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Commentary :: Education
Pissy ABCN Responds to Flipside
16 Dec 2005
Pissy ABCN Replies to Flipside
Following my expose of their pathetic organization, Anarchist Black Cock of Boston really got steamed! Here are their angry retorts, and my rebuttal of them.

IMC Chicago
Re: ABCN Giving Terrorist Support in Boston!
by anonymous (No verified email address)
13 Dec 2005
this article (if i can even call it that) is one big lie! not a single truth or accurate statement about the individuals, organizations, or the city's politics are true. This is total bullshit, and the author should be ashamed of posting this crap. furthermore, Rosa Parks was not a black nationalist....props to Boston for celabrating her amazing life.

Rebuttal: Thanks, "anonymous." You have shown great bravery in anonymously replying to my article. Too bad I copied real emails verbatim from those douchebags. Therefore they are true. And I am justified in casting them in the light that I did, if only you read them. Did you think I said Rosa Parks was a black nationalist? That means you have poor reading comprehension. Change the world by going back to school.

IMC St. Louis
Re: ABCN Giving Terrorist Support in Boston!
by whatever
15 Dec 2005
Actually, the author is a well-known moron from the Boston area who calls himself Flipside. He is a racist, a homophobe, and a capitalist. He also has a personal agenda against several individuals and groups in the area.

Rebuttal: Thanks "whatever." Does your family call you that too? It was clever of you to deduce my name, which was posted in the byline. Can't put one by the anarchist intelligence division. I have a 'personal agenda against several individuals and groups in the area.' Ooooh. Watch out! It may be you. Why don't you guys get an agenda? And a platform. Heck. Get a job.

"A racist." No. Racists believe race is the *only* or primary determining factor in human ranking or performance. Therefore, I could not be a racist. I must also point out that you are probably a honkey anyway.

"A homophobe." Sorry to break it to you, but nobody's actually afraid of fags. Except the people you write letters to in prison. You must get a lot of complaints about sore ass from your clients. Or do you?

"A capitalist." Got me there. I also eat meat, celebrate Christmas, play the stock market, speak english, and make fun of bums. Me and about 95% of other Americans.

IMC Colorado
Re: ABCN Giving Terrorist Support in Boston!
by this is crap
15 Dec 2005
these are all lies and slander. the author should be ashamed- this is total bullshit. there is not a single truth in this entire article. i suspect the author of this article is a cop or similar auhoritiarian figure using these lies to get information.

Rebuttal: Hi "crap," this is Flipside. About lies -- please read the self-incriminating letters included in the article. They are very entertaining. About slander: Sue me. Ironic, anarchists claiming slander, which is only punishable by law, which is only written by government. So you suspect I am a cop or a similar authoritarian figure? That's rather a wide category wouldn't you say? Are all of your suspicions so vague? Using lies to get information? 1) Isn't the prohibition against lying a rule, even a moral commandment? 2) You guys leak --no-- ooze information constantly. You stink of information. Muddled, loud, idiotic, and blatant information. You do this freely. I am merely collecting it, amplifying it, and throwing it back at you like a loudspeaker, or so much bug spray. Think people are narking you? Shit. You folks are memorized.

IMC St. Louis "Goofy Right Wingers"
by j
15 Dec 2005
Chill out.. he is just trying to get people riled up and try to turn mild disagreements or fears into "open wounds". Big deal.

The reality is that the status quo is in some pretty deep shit. The president's hated by most Americans. Capitalism's pretty corrupt and we hear about it every day on the news. The government is very open about just being a pawn of corporations and supporting torture. The crazy weather is destroying portions of America and it has all been traced directly to the oil and car industry by prominant scientists.

They don't want poor people to realize that the definition of "liberty" means something different depending on if you are a boss/owner, or you are a poor/worker/unemployed person. They are used to using standard cold-war style dichotamies, and framing anyone who doesnt like the capitalist system (probabaly most working class americans when you honestly get down to it) in negative, exaggerated terms in order to scare ordinary people from taking their lives and their destinies into their own hands... so they resort to openly lying about their political opponents, as they always have.

