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I helped kill a Palestinian today.
11 Apr 2002
Modified: 13 Apr 2002
I helped kill a Palestinian today
If you pay taxes to the U.S. government, so did you.
We bought and paid for carnage of Palestinians
I helped kill a Palestinian today.
If you pay taxes to the U.S. government, so did you.
And unless the policies of the U.S. government change, tomorrow will be no different.
It is easy for Americans to decry the "cycle of violence" in Palestine, but until we acknowledge our own part in that violence, there is little hope for a just peace in Palestine or the Middle East.
The first step is to abandon the mythology that the United States is a "neutral broker for peace" in the conflict. A new report by the Institute for Southern Studies shows that in the one-year period after the Sharm el-Sheikh peace agreement in September 1999, the U.S. government pumped $3.6 billion worth of arms into Israel -- an odd policy for a country playing a supposedly neutral role.
So, when we hear on the news that Israeli tanks are rolling through the cities and refugee camps of the West Bank, we should remember those tanks were made in the United States and purchased by Israel with U.S. aid. The Israeli jets and helicopters used in the assault are American F-16s, Blackhawks and Apaches. Machine guns, grenade launchers, missiles and bombs -- made in the USA, paid for with our tax dollars -- are being used to crush the Palestinian people. That means we must face two realties:
∑First, the current Israeli attack on West Bank towns is not a war on terrorism, but part of a long and brutal war against the Palestinian people for land and resources. If Israel is serious about ending terrorism, it would end its 35-year illegal military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Until it demonstrates a willingness to do that, Israeli calls for peace ring hollow and its attempts to achieve security through force will only make it less
∑Second, Israel's war against the Palestinians would not be possible without U.S. military and economic support -- $3 billion a year in direct aid. While the whole world stands against Israel's occupation, our government provides the political and diplomatic cover that allows Israel to flout international law. Specific Israeli policies sometimes draw mild criticisms from U.S. leaders, and those criticisms have grown stronger in recent days as Israel has ignored calls for a pullback of forces. But Israel can continue to ignore the international consensus -- and the U.N. Security Council resolutions calling on it to end the occupation -- because of U.S. support.
U.S. officials recently have distanced themselves from the extreme violence of the Sharon government and the Likud Party, but it is folly to think all would be fine if only a Labor Party government were in power. The differences between the two major parties in Israel are more of style than substance. Take the question of settlements in the occupied territories.
We are told repeatedly that Israel desperately wants peace. If that is true, why has the number of Israeli settlers living in the West Bank and Gaza almost doubled since the Oslo peace process began nearly a decade ago? Given that those settlements are one of the most serious obstacles to a peaceful solution, why would the Israeli governments -- Labor and Likud alike -- expand settlements in territory it illegally occupies during a so-called peace process?
The ultimate solution to the conflict in the Middle East is a regional peace conference under an international banner that takes seriously international law. There must be regional arms control, which should be part of a movement to reduce the insane levels of armaments globally (of which the United States is the leading salesperson). The most important contribution the United States could make is to stop blocking that process.
But right now, the United States can help defuse the immediate crisis by using the leverage its aid to Israel provides. We the American people should pressure our government to make a clear statement: Israel must not only end its current brutal offensive but also must take meaningful steps to end the occupation, and the United States must withdraw support from Israel until it agrees to do so.
If we fail to do that, then we cannot escape the knowledge that Americans are partly responsible for the next missile fired into a Palestinian town, the next shell lobbed into a Palestinian home, the next Israeli bullet that cuts down an innocent Palestinian.
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12 Apr 2002
What is an "innocent" Palestinian? One who does not support homicide-bombings that slaughter teenagers and babies? I'd say one who actively works against such horrors, and works for a real peace and a real freedom in Palestine. But, you see, Arafat kills those innocent Palestinians himself.
12 Apr 2002
Our worked-for earnings are stolen at gunpoint by the Federal and State governements.

WE HAVE NO CHOICE, if we wish to live a regular life that doesn't include dumpster diving and/or sleeping in vestibules.

Leftist and Rightist FUCKS like you don't help when you call for increases in taxes to pay for your pet programs.

13 Apr 2002
Visiting the US indies, I can see that many people haven't understood what was/is the situation in Palestine, really. Many of them are talking about "arab terrorists" and about the defending Israeli state. Why don't u visit some Israel or Jerusalem indy so that u have first hand info? Why r u so stuck to the balance of "bad and good guys"? I'm sorry to say, but I'm afraid that the brainwash u 've been throu is avoiding u of seeing the truth.
Racist and idiots?
13 Apr 2002
The comments on mariana’s posting of the Hansen article are telling. All responses seem to completely ignores the contents of the article. I guess if you have nothing intelligent to say, just change the subject.

Rachael does not have the first clue regarding what are innocent Palestinians. That is not surprising, since too many Israeli supporters ignore the body count in that war. A conflict of stones and guns against tanks and F-16s perhaps should be called a massacre and not a war.

In the past 18 months 1600 Palestinians and 440 Israelis have been killed by terrorism. As in all wars most of the victims have been civilians. To many racists tell us that the body count means nothing.

Real working class tells everyone that they are morons in his moronic comment. If he has a problems with the funding of programs for the poor, it would be a bit smarter to target his venom at the cause, such as or absurd military budget.

And, Lukie ask why? Apparently he has not read much on the indy Jerusalem or Israel sites that he suggest we do. Maybe Lukie has a reading comprehension problem?

Peace to all
13 Apr 2002
Karen, grammar helps if you're trying to pose a rebuttal. Since you didn't I suppose I won't either.

what's all the fuss about?
13 Apr 2002
Dear Karen, all I said is that the majority of the people who write in the US indies, seem to know nothing about the whole issue. It's the same story like Iraq, Serbia, Somalia. Of course I don't doubt that Saddam, Milosevic and Mugabe were/are dictators, fascists, and criminals. But things are not black and white. Nobody can blame the people of a country because of the actions of its government when there is a military government. I didn't want to show anything else but that most of the US citizens are thinking that the Palestinians are the "terrorists" and that Israel is just defending itself. I was happy to see from your writing that u r better informed than this majority I'm talking about.