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News :: Human Rights : International
Alive in Baghdad: Indymedia Reports from Iraq
25 Oct 2005
Here is the brief update. There is confusion over the number of casualties. The number reported by the US Military is nearly the same number we received from an Iraqi Police officer who was involved in firing on the second vehicle, which exploded near the Mosque in Firdos Square. He claimed there were approximately 4 killed and 16 wounded at that time.

The assertion that the attack was intended to take over the Hotel was not substantiated by any of the IPs or PSDs(private security) who we spoke with that were on the scene. He believed this attack to be similar to previous attacks, where the first bomb is intended to bring IPs and other security forces, and subsequent bombings are used to inflict mass casualties on the response teams.

Despite the loud gunfire long after the attack, no gunmen other than the IPs were reported to be in the streets. One BBC colleague reported to me that “The Iraqi Police tend to be quite trigger-happy.” Also, my fixer overheard an IP shouting “Be careful they are shooting everyone.” We now believe “they” almost certainly means other IPs, although we don’t have a first-hand report of IPs firing on each other.

There is still some confusion over the carbombings. We received an eyewitness report from a PSD that the first car was a Black Jeep Cherokee, it now appears this may have been the second vehicle, as the AP reports the first car was a white vehicle.

We will try to provide photos of the aftermath this evening.
Alive in Baghdad: Indymedia Reports from Baghdad

Beyond the simple internet connection speed and unreliable nature of the machines, there is a much larger and more prevalent problem in Baghdad - the extreme lack of power, and the continuing blackouts and power cuts. Today we have only had maybe 2 hours of non-generator power, I believe from about 10 until about noon. It is almost 2pm here now, and we are still running the generators.

Iraqis will all tell you about the problems with the electricity, and I have already heard it mentioned to me many times. For many Iraqis, this is perhaps the first issue they mention when you ask about the problems in Iraq.

Another frequent complaint is about the extremely long gas queues in Baghdad. Despite Iraq having one of the largest supplies of oil in the world, Iraqi citizens are currently receiving much of their oil and gas needs imported from Kuwait...


At 11:30 today there was a suicide car bombing in Tahrir Square in the Bab Al-Sharjiy neighborhood. The car bomber was targeting Iraqi Police operating a checkpoint in the area. He was driving a Volkswagen Golf and pulled up beside another car waiting in traffic. It was at this point that he detonated his explosives.

Tahrir Square was targeted because of its location. Many MNF-I (Multi National Force - Iraq) and Iraqi convoys travel through Tahrir Square on their way to the Green Zone. Tahrir Square is located just above the Jumhuriyah bridge which is a main entrance into the Green Zone...


This morning Brian called in an update of three enormous blasts within minutes of each other that literally shook the Karrada neighborhood.

Around 5:15 Iraq time, a truck packed with explosives was detonated outside the Sheraton hotel where many foreign journalists and correspondents are staying. Minutes later two more explosions rang out and automatic weapons fired at the hotel and towards the large amount of police who had responded to the scene. Iraqi police warned journalists to “stay inside” and returned fire but it was unclear who was firing on them. The explosions, Brian would later find out from one of the policemen, were not from mortar but missiles fired directly at the hotel...


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Indymedia reporter on the ground in Iraq
24 Oct 2005
Fantastic blog by indymedia journalist on the ground in Iraq.
There is a great website run by an unembedded Indymedia reporter,
Brain Conley AKA Sharpie, which has articles, photos
and video clips Brian has been compliling while in Amman and now in Iraq. He has only been in Iraq a few days and has already witnessed several bombings. He had a in depth interview with Hanna Ibrahim, director of the association “Women’s Will” which supports refugees and advocates for women’s rights in Iraq. Check out his website and if you can make any contribution for the uncensored telling of truth as told by those expereincing it on the ground please donate any funds you can directly on his website.
Sharpie is not subsidised by any corporate funders and is willing
to keep all is work creative commons. We have a courageous indymedia
reporter on the front-lines lets do our part to support him.
Re: Alive in Baghdad: Indymedia Reports from Baghdad
25 Oct 2005
I believe you are profiling in order to keep someone in "custody."

Watch how you throw around the term suicide.

Gee, thanks so much for all of your "help."
Re: Alive in Baghdad: Indymedia Reports from Iraq
26 Oct 2005
Victory to the Iraqi Resistance! The American fascist imperialists cannot win and they will be driven out of Iraq.Over 90% of Iraqis hate the foreign troops and want them to leave immediately.If you have been in the US military you know how racist and uneducated most of the soldiers are.Nothing much has changed since Vietnam.Winning hearts and minds is impossible for the US military.Torture and killing is what they do best.
Re: Alive in Baghdad: Indymedia Reports from Iraq
27 Oct 2005
thanks for another report Brian - come home safe.
be well.
Peace from yer friends in Boston
Re: Alive in Baghdad: Indymedia Reports from Iraq
28 Oct 2005
The usual one-sided opinion. Guess many of you are afraid to print the real truth or actually speak with an intelligent peacemaker who has been on the ground building bridges, helping kids, distributing medical care and so on. The United States and its military will continue to support the Iraqi people with building a better and safer Iraq. Insurgency is a war of attrition and they are losing BIG!
Keep the humor coming, keeps us smiling!
Re: Alive in Baghdad: Indymedia Reports from Iraq
29 Oct 2005
Yeah!!! You are right, Veteran!

The United States military is winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people.

Even though there is documented evidence of torture by the US military at Abu-Ghraib prison,
...a couple of candy bars tossed to Iraqi kids by US soldiers will make Iraqis forget about Abu-Ghraib.

Even though in November 2004 the US military flattened the Iraqi city of Fallujha and killed thousands of Iraqis in the process...if US soldiers fix a few potholes in a busy Bhagdad street, it will go a long way in making the Iraqis forget about Fallujha.

Even though tens of thousands of Iraqis have died as a direct result of the illegal US invasion of Iraq,...if US soldiers build a few schools in Iraq, the Iraqis will surely decide to let bygones be bygones and embrace the invaders who came to "liberate" them.
Re: Alive in Baghdad: Indymedia Reports from Iraq
29 Oct 2005
And what about those lovely mid-night raids, in which a platoon of heavily armed US soldiers barge into an Iraqi house, knock down the entrance door, aim their weapons at the terrified occupants, force them to lay on the floor, terrify the women and children and humiliate the men....aren't these raids just what the doctor ordered when it comes to winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqis?

Yes, I know that often the men in the house are whisked away by the US military, never to be seen again by their terrified family.
But hey, you cannot make an omelet without breaking some eggs, isn't that right Veteran?

I am sure the house occupants must feel giddy with excitement at knowing that their ordeal will be shown on Fox News. Knowing that their pain and humiliation will be seen nationwide in the US can only help in the campaign to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqis.
Re: Alive in Baghdad: Indymedia Reports from Iraq
07 Nov 2005
Again, one-sided. Two sides to every story.
Re: Alive in Baghdad: Indymedia Reports from Iraq
09 Nov 2005
Iraq is better off under Saddam Hussein. Unfortunately, we killed his sons, so we'll have to apologize for that, but he is the only force that can bring stability to Iraq.
Re: Alive in Baghdad: Indymedia Reports from Iraq
11 Nov 2005
Let's be very clear here. We must eliminate the jihadis. Plain and simple.
27 May 2006
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03 Jun 2006
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