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News :: Race
Balata Camp Solidarity Demo. - Newton
27 Feb 2006
A few of the usual suspects turned out for a small but colorful Palestine vigil at Newton city hall Wednesday night. We gathered in solidarity with the residents of the Balata refuge camp outside of Nablus which has been under siege by attacking Israeli forces for almost a week. Many children and camp residents have been shot, some killed, homes have been demolished and all deprived of food, medical care, and basic freedoms as the occupiers conducts ruthless military aggression against the camps 21,000 inhabitants.
n center state house city hall 040.jpg
A slow stream of Newton lefties stopped by on their way to a meeting about the mayor and the library directors decision to require the FBI to get a warrant before turning over public computers for a investigation into an email threat against Brandies University. See "Newtons finest hour is FBIs nightmare"

A heavy presence of local, state and federal law enforcement also monitered on our humble art show but confined their labor to playing national security, overt ogling, and circling like vultures. A few military looking scary monsters also did a drive by but kept their hellfire missiles to themselves.

Tom Mountain, a flame warrior columnists for the Newton Tab wigged out when he saw us on his way to the battle front. He demanded to know if we had a permit and insisted that we needed a permit to protest.

A concern was raised with Tom that the Newton Tab had failed to report that at a pro-Israeli rally presided over by Mayor Cohen and the Newton police during the disengagement, supporters of settlements in Gaza had been chanting “KILL ALL THE ARABS!, KILL ALL THE ARABS!”.

Tom screamed that we were “scum bags”, “anti-Semites” and “terrorists” as he scurried past the Feds and in to the halls of power.

“He’s a terrorist and I want to kick him out our club” said one observer referring to Toms Jewish credentials.

We took some photos and listened to The Foundation on a boom box.

An elderly Newton man named Saul stopped by and told us about his trips by boat to Palestine in 1933 and in the fifties. Saul’s grandfather had lived in the holy land. He described the massive transformation that had taken place in those twenty years. He said the Zionists didn’t understand the complex social arrangements governing the ownership, upkeep and labor on lands in Palestine.

It was getting cold and we didn’t want to brave the heat to go to the library FBI meeting so we wrapped it up and headed for pizza. The Gestapo had made a show of leaving a few minuets before we did but it turns out they were faking.

As we got out of the car at the pizza place the plain clothes Feds (or Staties?) who were watching us from the inside of Newton City Hall blew by in a civilian sedan. They pulled a Uie, drove by again and waved to the camera.

The irony of the Mayor of Newton getting brownie points for civil liberties while the secret police were out hunting down and following home vigilers was not lost.

The news from friends in Palestine is that its getting worse. Like a noose around the heart of the world but the spirit of resistance is rising and were hoping for a spring tsunami.

Balata Camp Video:
Balata camp kites:
Photos of Palestine:
Hip hop from Gaza:

Local groups:

Today in Palestine:

n center state house city hall 039.jpg
n center state house city hall 042.jpg

This work is in the public domain.
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Re: Balata Camp Solidarity Demo. - Newton
26 Feb 2006
Reports from activists on the streets of Balata camp...

Newton TAB > Opinion & Letters > Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Tom Mountain "slurs" local activists

Tom Mountains tirade of slurs against local activists demonstrating their concern for the residents of the Balata refuge camp in Nablus Palestine on Wednesday night at city hall was indicative of a bigger problem.

Calling courageous Americans “scum”, “anti Semites” and “terrorists” revealed the depths to which supporters of the Israeli state like Tom and will go to defame legitimate dissent. What could incite more effort for the growing movement of Americans and people throughout the world who are working to divest from, boycott, and sanction that apartheid state for its crimes against humanity in Palestine?

Tom’s outburst did nothing to answer the question I asked him. Why did the Tab fail to report that at a rally presided over by Mayor Cohen and the Newton police, supporters of the settlements in Gaza during the disengagement were chanting “Kill all the Arabs! Kill all the Arabs!”?

To answer Mr. Mountains demands to know if we had a permit to vigil I would refer him to the Constitution of the United States which we consider to be the only permission we need to assemble and express political opinions and dissent.

