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Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
09 Feb 2006
According to the big-business media, “free speech” is the core issue. In reality, this is a battle between oppressor and oppressed nations.
Worldwide protests:
Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
By Leslie Feinberg
Published Feb 8, 2006 11:16 PM

Feb. 8—Islam bashing has ignited a firestorm of Muslim protest. The vicious mockery of Mohammad in a Danish newspaper last September first lit the fuse. The conflagration now circles the planet.

“We are now facing a growing global crisis,” Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen told a Feb. 7 media conference. Rather than apologize, which Muslims around the world demand, Rasmussen urged “dialogue.” He said President George W. Bush had called him that day and agreed that was the way to go.

Too little, too late. Yet until protests turned up the heat, Rasmussen had refused to talk with Muslim leaders.

Last September, after the center-right publication Jyllands-Posen—a major Danish daily newspaper—published the “cartoons,” Muslims protested to the editor. But they were ignored.

On Oct. 12, the ambassadors of Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Indo nesia, Libya, Morocco, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Yemen, the Palestinian Authority—and even Bosnia and Herzegovina, an imperialist puppet after the destruction of socialist Yugoslavia—wrote Rasmussen, characterizing the depictions as part of a smear campaign against Muslims.

Rasmussen—who Bush has referred to as a “steadfast ally”—refused to meet with ambassadors from 11 countries with large Muslim populations on Oct. 21.

In December, a delegation from 21 Muslim organizations in Denmark traveled to Cairo for support. They prepared a 43-page dossier to back their assertion: “There is currently a climate [in Denmark] that is contributing to an increase in racism.” The group met with Muslim leaders, including Egypt’s foreign minister and the general secretary of the Arab League.

The Danish government and Jyllands-Postens still refused to back down. In January, the Danish High Court rejected the case brought to its bench by 21 Muslim organizations.

And in a Jan. 23 telephone interview, Jyllands-Postens’s cultural editor, Fleming Rose, made clear, “An apology would imply we regret what we’ve done, which we don’t.”

Oppressor vs. oppressed

According to the big-business media, “free speech” is the core issue. In reality, this is a battle between oppressor and oppressed nations.

With the exception of Bosnia, in the Balkans, all the nations where the predominant religion is Muslim are in Africa and Asia and are formerly colonized by oppressor nations. These oppressed countries are all still under the economic domination of imperialist finance capital, or, like Iran, are threatened with war. Iraq and Afghan istan are occupied by U.S.-led forces.

Comparisons with other religions are rife now after the struggle unleashed by the insults to Islam.

For example, drawing an equal sign between Islam-bashing and anti-Judaism leaves out the role of Israel as an imperialist cat’s paw. Former President Bill Clin ton, among many others, tried to make this equation. Clinton told those gathered at the economic conference in Doha, Qatar, on Jan. 30, “In Europe, most of the struggles we’ve had in the past 50 years have been to fight prejudices against Jews, to fight against anti-Semitism. Now what are we going to do? Replace the anti-Semitic prejudice with anti-Islamic prejudice?”

Arab people, of course, are also Semites. But what has fanned the flames of anger at Jews for the last half century? The settler state of Israel—established, bank roll ed and armed to the teeth by the U.S. and British imperialism. The oppressor Zion ist state, acting as a boot heel on historic Palestine, flies the star of David and claims to rule on behalf of all Jewish people.

Michael Muhammad Pfaff, of the German Muslim League, pointed out that anti-Islamic depictions were like anti-Jewish caricatures by imperialist German fascists before and during World War II.

Jyllands-Posen had refused to print cartoons about Jesus three years ago that the publication found “offensive.” But today, Christianity is not an oppressed religion.

The publication France Soir tried to parallel what it termed Muslim “fanaticism” with centuries of iron-fisted rule by the Catholic Church in Europe. But the Catholic Church was the political party of feudalism, which brutally exploited the peasantry. Today it is the capitalists there who are the oppressors. Arab, South Asian and African immigrants are among the oppressed.

The unprecedented scope of this international firestorm is an expression of outrage against attacks on Islam. But what gives it such force and scope are the explosive underlying social, economic and political conditions of life of the hundreds of millions who practice that religion. And those conditions are super-exploitation and national oppression by imperialism.

War for imperial empire

This attack on Islam can only be understood within the context of the current imper ialist war for empire to secure the rich resources of the Middle East and Central Asia.

