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Commentary :: Education
Shocking racism
10 Nov 2005
Department of Justice Statistics

Blacks "were 7 times more likely than whites to commit homicide in 1998"

Blacks are four times more likely than Whites to kill their children

28% of black males go to jail, vs. 4.4% of White males

68.7% of blacks are born out of wedlock

62% of ALL black births are paid for by the US government

Blacks are responsible for 40.8% of all domestic violence cases, despite being only 13% of the population.
See page 28:

Though only 12% of the population, blacks take 38.3% of the total of all welfare payments. Whites are 72% of the population, and take 30.5% of the total.

Though only 12% of the population, blacks take 38% of taxpayer-subsidized housing


But income alone does not explain the racial scoring gap. Consider these facts:

Whites from families with incomes of less than $10,000 had a mean SAT score of 980. This is 123 points higher than the national mean for all blacks.

Whites from families with incomes below $10,000 had a mean SAT test score that was 46 points higher than blacks whose families had incomes of between $80,000 and $100,000.

Blacks from families with incomes of more than $100,000 had a mean SAT score that was 142 points below the mean score for whites from families at the same income level.

The disparity in interracial murder rates is astounding. For every 100,000 White people, how many do you think kill blacks? And for every 100,000 negroes, how many do think kill Whites? Let's find out...

Kill ratios Averaged for Five Years
Year Black on White White on Black
1994 1306 469
1995 1110 454
1996 1077 417
1997 974 343
1998 839 362
Total 5306 2045
Average 1061.2 409

White Population in *thousands*
1998 - 223,001
1997 - 221,317
1996 - 219,623
1995 - 218,010
1994 - 216,365
Total 1,098,316,000
Average 219,663,200

Black Population in *thousands*
1998 - 34,431
1997 - 33,973
1996 - 33,518
1995 - 33,098
1994 - 32,654
Total 167,674,000
Average 33,534,800

Black average of White murders / Black average population per 100,000
1061 / 33,534,800 x 100,000 = 3.16

White average of Black murders / White average population per 100,000

409 / 219,663,200 x 100,000 = 0.186

3.16/0.186 = 16.99


So, do you think the ratios are insignificant? What if White people killed blacks at the same rate that blacks killed whites??

Let x = dead negroes killed between 1994-2003

x / 219,663,000 x 100,000 = 3.16

x = (3.16)(219,663,000) / 100,000

x = 6941 per year

6941 x 10 years = 69,410 dead negroes



Liberals often try to blame Black violence on poverty. The Census data, however, disproves that hypothesis. How? In 1995, among the American poor, there were 16.3 million Whites (real ones), 10.0 million Blacks, 8.6 million "Hispanics," and 1.4 million Asians. Blacks comprised about 27.6% of the American poor. Those poverty numbers can be verified at

During that year, Blacks committed about 54% of all US murders. Remember that the FBI, from whom the murder information comes, counts "Hispanics" as "Whites," making the total number of poor persons eligible to be committing murders as "Whites" about 24.8 million. These "Whites" comprised 68.5% of the American poor, but committed - at most - only 46% of 1995 US murders, if we make the doubtful assumption that Asians and Amerindians committed none. The evidence argues against the liberal hypothesis that poverty causes crime.

Rape is an economic crime if liberals are willing to admit that women are merchandise or "goods", and that men are compelled to take them because they're impoverished, and not criminal scum.

See page 10 -

The racial distribution of arrestees for rape is similar to the racial distribution for all violent UCR arrests ? 56% of arrestees for rape in 1995 were white, 42% were black, and 2% were of other races.

The population of all races - approx. 275,617,000

White 226,563,000
Black 35,392,000

226,563,000/275,617,000 = 82.2% of Whites in America
35,392,000/275,617,000 = 12.8% of Blacks in America

Child abuse- Sexual All types Sexual Total

Whites 64.8% 54.8% 17,978 139,480
Blacks 19.2% 30.8% 5,399 78,339


White total child abuse per 100,000: 139,480/2265.63 = 61.6

Black total child abuse per 100,000: 78,339/353.92 = 221.4

Now let's divide the smaller White rate into the larger black rate to get a comparison: 221.4/61.6 = 3.6

***Blacks are 3.6 times MORE LIKELY to abuse their children then Whites.***

White sexual child abuse per 100,000 (226,563,000/100,000 = 2265.63): 17,978/2265.63 = 7.94

Black sexual child abuse per 100,000 (35,392,000/100,000 = 353.92): 5399/353.92 = 15.25

Now let's divide the smaller White rate into the larger black rate to get a comparison: 15.25/7.94 = 1.9

***Blacks are 1.9 times MORE LIKELY to sexually abuse their children than Whites.***

It's almost impossible to adopt white babies in America.

