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News :: Education
Is Alexander Cockburn Part of Neocon Conspiracy??
19 Feb 2006
Potty Poet says he IS!
Poet of the Posterior Claims he IS!

You may recall that Kurt Nimmo, the "Poet of the Posterior" who writes "poetry" about his own hemorrhoids, used to be a regular columnist for Alexander Cockburn's Counterpunch web magazine. While Counterpunch is a leftwing web site for Bash-America rants, it is also one of the most openly anti-Semitic web sites in America. Cockburn hates Jews even more than he hates America (although he doesn't hate America enough to give up its perqs and move back to his native rainy British isles).

Cockburn published a book, "The Politics of Anti-Semitism," devoted to the thesis that people should not be accused of being anti-Semites just because they hate Jews and want to see Jews murdered. And to make his point, Cockburn even included an anti-American and anti-Semitic rant by our potty poet, Kurt Nimmo, in that book. Nimmo's chapter included such delicious fabrications as: "As for Baraka's assertion that both the US and Israeli government had prior knowledge of the September 11 attacks, there is clear, ample, and documented evidence they most certainly did."

But Nimmo, who is a high school dropout associated with a variety of Holocaust denier organizations and individuals, was too openly a Neo-Nazi and too much of a flake even for Cockburn and his Counterpunch friends. When Nimmo decided that the US and Israel had really knocked down the WTC on 9-11 to make the poor al-Qaeda people look bad, this was just too much, even for Comrade Cockburn, who canned Nimmo's poetic posterior, and has since refused to run any of Nimmo's rants in Counterpunch.

Nimmo likes to post his inventions on the newsletter put out by the open Holocaust Deniers at the Barnes Review. Nimmo is also buddies with Jeff Rense, who runs the web site. Nimmo insists that Rense himself is not a Holocaust Denier, in spite of the fact that his web site runs hundreds of Holocaust denial articles and promotes "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," so we are waiting to see if Rense sues Nimmo for libel because Nimmo claims that Rense is NOT a Holocaust Denier. Nimmo by the way has appeared on Rense's web site at least 64 times. (Yahoo Search has a much larger number.)

Nimmo, a chronically unemployed photographer-wannabe, has been proclaimed "One of the Ten Best Writers on the Web" by one John Kaminski, who himself is also an unemployed neo-nazi Holocaust denier and Rense columnist, someone who promotes 9-11 conspiracist lunacy along with Nimmo. Nimmo has also praised Kaminski in quid pro quo, lending credence to my theory that nazis of a feather flock together in the same cyber-asylums.

Meanwhile, Nimmo runs a rant on his best-ignored personal web page this weekend in which he tries to explain away why Cockburn dumped him from Counterpunch. While one would be hard pressed to find a single sentence Nimmo has ever written about anything that is either factually correct or grammatically correct, Nimmo outdoes himself in his "Correcting the Record on My Stint Writing for Counterpunch." Here is Nimmo's version of getting the Cockburn axe:

"Cockburn had received negative comments (this apparently irked him) about documentation (sic) I cited indicating government involvement in the terrorist attacks of nine eleven, thus revealing Counterpunch's gatekeeping function, a common enough occurrence on the foundation-funded left (according to the research of Bob Feldman and tax forms, in 1999 CP and the Institute for the Advancement of Journalistic Clarity earned $178,000) from its 'alternative journalism activity' and unlike most of the other anti-conspiracist alternative media gatekeepers."
In other words, Nimmo was indeed fired by Cockburn, as everyone already knew, for being a subliterate kook and a downright embarrassment for Counterpunch, but Nimmo is now trying to "get even" by claiming that Counterpunch is a part of the neocon conspiracy, a.k.a. "gatekeeping function." Evidently being a gatekeeper is something like a "Zionist" in the Nimmo-Kaminski Hofbrauhaus.

Nimmo also whines that Cockburn never paid him anything, which I suppose might have been a blessing for our potty poet because it may have allowed him to receive food stamps.

This work is in the public domain


Disinformation from the Zionist Online Hit-Squad
19 Feb 2006
We've seen these kinds of smears before. Don't think we've forgotten your smears of others on this newswire, going back as much as three years.

We even have copies of posts by the same people who trashed this IMC years back declaring their war on Nimmo as well, so f*ck off.
Re: Is Alexander Cockburn Part of Neocon Conspiracy??
20 Feb 2006
Some nuts rant on here, and then others spend time following them and referencing "copies of posts...years back." Yikes. Why spend your time that way?
Re: Is Alexander Cockburn Part of Neocon Conspiracy??
20 Feb 2006
some autonomist...
apparently smearing people by associating them with other people one smears is acceptable these days as investigative journalism...
sounds like you are afraid to accept that israel might be guilty of crimes against humanity, and call anyone who thinks the evidence proves that a holocaust-denying anti-semite. or a neo-nazi, that's a good one. the 'gatekeeping' function has long been a method used by the govt to control public spread of ideas, doesn't necessarily make them neocons. get it straight sonny.
Re: Wow
20 Feb 2006
" then others spend time following them and referencing "copies of posts...years back." Yikes." -

A collective memory is useful for filtering out garbage. Better to reapply old lessons than to relearn them over and over again. We've seen these kinds of smears before, so its only natural to reapply what we learned about them.

The people behind these smears are sick, mentally ill, and sociopathic.