U.S. imperialism has led invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, and is menacing Iran and Syria. Military interrogators at Guantanamo reportedly flushed Korans down the toilet in front of Muslim prisoners. Pentagon captors have used sexual and gender humiliation and torture at Abu Ghraib. In the U.S., Muslim and South Asian people have faced mass roundups and forced deportations.

Salvos of racist, anti-Islamic propaganda have been used to “justify” this blatant drive for global conquest.

Denmark is part of this war on Muslims —at home and abroad. It has some 540 troops deployed in Iraq, mainly stationed under British rule in the southern port city of Basra.

After 9/11, the Danish government declared war on the some 300,000 immigrants in the country, 70 percent of whom are Muslims. In the Netherlands, Dutch-born Muslims make up 1 million in a total population of 16 million.

Right-wing and center-right parties have run viciously anti-Muslim campaigns. Among its acts of scapegoating, Denmark shut down its national borders, slashed immigrant welfare payments by 30 percent or more and barred marriage of Danes to “foreigners” before the age of 24.

Other governments and parties in Western Europe have also targeted the some 15 million Muslims on the continent, who face some of the highest rates of unemployment and face marginalization, racism and national oppression.

France, which has the largest Muslim community—an estimated 5 million people—banned the hajib, head scarves for Islamic women.

The German state of Baden-Wurt tem berg employs a “Muslim test” which grills citizenship applicants about their views on 9/11 and same-sex relationships. Some 3 million Muslims live in Germany.

Belgian councils outlawed Islamic garb for women. Italy shut down mosques.

So it was particularly ominous that on Jan. 10, the Norwegian evangelical newspaper Magazinet reprinted the anti-Islam depictions from Jyllands-Posen. And since then, newspapers have followed suit in Aus tralia, Austria, Belgium, France, Ger many, Holland, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, New Zealand, Norway, Swit z erland and Ukraine. The British BBC and Channel 4 did likewise. And so has the Philadelphia Inquirer, ABC and other news networks. The New York Times, the Washington Post and USA Today have so far declined to run the images.

Washington and London have res pond ed with caution to the outpouring of Muslim outrage. At a time when resistance in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan has not been broken by military overkill, Wash ington and London clearly fear the force of mass anger sweeping from Jakarta to Philadelphia. These are arsonists being burned by the fire they set.

In recent days, a State Department spokes person termed the depictions “offensive to the beliefs of Muslims.” And British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said Feb. 3 that the cartoons were “insulting ... insensitive ... disrespectful ... and wrong.”

On Feb. 6, White House spokesperson Scott McClellan called on “all governments [to] take steps to lower tensions and prevent violence.” The same day, Bush put pressure on the Saudi royal family to try to cool Muslim anger.

But even leaders of client states behol den to U.S. imperialism have had to pay lip service to the storm of popular anger, or risk the wrath of their own populations.

Fury in the streets

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have taken their rage to the streets in the first week of February as more capitalist newspapers reprinted the anti-Islamic images.

Even the occupation couldn’t stop Iraqis from protesting. And insurgent groups re new ed their vow to target Danish troops, all occupying armies and their collaborators.

In Afghanistan, protests took place in Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif and the capital of Kabul—where youths stoned the Danish, British and French embassies and United Nations headquarters. On Feb. 6, as many as five demonstrators were killed as thousands tried to march on the main Pentagon base in Bagram, north of the capital. Puppet Afghan police forces killed another demonstrator and injured more as protesters marched on the local police station in the city of Mihtariam, in the eastern province of Laghman.

At least three Afghans were killed and some 20 wounded on Feb. 7 when demonstrators laid siege to a base used by the NATO-led “International Security Assis tance Force” (ISAF) in Maimana in the north. Protesters reportedly used petrol bombs, set fire to a guard box, and breached the wall protecting the installation. NATO sent reinforcements.

Some 20,000 Palestinians marched in Nablus, including Muslim, Christian and Samaritan religious leaders. Thousands demonstrated in Ramallah. Militant Palestinian demonstrations took place between Feb. 4 and 6. In Jerusalem, thousands chanted inside the Al-Aqsa mosque compound, “Con dem na tions are not enough, you have to reply with fire.” The French cultural center in Gaza was firebombed; the German consu late office there was attacked. Armed Pale stinians reportedly took over the Euro pean Union office in Gaza. The EU is threatening to withhold millions of dollars to the Palestinians if Hamas forms the next government there.

