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"Revolution is Main the Trend in World Today" MPP Slams Avakian's CoRIM again!
03 Feb 2002
Modified: 04 Feb 2002
Red fraction communists slammed the RCP again in a statement released this week by the MPP, saying, inter alia, "They are trafficking with the people's wars in the world in order to sell their "Maoism made in the USA"...spreading capitulation under the pretext of "negotiations" in the third world...This fake "Maoism", "moonshine Maoism"... "fighting red banners with red banners"...the CoRIM [is] doing exactly what the enemy wants".

Thus the proletariat advances, hoisting red flags with the hammer and sickle in Peru, Nepal and Turkey.

Yankee go home! Support the struggle of the Afghan people and of the Arab people against the aggression by Yankee imperialism!

~ December 2001 ~


We have treated the development of the international class struggles in detail in our previous issue, today, we find that the subsequent events have once more confirmed these Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought truths, firmly established in all the Party documents, up to and including the most recent document known to the public, of the Communist Party of Peru (May 2001): LONG LIVE THE XXI ANNIVERSARY OF THE PEOPLE'S WAR!, in which the Central Committee in a brilliant way sums up the international and national class struggles and the tasks of the Party, endowing us with a powerful combat weapon, and we take it up firmly as such, in order to look at the political conjuncture of the current moment.

Our point of departure is that, from the strategic point of view, the main thing that, today, is taking place in the world is, at it is said in the Document, that "The Peruvian revolution, as part of World Revolution, by developing people's war, serves the New Great Wave of World Proletarian Revolution, crushing the sinister counterrevolutionary offensive headed by Yankee imperialism. Today the people's war is being applied in an overwhelming and earthshaking way in Nepal and Turkey, clearly showing how Maoism is going ahead to command the New Great Wave of World Proletarian Revolution applying the highest military theory developed by the proletariat under the leadership of a Communist Party." Because revolution as the main tendency in the world is experienced with the greatest strength in the torch of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought People's War of Peru, as well as in the People's Wars of Nepal and Turkey.

Thus it is, once again, shown to the world that it is only with people's war that the new power of the proletariat can be conquered and defended, thus, it crushes and shows all the pus and all the revisionist mischief of those who propose stopping the people's war for "negotiations or peace accords", just like all the renegades, from Kautsky to Teng Shiaoping, have always done, claiming that there is a "change in the conditions", as Lenin pointed out very well: "sacrificing the cardinal interests of the proletariat for the sake of the real or supposed advantages of the moment", when what corresponds is to impose Maoism with people's war.

Even more, as it is verified in the Document, when it says: "Imperialism shows itself being impotent, as Maoism in a vigorous way with people's war, with the barrels of the guns, is being imposed no matter who is offended by this: to all the imperialists, reactionaries, revisionists and capitulators; and here in our fatherland to those miserable revisionist capitulators of the ROL, who in their black dreams thought that the People's War would end, we say NO! The People's War is developing here and in the world! Thus the proletariat is advancing hoisting red banners of the hammer and sickle, reality has dynamited their revisionist vomit of "peace accords" up in the air, counterrevolutionary hoax set up by the CIA, which ended by being unmasked and demolished inside and outside of the country in some members of the CoRIM who repeated the perverted imputations against our GREAT LEADERSHIP, which ominous revisionist positions we condemn and reject."

This is the voice of the Communist Party of Peru, and this is the way it is, for to echo what the enemy, that is the ROL, the CIA, says, like a resonance box, goes against Chairman Gonzalo, Gonzalo Thought, the PCP and the People's War, to act as a resonance box for what the enemy says is rotten revisionism, therefore the struggle against this rotten revisionism sharpens, it serves the People's War. All this must be considered very carefully, it must be well understood, it is the time for definitions and to take up the responsibility that corresponds to each and every one of us within the international communist movement (ICM) and, within this, in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM); this serves to define who are really in favor of the People's War and in favor of Maoism, and who are in favor of it only in words.

This is the position of the Peru People's Movement, as organism generated by the PCP for the work abroad, and thus we take a firm and resolute position for our GREAT LEADERSHIP [JEFATURA], Chairman Gonzalo, for Maoism and the People's War, for the PCP and Comrade Julio who leads the entire Party, and we repeat our rejection and condemnation of these ominous revisionist positions of some members of the CoRIM. We are in favor of the two-line struggle in order to sweep away all kinds of poisonous weeds within our movement, in this way we serve world revolution better.

