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News ::
Roll Back The Rents
24 May 2002
Modified: 25 May 2002
People around the world are uniting to organize massive rent strikes to Roll Back The Rents! Join Now!
Welcome! Each of you are invited to join this group for the intent to insite a rebellion against the never ending RENT INCREASES in the SF Bay Area, and the World!


The SF Bay Area has some of the highest rents in the country while offering ghetto wages for many earning minimum wage or less.

Join in to let us know what the rents are in your area, who the worst slumlords are, and what is being done to fight back. Is there a Just Cause Ordinance where you live to protect renters from the EVICTION FOR PROFIT SYSTEM?

Poverty has increased with each and every rent increase unfairly imposed upon the working class, poor, and disabled. Kids go hungry, lack an education and health care because greedy landlords steal every last dime they can get their hands on!

Nothing short of RENT STRIKES by renters who refuse to go along with this corrupt system of the wealthy will ever make a difference.

Justice no longer may be found in the courts with the corrupt Judges ruling in favor of the greedy landlords who payed for their election campaigns!

Our job is to spark the fire of rebellion, and to get as many as possible to question why landlords should receive anymore rent increases! Let this GROUP be your home away from home to conspire with others to ROLL BACK THE RENTS!

Why should renters pay more for one apartment than
another, even when the apartments may be identical?

Who steals the interest rates from security deposits and last months rent payed in advance? GREEDY LANDLORDS!

Why should renters be BLACKLISTED for fighting evictions even if they win in Court?

Why should renters pay into a corrupt industry of
so-called Credit Checks just so landlords may chump
50 people out of some money before picking the unlucky renter that pays more than the rest of the renters in the building?

It is not normal for people to remain silent while the thugs of the world steal everything they can get their hands on.

Landlords have been chumping the renters for long enough, and it is time for a total rebellion! Join the RESISTANCE NOW!

Pass the word along to the renters of the world that the time is now for a mass mobilization to ROLL BACK THE RENTS!

Let this site be the spark to organize a mass resistance movement nationwide/worldwide to ROLL BACK THE RENTS!

JOIN the RESISTANCE NOW! Subscribe to Roll Back The Rents!


RollBackTheRents-subscribe (at)

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RollBackTheRents (at)

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Sure, if
25 May 2002
Telling landlords to roll back the rent is fine, but if the reason they raised them was solely to compensate for the increases in water, heat (if included), taxes, property re-assessments to screw even more money out of people, electricity, etc, then the primary beef is with Big Government.
And the worst thing people can do -no matter how bad the problem is- is to ask government to come up with a solution because their hair-brained scheme will be even worse!
Landlords - Tax Collectors for Private Banks
25 May 2002
Landlords collecting rent are simply collecting a tax that ultimately pays private central banks (eg: the Federal Reserve Corporation) which issue debt-money out of nothing and charge people interest (usury) for this fraudulent practice.

In effect the private and monopolistic Federal Reserve Corporation - owned by Citigroup and other transnationals - is "our" Big Government. When's the last time you voted in a Federal Reserve Bank meeting? Democracy? Hah! Wake up, folks.

Informed libertarians - both "conservative" and "liberal" - have been calling for the repeal of the Federal Reserve Act ever since it was deceitfully pushed through Congress in 1913.

Transforming the monetary system to something honest, democratic and ecological such as would eliminate - or at least limit - the fraud of land speculation.


On January 1st, 2000 - with or without computer failures - the people of Earth reset the global financial clock to the year 1900. Exercising their natural rights, conscientious citizens pay appropriately deflated tribute to land speculators, private banks and transnational corporations. The debt economy crumbles and the peace economy is born.

Citizens everywhere redirect their inflated rental payments and war taxes to community investments of their choice. Farmers, teachers and firefighters receive respectful compensation. Arms dealers, drug pushers and speculators take a permanent vacation. No longer do Earth's resources feed the industries of death, addiction and deception.

The disrupted flow of rent and mortgage receipts bleeds the machinery of greed. The global banking complex awakens to the will of ordinary people. A century of speculation -- a millennium of theft - comes to a sudden stop. Barter and local currencies - based on genuine value - replace the leveraged pyramid of debt known as "U.S. dollars". People everywhere remember the basic truth: Time is money. Money is time.

The dissolution of bubble money cripples the onslaught of mergers and acquisitions. The trend toward global corporate monopoly is reversed by a wave of local cooperative spin-offs. Workplace democracies replace corporate dictatorships.

Municipal democracies awaken to the task at hand: universal land reform and economic truth. Everyone inherits a home, healthy food and education. All that's made by nature is honored and shared. The Earth and our communities are returned to the provenance of natural law and mutual respect.

Earthlings rediscover a forgotten truth: Ignorant men neglect their natural rights, and without their rights cannot perform their duties. Land is the prime ingredient of wealth. It is a universal inheritance from nature. By natural law, we are all wealthy and serve no one but the Creator.

Rent Strike 2000 begins on January 1st and ends with a culture of common sense.


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Land Reform

The Origin of Money

A New Conservatism

Workplace Democracy


Direct Action

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Corporate Power vs. Democracy

Global Eco-Village Network


Community Land Trusts

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