Furious demonstrators hurled gasoline bombs and stones at the Danish and Aus trian embassies in Tehran on Feb. 6 and broke the windows of the embassy of Austria, which currently holds the EU presidency. Iran recalled its ambassador to Denmark. Iran is currently defending its right to develop nuclear power, despite U.S.-imperialist orchestrated attacks on that sovereign right.

In Damascus, Syria, demonstrators torched the Danish, Norwegian and Swe dish embassies on Feb. 4. The same day, protesters burned down the Danish embassy in Beirut. Syria withdrew its chief diplomat from Denmark.

Libya closed its Danish embassy. Saudi Arabia pulled its ambassador out of Copenhagen.

Between Feb. 6 and 7, protesters took to the streets in Indonesia, Algeria, Kashmir, Yemen, India, Somalia, Thailand and New Zealand. Thousands of students marched through the streets of Cairo. Rebellions continued in Pakistan on Feb. 7. Thou sands marched in the Turkish cities of Diyarbakir, Konya and Istanbul. In Jakarta, hundreds forced their way into the high-rise that houses the Danish embassy. In Delhi, several thousand students battled with police who used water cannons to stop the march to the Danish Embassy.

In Somalia, a 14-year-old was shot to death during a demonstration. Protests also took place in Kano, northern Nigeria and in Bamako—Mali’s capital. The High Court in Johannesburg barred two of the largest newspaper groups from publishing the caricatures.

Hundreds protested in the heart of Lon don, outside the Danish embassy, and a smal ler demonstration targeted the Philadelphia Inquirer.


Aided by the grassroots power of the Internet, a widening boycott of Danish, Scandinavian and other European products has sent sales into a nosedive, sounding the tocsin in boardrooms.

Muslims in Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen had joined the boycott of Danish goods as of Jan. 29. In Bahrain, Danish dairy goods were set on fire Feb. 3.

On Feb. 4, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on the commerce ministry to review all economic contracts with European countries, beginning with Denmark. The re-publishing of the images by two newspapers may cost New Zealand its $NZ100 million sheep trade with Iran.

Hundreds of Kuwaitis massed outside the Danish consulate in the capital on Feb. 4 demanding a boycott of Danish goods. Demonstrators in Abu Dhabi called for a boycott of all trade with the EU. Even Iraq’s puppet transport ministry officials were forced to cancel all contractual agreements signed with the Danish government, particularly in maritime transport.

The Libyan Foreign Ministry announ ced Feb. 5 that it will take economic measures against Denmark. The Qatar Cham ber of Commerce cut all trade missions from Denmark and Norway.

Danish exports to the Middle East and Northern Africa are big business for a small country. According to Demark’s Statistik data bank, exports topped $1.25 billion in the first 11 months last year.

The Danish dairy company Aria—the largest in Europe and the second-biggest international corporation in the Middle East—has already been forced to close its dairy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, after reporting losses of more than $1.5 million a day in sales. The Saudi market makes up two-thirds of Aria’s sales in the Middle East, totaling $396 million yearly.

Other companies are also reeling, including those perceived to be Danish. The Saudi Dairy and Foodstuff Company and the Swiss food giant Nestlé have had to publicly disclaim rumors that their products are manufactured in Denmark.

On Feb. 4, as a result of this powerful and growing economic pressure and wid ening protests, Rasmussen met in Copen hagen with 76 diplomats representing large Muslim populations—which he had arrogantly refused to do in the autumn. But he would not apologize.

Three days later, Rasmussen begged Arab countries not to boycott Danish goods.

That same day, Jyllands-Postens Editor-in-Chief Carsten Juste issued a statement that fell far short of an apology, but made mention of the protests—and the economic impact of the boycotts—as part of the “costs” of his newspaper’s actions.

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Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
10 Feb 2006
It is obviously much safer for a Moslem Leader like Ahmadinejad to call for the annihilation of Israel, than for non-Moslems to mock the prophet that inspires him to exploit religion like Hitler did in order to bring about the HOLOCAUST. I hope some of those Mohammed cartoons had swastikas in them, because I am sure that the Ahmadinejad’s art contest will not exclude swastikas.

I missed the violent marches of the world’s Jewish communities. I have not heard of any Jewish people destroying embassies in retaliation for Ahmadinejad’s cartoons which make ‘fun’ of Israel. Does anyone know when that occurred? Oh, wait; those precious cartoons that will forever shut the mouths of anti-blasphemy Islamic protesters, by tit for tat acceptance, have not yet emerged.

