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News ::
A Soldier's Report On The War Against Horrorism - Isidor
27 Feb 2002
Hop on board Isidor's Magical Mystery Tour taking you from Halfgonistan
to the dark side of the Moon. Learn about the War Against Evilism,
Horrorism and Errorism. Find out who the world's most wanted terrorist
is. There's much more to say but there isn't enough space in this
paragraph to say it...So check it out and spread whatever Truth you find
to those who do not know. Who knows...if not those who want to know.
Hop on board Isidor's Magical Mystery Tour taking you from Halfgonistan to the dark side of the Moon. Learn about the War Against Evilism, Horrorism and Errorism. Find out who the world's most wanted terrorist is. There's much more to say but there isn't enough space in this paragraph to say it...So check it out and spread whatever Truth you find to those who do not know. Who knows...if not those who want to know.

"Some of the families have begun to reach out to families in
Afghanistan. Four Sept. 11 family members went to Afghanistan
recently. Kelly Campbell from California said, "One of our
concerns is what is happening to innocent families in Afghanistan
who are being injured by our government's actions. We saw people
who are suffering the loss of their loved ones, their homes,
caretakers or their children. They cannot rebuild their homes or feed
their families. We met children so traumatized by what they saw in
their neighborhoods when the bombs fell that they are not able to

They Were Not Able To Speak

"If the Senate regularly violates the Constitution and anti-bribery laws
(US Code, Title 18, Chapter 11, Section 201) can it conduct
(and enforce) a neutral and thorough investigation?

It failed to do so with Election Fraud 2000, Chinagate, the S&L Swindle,
the Federal Reserve Bank, BCCI, Iran-Contra, the 1980 October Surprise,
Watergate, the murders of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin
Luther King and many others.

What will be different this time?

This Is What Will Be Different This Time?

""These days, when I sit down to write a diatribe, it isn't a question
of WHAT to write, it's a question of WHERE TO BEGIN. Never in U.S.
history has an administration launched a more constant and vicious
attack on everything most of us hold dear: freedom, safety, the
environment, the Constitution, access to the truth. Every day, this
band of corporate robber barons uses its bottomless financial
resources (which of course buys a bottomless pit of influence) to
hurl some new insult at human decency. Keeping up with the onslaught
is daunting, to say the least.

In fact, some days, I feel like we're trying to fight off a swarm of
buzzards, all competing for a prime spot at the not-yet-dead body.
More and more keep coming, drawn by the smell of death.

The Evil Parade

"He is wanted for Grand Theft on all fronts in his own country and
abroad, stealing the US election in 2000, accepting bribes, multiple
criminal conspiracies, extortion, blackmail, fraud, lying,
obstructing investigations, shredding documents, destroying evidence,
ripping off the American people and deceiving the world.

This man is a mass murderer, a serial killer. He controls the largest
stockpile of nuclear, biological, chemical and electro-magnetic
weapons of mass destruction. HIs country, the US, is responsible for
over 3 years of chemtrail spraying throughout NATO countries, and the
list goes on and on. His father, George Pervert Talker Bush is 100
times worse.

If you see him or his father, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! "


"But if Bush is looking for "evil," he doesn't have to travel halfway
across the world. He can visit Dick Cheney, who got his training in
terror as defense secretary during Papa Bush's 1991 war on Iraq.

Or he can call on Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who's ready to
use the Pentagon's $48 billion budget increase to buy new weapons of
mass destruction.

Or he could phone Secretary of State Colin Powell, the supposed "dove"
in the Bush administration who's anything but.

These men are the real "axis of evil." And we have to organize
opposition to their murderous policies."

The Real "Axis of Evil"

""By Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles, the national debt is
not the five trillion the feds maintain; it is more like fourteen
trillion, and the chances of paying it off are zip zilch zero. Ain't
gonna happen.

America is facing destruction. Total financial collapse.

