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News :: Race
BU Palestine Culture Awareness March
13 Apr 2006
At least 20 BU students and supporters from the activist community joined in a march to raise awareness of Palestinian culture yesterday. We raised the flag of Palestine and strolled along commonwelth ave. thru crowds of students between classes. We will be out again today (thursday) for another march starting at shaws market at noon. Join us!
BU Palestine Culture awareness march report+photos
BU Palestine Culture awareness march report+photos
BU Palestine Culture awareness march report+photos
BU Palestine Culture awareness march report+photos
BU Palestine Culture awareness march report+photos
BU Palestine Culture awareness march report+photos
BU Palestine Culture awareness march report+photos
here are some photos.

This work is in the public domain.
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Re: BU Palestine Culture awareness march report+photos
13 Apr 2006
Looks like fun!
Re: BU Palestine Culture awareness march report+photos
13 Apr 2006
oh yeah, i saw yall walking around march plaza today while i was lying dead on the sidewalk, doing a biolab die-in with operation: over. good job, and keep up regular actions! being out there on a regular basis is really one of the most important things you can do.
Operation Ova
13 Apr 2006
Click on image for a larger version

Click on image for a larger version

Click on image for a larger version

photo OO
13 Apr 2006
Keep it up....great work.
Re: BU Palestine Culture Awareness March
15 Apr 2006
Nearly 60 years ago the Palestinian Arabs refused to compromise with the Jewish minority and as a result, most of these Arabs ended up outside the borders of the State of Israel. For some, but not all, 60 years of bitterness and refugee status arose. Most settled in Jordan, what is now the West Bank/Gaza or other Arab states where many are citizens and legal residents.

If there is so much injustice, why do only 20 people show up at anti-zionist rallies like this? I dont defend Ziionism per se. But most people are impatient with turn the clock back solutions. BIMC ought to realize that many progressive Arabs and Jews have moved far beyond the stuck in the mud mentality of the sparse collection of pseudo-actors on Commonwealth Ave. This mime exercise wahs a non-story.

In the real Middle Eastp, people have kids to feed, lives to plan, savings to invest. They do this as Israeli citizens, Syrians, Jordanians, and other options. The Palestine Authority is corrupt and ineffective, and now with Hamas involved, self-destructive. The PA is irrelevant to most Palestinians as well as the "martyr" groups that just bring death upon the Arabs.

In the real world, there will be no reversal of the defeats the Palestinians suffered because of poor strategic thinking and tactical errors and corruption. If the Left wants any say in the matter, and it's been years since the Left had any say in anything about the MidEast in any MidEast nation, it has to recognize reality. As materialists, shouldn't that be what the Left would do, instead of exuding bourgeiose sentimentlaism (Marxist phraseology, not mine).

Mime theater on Comm Ave will silence no guns, feed no kids, or heal any wounds.
Re: BU Palestine Culture Awareness March
16 Apr 2006
I loved it when the racist zionists gave us the finger and the thumbs down from their safe cars as they raced by.Don't think the zionists aren't scared and very threatened by a small group or even one Palestinian rights activist.They are so scared of the truth and anyone who dares to stand up for the Palestinians.The more we educate and demonstrate,the stronger we become.
Re: BU Palestine Culture Awareness March
16 Apr 2006
Poles used to "line up" for jobs at Oscar Shcinder's factory in Krakow. Did that mean Nazis had a birthright of murderous theft of Polish lands? Does the poles being "losers" mean Nazis were something other than murderous thieves. All you did was showcase your own offensive prejudices. Thanks.

Never was a country of palestine. So what if Palestinians never had an independant country/political independance??? Does that mean palestinians are not real people with every human right NOT to be the victims of murderous thieving ZIonist invadors??? Such rationalizations just show the depths of marginalization some people will use to denigrate the Palestinian PEOPLE'S basic human rights.
Re: BU Palestine Culture Awareness March
16 Apr 2006
Zionists invaded Palestine under Brittish guns just as the Nazi's hungarian allies invaded Slovakian lands under Nazis guns.

The Judeo-christian (small c) dominated (40 to 10 Muslim states) 1947 UN drew a line across a map of Palestine and gave the Zionist invadors thier blessings for Zionists to be murderous thieves of palerstinian lands. And ZIonists have never stopped stealing Palestinian lands and have never hesitated to MURDER the Palestinians who resist the Zionist's continuing offenses as well as palestinians whom the ZIonist invadors decide are in the wrong place. Popes and monarchs of Europe also gave allegedly Christian crusaders thier blessings for allegedly Christian crusaders to be murderouas thieves of the land, just as the Judeo-christian interloapers gave ZIonists thier blessings to be murderous thieves of someone else's homeland. Doesn't mean the allegedly Christian crusaders were something other than murderous thieves either.