What Tom might not have noticed in his hurry to condemn us was the constant surveillance we were under by agents of unidentified government agencies who it appeared were acting in concert with the Newton police and City hall. The Newton Anti Patriot Act Resolution that myself and many other Newton residents worked hard to produce forbids that kind of collaboration in targeting citizens exercising freedom of speech.

Especially troubling was the federal or state secret agents attempt to follow us to our homes afterwards.

What foreign regime is worth that not so subtle degradation of the core standards we hold as evidence of our national morality?”

Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx

Newton TAB > Opinion & Letters > RSS Feed

Mountain: A place for hate By Tom Mountain/ Our turn Wednesday, March 8, 2006

"If we find out who it is, I expect they would lose library privileges," commented Newton Library Director Kathy Glick-Weil in last week's TAB on what should happen to the culprit(s) who made the terror threat against Brandeis from one of the library's public computers. The terror threat which caused the evacuation of a university, a nearby elementary school, and even shut down a Jewish high school across town. The terror threat which sent the FBI, state police, and Newton police scrambling to the library to thwart a potentially deadly terrorist act in progress.

Lose library privileges. Think of that. Think real hard.

Predictably, Mayor Cohen and Mrs. Glick-Weil have been in demand by the ACLU crowd for their updated leftist version of George Wallace holding the feds at bay at a public building. Almost overnight they've become folk heroes to the aging hippies and pseudo-civil libertarians of the ACLU, as highlighted by the ACLU's anti-Bush rally at Fanueil Hall last month when the mayor and his librarian sidekick were treated to a standing ovation by the assembled left-of-Ted Kennedy crowd.


As a prelude to this No Place For Bush event, the mayor's loyalists packed the audience two weeks ago at an aldermanic subcommittee hearing where a proposal was initiated by two local citizens to hold hearings on the Newton Library-Brandeis terror threat fiasco. The aldermen balked at the proposal, smugly dismissing the claims of a retired state police detective that the incident was serious enough to warrant a public hearing. So after stifling the hearing Aldermen President Lisle Baker then had the audacity to sit on the ACLU panel two weeks later at Newton North. But it's not the first time that the sheepish aldermen have lined up behind Hizzoner and snubbed citizens who've sought hearings on critical issues."'
Re: Balata Camp Solidarity Demo. - Newton
26 Feb 2006
I wish you were there too.
Re: Balata Camp Solidarity Demo. - Newton
27 Feb 2006
Zionists are the chosen people of God and don't you forget it!All others are inferior to us and so we are able to have power over all of you.We own congress and the media.If we weren't so superior how else could such a small group of people have so much power.This proves we are chosen by God to rule the world.Israel is the super power not the USA.You work for Israel.
28 Feb 2006
Keep it up, justice is at hand.
Re: Balata Camp Solidarity Dummies
28 Feb 2006
All three of those guys, plus the photographer really made me change my mind. I now believe, as a result of this brave deomonstration, that blowing up children with their grannies at pizza parlors is justified!
Also, it' a really good idea to blow up school buses because those Jewish kids are OCCUPYING all of the good seats.
Re: Balata Camp Solidarity Demo. - Newton
28 Feb 2006
Look, I completely support you all, but you really do yourselves a disservice by writing such a poor article about the demonstration. Your grammar, spelling, and word choice do nothing but reinforce people's belief that radical folks are unintelligent. Also, as much as I oppose the various repressive instruments of state repression that you mentioned, I don't think it's o.k. to compare them to the gestapo, even if there are similarities.

