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Announcement :: Politics
March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
06 Feb 2006
The world is at the most serious crossroads in modern history.” The fraudulent “War on Terror” threatens the very future of humanity.
March For 9/11 Truth in NYC on 2/20
2/20 March for 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?

Malcom Gladwell in his new book:Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference believes “small actions can spark social epidemics.” I am counting on it. Ladies and gentlemen we need an epidemic of epic proportions to spread - an awareness of the reality of what happened on 9/11(A) To use the words of Chossudovsky ‘The world is at the most serious crossroads in modern history.”(B)The fraudulent “War on Terror” threatens the very future of humanity.

This coming February 20th in New York City offers a chance for citizen’s action to spark real
change in government. 9/11 activists and concerned citizens will confront media groups keeping 9/11 truth purposely hidden. We will confront two public figures seeking higher office on the back of 9/11. One is former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, the man mistakenly portrayed as a hero of 9/11, when in fact, he is a perpetrator and protector of the crime. The other, the Attorney General Elliot Spitzer;is running for Governor on a record that has allowed this monumental act of False Flag Terror to go unaccounted for in his district. We will ask for Spitzer to resign, for Giuliani to be placed under arrest.

The 9/11 truth movement is now over four years old. There have been many false starts, many false hope campaigns and enough suffering to go around for everyone. The moment in history for action is closing, the machinery of war and the drumbeats for new conquests are now deafening. It is our moment to stave off a near certain catastrophe. 9/11 truth is about more than justice for the past, it is about what kind of world we want for our future.

Let us recall, that a lone drag queen threw a punch at Stonewall thirty years ago and launched the Gay Rights revolution - A black woman refused to go and sit at the back of the bus and began the Civil rights Movement.. Can a letter and a warrant from the people bring down the giant criminal enterprise that America has become? Do we want to leave our fate to fate. The evil that destroyed those majestic towers in New York did not come from a cave in Afghanistan, it came from a dying militaristic Anglo-empire. The book of fate, despite what Shakespeare may have thought is not written for us, it is ours to be written.

Please all come to Ground Zero in lower Manhattan on February 20th (C.)to meet and to march to restore sanity to our teetering world. Please all come to Ground Zero and make your voices heard that we know what happened on 9/11 and the lives of 2,986 Americans and the nameless thousands killed in the illegal wars abroad will not go unaccounted for. Please all come together to make our small symbolical action a chance for the truth to be heard . let us hope the tipping point will be here and now for an end to this frame-up on humanity, falsely named of “the war on terror”-This is a war on freedom. Make Your voice heard in New York on 2/20, your future depends on it.




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Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
06 Feb 2006
Will DemocracyNow! cover this event? Very doubtful...
Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
06 Feb 2006
What would be the possible outcome if media started running stories on this? Would it help build a movement, or would it shut down the possibility of removing the elites from power by showing their most viscious underside? Would it help to challenge global captialism, or would it leave a huge fatalistic gap in the movement? Would it help remove Bush, or cause him to just use the military to become totalitarian? These are real questions most of us, who may or may not agree with you, have wrestled with and decided to pursue other avenues. maybe you should too.
Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
06 Feb 2006
It isn't for us to make that call. We must only call for the truth. What happens next will define the next century for America. I'm afraid that sensing their impending disgrace, the neocons may well arrange another false-flag op. It is our reaction to THAT that is most important. They will use it as a pretext to invade Iran, unless we blow their cover first.

This is going to be a mess, but it must be done. Stop living in denial--the real story of 9-11 is going to make the fake one seem like a picnic. But we can't let that stand in the way of the truth.

We need massive public discussions not just on the cover-up but on the fallout that will ensue once the truth is know. If we ignore that because we'd rather not recognize the truth then we will be responsible for whatever mayhem may or may not ensue.
Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
06 Feb 2006
Read link (c)

the really amazing thing...
06 Feb 2006
the really amazing aspect of 9/11 is that it was accomplished with the TV networks airing FAKE VIDEO of planes striking the World Trade Center.

