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News :: Human Rights
"kNOw Genocide" - Stop the zionist attacks on Sudan
23 Apr 2006
Modified: 12:59:03 PM
The five figure “kNOw Genocide” PR campaign kicked off in front of the state house Friday and only a downpour could have saved it from the local left. The high gloss final push in a coordinated attack on Sudan took unknown money bags, a strange mix of allies and the anniversary of almost a century old barbarity in Armenia to get the big names and faces out on the street in front of the state house for some pre war humanitarian concern sound bites.
Click on image for a larger version

"kNOw Genocide" - Stop the zionist attacks on Sudan
We heckled Markey after he failed to mention anything currently happening on earth. He tried to make a few plugs for the sponsors but had to stop his memorial listing of campaign contributing genocide victims and ask what we wanted. Boston’s press core dutifully and pointlessly scribbled ... Heckler ‘What about the Palestinians? ’ , Markey reply ‘ALL people’.

Our signs read "Stop the zionist attacks on Sudan" and “Out of Iraq, not into Sudan, hands of Iran” and "Stop the Israeli Ganjaweed smoking IDF"

The Rabbi of Temple Bet Zion on Harvard Ave in Brookline was asked at the mike about Gaza because of his shameless role in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine which takes taking it to a new level to a new level. During his hypocritical spew fest all eyes and cameras were on the Massachusetts state troopers physically hauling off Americans carrying " Boycott Divest Sanction -Israeli Terror " signs.

Down the side walk the troopers were advised to F- Off in no uncertain terms.

Boston’s very own Jewish Community Relations Conspiracy was the group sick enough to try and load their racist boat with the carcasses of mass slaughters in Armenia and Rwanda to row it up the Jordan, Euphrates and now Nile rivers.

Rabbi whatever his current alias is came at us and screamed "FUCK YOU!, FUCK YOU!". Fortunately the National Park Rangers were there to point out all of the children around. The opportunity was taken to ask the Talmudic scholar how many kids he had personally killed in Gaza. He stormed off to plot our assassinations by apache helicopter or at least put some one up to do it for him while the Armenian kids pumped their fists and yelled "Palestine!" from the school bus windows.

Some of the Rabbis henchmen snapped photos of us from behind the revolutionary war muster memorial. A woman from Haiti, another from France and a local resident of the Boston commons stopped by the stockade to wish us well.

Meanwhile in Jerusalem the JCRC’s mother ship was beating down Armenian Christian pilgrims who had traveled from around the world to worship an immaculate lantern.

It was a good day for a field trip to fight truth decay. Where were you?

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Re: "kNOw Genocide" - Stop the zionist attacks on Sudan
23 Apr 2006
There was an article about this in the herald.Didnt mention the protest.
Re: "kNOw Genocide" - Stop the zionist attacks on Sudan
23 Apr 2006
> The opportunity was taken to ask the Talmudic scholar how
> many kids he had personally killed in Gaza.

And you make this accusation because...he's Jewish? He spoke at this event? If there's any other reason--particularly for saying that he "personally killed" kids, I don't see it in your piece.

>He stormed off to plot our assassinations by apache helicopter
>or at least put some one up to do it for him

Wow, does saying that make you feel important? Oppressed? You know that you're in no danger. From the picture, despite the bad lighting, you look like white men to me.

>It was a good day for a field trip to fight truth decay. Where
>were you?

Gee, with your unsubstantiated accusations and your overinflated sense of your impact, I can't see why people aren't banging down the door to join you...
Time will tell
23 Apr 2006
here they come
Re: "kNOw Genocide" - Stop the zionist attacks on Sudan
23 Apr 2006

Negotiators are trying to broker a peace deal between warring factions by an April 30 deadline. Members of the African Union have agreed in principle to hand over peacekeeping duties to the United Nations beginning Sept. 30.

"I call on mujahedeen and their supporters, especially in Sudan and the Arab peninsula, to prepare for long war again the crusader plunderers in Western Sudan. Our goal is not defending the Khartoum government but to defend Islam, its land and its people," bin Laden purportedly said.