Maybe, one future day, out of the ashes of avarice, there will Emerge
a New Nation, Conceived in Liberty and Dedicated to the
Proposition about which Lincoln spoke at Gettysburg.


At my age, I thankfully will not be here to see it happen. But to
those who will, I hope you will continue to resist. To fight
globalization, a `One World Government' the megalomania, the
unbridled greed of those who have engineered the inevitable
destruction of this once great nation.

Maybe Some Day...If Only

""The U.S. tax code is purposefully not designed to maximize economic
prosperity. Its express purpose is to maximize politicians' power,
power to extort contributions as protection money, and power to make
people dependent on government subsidies, thus gaining the vote of
those so dependent.

Actual tax reform in America doesn't have a ghost of a chance until
business leaders and those rare honest politicians clearly explain
this and the American voting public clearly understands it.

Until then, Congress will ceaselessly try to distract us with shell
game frauds like Campaign Finance Reform and anti-capitalist
scandals, and circus freaks like South Carolina's embarrassment,
Fritz Hollings, South Dakota's blemish, Tom Dash-hole, and West
Virginia's epitome of arrogant senility, Bobby Byrd.

It's these guys we should be outraged at, who are far bigger crooks
and thieves than Kenneth Lay ever will be. "

"The recipe for prosperity is for people to pay more attention and
respect to those who create it, and less to scums of politicians. "

A Scum Of Politicians

"The Butch administration is actively seeking activists for

With the new and relaxed torture laws, we are now in a position to
work on this long-standing problem regarding activists who come to
spoil our most important business meetings and banquets.

We will pay big buck$ to activists who come to us on their own or
anybody who can deliver activists to the newly renovated School of
The Americas.

We supply everything you need for a memorable stay in our fine

Can't wait to see you there.


George Wonderful Butch

Activists Wanted - Dead Or Alive

""Left and Right are monolithic ideas - colossal, abstract, and, as
their religious origins suggest, cosmic. They are part of the darker
side of humanity that replaces the specific with the general, the
personal with the impersonal. If you wanted to find a way of making
certain that people would have as little as possible in common, there
would be no better way than to divide them, not into ten or three or
four, but into two. Dual division turns the largest possible sections
of humanity against one another, often causing neighbors and
compatriots to have nothing to say to one another. No regeneration of
community can begin without a careful demolition of Left and Right;
nor can this tearing down be relinquished to academic abstraction,
technical philosophy, government, corporations, or ideology. Nothing
can be built without a new politics - least of all with a politics
that refers outward to ideas of Heaven and Hell rather than inward to
the experience of daily life."

Starve The System - Feed Democracy - The Forbidden Truth

""It had to be spectacular enough to totally stun people so that the
rest of the agenda could go forward.......haven't you noticed what
else happened, like WHERE DID YOUR CIVIL LIBERTIES GO? How else would
Congress pass such outrageous legislation WITHOUT EVEN HAVING READ IT.
Britain and Canada followed suit with hardly the blinking of an eye.
You don't get that kind of thing happening without prior takes time to write new laws. "

"The Bushes have run so many scams that they are overconfident. It's
time to bring the dope dealing, assassinating, bank busting,
genocidal crew down. "

"Also, look at what the Bush admin. has gotten from this attack, and
remember who makes up the administration. The USA Patriot Act, huge
increases in Defense spending (and huge contracts to Lockheed Martin
and Boeing), a stifling of what was becoming a bigger and bigger and
more disruptive international "anti-globalization" movement, huge
increase in approval ratings, and not to mention a "stable" regime
(i.e. puppet gov't) in Afghanistan and their hands on Caspian Sea
oil. Hamid Karzai, former Unocal employee? How ridiculous is that?
And not a peep from the media! "

Blowing The 9-11 Bush/CIA Story Wide Open

"Writing in the Korea Times last month, Henry Kissinger insisted: "The
issue is not whether Iraq was involved in the terrorist attack on the
United States, though no doubt there was some intelligence contact
between Iraqi intelligence and one of the chief plotters. The
challenge of Iraq is essentially geopolitical." The men who run the
military-industrial complex have shoved aside the government of the
Philippines, alarmed Russia and China by scrambling for central Asia,
begun developing a new tactical nuclear weapon, and almost declared
war on three nations.