(Note: Every time I make this point in news blog form Boston IMC censors the post, usually without meaningful explanation. They've also consistently refused to respond to polite emails asking why.)
See also:
The Crime of the Century has been cracked--pragmatists take note!
06 Feb 2006
Ciao tutti! It's me, Machiavelli! Here's a little tip to the people going around trying to discredit a BYU professor by trying to associate him with a bogus lunatic theory:

It's over. The race has just begun for the rat-sized exits on your sinking ship. Someone is going to be left holding the bag and you seem a prime candidate given the sheer lameness of this attempt at disinformation.

Advice: when the white hats come for you, go peacefully, then confess everything in exchange for a reduced sentence. Because you are commiting treason.
Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
06 Feb 2006
OOPS! I failed to make clear that the lunatic theory is the alQaeda/video/hologram nonsense. Prof. Jones is RIGHT ON.
Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
07 Feb 2006
Copy documentaries! I give them out to friends. Tell them to pass them on.
9-11 is being exposed. Our government is trying like hell to hijack our democracy. (Or, what's left of it...)
Worry about another government attack on us! I do. The scenaro is martial law. Not good for us.
Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
07 Feb 2006
Love the X Files nonsense. Everyone gets a good laugh at the stupidity of this. :)
It tipped.
07 Feb 2006
Not the real government-- this was an attempted coup by Bush/PNAC, for lack of a better group name. American Born, you are right on about the documentaries--which proves that no copyright is better than copyright, because look how quickly we've been able to get the truth out despite being up against the gargantuan mass media. And Veteran, my dear, please stop spouting your absurd views on this and other issues--you are ruining Indymedia by making it a trumpet for treason. Because this was treason, and don't think we're all of a sudden going to be softer on these terrorists just because they are homegrown. It's over and you know this.

Responsible Americans should begin talking immediately about this issue so that we may deal with the fallout, including the numerous tribunals and extradition requests (nay, demands) we will have to make when these criminals flee to Uzbekistan, Turkey, Israel, or wherever they think they will be safe from the long reach of our determination that justice finally be done.
Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
07 Feb 2006
Ha Ha Ha Ha

Flee to Turkey? That is priceless! Have you been there lately? Ha Ha Ha
Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
08 Feb 2006
I don't know of a single latter day saint who watches the X-files. On the other hand, the Lone Gunmen was a great show which most people didn't see but had an episode about a fake plane attack intended to spark global war. of course that plot was foiled by the heroes.

In real life, though, the conspirators used explosives to bring down the 4 buildings that collapsed that day.

So life does imitate art, but usually is much more interesting.

God bless you Veteran, you know not what you say!
Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
08 Feb 2006
You guys are killing me! :) The humor is priceless as well as the ignorance. Love the sci fi nonsense! Keep it coming!

Still chuckling about fleeing to Turkey!
Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
09 Feb 2006
OK Vet, so what caused the molten iron at the bottom of the wtc rubble piles, and why was the rubble IMMEDIATELY carted off and sold for scrap? Why would America's Mayor do such a thing? Well, the answer is that there is no way, not even in your fantasyland of islamofascist terror, that jet fuel can melt steel. Jet fuel burns at around 650 degrees celsius, steel melts at 1500 degrees celsius. Not only that, but at 650 degrees celsius the steel would still be solid and perfectly able, given the lattice structure of the towers, to remain standing in perpetuity. But there was molten steel. So, Veteran, where did the molten steel come from? The answers are all online kids, you just have to use your own brain to decide what makes more sense--the literally impossible scenario presented by the criminal Bush administration, or the intensely debated and vetted research by scholars around the world and in the US. Your decision, and your actions following it, will determine your place in history-- a) one who was intelligent enough to grasp the truth, or b) a brainless zombie who allowed criminals to get away with murder because of your inability to see the obvious. Needless to say, we'll be saying we told you so for the rest of your life. Do you really want to go down in history as a jackass?