When the publishing of cartoons that showcase Mohammed’s affect on the few who supposedly misrepresent him is worse than calling for the annihilation of Israel, it is high time human beings put aside their religious veils and face the politics that they impose upon those who have a greater evolving spiritual vision that requires absolute free speech.

It is best to cry fire in a theatre, only when there really is a fire. We alarm others when there is something that they should quickly get away from in order to spare life and limb; anything else is purely vicious incitement of aggression.

Crying blasphemy, in order to incite violence, only creates unnecessary pandemonium.

Historically, religious leaders used the charge of blasphemy as a failsafe last resort, to suppress voices that would otherwise disrobe their own blasphemy, which by suppression of conscience is blasphemy of the ‘holy spirit’. Suppression of conscience begins with suppression of voices and ends with fear and bloodshed, which is quite unforgivable. Think of this as leaders who determine what belongs in collective conscience, by playing the conscience for the many who will ultimately suffer thereby.
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
10 Feb 2006
these cartoons WERE MADE FOR the anhihilation of Israel.

get it ?
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
10 Feb 2006
who's arguing with you?
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
10 Feb 2006
who's arguing with you?
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
10 Feb 2006
Excellent essay. The key point being the use, once again, of religion for imperial expansion. I beleve it is aimed at a specific segment of the population, the religious right in america. It could just be a gigantic coincidence, but it has appeared right when many of the ideological bases of the Bush imperial project in this country has began to weaken and question the invasion of Iraq (which by extension then rules out further imperial projects).

It can also be looked at as a battle between Bush and Osama over Europe and other western overdeveloped countries. Bin ladens theme lately has been one of divide and conqure, both within the US and across the overdeveloped countries. This is the US, via CIA involvment, attempt at solidifing what Bush has called the "civilized world" behind the US imperial project.

The sad part is that it seems to be working. Both with in the US and throughout the overdeveloped world we see people rallying around the flag of western style capitalist democracy. Even within some semi-left circles there seems to be confusion over how best to respond to the conflicting issues of free speech and racists polemical cartoons. We must remember that true self determination means granting the ability to determine ones actions for ones self, whether seen as beyond rational westen capitalist logic or not. Whether overtly reactionary fundamentalist, or not. The key to understanding the totality of the event and not being brought into the Culture War is to take of the western capitalist glasses and understand that our over reactiong to their over reaction is rediculous and does nothing to grasp the root of the divide. The imperial advance of US capitalism and its repercussions.
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
10 Feb 2006
"capitalist democracy"

ya so funny
Islam is part of world capitalist oppression
10 Feb 2006
Islam, like most, mass, state-sponsored religions are used to prop up the ruling, capitalist classes around the world. Which religion dominates, makes little difference to the capitalists if the religion embraces or at least allows capitalism to function. Islam is used to promote capitalism and States that are controlled by capitalists. Islam is part of the oppressive apparatus of capitalism on world-scale. Basic problems of capitalism such as inequality, exploitation, pollution, racism, sexism, etc... are part and parcel of Islam and so-called Islami nations, as well part and parcel of all the major relifgions. Just because right wingers and capitalists who prefer other religions, take some shots at Islam, does not mean that Islam is therefore good. Islam is an oppressive religion. All religions are used by capitalist ruling classes to oppress working people, especially women. So, I say it's great to bash Islam as part of bashing the hell out of capitalism. And while we're at it, let's agitate against all superstition and ignorance, which is the fuel for all religions, including Islam. So-called progressives who embrace a reactionary religion like Islam (or any religion) are complete idiots who one day could fall victim to the reactionary forces they are promoting.
and ww's rationale is.....
10 Feb 2006
This cartoon is a wonderful litmus test. The author of this thread, a communist jew, is against free speech because it is more helpful to her cause to bash the US as racists.

By comparison the editor of New York Times, a capitalist jew, is against free speech because it would compromise his company's network overseas with islamic fundamentalists.

By comparison, Jay Severin, a so called libertarian jew, is against free speech when it is not his own, and prefers to cram zionist speech down people's throat while baiting them with the first amendment.