Excuses? What does that mean? Does it mean that Palestinians would rather work for Zionist crusaders, like Poles worked for nazi invadors, rather than watch thier kids starve to death???

What, does the Zionist invador's flag flying over Palestine, like the Nazi's flag flew over Poland, mean Zionists have a right to steal Palestinian lands, like Schindler and other nazis feasted off the mysery of thier chosen Polish victims?

Show me the money. Palstinians use Zionist money in commerce. Poles used Nazi money. Excuses???

If hebrews slaughtering or enslaving the locals 3000 years ago really does give Zionists thier alleged birthright of murderous theft of Palestinian lands, then lets hear it. Because vacant rationalizations just showcase how you are dependant on misleading propaganda.
Rally Advocating Genocide Hosted in Israel
18 Apr 2006
<p>It is illegal to be Jewish (or Christian, or anything but Muslim) in Saudi Arabia. It is deadly to be a Muslim apostate in Afghanistan. It’s fatal to be Christian in Indonesia. With scattered exceptions, Jews were long ago evicted from Iraq. I won’t belabor my point: Jews (and other non-Muslims) have no freedom or safety in the Islamic world. Of course, with all the world’s press (or, should I say, the world’s Leftist press) concentrated in Israel, the message that’s getting out is that Israel has completely destroyed any freedom or safety for Muslims within Israel’s borders. Certainly, the 30,000 Muslims who freely gathered at a soccer stadium in Israel seem to think so:</p> <blockquote> <p>More than 30,000 Arab-Israeli Muslims participated in a massive protest Saturday night at the Kfar Kana soccer stadium marking the anniversary of the prophet Muhammad’s birth. </p> <p>The event was organized by the Islamic Movement, headed by Sheikh Sheikh Raed Salah. A huge stage in the shape of a heart was set up at the center of the site, and the words “Prophet Muhammad” were written across the center of it.</p> <p>The event was broadcast live on television throughout the Middle East and elsewhere by Al-Jazeera, and Sheikh Salah addressed the Arab world, calling on them to “save Jerusalem from the hands of the Jews.”</p> <p>“Jerusalem will soon be the capital of the world Islamic nation with the Jews eradicated, and it will be governed by a caliph,” Salah said. “The Six Days War hasn’t ended since 1967, and it continues in Jerusalem,” he added.</p> <p>According to the Muslim leader, the millions of dollars invested by Israel in Jerusalem will be for naught.“They want to build a temple instead of the al-Aqsa mosque, and that will never happen,” he said, and appealed to the Arab world to establish a fund to “save Jerusalem” from the Jews and restore it as an exclusively Arab, Palestinian and Muslim city.</p> <p>Regarding the Palestinian situation, Salah expounded at length about the Israeli siege of the Arab territories, especially since Hamas’ victory in the parliamentary elections.“They want to starve our people. Will you let them?” Salah demanded of his audience.</p> </blockquote> <p>I check where Kfar Kana is. Although it is an Arab village, it is within Israel proper and is, in fact, a major archeological site. That is, it’s under Israel’s mandate, and it was Israel that allowed this perfect example of freedom of speech to take case. </p> <p>I hope I’m not the only one struck by the irony of Israel playing host to a major rally calling for the murder of its Jewish citizens.</p>
Re: BU Palestine Culture Awareness March
18 Apr 2006
charles, to best get credibility on your postings, you might want to consider including the link... otherwise I'm left with... yeah, right.
Victims of the suicide bombing in Tel Aviv
18 Apr 2006
David Shaulov, 29, of Holon

David Shaulov, 29, from Holon, immigrated from Tashkent with his family 16 years ago. Shaulov, the eldest son of the family, acclimated well in Israel. He studied to be a dental technician and opened his own laboratory in Holon.

Shaulov married Radmilla, and the couple had two children, who are now four and six. Radmilla is pregnant and due to give birth shortly. On Monday morning, Radmilla felt unwell and went to the hospital for a check-up, while David went to his dental lab. He was killed when he went to the Rosh Ha'ir restaurant for lunch.

Shaulov's relatives shuttled among area hospitals searching for him, and eventually ended up at the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir.

Against doctors' advice, Radmilla rushed to Abu Kabir and found out her husband was inside, dead.

After identifying David's body, the family remained in the facility's yard for some time, weeping, while friends and other relatives continued to arrive. David's grandmother fainted shortly after reaching the site.

