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News :: Politics
"Anti-Iraq War" Song"BushWhacked" Released
06 Dec 2005
New Song/WMV "BushWhacked" run time 3:48
Singer/Songwriter and USN/USMC Veteran Tom Chelston released "BushWhacked" last week in support of Veterans For Peace. The song has been downloaded 18000 time in four days indicating that America is waking up to the atrocity that is Iraq. The Lyrics are attached (PDF) and the song and slideshow can be downloaded here for free:

High res. 9.3 MB

Low res. 4 MB

Song only 3.4 MB

This work licensed under a
Creative Commons license
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Re: "Anti-Iraq War" Song"BushWhacked" Released
06 Dec 2005
Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see a gold record in the future for this recording.
Re: "Anti-Iraq War" Song"BushWhacked" Released
06 Dec 2005
Have had some "interesting" conversations with members of VFP. Not very organized and not very responsible.

Marilon Manson songs were down loaded twice as fast as this shameful song. Does that mean America is waking up to dressing in black and prancing around in leather and acting funny?
Re: "Anti-Iraq War" Song"BushWhacked" Released
06 Dec 2005
I've talked to both VFP members and members of the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW). Maybe it was an age thing, but I found I related to the IVAW a little better. I didn't agree with some of their politics. When someone brings Howards Zinn's "Peoples History of the US" overseas with them, their beliefs are going to be left of center from the get go, but all in all they were good people.
What both groups did have in common though was that most (not all) of the members of both groups did have front line combat experience. Even though in the current Iraq War, just being in country is dangerous, being in an artillery unit (Mike H. of IVAW) is alot different than being in a front line infantry unit.
I've talked to some friends that are "over there" right now , and even though I disagree with some of thier views ( I don't think this war was the right thing to do), they tell me that the VAST majority of soldiers over there believe in what they're doing and that moral is still very high. Call it brainwashing, being better informed, or whatever, I'm just relating what I've heard. In your responses, please don't kill the messenger.
06 Dec 2005
Regarding front line combat experience in the above post, it should read "most (not all) members of both groups DID NOT have front line combat experience." Sorry about that. I really need typing lessons.
Re: "Anti-Iraq War" Song"BushWhacked" Released
06 Dec 2005
The individuals that I also spoke with had little or no combat experience. Iraq itself is a hot spot - no doubt about it - but maintaining a coffee pot thirty feet underground ten hours a day does not really give an accurate picture as to what is happening outside the gate. The Vietnam era Vererans from VFP also neither left heir compound or even left the United States. How can you be so gullible to jump on the protesting band wagon when you aren't able to openly and knowingly speak of these events. I ran into a cook who served back in the late eighties who says he has "been there and done that". A cook back in the eighties was manning a crew served spoon stateside and not a crew served weapon overseas. Yet he is a card carrying peace protester. I dug a little deeper and found that he was a substandard soldier who had a thing against the military. A ticked off cook! Look out! He is full of knowledge adn first had experiences.

FOr those former or current military cooks - no disrespect meant! You guys keep the chow coming so we can continue to maintain the peace!
Re: "Anti-Iraq War" Song"BushWhacked" Released
06 Dec 2005
Modified: 06:15:30 PM
Wow, the genius commentary from you guys is absolutely mind-numbing. Looks like tomsongs served his country and offered a firsthand perspective. That you make assumptions about his duty and his proximity to the fight is laughable. That you understand honor and duty is doubtful. Your generalizations are a dead giveaway. You're just dumb clueless kids.
Hey left nut and right nut, get back out in the yard before your parents catch you on the internet again! Go......Run along....Beat it.....
I've Said This Before...
06 Dec 2005
It's amazing that when someone actually lists facts or first hand knowledge( yes, I have been in combat), some whiney dipsh*t on the far left has to resort to insults instead of intelligent debate. I'm not a "kid" (or an old man for that matter), I'm 29, I was in the Marine Corps from 1995 to 2000 ( Liberia, April 2000 while assigned with 24 MEU, 1/6), and re-called briefly after 9-11. But enough of that.... Tell me Buckner's Legs, what real world experiences do you have ? How old are you ? Have you risked your life for anything ?... Ok, I forgot,I'm sorry... I'm actually 12, and as Hillary says, "it's nothing but a vast right wing conspiracy." Feel free to reply. Please note, riding a bicycle thru traffic as a messenger or durring Critical Mass does not count as putting your life in danger ... And anything else you want ask me, feel free.
Fuct up Again..
06 Dec 2005
I was in Africa in April 1996... Hey, I get flustered sometimes.It's that blood rush to the head I guess. Maybe I need decaf ?
06 Dec 2005
Please reply Buckner's Legs, I'm waiting to hear your answers.
Re: "Anti-Iraq War" Song"BushWhacked" Released
06 Dec 2005
Well said and Semper Fi.

Served my time as an 11M (Mech Infantry) and served it proudly. Those that doubt honor and attempt to doubt those that truly served their community and country are worthless. It seems that the people who posts on here are quick to jump to any theory or idea that goes against anything and everything related to the government and the military services. My attempts at providing truth through first person accounts have also gone by the wayside. People fear what they don't/can't understand. Those that fear in ignorance are lacking the qualities that make an American Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Coast Guardsmen and Air Force what they are built of. Honor, valor, dedication and courage. Hiding behind lies and fearing that the truth will burden them is the acts of a misguided child.