By comparison IMC's rationale against free speech was that any clear statement in one direction myst be negated by several statements in the opposite direction in order for the "mission statement" to be fulfilled.
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
10 Feb 2006
Hmmm...interesting title " Islam bashing part of racist war for empire." Since when has Denmark been interested in acquiring an empire? And when did Islam become a race?
Mo Tshirts
10 Feb 2006
Get'em while they're hot!

Mo T Shirts...I can't wait for the Larry and Curly versions
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
12 Feb 2006
Religion is both a tool for power maintenance within capitalism and a product of captialism. Not only does it serve capitalism but it is reproduced by capitalism. The plight of the working class leads to religion as a "opiate" to their suffering. Which further strengthens capitalisms ability to oppress. Yes religious belive is both oppressive and serves the interests of the dominant class. But, where does the freedom of individual beleve step in? One needs only look to tibet and Mao to see the extreme case of the attempt to force the removal of religious beliefs from people. A better road is to seek to educate the disillusioned religious to the true nature of their oppression and awaken their class consciousness. The two sides of the cartoon debate seek to use it to their advantage against the masses. To look to either; free speech arguments, or religious rights is to fall into the fools dichotomy. Best thing to do is to ignore the whole silly debate.
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
12 Feb 2006
* Muslims fly commercial airliners into buildings in New York City, killing thousands. No Muslim outrage huh.
* Muslim officials block the exit where school girls are trying to escape a burning building because their faces were exposed. No Muslim outrage huh.
* Muslims cut off the heads of three teenaged girls on their way to school in Indonesia. A Christian school. No Muslim outrage huh.
* Muslims murder teachers trying to teach Muslim children in Iraq. No Muslim outrage.
* Muslims murder over 80 tourists with car bombs outside cafes and hotels in Egypt. No Muslim outrage huh.
* A Muslim attacks a missionary children's school in India. Kills six. No Muslim outrage.
* Muslims slaughter hundreds of children and teachers in Beslan, Russia. Muslims shoot children in the back. No Muslim outrage huh.
* Let's go way back. Muslims kidnap and kill athletes at the Munich Summer Olympics. No Muslim outrage huh.
* Muslims fire rocket-propelled grenades into schools full of children in Israel. No Muslim outrage huh.
* Muslims murder more than 50 commuters in attacks on London subways and busses. Over 700 are injured. No Muslim outrage huh.
* Muslims massacre dozens of innocents at a Passover Seder. No Muslim outrage huh.
* Muslims murder innocent vacationers in Bali. No Muslim outrage huh.
* Muslim newspapers publish anti-Semitic cartoons. No Muslim outrage huh.
* Muslims are involved, on one side or the other, in almost every one of the 125+ shooting wars around the world. No Muslim outrage huh.
* Muslims beat the charred bodies of Western civilians with their shoes, then hang them from a bridge. No Muslim outrage huh.
* Newspapers in Denmark and Norway publish cartoons depicting Mohammed. Muslims are outraged huh?.

Dead children. Dead tourists. Dead teachers. Dead doctors and nurses. Death, destruction and mayhem around the world at the hands of Muslims... no Muslim outrage !!!????... but publish a cartoon depicting Mohammed with a bomb in his turban and all hell breaks loose.
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
12 Feb 2006
Actually can anyone think of one war in the past few hundred years that christians weren't involved in?
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
12 Feb 2006
Well brad, you inimitable are a few:

Ottoman wars of conquest from 1517 to 1826:

