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Commentary :: Education
The Power of the Holocaust
20 Feb 2006
No war for them.
The last couple of weeks have really been interesting for those people that are interested in the Holocaust. Now personally, I don't care for this topic. I think that there has been enough information brought to light, which proves that the event called the Holocaust has been greatly distorted. The only part about this topic that is really interesting is the quasi-religious status that it has taken and the supreme hypocrisy that has elevated this to become the one and only subject that has been deemed so sacrosanct, that it is beyond discussion by anyone that does not grossly exaggerate the topic.

Really, this is a very peculiar matter. The Holocaust and the enormous political status it now holds in worldwide socio-political matters is not just something unique in our time, but is really quite strange in any time. In 1,000 years from now, this topic and the huge importance that it played in world politics will fascinate historians. It is just so bizarre that it merits attention from a political analysis.

There are really only two points of view with the Holocaust. There is the view that was reported by the conquering Allied governments after World War Two ended. This version was partially presented to the world during the show-trail called the Nuremburg Trial. At this event, a fair amount of what is now deemed the Holocaust was brought into the trail as evidence of war crimes. The people defending themselves were often tortured into confession. The evidence was often ridiculous and sometime contrary to other evidence. There were portions of evidence from written orders that were used against German defendants. But, these same documents contained other written material that the defendants were not allowed to enter as evidence of their innocence. Really, this was just a show trial. The leaders of the British and American forces had a high incidence of lawyers within their ranks. This created a ruling class that had their thinking process so skewed by their often immoral profession that they felt a show-trial would somehow exonerate their own crimes and forever put the blame on their enemies.

After these trials, many more stories were created about the Holocaust and Germany was forced by the conquerors to pass laws to make the topic forbidden to discuss in any honest manner. In effect, the conquered German nation was saddled with a condition of political suzerainty by the victors. This certainly is nothing new in history. This has been done from time immortal for the reason of keeping control over the nation that has just been defeated. Simple enough.

Germany lost the war and this was the second war that the Allied nations fought against this war-like nation. So, historians a thousand years from now will easily understand this. But, one thing will really stand out as a strange puzzle to these historians. Why was the condition of suzerainty focused around the murder of 6 million Zionists?

The Allies were White nations, all of whom only have small minorities of Zionists. Why was there not German war guilt surrounding the bombing of London? Why didn't the French focus their suzerainty on the occupation of France and the invasion of French soil twice in a quarter century? The really strange part is with Russia, which was part of the Soviet Union back then. By all accounts there were about 30 million Soviet citizens that died in the war. Why would 6 million Zionists be more important than 30 million Soviet citizens?

This brings up the second point of view that some people have to the Holocaust; those people that strongly don't agree with most of the official details of the event. But, I'm not going to discuss those details today.

The Allied imposed condition upon Germany, this legally imposed taboo, punishable by many years in prison called the Holocaust, has some strange inconsistencies. For example, Germans can write books about the evil Russians and about a need to build up a military to fight against them. A German can say anything in public against the French nation and the British nation. The Germans after the Second World War held huge demonstrations against the Allied nations and the largest were against America. It became a popularly used political tool to speak out against America in virtually all political platforms in Germany. And this is all totally legal. The historians in a thousand years will really have a quandary on their hands. It might appear to some of them, that Germany was not conquered by an Allied army, but rather by a Zionistish army. Why were the only post-war conditions that were placed upon Germany, conditions that were only favorable to Zionists?

From an outsider's perspective, this might make Zionists look like they have rigged the German legal system to favor them. I used to wonder how the non-White world viewed the event called the Holocaust.