Well anyway, sorry to be so negative. Good luck. Solidarity,

More fotos of incursion
02 Mar 2006
8children and jeeps.jpg
Here are more fotos
Re: Balata Camp Solidarity Demo. - Newton
02 Mar 2006
Intifada was the dumbest idea the "palestinians' ever came up with.
Someone forgot to tell them that in a war, both sides get to shoot.
More fotos
02 Mar 2006
more fotos
See also:
Porno for Palis
02 Mar 2006
Those photos really got my juices flfowing. Do you have any pics of the Israeli kids who have been murdered and maimed by te palestinian peace movement?
Intifada is a relly stupid method of peace negotiation.
Re: Balata Camp Solidarity Demo. - Newton
02 Mar 2006
"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."
-- Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001.
More from the Palestinian Peace Movement
03 Mar 2006
DEBKAfile Reports: Al Qaeda’s Gaza Cell issues ultimatum for immediate departure of all non-Muslim foreigners

March 1, 2006, 10:56 AM (GMT+02:00)

Urgent consultations in European and Arab capitals and Jerusalem are reported by DEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources over the threatened targets published by Al Qaeda’s Gaza cell – the Army of Jihad - dated Feb. 16.

Not only must “non-Muslim foreigners of all nationalities” leave, but “foreign embassies and consulates must be evacuated and their staff leave within one month of this warning.”

Our sources report that the al Qaeda communiqué was urgently translated by foreign embassies in Tel Aviv and transmitted to their governments. They concluded that the document was put together by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s subordinates posted in the Gaza Strip and contains a direct threat to unleash Iraq-style terror in the Palestinian territory against the targets listed below.

Therefore, diplomatic, security and international aid staff can expect to be pulled out of the Gaza Strip without delay.

DEBKAfile’s sources stress that the meaning for the Palestinian Authority, Israel and even Hamas, is the launch of an al Qaeda offensive to transform the Gaza Strip into a radical Islamic entity as set out by the statement issued by the Army of Jihad

“…we address all believers of our people and all those who sacrificed their blood and property to defend Islam and Muslims against the Zionist occupation.

Allah ordered us to fight to combat atheism. With Allah’s support we defeated our enemy and obliged Israel to withdraw in humiliation from the Gaza Strip. One thing remaining to be done is to implement Sharia laws.”

These are the targets listed in the al Qaeda statement:

Corrupt elements inside and outside the Palestinian Authority:

Traders, dealers and salesmen of drugs, wines and cigarettes:

Owners of ill-mannered houses and hotels where our sons and girls are degraded and spoiled;

Internet coffee shops that allow youth to search licentious and immoral websites;

Coffee shops where immoral youth gather to smoke… and where meetings between young men and girls take place;

Any girl who goes out wearing trousers without a veil to cover her hair;

All non-Muslim foreigners of all different nationalities are warned to leave;

Collaborators with Israel are warned “we will never relax in targeting them.”

All foreign embassies and consulates must be evacuated and their staff leave within one month of this date;

All auditoriums holding wedding ceremonies that are “rakish and uninhibited;”

Policemen who impede us and protect corrupt men;

All corrupt leaders, even if they are influential and powerful in the Authority and organizations, are our first target.

Monday, Feb. 27, Israel’s acting prime minister Ehud Olmert said he does not see Hamas as being a strategic security threat to the country. This is seen by DEBKAfile’s political sources as an effort to soothe concerns and divert attention from the menace building up in the Gaza Strip.
Re: Balata Camp Solidarity Demo. - Newton
10 Mar 2006
Islamo fascists the new zionist code word for all Arabs are terrorists and Israel has the god given right to kill and torture all Palestians anytime it wants.
Re: Balata Camp Solidarity Demo. - Newton
10 Mar 2006
"Islamo fascists the new zionist code word for all Arabs are terrorists"

LOL!!! Correction, it means that all Moslems are terrorists, and when they rule a nation, they're fascists. Kinda like Hamas.
But to be fair, I met a moslem doctor, and he was one of those who wasn't a terrorist. He was however financing "disadvantaged youth" through his Islamic charity. they were sending kids to camp in Afghanistan, and sending felafel through tunnels at the egyptian border to the palestinian peace movement
Re: Balata Camp Solidarity Demo. - Newton
10 Mar 2006
I think this person is playing good cop bad cop.Both zionist and anti-zionist.Because if he didn't there would be no comments at all.The troll is writing almost all of these stupid little comments just to amuse himself.The bad spelling is the give away.Like {Thier}, he misspells that word alot.Could be a learning disability? .Just accept the fact that no one cares.I like reading intelligent comments,but not this trash.