-Conquest of Dulkadir, Mosul, northern Iraq
- Conquest of Syria, Egypt, Hejaz (Mamluk Sultanate)
-Revolt in Damascus, against Ottoman rule
-Ottoman-Persian War; Baghdad conquered by Ottomans in 1534, Basra in 1546
- Ottoman occupation of Aden
- Ottoman conquest of much of Yemen
- Ottoman conquest of el Hasa
- Revolt against Ottoman rule in Yemen
- Ottoman-Persian War;
-Ottoman conquest of Azerbaijan
-War with Ethiopia
-Revolt against Ottoman rule in Yemen, lead by Zaidi Imam Qasim
-Ottoman-Persian War, loss of Azerbaijan, Caucasus area to Persians
-Baghdad rebellion against Ottoman rule
-Ottoman expedition into (modern) Jordan to pacify unruly tribes
-Aleppo rebellion against Ottoman rule
-Ottoman expedition against renegade governor of Lebanon, Fakhr al-Din II; the latter fled
Ottoman-Persian War
-Rebellion in Baghdad, Ottoman siege, led to
Ottoman-Persian War
-Yemeni resistance againt Ottoman rule; the latter were ousted by 1635
-defeat and execution of renegade governor of Lebanon, Fakhr al-Din
-Ottoman expedition into (modern) Jordan to pacify unruly tribes
-Revolt of Abaza Hasan Pasha, centered on Aleppo, extending into Anatolia
-Expedition against renegade governor of Basra
Ottoman expedition into (modern) Jordan to pacify unruly tribes
-El Hasa lost to Banu Khalid Bedouins
-Ottoman expedition into (modern) Jordan to pacify unruly tribes
-Basra lost to Mustafiq Arabs
-Basra regained
-Ottoman expedition into (modern) Jordan to pacify unruly tribes
-Lebanon : Battle of Ayn Dara
-Ottoman-Persian War; Ottoman occupation of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Shirvan
-Ottoman-Persian War; Azerbaijan lost to Persia
-Feud between Governor of Damascus and Tax Farmer of Galilee
-Ottoman-Persian War
-Bedouin attack on caravan of pilgrims en route to Mecca
-renegade governor of Egypt, Ali Bey al-Kabir, took control of the Hejaz (1770) and Syria (1771)
-Renegade tax farmer of Galilee, Zahir al-Umar, resisted Ottoman rule; in 1775 ousted by Egyptian forces
-Janissary revolt in Aleppo
-Ottoman-Persian War; temporary Persian occupation of Basra
-Janissary revolt in Aleppo
-Ottoman expedition reestablished Ottoman rule in Egypt
-Janissary revolt in Aleppo
-Janissary revolt in Aleppo
-French occupation of Egypt, siege of Acre
-Wahhabi Arabs took Mecca 1803, Medina 1804
-Janissary revolt in Aleppo
-War with Wahhabi Arabs; in 1812-1813 Egyptian expedition retook Mecca, Medina
-War with Wahhabi Arabs
-Ottoman-Persian War

Wars affecting Ottoman Arabia 1826-1918

-Ottoman Expedition reestablished direct rule in Iraq
-War with renegade Egypt; Syria, Hejaz lost to Egypt
-Ottoman attempt to regain Syria failed
-Uprising against Egyptian rule over Syria; -Ottomans dislodged Egyptians from Syria, Hejaz
-Factonal fighting in Lebanon
-Rebellion in the Hejaz, against Ottoman rule
-Nablus Rebellion, Palestine
-Factional fighting in Lebanon
-Ottoman rule over El Hasa restored
-Ottoman rule over Northern Yemen restored
-Skirmishes between Qatari, Ottoman garrison
-Conflict with Ibn Saud over El Hasa

Then of course, once the Ottomans were defeated, we had that lovely little attempt by the Arabs to eradicate Israel 1n 1967. Do you remember what happened then? Of course not. You are too young. The Arabs got their asses whipped by the Jews and lost a noce chunk of land. Then of course the Arabs tried it again in 1973 with the same results. A nice ass kicking there. And of course, who can forget the lovely little Sunni v. Shiite Iran-Iraq war of 1980. That one lasted a 8 years.

So in answer to your question...YES, I can name a few. I suggest that you ask your high school guidance counsellor to recommend a few courses that you can take when you get to college, Brad. Good luck!
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
12 Feb 2006
I said past 200 years, most of those were before 1806 (which is 2006-200). As for any involving Israel, that is just a US front. Again, your Iran-Iraq war, come on, we were play both sides off of each other and giving them both guns to shoot each other.

Yes, you named a few, but not many. Now go through all of the wars involving christians, it is much longer. If you want a math tutor I can help you out.
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
12 Feb 2006
I think you should hang on to your math tutor brad, and get a good reading in read what you wrote you said "Actually can anyone think of one war in the past few hundred years that christians weren't involved in? " Where in there did you say 200 years, brainwave? Go back to doing your homework. At this rate, the best college that you'll get yourself into is Libertyville College online.
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
12 Feb 2006
I did say a couple , which most people interpret to mean 2 or 3. You listed wars in the 1500's. Actually I went to an Ivy league school and have a PHD.
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
12 Feb 2006
Boy, you really pulled the wool over on them! Look at your post here I'll give you your quote:

-"Actually can anyone think of one war in the past few hundred years that christians weren't involved in? "-

OK...I'll spell it out so even you can understand. You said a few. Few is spelled F-E-W. You didn't say a couple. Couple is spelled C-O-U-P-L-E. Maybe it's not a reading tutor that you need. Maybe you need glasses.