start here:

a tip: always check sources, and where info cited by reporters comes from--beware the "sources say..." nonsense--that is more often than not a lie, not an anonymous comment... a million "terrorist experts" came out of nowhere after 9-11, and are often cited with impressive sounding titles but when you look up where they're from, it's usually just a website.
Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
09 Feb 2006
Lets see.................I have first hand knowledge of explosives AND - oh did I forget to mention......first hand knowledge of fire fighting/fire science and fire technology. Hmmmm, do you? You whine that there was "molten steel" found in the mess. Have you ever been into a fire? Have you ever been into a structure that has collapsed due to loss of structural integrity, extreme tempertures and huge impacts? Jet fuel burns HOT and when you add fuel to it, look out! If, as you whine and complain, that explosives brought the towers down, there would be CUT pieces of steel and NOT molten pieces of steel. Additionally, are you an expert on steel? What happens as it ages? What is added INTO certain forms of steel that are used in certain pieces of construction? ALmost a year to "cart off" the steel is to fast for you? Sorry we rushed you on that one! Your theory is so full of holes that it is funny! I, as the rest of the people concerned, look at the data and the evidence and read it for what it is. We quickly turn our anger to sorrow for those lost. You can't even mourn our fellow countrymen who were taken from us that day. You have my pity and sorrow.
Veteran doesn't understand that jet fuel can't melt steel!!
09 Feb 2006
Jet fuel burns HOT and when you add fuel to it, look out!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I ALREADY said how hot jet fuel (which is basically kerosene) burns. 650 deg celsius. Is that incorrect, smartypants? And that steel melts at 1500. There's not even math involved there! SO--unless you can explain how capitalizing the word HOT suddenly makes 650=anywhere close to 1500, then we can maybe have a serious discussion. How stupid do you think the readers of this site are? It's amazing the depths you sink to when facing treason and fraud charges.

And of course cut beams were found--and beams showing signs consistent with a thermite reaction.

Why was Kevin Ryan fired Vet? Because he complained to his employer, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, that they were falsifying their report after they couldn't get physical models to collapse. they then moved to computer simulations and had to fudge a lot of numbers to even show that a collapse could begin at the point of impact, but have to this day not released their simulation for review because the ensuing collapse looked NOTHING LIKE the controlled demolition of the WTC.

you're kind of pathetically batting around for something that sounds reasonable and failing miserably!
Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
09 Feb 2006
Still laughing at your reasoning. Consider the term fuel and then get back to me.
Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
09 Feb 2006
i think the steel plate in Vet's head melted into his brain...
Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
09 Feb 2006
No steel in me but thanks for being concerned for my health and wellness!
Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
09 Feb 2006
Gazing at the web sites that promote this and we are getting a good laugh!
Veteran avoids issues he cannot refute. How like a liar!
09 Feb 2006
Why don't you just come out and say what you mean Vet? Consider the term fuel. OK. Um, so what? you saw the fireballs when they collided--most of the FUEL burned up in the initial collision. It did NOT pour down the elevator shaft, as some kooks have claimed. In fact, I know youve seen the picture of the young lady who made it to the impact hole and stood there, perfectly clean (not scorched) holding on for her life presumably waiting to be rescued. If the inside of the towers was anywhere near hot enough to melt steel, she would not have been able to make it to the opening. Vet, why don't you actually address any of these issues? You're really not doing a good job for your paymasters. Fess up already!
09 Feb 2006
you mean that one vet? or do you believe that is a legitimate site? Here's a tip for the ages--one of those sites is a real site, one is a fake site intended to confuse people as to what skeptics of the official story believe. Do you know which is which?
Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
09 Feb 2006
Still chuckling over your reasoning. I'm glad that you can at least admit that it was airplanes that crashed instead of UFO's.

Have you visited the MA State Fire Academy outside the city in Stowe, MA? What about the National Fire Academy?
still avoiding the issues
09 Feb 2006
who do you think you're convincing with your evasions Vet? And why are you protecting murderous anti-american traitors? Hm?
Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
09 Feb 2006
What are you spouting off about? Your killing me! :)
Re: March For 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?
09 Feb 2006
So have you visited either the state or federal fire academy within the last few years?

PS - Some of thsoe sites are great! Makes you wonder if LSD is coming back around! The imgination to come up with those theories is wonderful!