Today, the sweeping away of all this revisionist pus is more necessary than ever, for the current campaign of Yankee imperialism, which takes place within the general counterrevolutionary offensive, which it is heading, has an all-encompassing aim in order to act in all corners of the Earth, in several places at the same time; better for us, in this way we unite more and it is going to serve to define who really are, as we have already said, in favor of Maoism and the People's War and who is only acting as a resonance box, to the detriment of the People's War and Maoism.

What we have just said is a brilliant proof of what is established in the Document, that "The revolution expresses its condition of being main tendency spurred on by counterrevolution itself". Thus it also shows us all these years of imperialist aggression and plunder against the peoples and of the combat and resistance by them for their liberation, hence spurring on the ferocious flames of world revolution on all the continents.

As the entire world has seen in the past decade, on all oceans and continents, especially with the Gulf War and today with that in Afghanistan, Yankee imperialism unfolds as hegemonic superpower. Russia has rapidly placed themselves on the side of the "anti-terrorist coalition", that is, of Yankee imperialism, as it is said in the document: "Russia is attempting to take advantage of the conflict in order to make order internally and gain positions abroad".

In the European newspapers you can read every day the wailing of the French, German, English, etc. imperialists, that "it is impossible to gain influence over the actions of the Yankees by sending a few thousand soldiers and some technical apparatuses. The US superpower does whatever it pleases. The Europeans are there to serve as decoration". In the imperialist press it is recognized that attempts such as those of the "mini-summit" in London, between some of the heads of government of the European Union (EU), to put themselves in the position of partners to the hegemonic superpower in the Afghanistan War, "is to deceive themselves". The English newspaper "The Guardian" satirizes the said "summit", "the event also brought back memories of the very real limits for the role Tony Blair or any other British politician in the world is able to play as the dominating protagonist of the United States". The Japanese and Chinese imperialists are also debating within this situation. The German chancellor, Schroeder, has, in Parliament (Bundestag) argued for his request for troops to be sent to Afghanistan, by pointing out: "that the sending of German troops to Afghanistan is not only a display of solidarity with the US, but it is in our own national interest, for it is the only way for us to have influence in world politics" (Berlin, November 8, 2001).

The Secretary of Defense of the US, Donald Rumsfeld, has, in the "Washington Post" with great clarity and cynicism written: "After this attack (refers to that on September 11, 2001 - Editor's note) we are facing 2 important challenges: firstly, to win the war that has been imposed upon us, destroying the network of terror that threatens our people; secondly, to prepare ourselves for the next war... This requires a transformation of our armed forces that allows us to defend the homeland and carry out missions in every corner of the world, also, often, in hostile environment". Thus, then, Yankee imperialism unfolds as hegemonic superpower and seeks to consolidate itself as world gendarme. And with this campaign Yankee imperialism has an all-encompassing aim against revolution in the whole world. Thus, we have to fuse the People's War into forming part of a single torrent of struggles waged by the peoples, against imperialism, for their liberation.

As the Document by the CC masterfully defines it, the development of the international situation shows, that "The contention and collusion continues to take place between the superpowers and powers, the collusion expresses itself as principal, but the contention is underlying and is expressed; the powers align themselves with Yankee imperialism". As exemplary evidence, we take the already transcribed quotes from newspapers, for they show how the definition of the development of the contradiction among superpowers and imperialist powers themselves, established in the Document by the Central Committee of the PCP, corresponds to the real movement of this inter-imperialist contradiction. This marginal note is opportune, for a certain chieftain tries to discredit Gonzalo Thought with the nickname "dogmatic".

All this counterrevolutionary action of Yankee imperialism sharpens the struggle of the peoples, not only of the oppressed peoples in the third world, but also of the peoples in the imperialist countries, for there are peoples there as well, and the people are the people, and the people are always going to defend, as they have always done, and even more so today when every struggle that the peoples wage for their liberation is part of world revolution.