Population Figures:

Year - White / Black (in thousands)
1990 - 209,196 / 30,629
1991 - 210,975 / 31,137
1992 - 212,874 / 31,683
1993 - 214,691 / 32,195
1994 - 216,379 / 32,672

avg. 212,823 / 31,663

Now let's look at the race of children awaiting adoption from that same period.

Year - White / Black
1990 - 9,801 / 8,159
1991 - 10,193 / 9,650
1992 - 11,137 / 11,170
1993 - 11,538 / 12,199
1994 - 16,496 / 20,234

Avg 11,833 / 12,282

White Average of Children Awaiting Adoption per 100,000:

11,833/2128.23 = 5.56

Black Average of Children Awaiting Adoption per 100,000:

12,282/316.63 = 38.79

Black Average divided by White Average to get a rate comparison:

38.79/5.56 = 6.98


Africa's problems
Roads: only 16% paved
Telephones: 10 per 1000
Electricity: 80% lack access
Aids: 35m infected
Sanitation: inadequate for 75% of rural population
Source: Can Africa Claim the 21st Century

The bank says the total combined income of 48 countries in Africa is little more than that of Belgium.

In the last 40 years, average incomes per person in Africa have stagnated while they have grown in most of the rest of the world.

Africa now accounts for only 1% of the total world economic output and 2% of world trade.

On average, African countries have economies smaller than a town of 60,000 people in a rich country.

With only 10m telephone lines, half of them in South Africa, there is little chance of most Africans gaining access to the internet.

Africa has fewer roads than Poland, only 16% of which are paved, and only one in five households has access to electricity.

Two-thirds of rural Africans lack adequate water supplies, while three quarters lack adequate sanitation.

56% of black women have genital herpes!!! See page 21 of...

Particularly hard hit in the herpes epidemic are African Americans, with nearly a 46% prevalence.? Clearly, concerted prevention efforts are badly needed.

?Fleming, DF, et al. Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 in the United States, 1976 to 1994. The New England Journal of Medicine, 1997; 227(16): 1105-1111.

Results From 1988 to 1994, the seroprevalence of HSV-2 in persons 12 years of age or older in the United States was 21.9 percent (95 percent confidence interval, 20.2 to 23.6 percent), corresponding to 45 million infected people in the noninstitutionalized civilian population. The seroprevalence was higher among women (25.6 percent) than men (17.8 percent) and higher among blacks (45.9 percent) than whites (17.6 percent).

see page 11

Black Women Least Likely to Marry
From staff and wire reports

Posted July 25, 2002 -- Black women are least likely to marry and most likely to divorce, with more than half splitting within 15 years, according to a new survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. By age 30, 81 percent of White women have been married compared to 52 percent of Black women. The survey of 11,000 women suggests that part of the problem is a lack of men in the "marriageable pool," with disproportionate numbers of Black men unemployed or incarcerated.

The AIDS diagnosis rate among African Americans was almost 11 times the rate among whites. African-American women had a 23 times greater diagnoses rate than white women. African- American men had almost a 9 times greater rate of AIDS diagnosis than white men.

Liberia was founded by freed U.S. slaves 158 years ago. It is a black country in Africa. It has had literally dozens upon dozens of violent government overthrows and upheavals.

The CIA Factbook says the annual per capita income is $900 (nine hundred) dollars. There are 2,000 cell phones in the entire country.

This work is in the public domain
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You're not fooling anyone
10 Nov 2005
Posting stuff cut'n'pasted from the Stormfront Web site- yes dears, I know how to use Goggle to find the original source- under the name of an anti-neo-Nazi activist isn't deceiving anyone with bettter than first grade reading skills.

I'm sure this article will be in the trash by the time I get to work, but I just thought it worth mentioning that the readers aren't as dumb as the Nazi-boys.
10 Nov 2005
I surprised the IMC thought nazis didn't delete this posting immediately.