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06 Apr 2002
Modified: 07 Apr 2002
Everyone with a bit of courage, imagination and sense of citizenship should be running for office and challenging the criminals now running "our" government.

I'm running for one of those silly little seats in the Congress of the United States (not Neptune, as you suggested). I hear the pay is okay.

In Congress, I can continue informing the bribed lawyers, politicians and banksters how to save themselves from self-destruction.

It seems I've already won the so-called "election" because I'm the only candidate who has not violated our Constitution or our anti-bribery law:

US Code, Title 18, Chapter 11, Section 201

Our States don't include Neptune, Daniel, but perhaps Mars should be considered for Statehood since it resembles many of the probable environmental features of Earth if humans - especially the ignorant ones in places like Boston - continue being so narrow-minded.

What are you running for/from, Daniel?

Everyone with a bit of courage, imagination and sense of citizenship should be running for office and challenging the criminals now running "our" government.

The prevailing American slander for those who are historically informed, experienced and capable of thinking outside the box is "conspiracy theorist", ain't it?

Or are those of us who are well-informed the real conspirators, simply "breathing together"?

If you've got positive suggestions, please post them at

And if you want to know how to transcend the politically correct whining of pseudo-activist and deal with essentional issues, check out

Please send my love to your neighbors on Neptune, Daniel.

Best Regards,

Jonathan P. Chance
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critical thinking vs. paranoid delusions
06 Apr 2002
"The prevailing American slander for those who are historically informed, experienced and capable of thinking outside the box is "conspiracy theorist", ain't it?"

I'll refer you to my reply on another thread regarding Sept. 11th:

It happened. The plane's hit. This piece serves to discredit honest efforts aimed at finding out what the government did know prior to the 911 attacks and the government's behavior on that day and the days afterwards when the explantions came out.

for instance:
1. Atta is said to have trained at a U.S. military flight school before going back to Germany and then returning to Florida where he trained at civilian flight school with possible CIA connections.

2. 3 of the suspects, including ATTA where on CIA watch lists, prior to 911. Why did they get student visas from the INS and why did the FAA not have this information in their databases?

3. Why were fighter jets not scrambled from Langley Base in Maryland to intercept the plane headed toward the Pentagon? They waited until after it hit the Pentagon to scramble those jets and instead initially relied on fighter jets from bases much closer to NY and MA than to D.C.

4. We know the government knew of this plan to highjack American planes - Bojinka (look that up on We know the government got warnings from the Israeli's, in August, about impending attacks on New York City...

I have the story archived which mentions a Car Bomb at the State dept and fires on the white house lawn. However, there are hundreds if not thousands of eye-witnesses in traffic and office buildings around D.C. that SAW A HUGE PLANE CRASH INTO THE PENTAGON. I don't doubt the possibility that the first two happened as well.

2ndly - I'm still convinced that the USAF shot down Flight 93.
Sorry, Mr Neptune.
06 Apr 2002
There's plenty of evidence, if not proof, that the Mossad orchestrated the 9-11 attack. The information is derived primarily from historical fact as well as current domestic and foreign intelligence reports, including the FBI, DIA, NSA and many others.

I and others have posted much of it at for months at and many other places, including here at this censored IMC.

The best evidence has a tendency to "disappear", which logically demonstrates that it's likely to be accurate. After all, websites about flying saucers from Neptune aren't censored, are they? Rather such UFO sites are exploited by corporate-government disinformation agencies to discredit real intelligence, as you're attempting to do.

Rather than show you which sites to hack, we'll let you and others do your own homework and critical thinking, assuming you're still capable of such.

The criminals and terrorists will get a knockout punch in due time.

By the way, you got a real identity, or shall we refer to you as just another anonymous slanderer?
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well jon
06 Apr 2002
Why do you want to know my email address so badly?
Do you want to spam my account with advertisements for your website?

Are you that desperate for "hits" that you have to direct me to search endlessly through your site for something that you could easily post here, as I have done recently with U.S. govt. related news?

So instead of answering my questions, you once again put up a web link to a site, "where all the proof that the Mossad was behind 9/11" should be. Well once again you have failed. You are asking me to scan through hundreds of messages to find this so-called proof.

Yeah, like there's a chance in hell that I'm going to do that. If you have such a smoking gun you would proudly display it here instead of hiding it on some yahoo site buried beneath hundreds of messages.

Yeah, you'd make a fine professional politician.

And I'm still waiting for an explanation on the other thread regarding your use of the term "Ashkenazi."
06 Apr 2002

I never asked for your useless spam address. I asked if you were willing to fully identify yourself before you try slandering me any more.

My eGroup, unlike those of totalitarian Republicrats (or the Mass Greenwash Party), does not require membership for anyone to read the postings.

I have no idea about the number of hits the eGroup gets, nor do I care. Why don't you ask Yahoo!, then have my account closed for some fraudulant reason, as was done with my primary email account? That's the type of back-stabbing behavior that perpetuates stereotypes about fake "Jews" like yourself. We suggest you quit while you're ahead.

One reason I know the difference between a Zionist, a Jew and an Ashkenazi is because my family is comprised of all three, as well as other ethnicities and ideologies.

As far as the Mossad, the Stern Gang, the history of Ashkenazis pretending to be Semetic, and the real facts about 9-11, the Bush Gang and the Anglo-American banking establishment, all one needs to do is use a good search engine, examine a variety of perspectives, and use their own Common Sense to cut through the corporate-government lies and anti-education they provide.

That's what is wonderful about the Internet (before the monopolists take it over entirely).

My eGroup helps people by listing a variety of useful links and perspectives that totalitarians don't want folks to discover. Doing so is simply the duty of an informed citizen.

Being a professional politician is the last thing I'd want to do. But given the dire circumstances we're facing, Americans need an injection of truth in "our" political economy.

Your time is over, pal. Face the mirror, get a real education, then come back without the paranoid bullshit.

The real issues don't even revolve around self-absorbed ethnicities. The central issue is creating a world with equal rights and equal responsibilities for everyone.
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a personal threat?
07 Apr 2002
"Your time is over, pal. Face the mirror, get a real education, then come back without the paranoid bullshit. "

What is this? Were you talking to yourself here or making personal threats against me?

The term "Ashkenazi" is anti-semetic while the term Zio-nazi is not. What's so hard to understand?

While your out working on your theories of how the Jews have taken over the world, I'll be over here in the real world eating my breakfast.
reply to the Mastermind Jon
07 Apr 2002
"The real issues don't even revolve around self-absorbed ethnicities."

Can you quote me as saying that they do?
Of course not.

Why don't you walk around the Northeastern campus with a sign that says, "I'm begging for attention, please come and listen while I insult you."
my comments on this insanity
07 Apr 2002
Jon, I wasn't supposed to tell you this, but there IS an concerted, International, Jewish conspiracy out to get YOU.

THEY trail YOU around Boston and around the Internet, telling everyone that you talk that you're a escaped mental patient and deleted your posts to

Now that the cat is out of the bag, no one knows what THEY might do. You'd be safer deep in hiding.
Pillars of Wisdom
07 Apr 2002
Since Daniel has proven himself inept, Judy takes a punch.

Oh, Jude.... Not only is the political-economic world comprised of numerous overlapping, cooperating and competing criminals, but I AM THE SECRET LEADER OF THE INTERNATIONAL ANGLO-JEWISH-NORDIC CONSPIRACY to bring truth & justice to everyone. (Shhhh... Don't tell anyone.)

"All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible. This I did."

T.E. Lawrence

Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Suppressed Introductory Chapter
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