The armchair warriors who supported their bombing of Afghanistan
cannot understand that these people now present a threat not just to
terrorism but to the world."

US Is Greatest Threat To World Peace

""Mohammed Atta mostly used his own name and vital statistics as he
traveled the country in the months before the hijackings.
Things were made as easy as it gets for him."

Tuesday, September 11, 2001, 8:48am:
Bush happens (?) to be in Florida.
Clinton happens (?) to be in Australia.
Mohammed Atta, "now" believed to have been the ringleader of the
Sept.11 hijackers, proceeds to mass murder scores of people at the

But if he was an evil terrorist, what are the twin cowards who
arguably had the power and foreknowledge to stop him and chose
not to do so? "

The Twin Cowards

""Those few of us who remain look back in shame on what our ancestors
did to our home and their own children. They had in their hands the
power to reverse the ills brought upon the Earth and her inhabitants
by their own technology. Instead, they chose to continue as before:
destroying the very fabric of life they and we, their descendants,
needed to survive.

In the name of luxury, convenience or thrift they continued poisoning
the air, the water, the land that gave them food and shelter. As the
Earth grew ill and the climate decayed they continued to multiply in
their numbers and their ways. The few voices that spoke in protest,
the scientists, the activists, were silenced or lost in the din of
mindless consumption and human conflict. The human race had become a
cancer, a demon devouring everything in its path, scattering waste
and poison among each other and across the planet. What sort of
creature fowls its own nest and leaves nothing for its children? Who
would stop them?

What message could open their eyes and ears, touch their hearts? "

The Fight Against Horrorism Goes On

"A question for Kermit The Bull Frog of Kermitgarden General Terrorism,
KGT, a subsidiary of al-MO$$AD"

A Question For Deaf, Dumb and Blind Kermit

"Well, Billy, she was right about one thing. That bill called Campaign
Finance Reform was important all right, but not the way she meant it.
You see, that was the year the people lost the right to criticize our
government. Before that, a person or a group could buy time on TV or
radio and talk about the record of a member of Congress. Or they
could distribute voter guides letting people know where their elected
officials stood on the issues.

Wow! You used to be able to do that?

Oh absolutely. But then something terrible happened.
That right was taken away and the only people allowed to
talk about government officials were those in the news media.
The big newspapers and the big TV networks suddenly were in a
position to decide who was a good representative and who wasn't.
Soon they were the only ones allowed to publish their opinions. "

The Death Of Free Speech

"No matter how assiduously the daily industrial-strength tissue of
lies is spun, denying the discernible deterioration of our sick
civilization, and no matter how many have invested their lives in
believing and sustaining these lies: unpleasant realities are
lumbering inexorably toward us. Experts in all fields are dogtrotted
out by the truckload, and dutifully trundled through the mills of
mass media, in order continually to bury and re-bury any signs of
incipient awareness in the populace that all is not well. Official
repertoires consisting of studied stupidities, frank falsehoods,
diagrams for dummies, simpering smirks and posturing pomposities are
designed to semaphore to a somnambulant citizenry that everything is
under control. In fact, mounting evidence points entirely to a
contrary conclusion. And in the face of our stunningly complicated
world problems, the toddler's cartoon version of life, offered by
those in power through the mass media's obedient mouth, is one of the
most shocking aspects of our predicament. Of a multitude of symptoms
indicating rampant human lunacy presently operating on a grand scale,
the continual insulting offerings of Frankenspeak in lieu of
meaningful communication is perhaps the most directly alarming,
disgusting and telling. "

The Disintegration Of Dystopia - Diane Harvey

"The Twin Towers Fund has enough money in it, tens of millions of
donations that were decently given and are being handled with motives
so miserable as to cause suspicion, that it now becomes a mirror as
big as a wall that shows the character of this Don Benito Adolfus
Giulianus Caesar.