A few years ago the place I worked at also employed a Chinese man who came from Manchuria. He moved to America for purely economic reasons and was unashamed in saying he viewed Chinese communism as social progress. After about a year of knowing him, we had a talk about the U.S. media. I told him Zionists ran the U.S. media. He told me that he knew this and that it was common knowledge in China. When I asked him about how World War Two was taught to students in China, it wasn't so clear. I guess what I was looking for was for him to say that in China it was taught that the Zionists were secretly in control of the Allied governments and that they positioned the Allied governments into going to war against Germany. Instead what he said was that the Western Capitalists nations had greedy leaders and struggled from control over the world. These nations fought against each other, wearing themselves down to the point that they were too weak to keep control of the non-White nations and lost their empires. During the Western leaders' power struggle, the Zionists, who had vested self-interests, ended up on top. So, today, the Zionists are very powerful, but hold a loose control at the top.

I thought to myself, "Well, that's a better explanation than is taught in American schools." It was refreshing to hear a different perspective of things. He was not indoctrinated with the social taboo to react whenever the word "Zionist" is spoken. Yet, he was keenly aware of how powerful this social taboo is in America. When I commented to him on how he could understand this American taboo, but not be conditioned to it, he had a perfect answer. He said he didn't have to believe in American ways of thinking to understand their social significance.

This Chinaman gave me an example of Chinese food. He told me that he loved dog meat and knew how reviled Americans saw this. He said it wasn't just that Americans loved dogs as pets, but that Americans were very close-minded and opinionated on all foods different. I asked him for another example. He told me about a favorite dish in southern China called "The Serpent and the Tiger." He explained that the serpents were snakes and the tigers were regular house cats. He said that not only do Americans look down on eating dogs, but they also feel the same about cats and snakes.

I was forced to agree. He explained that among certain people, it was not socially responsible to mention that he liked eating dogs, cats, and snakes. In the same manner a person should not talk about the power that the Zionists had in America. He said this was different when he was with Chinese people, but that these were topics that White people were sensitive towards.

This all made sense. This also explained why the non-White world has been so silent over the last 60 years in regards to the Holocaust. For one, it doesn't have anything to do with them. To a man in Jakarta, Indonesia, the Holocaust really is just a footnote in history. Yet, to a man in Germany, it is a forbidden topic, unless they agree with the legally-imposed version.

Now, let's look at the legally binding version of this historical event. The very fact that any historical event can have legally ramification surrounding it, is unique. This unique aspect of the Holocaust will fascinate historians in a thousand years. How can any historical event become a legally protected topic by any government? This in itself would be very interesting to millions of people all over the world if they stopped to think about it. But, they don't. The powers that be protect this sacrosanct topic in a cloud of deceit.

To the average American, when they here about the topic of "Holocaust denial," they think of a hate-filled people, that have an unfounded, grotesque desire to kill the Zionist people. These same hate-filled people are trying to rewrite history to say that Hitler was really a good person and that the barbaric, systematic mass murder in the concentration camps didn't happen. These same Americans have been taught from a very young age about these concentration camps, so they believe that they are totally true. They also think that any person who would question any aspect of the Holocaust is either crazy or is a hate-filled monster who is secretly planning another Holocaust. So, to the average person, they see anyone who "questions the Holocaust" as a person that is motivated by ill intentions. An American thinks of these people as mean or ignorant. To German liberals, who are far more authoritarian than Americans, they feel that such laws to prevent debate about the Holocaust are actually quite responsible.

But, these people are caught up in the moment. Every age has strange beliefs and far-fetched myths. Every time in history has these social anomalies. Today the belief in UFOs is just as widespread as was the belief in Unicorns some 2,000 years ago. Two thousand years ago in Rome it was regarded as a great sought after honor to be ritually placed under a cow, have the cow's throat cut open, and have gallons of hot cow blood dumped upon them. Today, most people regard this as a little bit strange. In 1,000 years, the idea that a person can be placed in jail and put on trial for writing books that disagree with the number of people killed in German concentration camps and the methods used to kill them, will also appear strange.