"I urge holy warriors to be acquainted with the land and the tribes in Darfur."
Re: "kNOw Genocide" - Stop the zionist attacks on Sudan
24 Apr 2006
Israel's hand in Sudan's past and future...
Was Israel behind the separatist movement of the
Southern Sudanese? Was Sudan used as a tool by Tel
Aviv in order to achieve a long term goal which was to
weaken Egypt and come in from the backdoor?
Re: "kNOw Genocide" - Stop the zionist attacks on Sudan
24 Apr 2006
The death marches led across Anatolia, and the purpose was clear. The Armenians were raped, starved, dehydrated, murdered, and kidnapped along the way. The Turkish Gendarmes either led these atrocities or turned a blind eye. Their eventual destination for resettlement was just as telling in revealing the Turkish governments goal: the Syrian Desert, Der Zor. Those who miraculously survived the march would arrive to this bleak desert only to be killed upon arrival or to somehow survive until a way to escape the empire was found. Usually those that survived and escaped received assistance from those who have come to be known as "good Turks," from foreign missionaries who recorded much of these events and from Arabs.
Re: "kNOw Genocide" - Stop the zionist attacks on Sudan
24 Apr 2006
i was at the rally. the only place that rabbis yelled fuck you or armenian kids pumped their fists in support of the palestinians was in the delusional minds of these intrepid "activists."
in reality, people who had come out for a rally to counter attempts to deny the armenian genocide occassionally glanced over in confusion and mild annoyance at these self-styled intifada warriors in keffiyas screaming to stop the zionist invasion of sudan. ???
Re: "kNOw Genocide" - Stop the zionist attacks on Sudan
24 Apr 2006
I was at the rally/protest. During the speech by the rabbi who was the JCRC speaker at the rally, a pro-Palestine protester quite properly yelled "don't forget about Palestine" which flustered the rabbi. This pro-Palestine protester was shortly thereafter forced by the pigs to move approx 10 meters down the sidewalk away from the rally. As the rabbi walked away from the rally a few minutes after his speech, the rabbi approached the pro-Palestine protester and angrily yelled "YOU MOTHERFUCKER" at him. I saw and heard all this with my own eyes and ears.
Re: "kNOw Genocide" - Stop the zionist attacks on Sudan
24 Apr 2006
Armenians get allies in genocide teachings
Group stands up 'against denial'

By Yvonne Abraham, Globe Staff | April 20, 2006

Leading politicians and groups from a range of communities are joining with Armenians in their battle to ensure that the Armenians' early-20th-century history be taught as genocide.

The Armenians are fighting a federal lawsuit that seeks to include opposing views of the genocide in teaching materials for Massachusetts high schools.

A new group, called kNOw Genocide, includes the Jewish Community Relations Council, the Irish Immigration Center, the Massachusetts Council of Churches, Rwanda Outlook, and the Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association, among others. Standing with them will be Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly, Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey -- both gubernatorial candidates -- and several state legislators.

A rally tomorrow at the State House is expected to draw representatives from the diverse coalition, in a testament to the political clout that the Armenian community has in Massachusetts.

''This allows our community, together with other communities, to stand together against denial," said Anthony Barsamian, a member of the Armenian Assembly of America board, based in Washington. ''And those who try to deny genocide will be beaten back."

The coalition is being launched at a time of considerable debate over events in Ottoman Turkey early last century. Several PBS stations were criticized this week for airing a documentary called ''The Armenian Genocide" and declining to air an accompanying panel discussion that included scholars who have denied that a genocide took place.

Those who believe that both views should be heard accused PBS stations, including Boston's WGBH, of bowing to pressure from Armenians and their supporters.

Armenians and many historians have long maintained that the events of 1915 in Ottoman Turkey -- in which more than 1 million Armenians were killed and many more were driven from their homes -- constituted genocide.

In Massachusetts, home to about 30,000 Armenians, legislators established a day of remembrance for victims.'s+paper+A+to+Z
Re: "kNOw Genocide" - Stop the zionist attacks on Sudan
24 Apr 2006

I heard with my own ears and saw with my own eyes, Arabs chanting that the only good Jew was one that was killed as a child.

After seeing so many arabs demanding the extermination of others of my religion I would be short tempered with them as well.

