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What Really Happened....
02 May 2002
Modified: 03 May 2002
Censorship of one of the web's most useful public resources.....
Have you noticed that is down?

Among many other truths, the site exposes much about the Israeli spy ring - a truth that "our" government is blackmailed into covering up.

Who benefits from hacking

Aside from "our" blackmailed government, the Zio-AshkeNAZIs (zealous Caucasian mammonists who pretend to be Jewish).

Aside from the Zio-AshkeNAZIs, the Anglo-American Establishment and the World Bank Group are ultimate beneficiaries of censorship.

Who will the Zio-AshkeNAZIs censor next?
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02 May 2002
I really don't know what to think of Indymedia when I read anti-semitic commentary like this. So what if the Ashkenazis might have converted as Kazarians centuries ago? It doesn't make them any less Jewish, they were persecuted alongside the Sefardis, many Ashkenazis practice the faith and though I'm not sure if the Kezaria thing is true, even if it were it's irrelevant to anyone's Jewishness now. Also, I think you have to take into account that not all Jews are zionist, heck, not all Israelis are zionist.

I don't like what I see going on in Israel either, Israeli policy sucks, as long as Sharon is president there will be no dialogue for peace, and things look pretty much devastating. But the atmosphere on Indymedia should be a civil one and not irrational like everything else that's going on in the world.
The "Anti-Semitic" Fraud
02 May 2002
Again, you reveal yourself as the real anti-Semite, twisting words to manipulate people's minds.

Arabs and other Mediterranians are Semitic.

Caucasian Jews are NOT Semitic.

To call someone who's critical of Zionism or even Jews (which is a religion and culture - not a "race") is nothing less than manipulative slander.

"Zio-AschkeNAZI" is a very specific term: Caucasian Zionists who call themselves "Jews".

I'm 50% Jewish, 25% Semitic Jewish and 0% Zionist.

Zionism is just another form of NAZIism. The Anglo-American Establishment as well as the Third Reich were Zionist primarily because the ideology serves to control Black Gold (petroleum).

The bottom line is that all forms of "national socialism" must end before such crazed ideologies destroy the world.

Equal rights and equal responsibilities for ALL.

And if the Mossad and its assets have nothing to hide, why are you trying to censor the Internet (as well as the old corporate media)?

That's hardly "civil", nor is totalitarianism and terrorism.
Ashkenazi vs AshkeNAZI
02 May 2002
Furthermore your reference to Sharon (or other overt Zionist expansionists) displays that you're playing the Good Cop / Bad Cop game (intentionally or otherwise). That's exactly what the "Democrats" and "Republicans" do.

Divide & conquer....

Throughout the Oslo Accords and the so-called "moderate" years, Israel cleverly violated Palestinian sovereignty while partaking in the CFR's Anglo-American "peace process", which is actually a war process.

Follow the money....

Neither Arafat nor the "Palestinian Authority" legitimately represent the majority of Palestinians. Both are used as puppets by Zionists and the Anglo-American Establishment.

And as stated before, not all Ashkenazis are AshkeNAZIs. I'm 25% Ashkenazi but 0% AshkeNAZI.

It long overdue that the AshkeNAZIs step down from their abusive positions of power and let people be free from their psychotic control mania.

Americans need a real education - obviously not provided by "our" media nor "our" schools - or Americans and the world are doomed.

As always, Ashkenazis and all ethnic groups are welcome to PARTICIPATE, but not to DOMINATE.

The stupid idea of a "Jewish Homeland" is not the center of the universe, as most American "Jews" seem to believe.

Is there a "Christian Homeland"? A "Muslim Homeland"? A Buddhist Homeland"? No. Religions are not states.

It's clearly time to end ALL aid to "Israel" and all other puppet plutocracies and move forward to viable, holistic, political-economic solutions such as TEA:

The Zionist-Jew ideology is a neurotic, self-absorbed distraction from the underlying issues: who controls the media, the money, the military, the government?
whoa whoa whoa
02 May 2002
You think Im a corporate media guy trying to censor this website? Im a college student just expressing my opinion. Jon Chance, I think we generally have the same viewpoints about the situation in Israel. I too become frustrated when Im told speaking out against Zionism is anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish, if you will. But there's a difference between criticizing Israel and attacking Jews with inflammatory speach, I don't care if you are part Ashkenazi. If Ashkenazis feel like they truly Jewish then what's to stop them? They were the ones who were persecuted in the pogroms and exterminated during the Holocaust (along with homosexuals, Roma, and political dissenters) and they feel a strong identity with being Jewish. Thank you for clarifying the difference between Ashkenazi and AshkeNAZI, by the way.

I wasn't trying to censor this website, censoring it would be like being one of the controllers and pulling your commentary. My point was that Indymedia can be seen as an anti-Semitic/anti-Jewish organization and suddenly it will be discredited and blacklisted. I like telling people to read Indymedia and I would hate to be recommending it someday and be told "Isn't that that anti-Semitic website?"
Jon, go away
02 May 2002
"Have you noticed that is down?"

