a moratorium on all executions in Pennsylvania because they
"disproportionately condemn[s] minorities and the poor, and sometimes even
the innocent," Mumia's attorneys remind Judge Dembe that a Federal Judge has
just overturned the conviction and death sentence in the very case she
relies on to claim that she has no jurisdiction to hear their petition ­ the
case of Otis Peterkin. In that case, because Peterkin had missed
recently-enacted filing deadlines, the state supreme court refused to hear
his claims that he was denied a fair trial, was the victim of prosecutorial
misconduct, and there was insufficient evidence to convict him.

According to Mumia's attorneys, "what the Pennsylvania Supreme Court
achieved in Peterkin was to conceal a grave and flagrant miscarriage of
justice which it was its very task to remedy." Mumia's attorneys argue that,
in following the Peterkin decision, Judge Dembe "achieves precisely the same
with ... [her] refusal to hear Petitioner Jamal's claims that he is
innocent; that the real killer has confessed and exonerated him; [and] that
his prior attorneys, [Leonard] Weinglass and [Daniel] Williams, suppressed
this and other evidence of his innocence ... because they themselves were
the victims of death threats."

Mumia's attorneys also draw Judge Dembešs attention to Court Reporter Terri
Carter's testimony that, at the time of Mumia's trial, she overheard Judge
Albert Sabo say, referring to Mumia that, "Yeah, and Išm going to help 'em
fry the n****r." Their legal brief disagrees with Dembe's "surprising and
unsustainable position that an openly racist judge who expresses the
specific intention to contrive with the prosecution to procure the
conviction and death sentence of a defendant [because of his race] does not
deprive the defendant of his constitutional right to a fair trial." Mumia's
lawyers argue that "any exercise of discretion by a judge whose expressed
purpose in making his rulings was to 'help 'em fry the n****r' must
necessarily be an abuse of discretion."

Sunday, December 9, will mark the 20th anniversary of the incident in which
Mumia Abu-Jamal was shot and Police Officer Daniel Faulkner was killed.
Prominent civil rights leaders and a delegation of French human rights
activists, including a representative of the Mayor of Paris, who recently
named Mumia an "honorary citizen of Paris," are expected to join protest
demonstrations to demand that Mumia be freed.

For copies of the legal briefs, including the December 7 Response, Arnold Beverly's videotaped confession, and other information, contact howardkeylor (at) or visit For more information call (626) 943-1945 or contact innjustice (at)
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Philly cops in action
10 Dec 2001
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