To best describe this conditional thinking pattern, we need to use a word that the German philosopher Fredrick Nietzsche used so often. The term is Zeitgeist. The word is really just two words compounded together. Zeit is German for time and geist is German for ghost or spirit. It means the spirit of our time. And, the Holocaust exists today, in such a powerful fashion, simply because the political forces in the fore of world politics today have created and fostered this notion. Today's Western Zeitgeist, in 2006, portrays Zionists as the most decent, hard-working, honest people on the planet. Zionists are portrayed today as an icon of virtue and anyone who would violate our socially unwritten, but widely felt and understood social contract and try to portray this group of people in a negative light, really do come across as social heretics to the vast majority of people. But, the Holocaust is a daily part of the Zeitgeist of the Western world and it is a very powerful force.

The power of the Holocaust is such, that highly intelligent and normally very reasonable people become subservient to its power. People that are the most analytical to the concept of Freedom of Speech are repelled by the power of the Holocaust. Entire nations are enslaved to being obedient to the force of the Holocaust under severe punishment from national laws. It is truly the most powerful belief to ever exist, to be enforced by criminal legal codes, which are not based within a nation's ruling religiosity. The Holocaust, this legal and social force is, as contrary as this sounds, a secular religion. This coincidentally is the same problem that atheists always run into. They explain away one or many metaphysical dogmas, only to self-impose others, but that's another matter.

Today the Holocaust has massive power. This power is used absolutely against the White race. There is no aspect of the Holocaust that helps the White race. In White countries where the Holocaust is rigidly protected and propagated by the state, the effect is very harmful to the White population. For this reason alone, many pro-White people are forced to dig into the details of the Holocaust. There are of course many historians who are not interested in helping the White race, but who are interested in the details of the Holocaust. But, there are now seven White nations that have laws that enforce the Holocaust.

About 15 years ago, a Japanese monthly magazine called Marco Polo ran an article that described details about the Holocaust that greatly offended Zionists all over the world. This magazine was forced to apologize, and yet it still was forced out of business. That is power. The Zionists knew that if the Japanese were openly discussing the Holocaust as the "hoax of the 20th century," then this would only help Germans and other White people.

Today, the top leaders in Iran openly discuss the Holocaust story in the exact same way. The Iranian leaders say the Holocaust is totally exaggerated. But, Iran is independent and not subservient to Zionist power. This is why Iran is labeled as a rogue nation. "Rogue nation" is an Orwellian label that means: "free from Zionist control." The term free and democratic is modern day Orwellian speak to mean totally under Zionist influence. The Iranian leaders have recently joined the growing list of people who blaspheme the Holocaust. Most White Nationalists have heard about Ernst Zundel, who is currently on trial for breaking this German law, as well as Germar Rudolf. Well-known David Irving is also in the hoosegow in Austria, from the same Allied-imposed law on sacrosanct history.

For those people that have spent a great deal of time reading books that are critical to the "official" details of the Holocaust, this appears as just the most oppressive Zionist-inspired law. How can anyone be in trouble with the law for merely stating or writing their opinion a historical event? How is it that this one historical event cannot be legally scrutinized?

Well, the answer is two-fold. The historical interpretation that I was told by the Chinaman is the first part. The Zionists came to the fore of political power at the conclusion of World War Two. And the Holocaust story was used by the Allied governments as justification for that terrible war. The second part of this equation deals specifically with the nature of the current Zionist supremacy. The Zionists know that if enough people realize that they are secretly ruled by an alien group of people, these same Zionists, then eventually White people, will want to remove the Zionists from power. The Zionists do not rule over White people with benevolence. The current Zionist reign of power is with massive selfish greed for the Zionists. The Zionists regard us as conquered enemies ripe to be plundered. Year after year after year, billions and billions of dollars are taken from White people by the Zionists.

If the Zionists had not come to a position of power after World War Two, the event called the Holocaust would not be important. All the Zionists that died during the war would only be the historical equivalent to the Armenians that died in the First World War. But, the ruling Zionists know that their control over the White nations is dependent upon keeping that very fact a secret and to help keep this matter a secret, the Zionists want all the White nations to impose the Orwellian thought-crime laws surrounding the Holocaust. The Holocaust legal codes don't just cover the events in Europe 60 years ago, but rather have been expanded to cover all Zionist interests anywhere on the planet.

