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Commentary :: International : Politics
Bush's Act of Treason
12 Apr 2006
Modified: 09:29:57 AM
The president and his crazed gang of warmongers have put America gravely at risk by threatening first use of nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear power.
By the mere act of contingency planning for such a first use, the Bush administration has guaranteed that not just Iran, but probably many other nations that see themselves as remotely threatened by the U.S., will seek to obtain either nuclear weapons, or some other similarly catastrophic weapon for the purpose of resisting such nuclear blackmail.

The rushed announcement Tuesday by Iran that its scientists and engineers had succeeded in creating some enriched uranium is almost certainly a direct result of the administration's nuclear threats.

Most sane observers have calculated that if Iran is really planning on developing a nuclear weapon, it is years--perhaps even a decade--away from that goal. That was plenty of time to reassure Iran that it would not need the bomb, or to use international diplomacy to discourage the country from embarking on such a wasteful, expensive and dangerous project. Instead, by threatening to nuke Iran’s nuclear research and processing facilities, the administration has predictably put Iran onto a crash course for developing the bomb. What alternative did Iran's leaders have after all the administration's bombast?

In fact, Bush-Cheney rhetoric may well have pushed Iran to seek to obtain nuclear capability by other faster means, such as obtaining a weapon, perhaps illegally, from Russia, or perhaps more directly from North Korea. After all, North Korea has the bomb and is strapped for two things that Iran has in abundance—oil and cash.

These are dangerous times. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of the neocon wackoes who infest the West Wing, the Pentagon, and various right-wing “no-think” tanks, have already succeeded in creating a cauldron of anti-U.S. fury in Iraq that will haunt this country for a generation to come. Now they appear dead-set on igniting something even worse in Iran. But just as the attack on Iraq has had repercussions far beyond the boundaries of that fractured land, the nuclear threat against Iran will have effects that reach far beyond Persia in both geography and in time.

It is clear from Bush policy over the past five years that nations which have no nuclear deterrent are considered fair game by these guys, while those nations that have the bomb are handled with kid gloves. Look at Bush administration policy towards Pakistan, India, China, and even North Korea. Iran clearly will make every effort to enter the safety circle in which those countries find themselves, thanks to this administration’s threats.

What makes this doubly treasonous is the undeniable reality that the more nations there are with nuclear weapons, the more likely it is that nuclear weapons will ultimately be used.

Instead of working to limit the spread of these ultimate weapons of mass destruction, the Bush administration is doing the opposite--promoting it. The administration's plans to begin developing a new generation of smaller tactical nuclear weapons are having the same effect. By signaling to the world that the U.S. is getting prepared to use nuclear weapons in its campaign of endless wars on smaller nations, the Bush administration is insuring that the potential targets of U.S. malevolence will do their best to acquire similar weapons. It's only a matter of time, then, before one of those countries succeeds in slipping one of those small devices into an American city.

And that's not even to mention the terrorists, like Osama Bin Laden's merry gang, who will have a wider range of potential sources for acquiring a small nuclear device of their own as the nuclear club grows apace.

If we Americans want security, we need to start telling our elected officials they need to put a halt to this madness and treason.

The U.S. needs to declare unequivocally that it will never be the first to use nuclear weapons in any conflict, and particularly against any nation that has no nuclear weapons of its own. That is a fundamental act of sanity and security.

If this Congress won’t vote such a resolution, then 2006 is the year we need to elect a Congress that will. Then we can start examining that article in the Constitution that declares treason to be an impeachable crime.

For other stories by Lindorff, please go (at no charge) to:

Look on the right side of the home page for insormation about my new book, "The Case for Impeachment," due out May 1 by St. Martin's Press.
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Bush's Treasonist Crimes
12 Apr 2006
9-11 cover up. Fake WMD's. Illegal wiretapping. Lying to a Grand Jury. Fixing two presidential elections. Diverting tax dollars to family and friends, through no bid contracts. The list goes on and on...
I can't wait for justice.
Re: Bush's Act of Treason
12 Apr 2006
You give Bush too much credit. Every Administration back to Truman has had contingency plans to use nuclear weapons. If you have them, you plan to use them. You probalbly won't. But on the other hand...