Radmilla insisted on leaving her hospital bed to be with her family at Abu Kabir.

"He was my tower of strength," David's brother Yossi, 17, said Monday. "I don't know what we'll do without him."

Shaulov's funeral began at 11 A.M. Tuesday at the Holon Cemetery. The funeral procession left from his parents' home on Ha'etzel Street in Holon. (Asaf Carmel)

Philip Balasan, 45

Philip Balasan set out from home Monday morning with his son Uri and daughter Linor to buy CDs and computer games at the old central bus station in Tel Aviv. They were passing by the Rosh Ha'ir shawarma stand when the bomber struck. Philip was badly wounded, but before he collapsed, he managed to pass his cellphone to Uri and said: "Call Mom and tell her there was an attack."

The kids were slightly hurt by the blast, were examined at the hospital and released. Etti Balasan rushed to Tel Aviv to search for her wounded husband. Philip's brother-in-law Eli Aflalo said Monday night that Etti looked for Philip at every hospital in the area and when she couldn't find him, Aflalo suggested she go to the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir, where she received the bitter news. Philip is survived by his wife, Etti, 40, and their four children - Liran, 21, Lital, 19, Linor, 13, and Uri, 12.

The funeral took place at 12:30 P.M. Tuesday at the Ashdod cemetery. (Yuval Azoulay)

Victor Erez, 60

Victor Erez was a Tel Aviv taxi driver. "He'd do hotels, not the central bus station," his brother Binyamin said. "But like all the drivers he'd go there to eat shawarma." He had just stepped out of his cab when the bomber exploded. "He went in one piece, without blood on his body," said Binyamin, as though trying to preserve his younger brother's memory.

Victor lost a leg 42 years ago to a land mine. He married, divorced, remarried and always drove a cab. "He worked like a mule, six days a week," his brother said, "and really gave his all to his family up to the last minute." Victor is survived by his wife Miri, three children, a step-daughter and three grandchildren.

Victor's funeral began at 11 A.M. on Tuesday at the Yarkon Cemetery outside Petah Tikva. (Yoav Borowitz)

Lily Yunes, 42, of Oranit

Dozens of residents of Oranit, a small community near the seam line border with the West Bank, rushed to the home of the Yunes family when official word came that the mother, Lily, was one of the victims killed in the bombing.

It was supposed to be an auspicious day for the family. Lily, her husband Menachem, their sons Lidor, 24, and Tzach, 11, and Lidor's girlfriend, Elodie Zion, 26, went together to Tel Aviv's old central bus station to purchase equipment for a new business the family was about to establish.

They decided to stop for a bite on the way, so Menachem dropped the four off near the shawarma stand and stayed in the car. Then came the blast, followed by frantic running between Ichilov, where his sons were hospitalized, and Wolfson, where Elodie was taken.

Lily was nowhere to be found. In the evening, Menachem's brother-in-law, Elias Tzemach, went to Abu Kabir and identified the body. Lily, who ran a Na'amat day care center in Matan, is survived by two other children, Assaf and Bat El.

Lily was laid to rest on Tuesday at 12:30 P.M. at the Yarkon Cemetery near Petah Tikva.
(Anat Balint)

Benjamin Haputa, 47, of Lod
The funeral for Benjamin Haputa began Tuesday at 2 P.M. in the Lod Cemetery.

Ariel Darhi, 31, of Bat Yam
The funeral for Ariel Darhi began at 11:30 A.M. in the Yarkon Cemetery near Petah Tikva.

Rosalia Basanya, 48, from Romania
Rosalia's body will be returned to Romania after the Passover holiday.

Boda Proshka, 50, from Romania
Boda's body will be returned to Romania after the Passover holiday.
arabs demand appology for complaints about Bombing
18 Apr 2006
The foul creatures who launched yesterday’s suicide bombing are demanding an apology from “moderate” (hah!) Abu Mazen.

Palestinian militant groups demanded an apology Tuesday from Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for condemning Monday’s deadly suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, in their harshest criticism yet of the moderate leader over his stand on violence.

The criticism, including from armed groups within Abbas’ own Fatah party, underscored a growing debate among Palestinians over the use of violence against Israel.

“We ask President Abbas to apologize to the entire Palestinian people because of the offense he committed,” the groups said in a joint statement by a coalition of militants read by a masked gunman at an open-air news conference in Gaza.

Abbas said Monday that the attack, which killed nine people, ran counter to Palestinian interests. But he used stronger wording than usual, describing the attack as “despicable.”

The militant groups objected to his wording, saying that it was insulting to Palestinian “martyrs who sacrificed their lives and souls.”