As far as you claim I believe it as much as I believe the continued claims that thousands of arabs were killed in the slums of Jenin.
Re: "kNOw Genocide" - Stop the zionist attacks on Sudan
24 Apr 2006
"After seeing so many arabs demanding the extermination of others of my religion I would be short tempered with them as well."

after seeing so many of my relatives and fellow palestinians bombed, shot, slaughtered and exiled at gunpoint by jewish people who claim to be opposed to genocide, while the world's powerful voices utter occasional squeaks of protest for decades and yet demand we remain nonviolent, i'd be a little bitter and angry myself. it's clear that not all jews are oppressing palestinians, but all the israelis who attack us are jewish. that tends to leave a sour taste towards jewish people.
Shell Game
25 Apr 2006
So if an arab terrorist pops up in an israeli neighborhood with a bomb strapped on, no one should try to stop him/her? the israelis should commit suicide out of guilt? sorry. the palestionians are greedy: they keep rejecting solutions that would have solved the problem sixty years ago. now the palestinians should not be surprised the israelis have the all or nothing attitude that the paliestinians had prior to 1948.

what is important in history is who wins. history is written by winners. there are always losers. they always have the option of death; but palestinians did not love "their" country well enough to die for it. the israelis are not meek sheep. Lose the fantasy.
The Black the Blue and the White
25 Apr 2006
The Nile River

The Nahr An-Nil, Arabic for the Nile River, is the longest river system in the world, stretching for over 5,000 miles from its major source at Lake Victoria in east central Africa. The White Nile flows generally north through Uganda and into Sudan where it meets the Blue Nile at Khartoum. From Khartoum, the river continues northwards into Egypt and on to the Mediterranean Sea.

Since time immemorial, the Nile has been the lifeblood of Egypt. In the spring, the waters of the river flooded, bringing black soil from the south and depositing it on the banks and creating the fertile Nile delta. Without the waters of the Nile to irrigate the dry deserts, Egypt would cease to exist. Despite the construction of the Aswan Dam in the late 1950’s and early 1960s, the Nile remains the single most important facet of Egyptian geopolitics. Although there had been dams constructed near Aswan as early as the late 19th Century, the first effective effort to control the flow of the Nile was the Aswan High Dam. The project itself underscores the politics involved in the river. To finance the massive project, Egyptian President Gamal ‘Abd Al-Nasir (Gamal Abdul Nasser) nationalized the Suez Canal in 1956. Construction on the dam began in 1960 with Russian (Soviet) technical and financial assistance. The lake created by the dam flooded numerous ancient archeological sites and modern villages, many of which were relocated at great expense. In conjunction with the building of the dam, Egypt and Sudan entered into the Agreement for the Full Utilization of the Nile Waters, signed in Cairo on November 8, 1959. This agreement replaced a limited agreement signed in 1929 between the two countries. The new agreement established the minimum flow of the Nile, and provided monetary payments to the Sudan for damages to be caused by the construction of the High Dam.

“Egyptian interests…”

First and foremost among Egypt’s vital national interests is the unimpeded flow of the Nile River. The phrase “Egyptian interests” has become synonymous with the flow of the river. Egypt has stated that it will protect the flow of the Nile even if that requires military action outside its borders. It has demonstrated that on numerous occasions. As early as the 1970s, Egyptian Air Force bombers and reconnaissance aircraft routinely patrolled Sudanese skies.

In 1983, Libyan leader Mu’amar Al-Qadhafi sponsored a coup attempt in the Sudan. Egypt responded with the deployment of fighter aircraft to Egyptian airfields capable of striking targets in Libya, and deploying additional fighters to Sudan. Cairo also requested assistance from the United States, which deployed U.S. Air Force surveillance planes to support Egyptian operations.

In 1984, when Libyan bombers struck targets in Omdurman, Sudan, Egypt once again moved aircraft to defend Sudan against Qadhafi’ attempts to destabilize the government. Although the Libyan bombings were in response to Sudanese support for Chadian guerrillas operating against Libyan expeditionary forces in Chad, Egypt assessed any threat to Sudan as a threat to the Nile.

Relations between Egypt and Sudan have not always been good. Changes in Sudan took place n the late 1980s, and anti-Egyptian governments came to power. In 1995, Cairo blamed Sudan for an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Egyptian President Husni Mubarak, further souring relations between the two nations. Despite the strained relations, Egypt and Sudan still cooperate on Nile flows based on the 1959 agreement.