Rebuttal: Oh shit. I've been discovered! I am trying to rile people up. --Insert reassuring socialist drivel here-- Yeah. You got me pegged. I don't want the >laff< poor to >laff< realize that Marxist class stuggle >laff< exists and >laff< bosses and unemployed workers (oxymoron) have different opinions on economy. Shit if that ever gets out, the workers might >laff< unite and um... sieze the means of production.... and...

--guffaw! I/we resort to lying about my >laff< political opponents as "THEY" always have.

Not only am I keeping the 150 year old teachings of Karl Marx a BIG SECRET... I am also suppressing the GOOD NEWS of Christs resurrection, and the recipe to the Colonel's Original Chicken. I am keeping the black man down... and it's people like me that are responsible for the world being fucked up.

Slummerville IMC "Flipside flipped again"
by Somerville @
15 Dec 2005
It's worth noting here that rather than some secret cabal bent on violence being revealed, what actually has been shown is a rather typical debate among peace and justice activists... some in solidarity with people who are in prison for some actions (this does not mean that anyone on the list themselves does such things, and as a person from the area I can say that nobody here does do such things. If it is a crime to say you are in solidarity with Rob Los Ricos or Free and Critter, or you were in solidarity with Tookie Williams, it puts one in some pretty ipressive an respectable company.)

Anarchists getting called terrorists by a person like Flipside - who does things like posting huge photos of white woman giving black men blow jobs to various Indymedia sites - is rather drol, when you consider that liberal democrats are accused of being terrorists constantly by Sean Hannidy or Bill O'Rielly every day on the radio.

Mark, Jamal, Matt and whoever else, are entitled to their own opinions - they do not represent any institution other than themselves when they write words in a mailing list. Criticism of this or that tactic, in heated words, is very standard fare on the internet, and in any organization or association, or general debate. In British Parliament, people sometimes throw punches at each other.

What the fuck is the "Jericho Project"? (Jamal doesnt know either)

The IWW made a rather prominant decision against participating in Black Bloc actions several years back, by the way, and has been quite nonviolent for many decades. Also, the Communist Party was "ejected" from the IWW in the 1920's (they tried, with varying success and failure, to infiltrate/take over a number of independant labor organizations then, such as the CGT in France, etc). Read the history.

It is nice to know that Flipside hates Rosa Parks and thinks she was some kind of evil pinko commie anti-all-that-is-good whatever. Man, she really should have shut up and got up so that white man could have his seat on the bus!

In fact - following Flipside's helpful advice - maybe if you feel bad at your job or unhappy with your government in America, you should keep your mouth shut unless you own a majority of stock shares!

If you really hate the Crips, try and think about the kind of social conditions that create gangs in America. There are more people in gangs than work for McDonald's. Also, if Crips suck so bad, why is half of America trying to dress like them?

Rebuttal: Thanks Slummerville! It's always good to know that Joe Curtatone's closest impotent enemies are ready with an opinion, whether it's sticking up for Salvadoran gangsters or just educating people on the particulars of Communist history. This is probably NEFAG talking. To address your points:

You guys stuck up for arson and demanded solidarity with people in prison for terrorism. This is one of the many reasons why solidarism is stupid. You guys should sell "Stop Snitchin'" T-shirts for effeminate honkeys. Lucy Parsons Center would gladly sell them. So would Hootnanny, where you buy your punk suit, so that also settles your Crip quip. As to the social conditions which create the Crips, they are called stupidity, greed, and cruelty. Situationism -- the belief that dipshits can be excused because you don't know their situation -- sounds as stupid coming from you as it does from dead rappers in California.

I really cannot take seriously the claim that any of your interwoven and overlapped organizations are nonviolent, since I have traced various other posts by you and yours endorsing violence and vandalism.

Regarding your belief that I hate Rosa Parks, only an abject retard could have insinuated that from my article. I stated quite clearly that she is a nonsequitor in the lineup of Communist hereos which includes faggots, murderers, and arsonists. You guys are the ones who "hate Rosa Parks" by trying to transpose her into a pinko icon. I am sure she had more balls than any anarchist or communist, since she did more on her own than throw red paint on a consolate in "solidarity" with some professional vandal who got plugged in Italy.

I''m wicked wicked sorry I didn't get the name of Jamal's organization exactly right as we all know, getting an anarchist organization's name right is essential to understanding it's actions, aims, and filtering our interpretation of their calls for solidarity with criminals and scum. How could we tell them apart without perfect -- no wait.. doesn't that call for "solidarity" eliminate the particular slant of your organization? Oh yeah. It does.