Well I was on the site last night and it's up right now, so what the fuck are you talking about?

Your so paranoid, the rats in Boston are probably Mossad agents.
Ignore Jon's anti-Jewish bullshit
02 May 2002
Don't be concenred about Indymedia when you read this. There's an open publishing oplicy, and that means that even Jon can post his bizarre and offensive theories.

And Jon, you're bit about not being anti-Semitic because Ashkenazim aren't "Semitic" is ridiculous. The word has come to mean anti-Jewish over the last hundred years. Playing etymology games about what the word "really" means ignores this person's point--that your writing "AshkeNAZI" is offensive. It mocks the millions of Ashkenazi Jews who were killed in the Holocaust, and it slanders an entire Jewish ethnic group. (and yes, there are lots of Jewish ethnic groups--Sephardic Jews, Mizrahi Jews, Ashkenazi Jews. For more on that, go to (or .com?), a site I have no connections to but admire a lot.
The Endless Stream of Cowardly Slander....
02 May 2002
It's interesting that Zionists and Israeli apologists never identify themselves. So who's paranoid?

I've never said anything against the Jewish religion. But I'm critical of both Zionism and the American-Caucasian "Jewish" subculture, which seems to worship money, not God or universal justice.

Incidentally, approximately 10 million humans were murdered in World War II. As usual, that war was very profitable to the transnational Anglo-American banking establishment.

If you study more than schoolbook propaganda (and employ some common sense), you might discover that contemporary Zionists are not only holocaust deniers, but holocaust perpetrators.

In any case, I'm spending no more of my time bickering about Zionism, which has obviously reached the point that Apartheid did in the 1980s.

However, we'll never stop exposing the Mossad till it's extinguished along with the CIA and other terrorists.

I'll retract my use of the term Zio-AshkeNAZI as soon as "our" government stops subsidizing Zionism, the Mossad is dissolved, the Mid-East invasion is called off, Arab-bashing stops, and Palestine is restored.

Zionism is dead, and it's time for all of us to move beyond biggotry and toward EQUAL RIGHTS & EQUAL RESPONSIBILITIES FOR ALL.

Why does that threaten you so much?
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Where to start?
02 May 2002
Where shall I begin, Jon? Let's see. There's the fact that while you accuse others of anonymity, you don't actually list your personal e-mail address, but an e-group. Is this to try to snag people as subscribers? Very honest and straightforward there.

Then you refer to your critics as Zionists. I actually said nothing about Zionism in my post, and the persom who wrote earlier criticized it. Eaiser to make up facts when they don't fit your wishes?

Your reference to US Jews being primarily committed to money is once again insulting and prejudicial. I certainly am very ciritical of the level of materialism and commitment to capitalist values in the Jewish community, of which I am a a part--but I am also very critical of that materialism and capitallism within US society as a whole, including the Christian and secular majority. But you don't mention that part. Weakens your assertions a bit, doesn't it?

Jon, I spend hours just about every day working for equality and justice. So, I suspect, do many fo the people you criticize here. It's not too helpful when you post attacks of other people's work (for any other readers, just check almost any article in thhe center column for Jon's commentary)and then ridiculous claims that a website you like (which was up this afternoon!) was shut down by the Mossad.
Fluffy Indeed....
03 May 2002
Why would I want all my email accounts flooded with more spam from zealots, hackers and blackmailers? I wish to discuss political-economics in public forums such as IMC and eGroups.

Why do you find my eGroup and posts so threatening to your agenda?

My name, address and number are listed. Are yours? If not, what are you hiding?


If you read my posts rather than just slandering them, you'll see I'm critical of all excessive materialism and money-worshipping, not just that of the American-Zionist community. Most American "Christians" tend to be just as hypocritical. Greed - which is a form of violence - is a contagious mental disease.

The American situation is like the Pharisees and Romans all over again. But this time we're on the verge of a bio-nuclear holocaust.

Like all the major "activist" groups in Boston, the IMC is obviously manipulated by the Mossad and their assets. Do your homework if you're really an "activist".

Anyone can do some research on the Mossad and their long history of psyops and figure for themselves who's pulling whose strings.

And who's pulling the strings of the Mossad? Their age-old allies, the Anglo-American Establishment.

If you're spending so much time "working for justice", I suggest you learn a broader and deeper perspective of history than superficial and obsolete "progressive" American propaganda.

As people are awakening to the perils of global totalitariani$m, most of the world (outside money centers such as Boston and NYC) are questioning what such "progressives" wish to progress toward. More fascism with a friendly face?

It's pathetic that so-called "progressives" don't even bother learning about the mother of all corporations, the Federal Reserve Bank and their global spinoff, the World Bank Group, both of which must be dissolved if genuine democracy is to prevail.
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