In 1998, faced with construction of new dams in Ethiopia, Cairo issued subtle statements that Egypt had no objections to continued development of the Nile’s headwaters as long as they did not “impact on Egyptian interests.” Ethiopia got the message, and in 2000, Sudan, Egypt, and Ethiopia signed an agreement that guarantees the uninterrupted flow of the Blue Nile.

Without the waters of the Nile River, Egypt would cease to exist – quickly. From an aircraft flying over Egypt, it is easy to see the stark contrast between the green narrow strip of land that borders the Nile and barren desert a mere few hundred meters away. Any threat to the flow of the Nile is a direct threat to Egypt’s national survival. The countries of the Nile’s headwaters are in no condition to take on the Egyptian military. The primary nation, Sudan, realizes that to disrupt the Nile River would trigger swift and decisive Egyptian military action.

Bottom line
In the west, it’s oil. In the Middle East, it’s water.
Re: "kNOw Genocide" - Stop the zionist attacks on Sudan
25 Apr 2006
WHile World war2 was going on, many people were saying that
all Germans should be killed. They started the last war too.
ANd it wasn't just people occupied by the Nazis, but Americans saying
it. Does the fact that some crackpots said all Germans should
be killed mean it was wrong for the allies to drive nazis out of
Poland or Denmark??? No? Then how is liberation of Palestine wrong
just because you can find some Muslims, even muslims NOT occupied
by murderous thieving ZIonists, saying all Jews should be killed?

Zionists can defend themselves by ending thier crusade, getting
out of all of Palestine, and never tormenting the Palestinians again.
Defense has 2 options, fight or flight. Offenses, like ZIonism,
only have 1 option, fight. Which is what they ask for with thier
war of conquest in Palestine.
Re: "kNOw Genocide" - Stop the zionist attacks on Sudan
26 Apr 2006
Troll: zionists can end terrorism by just getting out of Palestine? You can tell Israelis who have born and built the country they live inr to get out when you go back to wherever your ancestors came from. in fact, why don't you emigrate to Gaza and become a Palestinian citizen? You can escape the degredations of bourgeoise society here and find the freedom of Islamic democracy in Palestine?

As for the Palestinians, they had their chance. they couldn't beat a ragtag army in 1948 of Holocaust survivors and seventeen year old kids born on kibbutzim. They just didn't want to die for their country enough. I'd say that's a good reason to move. Complain to the Arab countries who sold the Palestinians out by not agreeing to the partition plan of 1947 that would have given the vast majority of the British Mandate to the Arab population. The Arabs were greedy. They will never get a reward for that, "Trollsky".
State police moved three protestors
08 Feb 2007
Darfur: damned by pity. There is no civil war so bad
that it cannot be made worse by the intervention of
Western liberals.

"Following the ceremony, coalition group "kNOw
Genocide" announced its mission to fight denial
Armenian and other genocides.

"Whenever we read or hear that people deny our
genocide, it is as if we are being killed again,
slowly," said Jean Nganji, a Rwandan refugee who lost
his entire family to genocide in 1994.

State police moved three protestors who
shouted,"Don’t forget the Palestinians!" over
televised speeches.

With his face obscured by sunglasses, a Red Sox
baseball hat and a bandana around his nose and mouth,
one protestor waved a sign that read, "Defend Sudan
from Zionist UN."

Interrupted by the heckling, Brookline rabbi Moshe
Waldoks said the world should "create a culture of
life." "And precisely, there are people here who
support the culture of death," said Waldoks, an author
and board member of Jewish Community Relations
Council, as police moved protestors from the State
House steps.

"We’re not here to teach that we’re victims. We’re
here to teach that there should be no more victims,"
Waldoks said.
More " kNOw Genocide " coverage
02 May 2007

"What if someone had wanted to make room for a Holocaust denier in a textbook? We in the Jewish community have to be sensitive to genocide, whether the Rwandan, Jewish or right now in Sudan."

This point was emphasized by speakers at last week's rally, which prompted a contingent of pro-Palestinian activists to shout: "Stop the Zionist invasion of Sudan."

In listing the genocides that have occurred over the past 100 years, such as Armenia, Bosnia and Cambodia, U.S. Rep Edward Markey called on President George W. Bush to recognize the genocides in Armenia and Darfur.

"Don't forget Palestine, Markey," said one protester. "It's been too long for them too."

The protester was later escorted farther down Beacon Street, where he continued to yell at the speakers.