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News ::
Protesters seize the route to the debate site
04 Oct 2000
outside the debates:
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all over
04 Oct 2000
We came, we saw, we acquiesced.

Have we become so damned PC that we've come to equate non-violence with non-action? While it's heartwarming to see so many kids - the often lamented don't-care generation - stand up for their rights, it was disappointing to see them chant at the busses instead of stopping them in their tracks. I came in support mode to be a witness for those that would be arrested. If I'd known nobody was going to pick up the wrench, I'd have come prepared to do that instead.
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The weary activist movement
04 Oct 2000
I don't believe that blockading was a planned part of last night's protests at the corporate sponsored debates, or at least it had not been reported anywhere.

I think is some ways this is starting to show what people were saying way back on A16; no movement in history could support a mass protest/blockade every three months, the way this one has tried.

I'm proud from head to toe of everyone who's been in the streets this last year, no matter if they were running from the rubber bullets at the DNC all the way to the kids who volunteered to make signs at the local Nader rally. The protests of globalization have had a direct impact on the people it needs to; the organizations being protested. The IMF and WTO know they can't step off a plane anywhere on the globe and not meet with tens of thousands of protesters who all have the same unified message. (No matter what the evening news says, 'End the WTO and IMF and WB' is a pretty clear message)

Essentially, all the movement needs now is a way to reach the majority of the nation that thinks of the words 'liberal' and 'activist' as synonyms to 'natzi' and 'terrorist'. It's taken an expensive PR campaign over the last fourty years for the existing people in power to saturate the message to people that "any heartfelt belief other than in god and in support of a war is wrong."

The protests have served as a powerful tool for decades to get the public's attention to a topic being ignored by the existing power structure. But, PR and spin control is powerful, and the American public seems totally unaware of when it's being done to them. The protests are becoming battles to anti-smear ourselves before, during, and after.

I don't know how long we can hold out, forever trying to recapture the dancing-in-the-streets and making a difference spirit, getting clubbed off camera by cops and trying to raise bail money for our friends caught in mass-arrests that the public are told was in their best interests.
04 Oct 2000
shut up. we didn't want it to be a riot. keep your wrench at home
Specious & Spurious
04 Oct 2000
Gees, you first two comments are a.) parochial
and b.) small-minded.
"liberals" == "natzis"?? Where were you brought up?

Wrench-boy, I don't think they need you as a "witness". I'm sure the cops were doing plenty of clubbing w/o cocktails being directed their way.

Of course, the clubbing was just them "doing their job." Perhaps the most shameful excuse of all time.

Boston IMC: great work. The video of the horses and protestors, with the Anthem is throat-tightening material.
Nice site. As A16, R2K, D2K, and Prague has shown. We're not going away, we are universal, and we might not speak the same languages-but we see the same reality.
Us Kids
04 Oct 2000
You should have stayed untill the end, we did stop those buses in thier tracks. This is what democracy looks like.
04 Oct 2000
Just wanted to say thanks to those protesting and those reporting
it. I check in with IMC every day and it's a breath in my sails.
04 Oct 2000
In my first message (by "jason"), nowhere did I advocate violence, yet one reply was "we didn't need a riot". Who said we did? A few thousand people sitting in the road would have been splendid. And therein lies my worry - everyone immediately equates action with violence.

Indymedia itself goes on to write on :

"Next time there is a protest, the same sort of town meeting should be held BEFORE any marches or events actually occur. Non-violence does not have to translate into passivity. There can be effective direct action without violence."

...which is precisely the same thing I called for. Wake up y'all. 99.9% of America knows presisely *nothing* about what went on yesterday outside of what the mainstream media has told them. Their coverage has been slight and skewed. A real change, an UNIGNORABLE change is one that will be achieved when you force the debate to not occur.
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05 Oct 2000
Hey Revere, you're right, two days of constant bad news was wearing on me when I posted that. In defense of the liberal=natzi thing, I can explain.

I recently moved from western Massachusetts to central Ohio. Where I lived in Mass there was a very large and active underclass. Poor people formed coalitions, created those 'faith based initiatives' in small store front churches so kids had a place to study afterschool, and generally seemed to care about politics. Ohio, by contrast, has a 'booming' economy. Start up corporations flourish, and it's pretty easy to get a good paying job if you have a minimum of technical skill. (I jumped from $6 an hour to $12.50 in two years) Consequently, the population seems to be made up of devoted Democrat pro-capitalists who *love* the current economy and government. They support Gore because he is their ideal; rich, self confident, adoring of technology and corporations.

Liberal ideas, like the ban on smoking in public areas, or the much maligned Politicaly Correct movement, are often refered to as "Smoking Natzis", or "PC Natzis". People love that Natzi reference. Anti-Gun Natzis this, and SUV Natzis. Anyone who says 'we should consume less and participate in our communities' is a "Liberal Natzi".

I hate it, but the word Liberal is such a dirty word to modern politicians that the only person to utter it during the debates was George Bush, warning America that Gore would put liberals on the supreme court.

I hope that's a little clearer... Keep up the good work IMC!
on liberals, neo-liberals and fascists
05 Oct 2000
your statement brings up a point on the whole liberal thing: liberal implies an opposition to conservatives, left wing v. right wing. what about those of us who are no-wing?

i'm not a liberal and not a conservative. what is left v. right anymore, when it's a matter of authoritarian v. anti-authoritarian? liberals who support gore would turn on you just as quick as conservatives for bush. what else explains the brutal police and propaganda response to demonstrations at both the Republican and Democratic conventions, and other actions, by liberals and conservatives alike?

it's not about bleeding hearts or being too pc, it's about who has the power and what they use it for. it doesn't matter if the government uses power to enforce cultural (liberal) orthodoxy or moral (conservative) orthodoxy, they are both the same. they are fascist.

we have got to shed old ideas here, the situation has changed. bush and gore sound exactly alike, they even wore look-alike suits and ties at the debate. the old liberals and conservatives have been abandoned. hail the neo-liberals! labels like liberal and conservative are hollow in the real struggle ahead, the struggle for our freedom. real freedom. real democracy.

the only ethical use of power is to empower others. that is the way it must be used, even if this means others will disagree. sometimes it is necessary to fight so that fighting can end, bleed so that others will not have to.

liberal is a dirty word. conservative is a dirty word. because in thought and in deed both sides have used power to deny us our essential nature, that simply is to be.

what is it really about when we stand and face down a line of police -- cold and impersonal, oppressive -- with nothing but a few hours sleep, our clothes and maybe a sign? are we truly weary then? do our hearts beat any weaker?

no. never.
the only worthwhile challenge is to complete our journey.

18 Apr 2001
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