Therefore, we reaffirm ourselves in supporting the people of Afghanistan, differentiating it from the plans of religious fundamentalism, against the ferocious aggression of Yankee imperialism which sows destruction, death and terror through the use of the most widespread indiscriminate bombings in order to, as they have already done in other wars of aggression, apply the forced displacement of vast masses of the population, with the goal of "drying out the fish" and use these arch-traitors, mercenaries of the "Northern Alliance", to carry forward its land offensive in order to occupy, counting on the support of the CIA agent who is president of Pakistan, General Perverz. Meanwhile, at the same time, its war of aggression against Iraq and the Arab people with the support of the callous CIA agent Arafat and the Zionists, continues.

But, what are the imperialists going to achieve with all this? Only failures, for Maoism is being embodied in the peoples of the world, because the People's War of Peru is the powerful and victorious torch of world revolution, because the People's Wars of Nepal and Turkey are taking up their responsibility.

It is important to point out that Yankee imperialism, together with other imperialist powers, with the war of aggression against Afghanistan, is taking a position coming dangerously close to Russia and China. Afghanistan is a strategic "backyard" for Moscow, key for the dominance over Central Asia and the Indian sub-continent. "Imperialism is striving towards a III world war, it is positioning itself in different parts of the world". The military deployment, displacement and taking of positions of the imperialist superpowers and powers is evident on the world map.

This constitutes a greater demand and challenge for the communists to fulfill the pending strategic task, to reconstitute Communist Parties of a new type, militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties that immediately should initiate the People's War in their own countries, for the world people's war is on the agenda, in order to confront the imperialist world war and make revolution, in order to bury imperialism, reaction and revisionism, in order to make them disappear from the face of the Earth and build the socialist society in inexorable march towards communism. Maoism must be command and guide of world revolution, its sole guarantee of triumph. Within this framework, it is more evident how we find ourselves at times of definition within the ICM and the RIM in particular.

II. Today when all the contradictions at world level are sharpening, principally the very principal contradiction (imperialism - oppressed nations), everyone has to take a position; and with this taking of position, one defines oneself.

Therefore, you can't weep like pregnant widows over the blow suffered by Yankee imperialism on September 11, saying that they are "in shock" and that they are "hugging" to be able to stand the "horrors of this system" and because of this they say "no" to the imperialist war; what kind of Maoists are they? Defenders of the omnipotence of revolutionary violence? No. They are "Maoists" who deny Maoism and who think that the People's War is something you play on a computer.

These persons speak the same language as any revisionist grouplet, for they leave out the key point of upholding the revolutionary civil war, which today is only people's war, in order to put an end to this rotten and decrepit imperialist system. This position is REVISIONIST and nothing else. These are the same positions that supposedly were going to contribute to the Party with "the experience of the international proletariat" in order to "help" the Party crush the ROL at the same time that they are investigating whether the Great Leader of the Peruvian revolution, our beloved and respected Chairman Gonzalo, was a traitor or not. Positions that converged and converge with those of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL; keep in mind that the positions of the ROL were led by the CIA through the SIN, and by "coincidence" these characters, who are "hugging" their compatriots in their imperialist "fatherland", said the same thing as the CIA, but the problem for them is that we know that there are no coincidences in politics. The same people who attack Chairman Gonzalo, the Party and the People's War, who support positions for "peace negotiations", weep for Yankee imperialism and have already shown in practice their total revocation of their promise of "self- criticism" which they solemnly assumed in front of all the Parties and Organizations of the RIM, transforming it to a joke of "self- criticism" of which they never concretized anything. Coincidence? It is well put, we are now in moments for definitions: may all those who want to serve the advance of world proletarian revolution, of the ICM and very particularly the RIM take a position on what these people are serving.

It is worthwhile to take a closer look at the campaign for the defense of the life of Chairman Gonzalo at an international level in connection with these revisionist positions. We have in several articles, documents, pronouncements, etc., been insisting on the undeniable necessity, pointed out by the Party, of unfolding the defense of our Great Leader and the struggle to impose Maoism as the sole command and guide of world proletarian revolution in a joint form. The same persons who are today weeping for Yankee imperialism, and openly and shamelessly deny taking up the responsibilities that correspond to a Communist Party, have always opposed unfolding the two campaigns jointly, trying to argue that this would be to limit the campaign for the defense of the life of Chairman Gonzalo. Many have fallen for this trick; but today it is more evident than ever what the real foundation for such "argumentation" has been: their opposition to Maoism.

