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Commentary :: Globalization : International : Organizing : Politics
Perfect Storm: Citizen Action against Felony Murder from Fraud that Led to War
02 Nov 2005
Modified: 06:45:55 PM
Imagine 2024 prosecutions in all 50 States against the criminals who perpetrated a fraud on America that led us to war in Iraq. The charge? Felony Murder. Chance for pardon by Bush? 0
Many Americans have felt muted and frustrated by their inability to change the cruel, savage path to tyranny. Voting doesn't work if the Corporate Media twists the truth and perpetrates the lie or if elections are stolen by myriad techniques. Non-violent protest does not work if the Corporate Media doesn't report it and the Congress passes laws that pretend to be a "Patriot Act." When the Federal Courts no longer can be trusted to function according to the law and the Constitution, and Congress will not respond to a Dictator pretending to be a President of the People, what then? For many there is only silence of quiet rumblings of discontent and anger.

Patrick Fitzgerald has been at work for two years and all he has done is indict White House staffer, I. Lewis Libby, of 5 felony counts. More might be forthcoming but one wonders. The judge appointed to hear this case is the same one who gagged Sibel Edmonds who tried to blow the whistle on treason. After all is said and done, Bush could pardon everybody and himself. What will have been gained?

Here is a practical, educational, powerful way to bring an end to the Iraq War ASAP and along with it the tyranny that has gripped our nation. Don't sit on your hands waiting for Patrick Fitzgerald to bring these warhawks to justice. They've killed over 2000 Americans because of their fraud. In every State of the Union, that is Felony Murder.

I'm asking Americans in every State to come together for a Perfect Storm of Protest AND ACTION. Bringing 2000 ++ prosecutions scattered through each of 50 states will get their attention. No more smirking. Convictions in State Courts CANNOT be pardoned by the President. A death caused during the commission of a felony can be prosecuted in most STATE COURTS as murder. In effect, the actions of the White House Iraq Group and their associates were a fraud that caused the death of citizens of every State in the Union.

We need a Perfect Storm to sweep the halls of government clean, a Perfect Storm of focused citizen protest and action is the only remaining nonviolent means at our disposal to return our nation to constitutional government responsive to the people. We have to use THEIR tools against them to curtail their illegal usurpation of the levers of power.

There's been a serious break down of our vaunted checks and balances. Presently nothing checks or balances the power of the dictator/president; not the legislative and not the judiciary branches. But there is another check and balance established by the Founding Fathers, the levels of governance, Federal, State, and Local.

Fifty states, hundreds of different district attorneys bringing prosecutions for over 2,000 murders of their citizens resulting from Bush's fraud would certainly get their attention. And State officials who refuse to do their job can and must be removed from office so that the law CAN be enforced.

Form a Perfect Storm group in your own community to demand your District Attorney bring Felony Murder charges against the White House Iraq Group and their cronies. No Bush pardon will touch them. Take the power out of the hands of the politicians in Washington DC and back in your own on your home turf.

Even the Patriot Act has provisions which allow for prosecutions and the death penalty for those found guilty of nebulous forms of terrorism even though the so called "terrorists" don't intend to kill or even hurt anyone. From the ACLU Web Site:

Even more troubling, the draft bill is not content to create fifteen new death penalties, but also contains language that sweeps in any violation of state or federal law that is committed under the definition of domestic or international terrorism contained in 18 U.S.C. § 2331. As a result, activities that (1) involve “acts dangerous to human life,” (2) are a violation of any state or federal law, and (3) are committed in order to influence government or the population by intimidation or coercion become death-penalty eligible if death results.

For every draconian repression the fascists have installed to coerce us into inaction, there is an equal and opposite opportunity to use their statutes against them.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

For more detail on Felony Murder Rule, see Iraq War fraud could lead to State court prosecutions for murder of American soldiers at

For more detail on Project Perfect Storm see Project Perfect Storm: Citizen Activism against Felony Murder Resulting from the Fraud that Led to the Iraq War at
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Re: Perfect Storm: Citizen Action against Felony Murder from Fraud that Led to War
02 Nov 2005
Should we charge Bill Clinton, who first called for Regime Change in Iraq due to the fact that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction? Wait...let's charge John Kerry and Bob Kerrey, and France, and Germany, and Russia, and Spain, and Italy, and Mexico, and Jordan. They all said that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. In fact, France claimed to have irrefutable evidence that saddam was buying aluminum tubes for uranium enrichment. Hell, let's just charge the whole world!!!
Re: Perfect Storm: Citizen Action against Felony Murder from Fraud that Led to War
02 Nov 2005
The best thing for the Iraqi people is for us to simply leave and admit failure. Saddam has not yet been tried so we simply declare a mistrial and say we're sorry. At least Saddam was able to keep control of the country. If we let him go and restore him to power he will be our best ally in the middle east. He really didn't do us any harm and his people seem to want him back in power, so why not?