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Does Israel Have the Right to Exist?
05 Apr 2002
Modified: 07 Apr 2002
Probably not.
Zionism is a racist mental disease. Always has been, always will be. I've lived in Israel-Palestine and saw it was no different from Apartheid.

And now that "America's closest ally" has proliferated nuclear and biological weapons throughout the USA, taken control of "our" media, "our" so-called education, "our" so-called legal system, "our" electronic voting scam, "our" blackmailed and bribed politicians - and even carried out the 9-11 attacks - it's difficult even for an informed Jewish pacifist to argue against the case that the USA must
do the only foreign intervention that's ever been justifiable:

Invade Israel, dismantle the Zionist entity, and come home to a just, peaceful and prosperous solar-powered political-economy.

Presidents Eisenhower & JFK were right. And we've let things get WAY out of hand.

If some AshkenNazis MUST have the special privilege of dual
citizenship, give 'em "statehood" in part of Alaska or Texas in exchange for surrendering their terrorist nuclear arsenal. Meanwhile, most real Jews live just fine in New York City and Hollywood.

FBI & DoD: Do your damn job or stand aside and get out of the way. Or the real Army is coming to town.

************* - Jon Chance * US Congress. - Like World Wars? Fight 'Em Yourself. - An Option For Success. - Officer Ruppert vs The CIA. - Home-Made Power. - Who's Bribing Who? - How to REALLY Make Money....
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so tell us, Jon
05 Apr 2002
Are you running for the Congress on Neptune?
06 Apr 2002

I'm running for one of those silly little seats in the Congress of the United States. I hear the pay is okay.

In Congress, I can continue informing the bribed lawyers, politicians and banksters how to save themselves from self-destruction.

It seems I've already won the so-called "election" because I'm the only candidate who has not violated our Constitution or our anti-bribery law:

US Code, Title 18, Chapter 11, Section 201

Our States don't include Neptune, Daniel, but perhaps Mars should be considered for Statehood since it resembles many of the probable environmental features of Earth if humans - especially the ignorant ones in places like Boston - continue being so narrow-minded.

What are you running for/from, Daniel?

Everyone with a bit of courage, imagination and sense of citizenship should be running for office and challenging the criminals now running "our" government.

The prevailing American slander for those who are historically informed, experienced and capable of thinking outside the box is "conspiracy theorist", ain't it?

Or are those of us who are well-informed the real conspirators, simply "breathing together"?

If you've got positive suggestions, please post them at

And if you want to know how to transcend the politically correct whining of pseudo-activist and deal with essentional issues, check out

Please send my love to your neighbors on Neptune, Daniel.

Best Regards,

Jonathan P. Chance
See also:
try backing up your claims
06 Apr 2002
"The prevailing American slander for those who are historically informed, experienced and capable of thinking outside the box is "conspiracy theorist", ain't it?"

Please demonstrate to all of us, right here on this message, how the Israeli's conducted the 9/11 operation. Please post all the details.

Please list off the percentage of public stock in the top 10 media companies (operating in the U.S.) owned by Jewish people and which of the CEO's from those companies are Jewish people.

Break down for us exactly how Jewish people control the public education system at the local/state and federal level.

If you post more web links, I'm going to again dismiss you as yet another crackpot. Anyone can post links.

If to prove a hypothesis all one has to do is post a web links, I could prove the 10 biggest mysteries of the world right now, but that's not how you convince critical thinkers like myself.

And I'm not running for or from anything.
There are far more productive things to do like tending to my gardens that will produce nourishment for myself and others.
Critical thinking vs. Paranoid delusions
06 Apr 2002
"The prevailing American slander for those who are historically informed, experienced and capable of thinking outside the box is "conspiracy theorist", ain't it?"

I'll refer you to my reply on another thread regarding Sept. 11th:

It happened. The plane's hit. This piece serves to discredit honest efforts aimed at finding out what the government did know prior to the 911 attacks and the government's behavior on that day and the days afterwards when the explantions came out.

for instance:
1. Atta is said to have trained at a U.S. military flight school before going back to Germany and then returning to Florida where he trained at civilian flight school with possible CIA connections.

2. 3 of the suspects, including ATTA where on CIA watch lists, prior to 911. Why did they get student visas from the INS and why did the FAA not have this information in their databases?

3. Why were fighter jets not scrambled from Langley Base in Maryland to intercept the plane headed toward the Pentagon? They waited until after it hit the Pentagon to scramble those jets and instead initially relied on fighter jets from bases much closer to NY and MA than to D.C.

4. We know the U.S. government knew of this plan to highjack American planes - Bojinka (look that up on We know the government got warnings from the Israeli's, in August, about impending attacks on New York City...

I have the story archived which mentions a Car Bomb at the State dept and fires on the white house lawn. However, there are hundreds if not thousands of eye-witnesses in traffic and office buildings around D.C. that SAW A HUGE PLANE CRASH INTO THE PENTAGON. I don't doubt the possibility that the first two happened as well.

2ndly - I'm still convinced that the USAF shot down Flight 93.
So now we see...
06 Apr 2002
Jon, for a while I was simply a bit annoyed by your spamming, constantly posting links and economic theories. Those theories aren't bad, and some of the links are to good sites, though repeated duplicate postings got tiresome.

But this post is something else. As Daniel points out, you've made a lot of utterly unjustified claims that Israel controls schools, the legal system, the election system, and was behind 9-11. Where does this come from, Jon? It's slander, and it's the kind of thing I'd expect to hear from the National Alliance.