But seriously, you could not possibly have a Ph.D. unless you got it from Libertyville College on line. You stated that you went to an "Ivy League" school. If so, what is the origin of the term "Ivy League?"
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
12 Feb 2006
Sid, how is a couple five?
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
12 Feb 2006
Ok, maybe it is senility. Maybe you are not a 17 year old high school student who can't even spell Ph.D. (you spelled it PHD.) Read your own post brainwave.
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
12 Feb 2006
Your powers of divergence are amazing Sid. So we agree christians are responsible for most of the modern wars. Thanks for the spelling tips.
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
13 Feb 2006
I think you used the word "divergence" incorrectly in that sentence. If you look at the above list, which you, yourself requested, you will see otherwise. However, and I'm not surprised that you missed this, the issue is not the religion of those at war, the issue is that of going to war BECAUSE of religion. If you think of the term Jihad - I know that's a tough one, but google it - you will see what I mean.
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
13 Feb 2006
So Sid the master theologian just what exactly does Jihad mean? Not what you think.
Is the US involvement in Iraq not a war because of our religion? I am talking about the religion of Money, and the general underlying dogma of capitalism is growth. Which means perpetual war. Perpetual forced conversion to your God. On and on in an endless race to the distruction of the species.

Religion is the scapegoat and you are its patsy.
Skid Sid
13 Feb 2006
I request that IMC Boston track 'Sid' and verify that he only comes here to antogonize others.

I got blocked for attacking issues, yet I am never rude to other posters.
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
13 Feb 2006
Good one skidder. I thought you were against tracking. I post on this site to expose the hypocricy of the majority of the so-called anarchists who frequent it.
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
13 Feb 2006
"Your powers of divergence are amazing Sid. So we agree christians are responsible for most of the modern wars. Thanks for the spelling tips."

Um. If I had a Ph.D, i wouldn't need spelling tips. I could just read the letters off my diploma which would hang on the wall over my desk.
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
14 Feb 2006
Thats all you got is spelling. You digress from the debate and resort to spelling quips. Actually is it PHD, Phd or Ph.d sid? My diploma is covered up by a poster from the WSF. Anyway, to get back from the spelling wars, my original post was on US imperialism and the construction of Islam culture wars. Do you have insight into that Sid or did I spell something wrong again?
How the Cartoon Protests Harm Muslims
14 Feb 2006
What are the long-term consequences of the Muhammad cartoon furor? I predict it is helping bring on not a clash of civilizations but their mutual pulling apart. This separation, which has been building for years, has dreadful implications.

Signs of disengagement are all around.

· Trade: Boycotts now exist in both directions. Even as the U.S. government sanctions Iranian products, Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says his government will “revise and cancel economic contracts” with countries where newspapers published the cartoons. Several Muslim countries have suspended trade with Denmark, while Muslim-owned stores in Canada have removed Danish products. The Pakistani medical association even announced a boycott of medicines from five European countries.

· Consumer items: Muslims are increasingly replacing Western consumer items with their own. They purchase the extremely modest Fulla and Razanne dolls rather than the busty Barbie. In France, Beurger King provides halal food, competing with Burger King, just as Mecca Cola takes the place of Coke and Pepsi. Al-Jazeera is starting an English-language channel to go up against CNN and the BBC.

· Financial investments: As a result of freezes on funds and the designation of terrorist entities, Muslims have moved large amounts of capital out of the West and invested these either in their own countries or in other places around the world, such as East Asia. Middle Eastern oil exporters before 9/11 annually put as much as US$25 billion into American investments; since then, the amount is about US$1 billion a year.

· Emigration: 9/11 caused a significant increase in obstacles to Muslims traveling to the West, so fewer Muslim business executives, students, hospital patients, conference goers, and workers are reaching there.

· Tourism: Islamist atrocities such as the murder of 60 Japanese, German, and Swiss tourists in Luxor in 1997 or the abduction of 32 German and other travelers in the Sahara in 2003 had already led some Westerners to avoid discretionary travel in the Muslim world. Cartoon-related violence has prompted a Danish advisory warning citizens against travel to fourteen Muslim countries. Scandinavian tourist companies have cancelled many tours to North Africa.