When was Leninism defined, who did it? The Communist International? No. It was Comrade Stalin who did it. Thus, all those who took up Leninism either had to do it according to what had been established by Comrade Stalin, or deny Leninism itself. The same is the case with Maoism. Who defined it? The RIM? No. It was Chairman Gonzalo who did it. Thus, to take up Maoism is to take it up as it has been defined by Chairman Gonzalo, or else you end up denying Maoism. It is not arrogance or nationalism on our part to point this out, it is the simple and humble truth, and truth is always on the side of the people.

The revisionist positions of some members of the CoRIM are trying to shatter truth by saying that it is the RIM that has defined Maoism at an international level. Since these characters like so very much to talk about "facts", like when they were sinisterly crying out in all directions that "facts show that Chairman Gonzalo is heading the ROL", let us talk about facts. When the RIM was formed, in 1984, the misfit for a party of a certain "distiller" barely wanted to accept "Marxism-Leninism, Mao Tsetung Thought" while our Party under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo was already struggling to impose Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism. When the "distiller" "says that he has discovered" Maoism, they are in every way trying to distort history, and now they are saying that "the RIM was founded basing itself on Maoism", trying to make it appear as if it is merely a question of "terminology" in order to in this way sell off their positions as "Maoism", which according to their own agents is "the contributions by Mao that we consider correct". These are facts.

The revisionists are agents of the bourgeoisie within the proletarian movement itself and they defend the interests of imperialism. Today, these revisionist positions, expressed by some members of the CoRIM, are fulfilling the same function. Maoism is the third, new and superior stage of Marxism, and to be a Marxist today is to be a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, and even more so, principally a Maoist; this is an undeniable truth and one that the RIM as a whole has accepted thanks to the struggle of the red fraction in the ICM, that is, the Communist Party of Peru with the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo.

As we have already mentioned, revolution is the main political and historical tendency and a new great wave of world revolution has begun to develop; what we need are militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties in order to lead this new great wave by developing people's war, generating their specific guiding thought and, based on this, their Great Leadership; this process of the reconstitution of the Communist Parties is advancing in the world and the new great wave is developing more powerfully every day: this is what the revisionist positions of some members of the CoRIM are opposing. They are trafficking with the people's wars in the world in order to sell their "Maoism made in the USA" which propagates Communist Parties without Great Leaders, without creative application to concrete conditions, saying that "you cannot say that imperialism is in crisis", for ever postponing the initiation of the people's war in the imperialist countries (denying the revolutionary situation in uneven development in the world) and spreading capitulation under the pretext of "negotiations" in the third world, just to mention some of their ominous revisionist positions. This fake "Maoism", "moonshine Maoism", is what imperialism, revisionism and world reaction need; it is an old revisionist policy of "fighting red banners with red banners", and thus those who are upholding these revisionist positions at the level of the CoRIM are doing exactly what the enemy wants: they are acting as agents of the bourgeoisie within the RIM, in particular of Yankee imperialism, doing work to undermine, the way the CIA teaches. Because of this, they are jumping to attack Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought.

Thus, we find ourselves at times for definitions, much more time than necessary has gone by; those who are maintaining revisionist positions in the CoRIM, serving the plans of the CIA, weeping over the blows suffered by Yankee imperialism, have to spew up what they want, and if they have a single pinch of communist in them, they have to recur to this, and make a profound self-criticism, condemning, crushing and sweeping away their revisionist positions in order to at least be able to serve world proletarian revolution in some way; if not, they will be crushed by the very development of the new great wave of world proletarian revolution and the iron legions of the international proletariat, led by militarized Communist Parties in people's war, we will march over their black heads. Today, the Flag of the People's War is flying in Peru, Nepal and Turkey: tomorrow it will fly over the entire world.

Red Sun Magazine
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Very telling
04 Feb 2002
Um, how it a bunch of jargon like this relevant to the community in Boston? Perhaps the person who posted could give me an explanation as to hwo, but the fact that he/she didn't suggests that they're really not too tied in to the community. Selling newspapers and issuing manifestoes just isn't the same as organizing. If you want to make people open up to what you're saying, you have to win some trust, and just posting lengthy statements like this isn't how..