And your term AskenNazis--that's really offensive. (For those who are unfamiliar with it, Ashkenazi is an ethnic term which refers to Jews from Eastern Europe, distinguishing us from Sephardic Jews, who fled Spain around the late 1400's and Mizrahi Jews from the Middle East and Africa.) So your use of the term AshkenNazi slanders an entire ethnic group--not a political power structure, not even an ideology (which would be problematic anyway)--but an ethnic group. And it's an ethnic group that lost millions to the Nazis. This is unbelievably offensive.

If you want to criticize Israel, go ahead. If you want to work to end the occupation, even better. I know that I've been doing so, as an Ashkenazi Jew. But what you wrote in this post helps no one, and it is wildly offensive.
Jews in the media
06 Apr 2002
Daniel, you asked for percentage of Jews who own stock in top 10 media companies and also for a listing of owners.

I have never heard of stock owners being listed by race or religion. In any avent it would not be very relevant. Ordinary, small stock owners have virtually nothing to do with company policies. The management of the company and important stock owners with controlling interest run companies.

For your information, I am posting a listing of Jewish owners with controlling interest in American media companies. This listing is about a year old and some names may have changed.

It is important for all Americans to know who controls the media, since from cradle to birth the vast majority of people get all their news and opinions mostly from manistream TV.

If the media was run by racist Arabs, we would not be talking about bombing Iraq, Syria, Iran, Aghanistan, Lybia Yemen, etc. We are talking about this kind of bombing only because the media is controlled by racist Jews. These warmonguering Jews are a discredit to all peace loving Jews.

Jewish names in the media for Daniel


* RICHARD BERNSTEIN -Western Publishing. childrens books

* STUART BLOOMBERG -ABC Head of Entertainment Division.

* PETER CHERNIN -20th Century Fox. dec. 1992 new CEO

* MARTIN S. DAVIS -Paramount Comm. CEO

* BARRY DILLER -20th Century Fox. CEO


* STEVEN FRIEDMAN -NBC Executive Producer Nightly News. Hired may 1990 under G.E. (gentile) owned NBC.

* LEONARD HARRY GOLDENSON -ABC (Capital Cities ABC TV) (up to 1985. Thomas Murphy now CEO but with same Jewish management)

* KATHERINE MEYER GRAHAM -Newsweek, Washington Post. Daughter of Eugene Meyer.

* PETER GUBER -Columbia Pictures. 1989. Bought by SONY, Guber replaced Kaufman as CEO.

* PETER KALIKOW -New York Post. Real estate devloper.

* PETER R. KANN -Dow Jones, Wall St Journal, Barrons

* VICTOR A. KAUFMAN -Columbia Pictures. CEO


* GARY HERSH -Capitol Records CEO

* ROBERT MAXWELL aka Ludvik Hoch -. Daily News.

* RONNESSEN -MBS. Mutual Broadcasting SYS.

* SAMUEL NEWHOUSE russian -Random House, Advanced Publications, Newhouse Broadcasting, (CTV), New Yorker Vogue, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Vanity Fair, HQ, Bride's, Gentleman's Quarterly, Self, House & Garden. Newspapers & mags.

* MICHAEL OVITZ -Media magnate.

* WILLIAM S. PALEY russian -CBS CEO & founder of CBS. 1927. 1983 Partially retired.

* SUMNER M. REDSTONE -Viacom MTV Nickelodeon QVC. CEO.


* JEFF SAGANSKY russian -CBS Head Entertainment Division.

* DAVID SARNOFF russian -RCA NBC head entertainment div.

* ROBERT SARNOFF russian -RCA NBC CEO (son of D. Sarnoff). RCA and NBC were bought by G.E. in 1986 but Jewish management still exists.

* MICHAEL P. SCHULHOF -SONY. Vice chairman.

* RICHARD SNYDER -Simon & Schuster.


* ROBERT STRAUSS -Large investor, President Bush's Moscow ambassador.

* ARTHUR OCHS SULZBERGER -New York Times, family circle. McCall's, M. Frankel, J. Lelyveld, J. Rosenthal - all Jews.

* BRANDON TARTIKOFF russian -Paramount pictures. Chairman.

* LAWRENCE A. TISCH russian -CBS CEO TV, theaters, hotels, insurance. (Before him was 1928 William S. Paley son of russian jews. Retired 1983.)

* LEW WASSERMAN -MCA Inc. CEO. 1991. Bought by SONY. but Wasserman still is CEO.

* MORTIMER ZUCKERMAN -US News and World Report, DAILY NEWS. New ceo.
reply to Len
07 Apr 2002
Thank you for providing this information. It's too bad that you had to Jon Chance's work for him though. I'll check this out. Thanks again.
Re: Does Israel Have the Right to Exist?
30 Mar 2004
Before you begin rehashing the eternally violent falsehoods against the Jewish people, stop and think about the nature of your comments.

The logical conclusion of your arguments is exactly the same as the Wannsee Conference in 1942 - the extermination of the the Jews of the world.

When it boils down to it, your arguments are nothing but a hate filled vitriol, directed to brutally oppress the most persecuted religious group in international history.

Why, one may ask? Probably because you feel insecure in this world. Probably because it's easy to blame, and especially easy to blame the Jews (come on - every society since the birth of Christ has done it at one point or another). Probably because you look around at the upper echelons of corporate America and THINK you see lots of Jews.

What you see is stereotypes. Images and propaganda formed somewhere but expressed in your head. Don't go for the neanderthal approach. If you have a criticism to make of Israeli Government policy, make an informed comment. Don't use Zionism as a pretext for your hatred. Think about what you're saying: IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE.

Whether you pander to the KKK or modern incarnations of the Nazi party, I don't know. But think about this: have you ever considered the fact that one of the primary REASONS the State of Israel exists today is because of people like you?