“Abu Mazen [Abbas] should have condemned the killings of our people and fighters rather than condemning Palestinian acts of self-defense,” the statement said, issued in the name of three Fatah-linked groups and the Popular Resistance Committees, an umbrella group of Palestinian militants.
Re: BU Palestine Culture Awareness March
18 Apr 2006
Nazis used to scapegoat the victims of thier chosen war of conquest too. It isn't such a suprize to see Zionists and thier enablers scapegoating Palestinians for the hostilities created by the Zionist's bloodsoaked war of conquest. It seems to be a popular tactic among murderous thieves and thier enablers.

Native Americans ( a tiny protion anyway) scalping whole wagon trains of men women and children sure was brutal, but it didn't change the dynamics of the conflict even if propagandists tried to use the attacks to scapegoat the native Americans as savages/foul creatures/etc. Like Zionists in Palestinian lands, those people chose to be murderous thieves of thier neighbor's homeland.
Arabs Call on all Supporters to Kill Jews Around the World
19 Apr 2006
Palestinian militants linked to President Mahmoud Abbas’s increasingly fractured Fatah movement made calls on Monday to <b>attack Jews overseas</b> to force Israel to release Palestinian prisoners from its jails. Two other main stream Palestinian militant groups, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, also said they supported violence to free more than 8,000 prisoners held by the Jewish state, but neither explicitly backed <b>attacks on Jews outside Israel</b>. The call by militants of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades could heighten tension between Israel and the Hamas ruled Palestinian Authority, which has been crippled financially by the loss of Western aid. “This is an open call to all our fighters in the homeland to focus on kidnapping Jewish civilians inside our occupied land. And if the enemy does not release our prisoners, <b>then Jews outside Palestine will be an even easy target</b> for our fighters,” the group said in a statement.
Re: BU Palestine Culture Awareness March
21 Apr 2006
Thanks for admitting Zionists are murderous thieves comparable to Custer. In doing so, you also admitted that Democrap and Republitrash support for the Zionist's bloodsoaked war of conquest is an offense. And that America's whore politicians have sold out America's peace and has been sacrificing thier fellow Americans for decades by aiding the Zionists in thier offensive war of conquest.
Palestine Demands the Eviction of Christians
21 Apr 2006
The leadership of a West Bank Palestinian city now controlled by Hamas has warned a local Young Men's Christian Association to close its offices and leave town or face likely Muslim violence.

The move highlighted long-standing fears Hamas would use its win in last January's Palestinian parliamentary elections to impose an anti-Christian, anti-Jewish hard-line Islamist regime in the West Bank and Gaza.

"The face of the new Hamas government is coming to the forefront now that they finally took over and have a lot more confidence. They want to create a territory free of Christians and Jews," said a Christian leader associated with the YMCA in Qalqiliya, a West Bank town under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.

Yesterday, major Muslim organizations in Qalqiliya in conjunction with local mosques, the city's Mufti and municipal leaders, sent a letter to the interior minister of the Hamas-led PA accusing the YMCA of missionary activities and demanding the Palestinian government immediately shut down the Christian offices.

The YMCA has operated in Qalqiliya since 2000.

The petition states, "We the preachers of the mosques and representatives of major families in Qalqiliya ask you to close the offices of the YMCA because the population of Qalqiliya doesn't need such offices, especially since there are not many Christians in our city and they will soon be gone."

It warned, "The act of these institutions of the YMCA, including attempting to convert Muslims in our city, will bring violence and tension."

Already this past weekend several Molotov cocktails were thrown at Qalqiliya's YMCA.

Local political sources said the attacks followed Friday sermons in dozens of Qalqiliya mosques in which preachers called upon the community to revolt against the YMCA.

"There was a coordination among the mosques to speak about the YMCA Friday night. One major imam, for example, warned if the YMCA doesn't close down it will lead to 'acts that none of the Christians would like to see,'" said one political source.

Re: BU Palestine Culture Awareness March
24 Apr 2006
well, ol Troll, i never met a warrior that the other side didn't call a murderin thief.

what matters is who wins. Ha Ha.
Re: BU Palestine Culture Awareness March
26 Apr 2006
What matters is WHAT they WIN. In this case, the WHAT is the Palestinian's homeland, which makes the Zionists "murderin thief"s and the democraps and republitrash offensive in thier support of "murderin thief"s. By supportin the "murderin thief"s offensive war of conquest for palestinian lands, Democraps and republitrash have sold out America's peace and have been sacrificing thier fellow American's lives for thier own self serving political intrests.