· Foreign aid: Muslim aggression against aid workers in Indonesia, Lebanon, Pakistan, and the Palestinian Authority have led to the partial or complete withdrawal of European missions. In Chechnya, the Danish aid mission was expelled and the Iraqi transport ministry has rejected any future offers of Danish reconstruction money.

· Embassies: From the seizure of the U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1978 to the multiple attacks on Danish and other European embassies this month, the assault on Western diplomatic missions in Muslim countries is causing them to take on the features of armed fortresses, to be removed from the center of towns to the peripheries, and in some cases to be closed down.

· Westerners providing services: Zayed University in Dubai fired an American professor, Claudi Keepoz, for distributing the Muhammad cartoons to her students. Rampaging Palestinians caused the foreign observers staffing the Temporary International Presence in Hebron, or TIPH, to flee Hebron.

These developments suggest what the prime minister of Malaysia, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, has called a “huge chasm” between the Muslim world and the West. Or, in the more bellicose wording of the influential Sunni imam Youssef al-Qaradawi, “We must tell Europeans, we can live without you. But you cannot live without us.”

Should the chasm widen, with its concomitant lessening of human interaction, commercial relations, and diplomatic engagement, the Muslim world will likely fall further behind than it already has. As I wrote in 2000, “Whatever index one employs, Muslims can be found clustering toward the bottom – whether measured in terms of their military prowess, political stability, economic development, corruption, human rights, health, longevity, or literacy.”

Disengagement will only worsen the Muslim predicament. Reduced contact with the world’s most modern, powerful, and advanced countries would likely cause Muslims to do even worse in those indices and lapse deeper into a condition characterized by self-pity, jealousy, resentment, anger, and aggression.

Especially when contrasted with Muslim successes in premodern times, these traumatic circumstances help explain the crisis in identity that often causes Muslims to seek solace in radical Islam. For everyone’s sake, it is important that Muslims begin more successfully to negotiate their path to modernity, not to isolation.
Oh brad brad brad
14 Feb 2006
brad wrote:
"Thats all you got is spelling. You digress from the debate and resort to spelling quips. Actually is it PHD, Phd or Ph.d sid? My diploma is covered up by a poster from the WSF. Anyway, to get back from the spelling wars, my original post was on US imperialism and the construction of Islam culture wars. Do you have insight into that Sid or did I spell something wrong again?"

Well, since you asked, you spelled "That's" wrong. And you can tell me what the abbreviation for Doctor of Philosophy is since you are the one who claims to hold that degree. But in answer to your question, "my original post was on US imperialism and the construction of Islam culture wars. Do you have insight into that Sid...?," Yes, I do have insight into your original post. You asked, "Actually can anyone think of one war in the past few hundred years that christians weren't involved in?" To which I replied with a list of approximately 70 or so wars or other military action waged by Muslim against Muslim or Muslim against Jews dating from 1517 through 1988. To this you replied, "I said past 200 years, most of those were before 1806 (which is 2006-200)" apparently forgetting that, 1. You did not say "past 200 years;"
2. The years 1806 through 1988 are within the previous 200 years.

Then you changed your mind, apparently forgetting the fact that your previous posts were still visible on the page. You said, "I did say a couple , which most people interpret to mean 2 or 3."

Well, ok if you say so, but I still gave you at least two or three hundred years of Muslim warfare. After which, somehow you came up with this statement, "So we agree christians are responsible for most of the modern wars." Maybe in your world. Hey, at least you're good for a chuckle.
Re: Islam bashing part of racist war for empire
14 Feb 2006
Still obsessed with spelling on chat boards. Let me guess you are an English teacher. Maybe you proof read eveyone of your posts.

Anyway thanks for bringing us up to speed, although it is listed right above. You skipped a few though, like this one "Now go through all of the wars involving christians, it is much longer." Did you make that list? Or you just have lists from the muslim bashing network? Maybe you and adolf don't think Christians start wars? I'm sorry to be the one to make you face your racist beliefs, but I am sure you can reconstruct your ideological house of glass by reading a little Mein kompf.

As for your list, I'm still not sure how 5 is a few and you list the same war (actually most of those are battles) five times. Furthermore, muslim wars against other muslims are different than christian wars for conquest, like the conquest of the Americas.

Not sure why you come here, maybe some liberal beat you in a spelling bee a long time ago and you swore to perpetually waste your time bloging against leftist spelling errors.
Learn to Read
15 Feb 2006
Learn to think for yourself
15 Feb 2006
Feeling sad for poor old Sid.