Today, if a German says during a public debate that it is good for Russia to arrest all the Zionist criminals -- called Russian Oligarchs -- and he speaks negatively about the Zionist criminals and actually uses the word 'Zionists," then this person has broken the law in Germany under the expanded Holocaust laws. These laws are not now, nor have they ever been, about a historical event. These laws are only about maintaining Zionist power.

If you live in a kingdom with a crazy king that runs around naked and the law of the kingdom forbids saying the king is naked, then the crazy king will continue to rule the kingdom. But in such a kingdom, this is what must be said to bring down the crazy kings reign.

Us people, us White nationalists, who spend so much time discussing the power that the Zionists have, do this because we have to point this out to the other White people that do not understand this very important matter. If the Zionists had no influence in our society, then we would be totally wasting our time discussing them. But, their power is real, even though it is a fragile house of cards. And the only way to bring down this house of cards is to expose the Zionist power to the fullest.

And now the leaders of Iran have finally woken-up to this reality and are chipping away at the Zionist power. The Iranians have spent a quarter century calling America the Great Satan. That has been a total waste of time and has got them nowhere. That is a Red Herring. The real power in the world, the global imperialist masters who cause so much suffering all over the world are the Zionists. And it's high time the leaders from Iran and everywhere else understand and openly discuss this fact as often and loudly as possible. Because when they do, the Zionist house of cards will fall. Today, we need to tell the world that the crazy king is butt-naked and we need to remove him from the seat of power. The Zionists must be removed from ruling over White nations. They are killing the White nations with their harmful policies. Exposing the Holocaust to negative scrutiny will help to do this. Publishing political cartoons that point out the impossible details to the Holocaust story will help to do this, and it must be done for our race to survive.

This work is in the public domain


Re: The Power of the Holocaust
20 Feb 2006
How the hell did the Jews get involved in this? It was the Danes who published the now infamous -yet quite funny cartoons. Hey, you hit me, so I'll hit someone else to teach you a lesson. What is wrong with you?
Re: The Power of the Holocaust
20 Feb 2006
"How the hell did the Jews get involved in this?"

Didn't you get the memo?
No matter what happened, the Jews did it.
Re: The Power of the Holocaust
20 Feb 2006
Zionists use the holocaust allegations to solicite support from western interloaper nations in the Zionist's war of conquest against palestinians/Islam. And Germany has played a big part in supplying ZIonists with aid to destroy Palestinian lives and lives.

Germany thinks that the blood of Palestinians will clean the blood of Jews off thier hands. The germans are wrong. But the blood of Palestinians on german hands only covers up what little Jewish blood is on thier hands. So Germany must protect themselves from the truth and prevent any attack on thier rationalizations for aiding the murderous thieving ZIonist crusader's offensive war of conquest.

@ said it best. Nazis hit SOME jews so Zionists use the atrocities to rationalize thier war of conquest against palestinians. What is wrong with that rationalization, other than the fact that even Zionist enablers will say it is BS when talking about other issues.

Germans must bow down to the idolotry of the holocaust allegations or they get sent to the lions den. Or "worse", deal honestly with thier offensive support of the Zionist's offensive war of conquest in palestine for what it is.
Re: The Power of the Holocaust
20 Feb 2006
Oh and I forgot. I would have sex with David Irving if he would ask me.
Nazi worms
20 Feb 2006
This article is writen by and for White nationalists.
Why was it posted on Boston IMC?
Because modern day fascists are attempting to use outrage against the war and the crimes of Israel to make new recruits and spread their racist, anti-Jewish, Holocaust denying hate.