The good news is that if Howard Dean were President, he would have these plans too. As do social democrats in nuclear nations. As do marxists.

Nuclear is nothing. Violence is something. Ask the dead of Dresden. When you are dead. You are dead.

Personalization of politics is infantilization of politics. Eventually a database will sit in the White House. No time to personalize then. Stick to your point.
You nailed it, Dave. This is an act of NeoCon & NeoLib Treason
12 Apr 2006
bob.bobnichols (at) link

Dave Lindorff

Re: "Bush's Act of Treason."

Great article Dave. You pretty much nailed the situation we are in with Bush's NeoCon Fascists and thermonuclear weapons. This includes the nuclear war the American Expeditionary has waged for 15 years in Central Asia.

The Americans promiscuously use radiation dispersing Uranium Weapons and continue to do so in Afghanistan, Iraq and the former Yugoslavia. As the US Marines say "Kill their Ass and Steal their Gas!"

Ahhhhh! The actual big nukes, thermonuclear weapons, that Bush announced to the world, in many ways, that the US will both build more of and actually use on non-nuclear states raise the stakes just a tad. If we had someone just count the number of radioactive atoms in the Nagasaki Nuclear Weapon and in the uranium already dispersed, the numbers are staggering.

The US maliciously sneaked in and used the "atomicity" equivalent of 400,000 Nagasaki Nuclear Weapons in Central Asia since 1991. This is the largest use of Genocidal Weapons in history.

The way a country, any country, starts to build a nuclear weapon is to first get an operating nuclear reactor. These things are sold to the public to heat water to spin turbines to make electricity; but, their real job is to make material inside the reactor core to make nuclear weapons. Forget the happy go lucky utility company cover story. Job One is to make the stuff for nuke weapons.

More than 40 countries in the world have 430 nuclear reactors right now. Figure that each Million Kilowatt Reactor makes enough stuff for 40 Nuclear Weapons a year.

If you were a Premier somewhere, and observed the difference in the way the US treated Iraq and North Korea; what would you do?

I agree, Dave. Bush's actions are Treasonous. It is way past time to replace this government. The sooner, the better.
Re: Bush's Act of Treason
12 Apr 2006
How can the governmnt commit treason against itself? You don't like Bush? duh. There was an election in 2004. I have bad news. He won.
Re: Bush's Act of Treason
12 Apr 2006
"The president and his crazed gang of warmongers have put America gravely at risk by threatening first use of nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear power."

Lindork would prefer Iran a non-nuclear power nuked us first, rather than have the US prevent them from attaching the deaths head to the body.

Slime bag. Send him to Qum to whip himself with chains with the other masochistic fanatics.
Re: Bush's Act of Treason - Amnesty for Criminal Aliens
14 Apr 2006
What more can I say?
All in the Family
14 Apr 2006
The Bush family-Laura, GW and the Twins have Permanent Amnesty for DWI, DUI, vehicular manslaughter, and pretending to be Texans when they are WASP's from Greenwich Conn, Kennebunkport Me. and Milton, MA. They are also Liberals by any True Conservative Standard. (Which I set according to the great principles of Burke and Kirk-no they are not lawyers in the phone book).

Treason is out of the question. Do not invite the Bush girls to any party where someone in the Social Register is present. That is far worse than conviction for Treason.
Re: Bush's Act of Treason
17 Apr 2006
Lindorff you're such a fucking moron. Yeah, let's wait until they have nukes so it's a fair fight.

You're all so fucking hopelessly naive. Glad we didn't have moonbats like you around when Hitler was attempting what IslamoNazis are doing now.