This time, he imposes on widows.

The Twin Towers Fund is for the families of firefighters and cops. It
has $70 million and suddenly in December it stopped sending any money
to widows. Giuliani announced he wanted to transfer the money from a
city-run nonprofit organization to a private organization, headed by
I, Don Benito Adolfus Giulianus Caesar."

The Legend of Don Benito Giulianus - Part 4
""You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now
you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour. And there
are things to be considered....

Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know your garden.
It is time to speak your truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader."

"This could be a good time! There is a river flowing now very fast.
It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.
They will try to hang on to the shore. They will feel they are being
torn apart and will suffer greatly."

A HOPI Elder Speaks and A Sedona Woman Writes

"With the understanding that there is a deeper truth expressed in the
unity of the United States. That implicate in the union of our
country is the union of all people. That all people are essentially
one. That the world is interconnected not only on the material level
of economics, trade, communication, and transportation, but
innerconnected through human consciousness, through the human heart,
through the heart of the world, through the simply expressed impulse
and yearning to be and to breathe free. I offer this prayer for
America. "

A Prayer for America

"BEAVER: How come, if they're gonna lie to us, would they tell us that
that's what they're gonna do? I thought they'd wanna keep it secret on
account of we might know they're lying since they announced it and all?

WALLY: The way I see it Beaver, they're not very smart, which is kinda
scary seein' as how they have all those weapons that could turn us all
into vapor and stuff.

Gee Wally - by The Beaver

"What kind of idiots make their minds up to ANNOUNCE THAT THEY WILL BE

Surely we can take down an empire run by such morons!!!! "

How Would You Like Your Lies Mr. & Mrs. Pentagoon?

"The demilitarized zone has been threatened numerous times in the last
few months as the U.S. "war on terrorism" has been directed at the
peoples' struggle in Colombia. The U.S. State Department announced
that its strategy was now changing from that of a "drug war" to a
counter-insurgency effort. U.S. aid to the Colombian government in
the last three years has amounted to over 2 billion dollars, and the
U.S. is currently considering a proposal to deliver even more aid to
protect the private Occidental oil pipeline from attacks. Clearly,
the U.S. has a direct interest in controlling Colombia's civil war,
and will use this aggression as an opportunity to destroy any
resistance to U.S. economic control of Colombia and Latin America."

US-Backed Terrorists Attack Columbia

"We're making it clear that weapons of mass destruction, the missiles
that deliver them -- it's all part of an evil web," one U.S. official
said. "You better not be seen as contributing to the construction of
that web."

Yep. That official just nailed it. You officials are all part of an
evil web with your heads in the sand of your future desert while your
stinkin' arses are sticking out in plain view for all who have eyes
to see, ears to hear, noses to smell and hearts to feel. Isidor is
just waltzing through the battlefields, the "theatres of operation"
and kicking a few corpses here and there to see if they're still

Sometimes it's hard to tell...

For those who have hearts to feel, the onslaught must be terrifying.
Yes it is. It has always been. And no matter how hard you try to
forget it, it just never goes away until some day, somebody, decides
to get up off his butt and shut the ducks up. It's a tough job but..."

The Difference Between Heaven And Hell

"A pale ray of light shines through the bedroom window.
In the distance, something howls. Eyes open. The clock ticks,
it's 2 a.m.. You're wide awake -- roused by a bright full Moon.

Don't be surprised if this soon happens to you.The Moon will
become full on Feb. 27th. It happens every 29.5 days, yet this
full Moon is special: It's the biggest and brightest of the year."
Not all full Moons are alike. This week's will be the brightest of 2002

Big Moonshine

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