I am not fooled.
Re: The Power of the Holocaust
20 Feb 2006
All Nazi stuff is posted here by a kike from Harvard.
Re: The Power of the Holocaust
20 Feb 2006
Under the laws we demand for our own protection, if you were to give a gun and ammo to someone you knew to be a murderous thief, when he commits more crimes with the gun you gave him, you too would be charged in his offenses.

Democraps and republitrash have sold out America's peace by supplying Zionist crusaders, who we all know to be murderous thieves, with the means to destroy more Palestinian lives and lifes. For decades, America's whore politicians watch as thier offense (even under our own laws ) creates hatreds that find it's way back at other Americans in the form of terrorism. For decades, the democraps and republitrash have been sacrificing thier fellow Americans in exchange for the Zionist enabler votes and campain contributions.

If that pisses off the anti-Jewish racists TOO, it only means they ALSO have thier eyes open.
Re: The Power of the Holocaust
20 Feb 2006
Germany invaded poland and they were nazis with their eyes open. they also killed jews, just like the arab invadors. That means that the arabs have their eyes open too, because it's never a good idea to shoot an AK47 with your eyes closed.
Have you ever tried to send your child out with a bombelt on with your eyes closed? Of course not, that just means they're anti-jewish and they like to blow thing s up
Re: The Power of the Holocaust
20 Feb 2006
Some people don't care if America's whore politicians sell out America's peace for the Zionist enabler votes and campain contributions. They don't care how many Americans get killed as long as democraps and republitrash can continue sacrificing thier fellow American's lives for thier own political gain. Who do you suppose those people are?
Re: The Power of the Holocaust
20 Feb 2006
"Who do you suppose those people are?"

oooh oooh don't tel the J=E-W-S!!
Re: The Power of the Holocaust
20 Feb 2006
It isn't the Neturei Karta jews. They haven't stabbed thier fellow Americans in the back. Check out Or is it, i forget.

America's Zionist Jews (((shall we go to club med again, or put on Zionist uniforms and help other Zionists in the murderous theft of Palestinian lands. how did you spend you summer vacation?))) and Zionist enabler anti-Christians havepalyed thier part in selling out America's peace by supporting Democraps and Republitrash aiding zionist crusaders.

Another party pushing whore politicians into selling out America's peace, and you don't see thier part talked about much, is the military industrial complex. US taxes going to the Zionist crusader state, not including loan guarenties that come back to US (etc) banks (guarentied profit for the banks), must, by law, be spent at US companies. And the military industrial complex has its lobbies right along side AIPAC ((Ai, a city wiped out by Hebrews, some joke, doncha think?)) lobbies pushing the whore politicians to sell out America's peace so the military industrial complex can make a few EXTRA billion dollars a year off of the US tax payers. Yep, military companies ALSO stabbed thier fellow Americans in the back so they could get even richer.

I bet the drool wasn't expecting so much. But I enjoy baiting these shills. there are more. Democraps and Republitrash being the most obvious. how many others can you think of?
Re: The Power of the Holocaust
21 Feb 2006
"It isn't the Neturei Karta jews."

This is funny, the Nazi /leftist/ islamist always trot out "THEIR" jews.
NK is a whacky group of fundamentalists (a small minority within a minority) who are seeking to hasten the coming of the Messiah...
Why do these idiots love all fundamentalists except Christian fundamentalists...very consistently inconsistent
Re: The Power of the Holocaust
21 Feb 2006
I just pointed out that NK Jews are not the dual loyalist (dis-loyalists) who help sell out America's peace for special intrest. And you FAILED to challenge that point. I them poined out some others who ALSO are disloyalists. And you respond by...
Re: The Power of the Holocaust
21 Feb 2006
"I just pointed out that NK Jews are not the dual loyalist (dis-loyalists) "

I'm just pointing out that you're an idiot. NK is loyal ONLY to the Messiah...they're in the same mental basket as the islamic murderers, except they're not violent.
It's amazing that the looney left trots out THEIR Jews periodically and support the islamic fascists at the same time, who if given the opportunity would skin the NK alive while you and your nazi buddies cheered them on