And since I don't claim "solidarity" with neocon shills like Hannity and O'Reilly, the observation I just made is not reversible. Doesn't that just suck for you. Anyway, I am um.. an Emcee, and O'Reilly is um.. not into Emcees. Your radio does work doesn't it? Or was it your brain that doesn't.

The only thing you said which is actually worth rebutting in a higher degree of seriousness is "Mark, Jamal, Matt and whoever else, are entitled to their own opinions - they do not represent any institution other than themselves when they write words in a mailing list."

That's very clever. Whoever else indeed. Anyone who authors content on behalf of an organization, especially if it is leaderless, "is holding the conch." You do read don't you? Whoever holds the conch gets the big rock dropped on him. Physics tells us that when we want to lessen the pressure of an impact we must spread it over as wide an area as possible. No doubt you jackasses believe that is why an environment of mutual aid, flash protest, and rapid dissipation and denials is effective. Let me educate you. If you move like terrorists, you will be treated as terrorists. And you should be. Do I say this because I work for an agency? No. I say this because um... I'm smarter than you and your ideas are but a small subset of the ideas that actually exist. People shouldn't drop out of school. Predictive technology, affinity group diagramming, local area network analysis, all render your ideas, beliefs, and tactics obsolete. You are obsolete. That's why you walk and talk like a 19th century Slav. It was the industrial revolution that made Marx's belliefs obsolete. It was superior technology wielded by dumber, but bloodthirsty thug-drones that put an end to Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. The irony is that you use a computer to be so ass backward. Much like a born-again uses a photocopier, or a dog if he could use a can opener not realizing he doesn't eat green beans.

Yeah you got a right to be that way, but quit expecting sympathy when you howl.

Last and Funniest Letter: (from the man hisself.)
Reminder: this list is being monitored michael_patrick
# From: michael_patrick (at)
# To: bostonanarchists (at)
# Subject: Reminder: this list is being monitored
# Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 17:10:19 -0800
# User-agent: Internet Messaging Program (IMP) H3 (4.0.4)

This is an open subscribe list for general discussion/announcement purposes of the greater Boston anarchist community. A wonderful organizing tool, and democratically open to all. Open to all- including cops, feds, nazis, authoritarians, and morons that cannot even keep organizational affiliations straight.

The below links contain an article that has been posted and reposted throughout the IMC Network.

And to the writer of this crap, fuck you. Say what you want, but don't claim I support authoritarian scum like the CP, WWP, IAC, ISO, or ANSWER.

Michael Patrick
Boston ABC

Rebuttal: I did/do claim you support those other douchebags. "Solidarism" means you do. Anyway you support ELF. You and Ted Kaczynski. Plus, I refer again to the letters you posted, which I did not alter. Maybe YOU PERSONALLY don't support other anarchist and commie groups when they are more powerful than you, but that doesn't leave you out of the slop pile. It didn't leave Bakunin out of Marx's slop pile. It didn't leave the Communards out of the slop pile either. You writhe in the same muck as ANSWER which fronts as large as you do at the Rosa Parks event. And Tom Arabia from ISO is always advocating cock sucking communism at your events. It doesn't matter that you stand around like a separate pack of uber-bitter black clad Allston Beat-niks near the Justice Magazine table. "Oh. I am a pussy. I don't eat pussy. This is the vegan table. What you want is the lesbian table over there." Shit but you do make good jokes!

Be less of a pussy and make the real ABCN list public. Then we can all have a laugh, not just the JTTF.

This work is in the public domain


16 Dec 2005
just a heads up from a friendly moderator that this
list was set up by and for the
anarchist/anti-authoritarian community of boston,
including anarcho-curious folks. while this list is
open for anyone to subscribe, authoritarians and other
people who are fuckheads to the anarchist community
will be removed.

that being said, we have a (haters mag) lurker either
on this list or reading the archives. i am happy to
close the archives to non-list members if people on
this list would prefer that, but that won't
necessarily fix the problem and folks might want to
still keep an eye out for bullshit elsewhere on the
internet. what we have seen was all bs without any
context or basis in reality, but it was posted to
various newswires and did call people by name and
throw out some fucked up accusations about them. just
so everyone knows.