You question a Marine? Marines are a proud group of men and women who volutarilly come together to serve this great nation. They ask for no thanks but they earn our respect. Please use a little more respect when voicing misguided posts to a member of one, Go Army!, of the finest military units in the world.
Re: "Anti-Iraq War" Song"BushWhacked" Released
06 Dec 2005
Symbolic, I stand corrected. Please accept my apology. I had listened to this guy's song and then read the comments. I reacted mostly to "veteran's" negative generalizations. In my review of your comments, I now realize that you are obviously intelligent and informed. I should also mention that your comments were thoughtful and polite. As for your service to our country, I thank you. I served too but never in combat. I hope you will accept my apology for the mistake. As for Iraq, I agree completely with the sentiment of bushwhacked. That's no excuse for my outburst though. Regards
No Problem
07 Dec 2005
No problem, let's just keep it civil. In my own humble opinion I think that inteeligent debate is good thing. I have friends on the both the far left and right, and when you listen to them debate (sometings grab @ each other's throats), it's amazing how nmuch they actually have in common, but it's the few key differences that actually drive them nuts.. I'm kind of opinunated in my own right, somtimes conflicting,; examples, I think that we need to spend more on social issues, but we have to stop creating generations of people who are dependant on welfare. We need to spend more on the military, but not deploy them in illegal wars and non-military missions. I'd be willing to pay more in taxes to support both of these issues and others, so I don't know where that puts my politics, slightly left, slightly right, middle of the road, teetering both on the political fence...I dunno.
Re: "Anti-Iraq War" Song"BushWhacked" Released
07 Dec 2005
i think the song's brilliant
Re: "Anti-Iraq War" Song"BushWhacked" Released
07 Dec 2005
Of course you do. I don't think we will be hearing it Sunday morning on the top 40.
To Buckner's Leg's :On Iraq
07 Dec 2005
I think we never should have went there in the first place. Sadaam was contained, now we're getting young people ( and not so young people) killed for no justifable reason. Even if Sadaam did get a nuke, and used it on the US, Isreal, or whoever, the response would be catastophic for his country and anyone who aided him (i.e turning Iraq into the world's biggest "glass factory").
Even if he gave it to a terrorist group, post blast (unfortunately you have to wait until then) investigation would reveal where the fussionable material came from. Reactors leave a signature, so go back to the last paragraph for what the response would be. The only thing that scares me is that, would we have a leader (we don't now, W"s too wrapped in with saudia's and oil in general. Let's face it, if Kuwait's main export was oranges, no one would have given a f*ck in1990) who would have what it takes to respond to such an event (i.e massive retaliation). If this ever happened in the US ( nuclear terrorism0 picture 9/11 and Katrina times about 1,000. That's just one city, never mind several...On that happy thought.. Cheers !
Re: "Anti-Iraq War" Song"BushWhacked" Released
08 Dec 2005
Grim indeed, you probably recall the military NBC warfare classes and just how futile our response might be. As for operation snafu in Iraq, how should we proceed to properly unscrew this mess? It seems like we're in for a 20 year occupation. And what's with Joe (deputy dawg) Lieberman?
Futile ?
09 Dec 2005
Futile ?? If the scenario happened that I mentioned, I hope that whoever was in charge would grow mushrooms in the mid east. Yeah, I remember NBC ( Nuclear/Chemiclal/ Biological ) training. As bruatal as it woild be, I have also seen the picture of what 20 megatons of fun would do to a city. One Trident sub (Ohio Class) carries 24 missiles with 10 MRV warheads....Do the math. Not to sound racist, but there would definitely be a shortage of cabdrivers in this country after such an event. Let's hope to Christ ( or whatever God u believe in) that this never happens. I guess ICBM's are like fire insurance. you never want to have to use them, but you sleep better knowing that they are there. Thnk God we have brave men and womyn who are willing to do violence on our behalf... OK,enough hawkish nonsense.. Time to crash. Aloha.
Iraq Outcome
10 Dec 2005
Iraq will not be a Jeffersonian democracy, but hopefully it become a country like Turkey. I think it will somewhat workout in the end, although I don't think its worth American blood.

These things take time. America, being the "fast food" society that it is, thinks and wants everything done yesterday. If you remember ( or more like me, read about) the 80's people like kerry wanted to apease the Soviets ( peace in our time to quote Chamberlin in a past era) and were against Reagan's military build up, but like it or not, it bankrupt the Soviets, ending the cold war. Yeah, it cost us money too, but wars are expensive ( one reason among many to avoid them). Kind of ironic though, the world was probably a less dangerous place when you had two superpowers running the show and a not a bunch of smaller power seekers looking to stake their claim. Picture "Fidel " Chavez with nukes.
Re: "Anti-Iraq War" Song"BushWhacked" Released
10 Dec 2005
Well said.
I have also attended NBC training, both in the military and as a civilian, nad I also know what a nuclear strike can do. Fire insurance/deterance it is.