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Bomb Sharon not Saddam
15 Feb 2002
Modified: 17 Feb 2002
If we are to bomb people based on the degree of evilness we should be bombing Sharon and leaving the less evil Saddam alone.
Bomb Sharon not Saddam

A few facts will make it clear why we should bomb Sharon at once.

1. Sharon cost the U.S. taxpayers $ a year. Saddam cost us nothing.

2. Sharon is against UN inspections of his weapons of mass destruction under any circumstance. Sharon is willing to have inspectors in Iraq if Israel does the same.

3. Sharon has bulldozed thousands of Palestinian homes, Sharon has not done anything like that.

4. Sharon has destroyed thousands of Palestinian grape and fruit trees, Sharon has never done that.

5. Sharon occupies another country in violation of UN laws. Saddam does not do that.

6. Sharon uses death squads to kill enemies in occupied territory. Saddam does not do that.

7. Sharon has his military shoot at ambulances. Saddam does not do that.

8. Sharon is using a policy of ethnic cleansing against Palestinians. Saddam does not do that.

9. Sharon is for war against any Arab/Muslim country. Saddam does not favor any war.

10. Sharon is against Oslo and Mitchell. Saddam is not.

11. Sharon has submarines with nuclear weapons to threaten the world. Saddam has no such weapons.

12. Sharon paid murderous thugs to kill 2,000 unarmed children, woman and elderly at Sabra and Chatila. Saddam has never paid others to do his own killing.

Important: Please make sure your representative in Washington is aware of the above facts. This is stuff that the pro-Sharon, mainstream media is not telling American taxpayers. It is urgent that you act at once, before and incident is manufacture to start the bombing on Iraq as was done ten years ago, with the phony story of Saddam killing babies in a Kuwaiti hospital.
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No Bombing of Sharon, No Bombing Period
16 Feb 2002
The writer of "Bomb Sharon and not Saddam" has not got their facts straight.

The writer claims that Sharon is in favour of ethnic cleansing but forgets the horrible poisonous gassing of innocent and unarmed Iraqui Kurds. They forget the pictures of children dead in their mother's arms.

9. Sharon is for war against any Arab/Muslim country. Saddam does not favor any war.

All Arabs, particularly the Palestinian Mussaf sides with Hitler and encouraged the extermination of all Jews. All the Arab nations are for the extermination of the Jews and that is why there has been war in the middle east.

The writer of this article has not opened his/her history books and has only looked a the mass media television and news reports of Israeli retaliation of terrorist bombings of Israelis. The writer forgets that the famous Six day war was not started by Israel. On the holiest of Jewish holy days, the Arabs invaded and were pushed back by the Israeli army. To maitain a buffer zone they have occupied Gaza and retook the Arab section of Jerusalem. The writer of this article forgets that the Arab Mosque in Jerusalem sits atop the Jewish Temple that they destroyed after invaded Jerusalem.

I urge the writer to do their research first.

The Romans, and the Arabs (Turkey the lastest in late 1800's) invade the Jewish homeland and expelled many Jews or took them out as slaves. They invaded the region of the middle east and Africa enslaving Africans and Jews while raping women, all in the name of their religion - Islam.
The only area that they have failed to anhilate is the Jewish state. The region is predominantly occupied by Arabs who speak a common language and practice a common religion but who have never wanted the Jews to occupy their homeland.
It's unfortunate that we forget who cast the first stone.
Frankly, I believe there should be peace in the region with Israel as the Jewish homeland and the Palestinians with their land (which includes, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and the arab nations of north Africa)
There should be no bombing - period!
No bombing is good
16 Feb 2002
Hello MC. To write that all Arabs are like Hitler and all they want is the exterminations of all Jews, sounds like you are a racist. That problem may colors your interpretation of history.

Contrary to what you state, many Palestinian do not want war, just as there are many Jews who also do not want war. Currently, there is a serious problems with racism in Israel (current polls indicate about half of the population if in favor of “transfers.” As you may know, this involves taking Palestinian homes by force to make room for Israeli Jews. Is that similar to the Nazi policies that took homes from the Jews so that they could be given to the Germans?

On August 25, 1988, the date of the gas attack on a small Kurdish village with about 30 houses, Saddam Hussein was on the payroll of the American CIA, and the biggest silence from the gas incident came from our government. With news of this event coming from France and other countries the pentagon had to finally put a spin on this. As I recall, it was the usual stuff like “If that happened it’s not something we approve of, but we are certainly going to look into this.” This was investigated by a couple human rights medical teams and they found signs of the actual poison and also confirmed that four people had died. Most of the villagers were able to escape, however some had skin injuries.

You need to get your history up-to-date. There is nothing that supports the idea that Saddam wants war. He simply does not have the weapons needed to attack the U.S. or Israel and to do so would be completely insane on his part.

I agree with you on the most important thing. There should be no bombing of anyone by Americans.
Sharon Vs. Saddam
17 Feb 2002
Saddam uses nerve gas against his own people ( the Kurds ), Sharon Doesn't.
Saddam is hell bent on aquiring a nuclear device to use against the West, Sharon isn't.
Get a fucking grip will you...
Wake up Me
17 Feb 2002
I think, that Me has been sleeping for at least 10 years, since he seems to have missed out on the facts that Israel has already develop nuclear weapons in contravention of international laws. Try reading the Seymour Hersh book, The Sampson Option. This details how the Israeli nuclear arsenal was developed and the deception that was used against American inspections.

Since Israel already has a nuclear stockpile, does your ignorance makes you right? Since Sharon already has nukes he does not need to acquire any. He can make all he wants with the genosity of american taxpayers, and that is why he will not allow UN inspectors into Israel to check for his WMDs.

It looks to me that the antiwar comparisons are entirely based on what is happening now (year 2002). There is not talk about atrocities he or Sharon may have been responsible many years ago. Wake up.
A pox on them both!
17 Feb 2002
I agree with Karen. Most people are perfectly willing to live and let live, and we should concentrate our energy on condemning and turfing out those few who refuse to share, refuse to act responsibly, and imagine their religious, ethnic, or political mythology gives them special rights in the world to take and to breed and to oppress.

And I very much include US rulers and apparatchiki in the group we should be trying our best to turf out.